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          HIV and Syphilis                        IMBIZO:                       President’s
                                                                          OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006
               Prevalence                                                                   Award
                                         6                                  8                               10
                                                                              OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

   Commissioner Mti
                                                                                   have grown as a person and lead-

   says farewell to members
                                                                                   er during my stay at Correctional
                                                                                   Services. Collectively and individ-
                                                                            ually you have been wonderful to me.
   By Simphiwe Kondleka                                                     Some of you might not have liked my
                                                                            management style, but I do things in a
                                                                            certain way and I’m driven by a particu-
                                                                            lar thinking,” he said.
                                                                              “The invaluable hard and happy mo-
                                                                            ments I shared with all of you, helped
                                                                            in replacing the misgivings I had about
                                                                            being deployed to Correctional Services
                                                                            at the height of its challenges in 2001.
                                                                            With hindsight I can attest that from be-
                                                                            ing a prisoner during the apartheid era
                                                                            to being responsible for transforming
                                                                            the same institutions into caring institu-
                                                                            tions and correcting those that wronged
                                                                            society, I gained unique insights that im-
                                                                            proved my life in many respects.”
                                                                              It was under Commissioner Mti’s lead-
                                                                            ership that the new strategic direction
                                                                            for the department was ushered in, in
                                                                            the form of the White paper on Correc-
                                                                            tions in South Africa; a bold move which
                                                                            has been applauded beyond the borders
                                                                            of South Africa. ”It seems as if I have
                                                                            not completed what I needed to do in
                                                                            this department. I wanted to make you
                                                                            better managers because I know your
                                                                            strengths and weaknesses individually.
                                                                            I owe it to you to become better man-
                                                                            agers. However, I hope to interact with
                                                                            some of you individually as I still have
                                                                            some few days left in the department,”
                                                                            he promised.
                                                                              Putting his departure into perspective
                                                                            Mti said that it was almost a year since
                                                                            he was approached and requested to
                                Outgoing National Commissioner              tender his application for an executive
                               of Correctional Services, Mr Linda           director’s position in the 2010 Local Or-
                                 Mti rounded up all the regions to          ganising Committee. “I wish to confirm
                                                                            that my country has assigned me to ful-
                                 bid farewell to management and
                                                                            fill another crucial responsibility; to join
                                   staff he has been working with
                                                                            the preparatory team for the 2010 soc-
                                          over the past five years.
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                                                   SA CorrectionsToday
SA Corrections Today             is an internal     EDITORIAL

newsletter of the Department of Correctional
Services, Republic of South Africa                        t is our pleasure to again bring      degrees.
                                                          you a new edition of SA Correc-         It is therefore apt that Minister Bal-
                                                          tions. We are, however, sad that      four put into perspective some issues
                                                    we have to say goodbye to our na-           arising from the report of the Portfo-
                                                    tional commissioner, Mr. Linda Mti,         lio Committee on Correctional Serv-
                                                    under whose leadership we have              ices after their Eastern Cape visit. It
                                                    served well. But, as he said in his         is important that officials understand
                                                    farewell address, he was called to          the functions and responsibilities of
                                                    fulfill in another national need and he     the portfolio committee, measured
                                                    felt that he had to adhere to that call.    against their own responsibilities as
                                                    We wish him all the best.                   contained in the White Paper, among
                                                      Mr. Mti is leaving the department         others.
                                                    at a time when one can say that the           This edition furthermore brings you,
                                                    ideals of the White Paper on Correc-        the reader, a wealth of articles cov-
                                                    tions are slowly but surely being im-       ering a range of events and activi-
                                                    plemented. It is evident that officials     ties, which all the more confirm what
                                                    on all levels are aware of these ide-       a diverse and active department we
                                                    als and are able to concretize them         are.
                                                    in their own work, albeit to different                                 – The editor.

