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									STARTERS              $6 wings & dry ribs everyday (3-6 pm)*          FLATBREADS                        sundays & mondays all $9*           JUST ONE MORE BITE
EDAMAME kosher salt, sesame seeds 6                                   MARGHERITA 11                                                         CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE fresh whipped cream 4 / 6
                                                                      fresh basil, mozzarella, bocconcini, fire roasted tomato              HOUSEMADE KEY LIME PIE fresh whipped cream 4 / 6
NACHITOS spicy beef or buffalo chicken, cheese sauce 11
DYNAMITE ROLL crunchy shrimp, spicy mayo 8                            BBQ CHICKEN 13                                                        LITTLE BIT OF BOTH.. try both signature desserts 6
                                                                      smoked bacon, fresh corn, bbq sauce, mozzarella
GENERAL TAO’S CHICKEN chili orange sauce 10
                                                                      ROYALE WITH CHEESE 13
CRISPY CALAMARI fire roasted spicy tomato sauce 11                    spicy beef, bocconcini, fire roasted tomato, mozzarella
ONE POUND SALT & PEPPER DRY RIBS 10                                   BILTMORE 13
HAND CUT DOUBLE COOKED (HCDC) FRIES ketchup 6                         fresh pesto, juicy shrimp, sundried tomato, mozzarella, white sauce
CLASSIC HOT WINGS blue cheese dip 10                                  MUSHROOM 12                                                           BRUNCH
CRUNCHY YAM FRIES chipotle aioli 7                                    roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, goat cheese, arugula
                                                                                                                                            Brunch is served Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 10:00
                                                                                                                                            am till 2:00 pm. We also only use free range eggs and make
                                                                                                                                            our hollandaise in house, with love.
SOUP & SALADS                                                         HEALTHY SOCIAL BOWLS
THAI CHICKEN & RICE SOUP lemongrass, coconut milk                5    Pan Seared and served with Almond Rice and Cowgirl Salad.             BLUEBERRY COMPOTE WAFFLES 9 (two) / 12 (three)
                                                                      More fish add 7 or chicken add 4                                      canadian maple syrup, blueberry compote, vanilla whipped cream
choice of cool beans, cowboy or cowgirl salad                         CHIVA SOM 13                                                          PROSCIUTTO EGGS BENEDICT 11
                                                                      blackened chicken, fire roasted spicy tomato sauce                    spicy tomato chutney, crisp prosciutto, goat cheese, house-
HEALTHY “COOL BEANS” SALAD petite 6 / regular 10                                                                                            made hollandaise, breakfast potatoes
7 types of healthy beans, apple cider vinaigrette                     REDDENED HALIBUT OR TAHITIAN TUNA 15
                                                                      spicy lemongrass dip, roasted corn salsa                              LA PETITE SOCIAL SALAD 9
blackened / grilled chicken or ginger tofu                    add 4
                                                                                                                                            housemade flatbread, two poached eggs, spicy tomato
COWBOY or COWGIRL SALAD petite 6 / regular 10                         POTATO CRUSTED HALIBUT tartar sauce 15                                chutney, green salad, fresh pesto, balsamic & olive oil dressing
candied walnuts, dates, tomatoes, corn, soy beans & feta                                                                                    MEXICAN HASH 12
                                                                      LOW CARB SPA BOWL add 1
cheese with honey lime vinaigrette (cowboy) or apple-miso             any bowl with braised cabbage & goat cheese instead of rice           two poached eggs, spicy beef, dirty rice and beans, tortilla chips,
vinaigrette (cowgirl)                                                                                                                       green salsa, housemade cheese sauce
blackened / grilled chicken or ginger tofu                    add 4
                                                                                                                                            B.C.L.T BREAKFAST BUN 10
TAHITIAN TUNA SALAD petite 12 / regular 15                            PANS & GRILL                                                          fried egg, crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato,
lemongrass crusted albacore tuna, arugula, sesame                     STANDING OVATION STUFFED CHICKEN 16                                   breakfast potatoes
lime dressing                                                         boursin cheese, red pepper sauce, broccolini with almond              PROSCIUTTO BREAKFAST BUN 12
                                                                      rice or pasta                                                         fried egg, crisp prosciutto, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato,
 spice up ANY salad with a side of our texas green salsa! add 0.75
                                                                      #28 DRAGON BOWL 15                                                    breakfast potatoes
                                                                      almond rice, teriyaki chicken & vegetables, red cabbage,              CLASSIC BREAKFAST BUN 9
                                                                      spicy yogurt
TWO HANDED BURGERS                                                                                                                          fried egg, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, breakfast potatoes
                                                                      FIRE ROASTED TOMATO FETTUCCINE half 10 / full 15
                                                                      bocconcini fire roasted tomato, basil, blackened chicken,
Served with HCDC Fries.                                               flatbread
Substitute Soup, Salad, Edamame or Yam Fries add 1.50
                                                                      REDDENED HALIBUT ENTRÉE 16
HOLLYWOOD BURGER 12                                                   red pepper sauce, roasted corn salsa, broccolini with almond
cheddar cheese, special sauce, lettuce, tomato                        rice or pasta
HICKORY BURGER 13                                                     SHRIMP & CHICKEN PAD THAI 15
smoked bacon, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato              rice noodles, chili lime vinaigrette, peanuts, wok fired veggies      Visit us at... www.catssocialhouse.com
MUSHROOM MELT BURGER 13                                               WHISKEY TENDERLOIN MEDALLIONS 18
housemade cheese sauce, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato            broccolini with smashed fries or pasta
SPICY CRISPY CHICKEN BURGER 12                                        FETTUCCINE CARBONARA half 10 / full 15
jack cheese, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, chili mayo                 alfredo sauce, smoked bacon, sweet peas, blackened
ALMOST FAMOUS BLACKENED FISH BURGER 15                                chicken, flatbread
pacific halibut, crisp coleslaw, chef’s dressing
garden patty, sweet soy glaze, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato
                                                                                                                                            * only available in-store / menu items and prices subject to change without notice
brunch . lunch . dinner . socialize                                                   North Vancouver
                                                                                     1764 Lonsdale Ave
                                                                                  North Vancouver V7M 2J7

