Brantford Transportation by aihaozhe2


									A number of transportation outlets service the Brantford, Ontario community.
Following is a list of the major transportation centres, to help in moving around the
city and getting from Brantford to other locales in southern Ontario, across the
country or even around the world.


Brantford, Ontario has its own airport: Brantford Airport. This is a small municipal
field which has been in operation since 1940, and owned by the city since 1970.
Although a small airport, it does serve international traffic and has been declared an
airport of entry by NAV Canada. It is serviced by the Canada Border Services Agency
for this purpose.

Along with its normal functions, Brantford Airport hosts an air show every year. The
annual show features the popular Snowbirds, along with many other airplanes which
come from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. These planes include one of the
only two Lancaster Bombers still airworthy in the world. Brantford Airport has also
been the site for filming of several movies, including in more recent years "Welcome
to Mooseport" and "Where the Truth Lies."

Other airports within the general area of Brantford are the John C. Munro Hamilton
International Airport and the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Hamilton
International is located about 20 minutes drive away from Brantford, while Toronto
Pearson is about an hour's drive away.

Rail Line

Just north of Brantford, Ontario's downtown is the Brantfor Train Station. It is a part
of the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. There is only one passenger rail which runs
through the station: VIA Rail. It makes daily runs between Brantford and Union
Station in Toronto, Ontario.

Bus System

For intercity travel, Brantford, Ontario is serviced by Greyhound, Canada. Its service
provides transit between Brantford and surrounding cities of London, Hamilton,
Toronto, Windsor and others. From there transit can also be made to further
destination across Canada and the United States. There is also a Paris/Brantford
shuttle bus which is provided by All Around Transportation company.

Local bus transportation is provided by Brantford Transit, which has been serving the
city since 1940. Operated by the Transit Services Department of the City of Brantford,
Ontario, it serves almost 1.3 million passengers a year. It has a total of 9 different
routes, in addition to industrial and school services.
The 9 routes which Brantford Transit provides are: 1 Eagle Place, 2 West Street -
Brier Park, 4a Mall Link , 4c Mall Link , 5 West Brant - Oakhill, 6 West Brant -
Shellard, 7 East Ward - Braneida, 8 Holmedale - Mayfair, 9 Echo Place - Lynden Rd.
There is also a special route for the Northwest Industrial Area and the Red, Blue and
Green evening and Sunday services, which are handicapped accessible (as are routes
4a and 4c Mall Link routes). Bus services are also provided for several schools and
colleges in the greater Brantford area: Assumption College, Brantford Collegiate
Institute, North Park Collegiate & Vocational School, Pauline Johnson Collegiate, St.
John's College, Tollgate Technological Skills Centre, Mohawk College and Wilfrid
Laurier University.

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