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Recovering joy


Steps to welcome joy back into your life

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									Recovering Joy
Nora Femenia, Ph.D
1st Step: Cancel negative emotions
• You cannot experience joy if you focus on
  sadness or anger;
• Being stressed, anxious and worried takes
  your energy away;
• Recognize them and let them go!
        2nd Step: Love yourself
• Make an effort to identify all your positive
• Tell yourself how good you are at the things
  you are good at
• Remember to appreciate each one of your
        3rd Step: Expressing joy
• Breathe deeply and connect with your positive
• Feel the pleasure of having them;
• Let yourself go, do something spontaneous,
  silly and completely creative;
• Just for the heck of it, there doesn’t have to
  be a reason, only because you are alive!
           4th Step: Let it go
• Remember to laugh at the world, and
• Let the little things drop away;
• And create small joys each day;
• Find the fun in your own mistake, and forgive
• Even better, congratulate yourself for the
  learning involved in your mistakes!
      Open the door to your joy

If you would like direct support and techniques
   for recovering your own source of joy, ask
   now for your complimentary coaching session
          Get to Know Coach Nora!

Nora Femenia is a conflict coach, the author of several books that will support you
in your search for personal growth and joyful, nurturing relationships... so you can
finally feel happy and secure. Do you want to develop self-confidence and trust in
yourself fast? CoachNora reveals the secrets of developing a secure attitude in life,
through her phone/email coaching sessions.
    Testimonial from an abused wife

•   "I wish I had know from the beginning what I know now. I feel things
    would have been so different, and I would been spared the amount of
    pain, drama and humiliation I suffered in my married life, since according
    to him: "everything was my fault”, of course.
•   I was a perfect personality type to be the victim of an aggressive
    boyfriend, as my mother and other relatives were too in my childhood.
    Ironically, this has been the cause of my painful inability to establish a
    positive self-esteem and find happiness in my life. I feel so blessed to have
    found your help.
•   Nora, you are a great coach. I now have permission to fight back! The
    awareness you have given me has changed my life. I am no longer a victim
    of other people’s aggressive behaviors, and it feels wonderful!"
•   Denise Withers, Pennsylvania
  Testimonial from a person lacking self-respect

• “I was in a miserable situation. I never understood what I did to
  deserve being yelled at by my husband and made fun of when he
  was drinking with his friends.
• I would make myself sick from crying; both my body and heart were
  tired and I was completely unhappy.
• I didn’t understand that I had an obligation to myself to stand up and
  say NO to this behavior in my husband and by any other person.
• Nora, you gave me the right to defend myself with grace. Now, he’s
  actually apologizing to me and being gentler and attentive!”—

Terry Nichols, Naples, FL

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