eat . drink . repeat                                                                      Kitsilano
                                                                                     2296 West 4th Ave
Cats Socialhouse is dedicated to the art of presenting                              Vancouver V6K 1N8
exceptional cuisine in our own stylish and unique setting. We’d
like to think we simplify the dining experience, integrating fresh                       Point Grey
food and cheerful service in a relaxed environment.                                 3651 West 10th Ave
                                                                                  Vancouver BC V6R 2G2

work . play . work                                                                        Langley
                                                                                  A101-20159 88th Avenue
Scott Morison opened the first Browns Socialhouse in North                          Langley BC V1M 0A4
Vancouver, in 2003. Scott set out to create a business model                           604.455.0754
where people who had invested their time working in and
operating restaurants could own a piece of the pie. In other                    1020 - 11660 Steveston Hwy.
words, every Browns Socialhouse is owned and operated                             Richmond BC V7A 1N6
by locals who have a vested interest in their community and                             604.275.3322
the success of the brand. Cats Socialhouse is essentially a                            Granville Island
Browns with a Granville Island twist. Same great food, same               1540 Old Bridge Street (Cats Socialhouse)
great service and specials.                                                        Vancouver BC V6H 3S6

                                                                                         Port Moody
restaurant . bar . socialhouse                                                       215 Newport Drive
                                                                                  Port Moody BC V3H 5C9
Our customers tell us that Cats Socialhouse makes them feel                             604.461.7676
comfortable, relaxed and at home. This is no coincidence, it is
the foundation of the term Socialhouse… For us Cats is more                          809 Douglas Street
than a restaurant, it is a place to be welcomed, remembered                         Victoria BC V8W 2B9
and indulged, with a standard for service and food that will                            250.388.0200
leave you feeling exceptional and satisfied, every time.                                 Tsawwassen
                                                                                      1665-56th Street
                                                                                         Delta, BC
                                                                                         V4L 2B2

                                                                           3101 Newmarket Street (Scotty Browns)
                                                                                  Bellingham WA 98226

                                                                           Menu may vary slightly between locations

                                                                                    Brentwood - Burnaby
                                                                                        Winter 2010

                                                                                     Panorama - Surrey
                                                                                        Winter 2010

                                                                     w w w. c a t s s o c i a l h o u s e . c o m

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