                                                    Jali Commission:
Patron:    Minister of Correctional Services
           Deputy Minister of Correctional
                                                    History or Reality?                             By Bheki Manzini
Editor in Chief: Bheki Manzini
Editor: Estelle Coetzee                             The Minister of Correctional Services, Mr. Ngconde Balfour released
Layout Editor: Nathan van den Bergh                 the Jali Commission report to the media and the public recently at the
Language: Terry de Vos                              Imbizo Media Centre, Parliament, Cape Town.
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Tel: (012) 307 2296 Fax: (012) 323 4942
                                                           ollowing numerous allegations        achieved are being attended to, while
Repro and printing facilitated by the Government
                                                           of corruption, maladministration,    others may not be implemented.
Printer, Pretoria.                                         nepotism, intimidation and other       During the period of investigations of
                                                    improper conduct in some of the man-        the Jali Commission the department
The opinions expressed in SA Corrections            agement areas of the department, Min-       received 11 interim reports which im-
Today are those of the authors and do not           ister Balfour approached the President      plicated 93 officials and resulting in 43
necessarily represent those of the editor or the    to appoint an independent judicial com-     dismissals, 22 warnings and corrective
Department of Correctional Services. The editor
                                                    mission of inquiry to thoroughly investi-   steps and 13 acquittals. From the first
reserves the right to alter any contribution or
not to publish it.                                  gate the allegations and to make com-       generation case emanating from the in-
                                                    prehensive recommendations.                 terim reports, 701 officials involved in
Letters to the editor that are published in           The President, Mr. Thabo Mbeki ap-        medical aid fraud were identified and
this newsletter represent the personal view         pointed the Jali Commission of Inquiry      resulted in a series of investigations
of the writers and do not reflect the views of      in 2001. Investigations were conducted      conducted by the Directorate of Special
the Department of Correctional Services. The        in nine management areas, including         Operations.
editor reserves the right to amend or reject
                                                    the department’s head office. Five hun-       The full report of the Jali Commission
letters. Letters should be sent to The Editor,
SA Corrections Today, Private Bag X136,             dred and sixteen (516) witnesses testi-     is available on the department’s intranet
Pretoria 0001 and must be clearly marked “For       fied before the commission.                 and internet sites.
publication in SA Corrections Today”.                 But since 2001 the department’s in-         Minister Balfour has expressed his ap-
It can also be e-mailed to:                         ternal environment has changed. Some        preciation to correctional officials and                          of the issues raised in the report have     offenders who gave evidence during
                                                    been addressed through implementing         the Jali Commission and other inves-
                                                    various strategies between 2001 and         tigations conducted to fight fraud and
                                                    2005, including, but not limited to the     corruption.
                                                    Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Na-          Anyone found guilty in the depart-
                                                    tional Escapes Prevention Strategy.         ment’s fair disciplinary processes will
                                                      The department’s view is that over        be “named and shamed”, in line with the
                                                    60% of the recommendations of the Jali      campaign launched by Minister Balfour
                                                    Commission have either been or are          in October 2005.
                                                    being implemented already. Those not

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                                                                                                 OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

                          Minister’s Christmas                                                    registered by the Departmental Investiga-
                                                                                                  tion Unit (DIU) in this year bears testimo-

                          and year- end message
                                                                                                  ny to our effective anti-corruption capac-
                                                                                                  ity and the systematic strategies we are
                                                                                                  employing in risk management and fraud
                          As we celebrate the end of the year and the                               The further enhancement of security in
                          beginning of the Festive Season, let us not forget                      our correctional centres should become
                          the advances and achievements we gained in 2006                         one of our major priorities during this
                          as well as the challenges ahead.                                        Christmas period. When we launched
                                                                                                  Operation Vala on 17 November, the ob-

