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									Discover your inner strength
        Nora Femenia, Ph.D

  Reaching deep inside yourself to
     reach great things outside
           1st Step: Willpower
• Willpower, or inner strength, is your ability to
  decide, respect this decision, and follow it
  with perseverance until its successful end.
• It also manifests as your ability to control
  unnecessary and harmful impulses, doing only
  what is healthful and wise.
         2nd Step: Self-discipline

• This ability gives you the courage and strength to
  endure and overcome inner and outer resistance
  and opposition, difficulties and hardship.
• Look at yourself and find out if you lack the inner
  strength to say "no".
• Also, watch out if you find it difficult to recognize
  and assert your own ideas and beliefs.
         3rd Step: taking action
• Once you are sure what you want, your will
  power will give you persistence to go on with
  your plans to the end...
• Once you realize you have the strength to do
  even the uncomfortable things – aim higher.
• Don’t give up or run away when things
  become tougher. Now that you are stronger,
  you are better equipped to deal with them.
4th Step: Deciding right and wrong
• Don’t give up your own power; you now know
  what is good for yourself.
• Listen carefully inside and trust your feelings;
• When in doubt, ask for time and say: “I need
  to consult with my inner self….I will know
  what I need/want soon…”
            Need some help?

You have inside yourself your inner wisdom…
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          Get to Know CoachNora!

Nora Femenia is a conflict coach, the author of several books that will support you
in your search for personal growth and joyful, nurturing relationships... so you can
finally feel happy and secure. Do you want to develop self-confidence and trust in
yourself fast? CoachNora reveals the secrets of developing a secure attitude in life,
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    Testimonial from an abused wife

•   "I wish I had know from the beginning what I know now. I feel things
    would have been so different, and I would been spared the amount of
    pain, drama and humiliation I suffered in my married life, since according
    to him: "everything was my fault”, of course.
•   I was a perfect personality type to be the victim of an aggressive
    boyfriend, as my mother and other relatives were too in my childhood.
    Ironically, this has been the cause of my painful inability to establish a
    positive self-esteem and find happiness in my life. I feel so blessed to have
    found your help.
•   Nora, you are a great coach. I now have permission to fight back! The
    awareness you have given me has changed my life. I am no longer a victim
    of other people’s aggressive behaviors, and it feels wonderful!"
•   Denise Withers, Pennsylvania
  Testimonial from a person lacking self-respect

• “I was in a miserable situation. I never understood what I did to
  deserve being yelled at by my husband and made fun of when he
  was drinking with his friends.
• I would make myself sick from crying; both my body and heart were
  tired and I was completely unhappy.
• I didn’t understand that I had an obligation to myself to stand up and
  say NO to this behavior in my husband and by any other person.
• Nora, you gave me the right to defend myself with grace. Now, he’s
  actually apologizing to me and being gentler and attentive!”—

Terry Nichols, Naples, FL

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