       et us celebrate Christmas with a          Action, mainly the need to strengthen the        jective was to ensure that we significantly
       positive attitude and mindset that        criminal justice system, and the reduction       improve our security systems on all fronts.
       2006 was a successful, yet challeng-      of juveniles and overcrowding in correc-         We therefore want to see that every cor-
ing year for the department.                     tional centres.                                  rectional official is an active participant in
  We all know that during 2006 we have             We have made significant strides in im-        ensuring the success of Operation Vala.
been sailing towards the shore and we            plementing the recommendations of the              Our celebration of Christmas must also
can now almost see the light on the ho-          Jali Commission of Inquiry, following the        renew our commitment to serving the Al-
rizon.                                           tabling of this report in parliament and its     mighty. This spiritual renewal should ex-
  During this year, there was indeed grow-       release to the public this year.                 tend to the commitment to become the
ing positive attitudes within the department       A number of initiatives have been imple-       most effective and efficient servants of the
which was underscored by the increase in         mented to reduce overcrowding in correc-         people who have bestowed upon us the
our delivery capacity.                           tional centres as well as removing juve-         responsibility to transform and improve
  The strides made by correctional officials     niles from our centres. The establishment        the quality of their lives.
at the coalface of correctional services in      of an inter-departmental task team comes           We must also during this period, salute
terms of service delivery have to be com-        to mind here.                                    the former Commissioner, Mr. Linda Mti,
mended. These improvements in service              We are confident therefore that we will        for the sterling work he has done whilst
delivery in line with the principles of Batho    see greater improvement and progress in          he was at the administrative helm of cor-
Pele have taken the department to a high-        this regard in the new year.                     rectional services. His legacy will live with
er bar.                                            During Christmas, let us also renew our        us forever. As we celebrate Christmas let
  However, more needs to be done in the          vows and re-commit ourselves to ensuring         us all salute him for his unwavering dedi-
new year. There is still a need to attract       that we take correctional services to new        cation and commitment. We wish him a
and retain much needed professional              heights. This should include our commit-         wonderful time and success in his new
skills and also to improve the working con-      ment to combat corruption – an issue that        endeavours.
ditions of these scarce professionals.           remains a daunting task. I am however              The ship that we have been steering
  We also have a major challenge of meet-        happy that so far we have developed an           is indeed approaching the shore and is
ing the targets set out by the President         anti-corruption strategy and have intro-         ready to anchor, having negotiated the
during the 2006-State of the Nation Ad-          duced effective anti-corruption systems          dangers at sea. I, as the captain am about
dress. This relates to the Programme of          to deal with this scourge. The successes         to yell: ship ahoy!

Deputy Minister’s Christmas and new year’s wishes
            hen I joined the Department          youth in correctional centres lag behind in      antiretroviral medication at four correction-
            of Correctional Services at the      our rehabilitation efforts as we find ways       al centres this year, plans are underway to
            beginning of this year I realized    to divert them from becoming hard core           facilitate access in more regions and this
that as much as the department was mak-          criminals.                                       will go a long way in alleviating suffering.
ing inroads with regard to the advance-            My wish for the new year for young of-           However, prevention remains the best
ment of women on all levels,                                  fenders are therefore that          course of an individual’s actions when it
we still have a long way to go                                each and every one be driven        comes to HIV and I want to emphasize the
in fulfilling the long term goals                             by the desire to further their      importance that in this festive time, as we
our mothers and grandmothers                                  education and grab the oppor-       come together as families, we do the right
strived for when they marched                                 tunities provided in our facili-    thing and communicate to our children the
onto apartheid’s parliament                                   ties to turn their lives around     importance of responsible sexual behav-
buildings 50 years ago with                                   for the better.                     iour. Open and honest communication will
their demands for liberation.                                   The scourge of HIV/Aids           help our children more than secrecy and
  Establishing more conducive                                 that challenges our human re-       denial.
conditions for incarcerated                                   sources daily remains a grap-         May you all have a restful and enjoyable
mothers of toddlers and babies                                pling issue in our department.      time wherever you may find yourself over
remains a goal to be fulfilled. The further      But we can confidently report that the re-       the festive season and may you come
improvement of “more female friendly” fa-        cently launched survey to determine the          back with renewed energies and vigour to
cilities for our female inmates is also on       extent of it among our staff and inmates         do your work in the new year as a staff
the table and will hopefully be achieved in      will bear the results that will enable us to     member, or to commit to rehabilitation as
the near future.                                 manage the disease responsibly.                  an offender.
  At the same time we should not let our           Although we launched the availability of

                                                Publication of the Department of Correctional Services                                 page 
                                         SA CorrectionsToday

Portfolio Committee’s visit to                                                            led to the appointment of 5 teachers, 2
                                                                                          pharmacists, 22 nurses, 18 social work-

the Eastern Cape shows positive
                                                                                          ers and the appointment of 2 medical
                                                                                          practitioners are underway. Just over
                                                                                          200 staff members were redeployed in
turn-around                      By Estelle Coetzee
                                                                                          the region this financial year to settle la-
                                                                                          bour disputes with Popcru.
Plans to create beneficial conditions for the effective rehabilitation of                   Of the 356 positions advertised for
offenders and the strengthening of management capacity in the Eastern                     internal promotion from salary level 6
Cape have begun to yield fruitful results.                                                to 7 a total of 187 have been filled to
                                                                                          date. The minimum Grade 12 require-

    n November the Eastern Cape man-         ed to curb overcrowding in the Eastern       ment has been adjusted downwards to
    agement cadre reported to the Port-      Cape correctional centres despite the        cater for members who did not qualify
    folio Committee on Correctional Serv-    fact that its percentage of overcrowd-       for interim promotion in the previous
ices about their progress with regard to     ing is lower than the national figure.       promotion drive. Prior learning and prior
the committee’s queries after its August     The strategies include implementing          experience will therefore count in favor
oversight visit to the region.               the National Framework on Managing           of non-matriculants. This policy change
  It left no doubt in anybody’s mind that    Overcrowding, establishing regional          will be implemented by the end of this
the portfolio committee was impressed        task teams to manage overcrowding,           financial year and will go a long way in
with the Eastern Cape’s management           transferring staff and inmates to lesser     strengthening employer-employee rela-
plans and what they already achieved         crowded facilities, and marketing alter-     tions.
in this financial year.                      native sentence options to magistrates         The management cadre has further-
                                             in the region.                               more clearly outlined training plans for
Middledrift                                                                               its corporate services personnel for the
                                                                                          coming year. This will include training in
Middledrift Correctional Centre was re-       It must be borne in mind that
                                                                                          the disciplinary code and procedures,
classified from a maximum to a medium           correctional centres in this              how to preside over disciplinary cases
security centre to address the security        country have in the past not               and handling of grievances. A human
challenges posed by this facility’s infra-   been built with rehabilitation as            resource strategy to ensure that va-
structure. Subsequently East London          an aim, and thus will take time              cated positions are filled without delay
Medium A was reclassified to a maxi-                  to make-over.                       will be implemented in the coming few
mum security centre. Middledrift is be-                                                   months.
ing geared to accommodate agricultural
projects. As a result of the reclassifi-       Closer liaison with the Justice depart-    Gangsterism
cation 730 maximum security inmates          ment has culminated in the establish-
have already been transferred from           ment of integrated justice centres in the    Although gangsterism is not rife in this
Middledrift. Various vacancies have          courts of Port Elizabeth, East London        region there have been pockets of gang
been advertised and will soon be filled.     and Zwelitsha. This is expected to sig-      related incidents in the past. As a result
A labour relations forum has furthermore     nificantly reduce overcrowding and the       there is an anti-gangsterism strategy
been established at the centre.              effort will be expanded to others.           that deals with the issue in a proactive
                                               A comprehensive needs assessment           manner mostly. This includes separat-
Rezoning                                     with the aim to upgrade existing build-      ing gang leaders, greater provision of
                                             ings and amenities, build multi-purpose      recreational facilities, increase manage-
The eight management areas of the            halls and establish more recreational fa-    ment visibility in holding units, regular
Eastern Cape region was rezoned to           cilities have been completed and await       and unannounced night visits to holding
consist of six management areas with         approval by head office. However, it         units, surprise searches and encour-
the aims to better facilitate offender       must be borne in mind that correctional      aging inmates to blow the whistle on
care and improve management. Lusik-          centres in this country have in the past     planned gang activities.
isiki was incorporated into Mthatha and      not been built with rehabilitation as an       The above synopsis undoubtedly
Cradock into Sada and Kirkwood. This         aim, and thus will take time to make-        leaves one with the impression that
change will greatly improve caretaking       over.                                        strategies to tightly manage problem
of offenders with special needs and will                                                  areas in the region are being crafted
alleviate some overcrowding. In a fur-       Staffing and labour relations                and in some cases successfully imple-
ther bid to optimize infrastructure and                                                   mented. To round off the picture is a
human resources juvenile offenders will      Institutional capacity in the province has   clearly defined communication strategy
be held at Cradock and Mdantsane and         been strengthened with the appoint-          to keep members, stakeholders and the
females at the centres of excellence         ment of 660 entry-level recruits since       public well informed of these improve-
in East London, Port Elizabeth and           March this year. Another recruitment         ments whilst encouraging the fulfillment
Queenstown.                                  drive to benefit the Eastern Cape is ex-     of the underlying Batho Pele principles
                                             pected to commence in January 2007.          and those of the White Paper on Cor-
Overcrowding                                 Even though the region experiences a         rections.
                                             shortage of social workers, education-
Various strategies are being implement-      ists and nurses, recruitment efforts have

                                                                                              OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

                                                                                               Capacity building
                                                                                               programme with
                                                                                               Sudanese is ongoing

Portfolio Committee visits                                                                     Director of Policy and External Training

                                                                                               (left) David Baloyi with some working visi-
                                              By Magda Pienaar                                 tors from Sudan.

Members of Baviaanspoort listen attentively while being addressed by the portfolio com-
mittee.                                                                                                he Department of Correctional

                                                                                                       Services hosted a delegation of
        n oversight visit of the Portfolio       Mess Hall. Staff concerns and solutions               thirty members from the Sudanese
        Committee to Baviaanspoort               to problems faced by staff on ground          government from 16 to 27 October as
        took place on 10 October. The            level were discussed.                         part of the South African government’s
aim of the visit was to, among others,             The Regional Commissioner of Gau-           agreement to assist the government of
identify particular problems in the              teng, Mr. Petersen responded to most          Southern Sudan with capacity building.
regions in terms of service delivery.            of the questions concerning salaries            The objectives are to assist in recon-
The broader functions of the committee           and explained to the officials how salary     struction projects, in setting up govern-
are to monitor the implementation of             raises work. Mr. Bloem, Chairperson of        ment structures, in empowering South-
policies such as the White Paper on              the Portfolio Committee promised of-          ern Sudan to play a meaningful role in
Corrections, the Correctional Services           ficials that they will look into concerns     their government of national unity as
Act and the budget.                              identified. Afterwards the committee          equal partners and to develop a long
  The delegation, after a tour of the cen-       met with management and members               term engagement strategy of assist-
tre, met with correctional officials at the      from Justice and SAPS.                        ance.
                                                                                                 The experiential learning programme
FAREWELL MESSAGE                                 for women because they are not dan-           kicked off with a one day workshop in
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                            gerous and we need hard facilities for        Zonderwater. The workshop gave del-
                                                 dangerous criminals,” he said.                egates the opportunity to get to know
cer world cup. If I had my way, I would            “I appeal to inmates to make the best       each other and the placement of the
have preferred to spend more years in            use of the opportunities for rehabilita-      officials from Southern Sudan were dis-
Correctional Services,” explained Mti.           tion created by Correctional Services,”       cussed. Each official’s placement was
  In his new job Commissioner Mti will           Commissioner Mti said.                        informed by a skills needs analysis.
work closely with the SAPS, Defence                “I am grateful to the leadership of Min-      Apart from exposure at head office,
and NIA to ensure the safety, security           ister Ngconde Balfour and Deputy Min-         the following management areas were
and stability of our country ahead of the        ister Loretta Jacobus, to the support of      identified as venues for the experi-
2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. “We must             the Executive Management Committee,           mental learning phase: Baviaanspoort,
project confidence. It is your responsi-         the management, staff, the labour un-         Zonderwater, Pretoria, Leeuwkop and
bility to ensure that South Africa owns          ions and various service providers and        Johannesburg.
the tournament. All of us must be seen           partners from a range of sectors includ-        During their October visit the Sudanese
contributing to this course, including           ing NGOs, CBOs and FBOs.”                     were exposed to, among other things,
Correctional Services.”                            In concluding, Commissioner Mti said        Information Technology, Personal Cor-
  Turning his attention to the work of           that the department’s managers have           rections, Personal Well-being, Personal
the department, Commissioner Mti re-             the potential to take the department          Development, HR Management, HR
quested Chief Deputy Commissioners,              forward without him. He warned them           Development, Equity & Recreation, and
Regional Commissioners and Deputy                not to allow things that are in the public    Supply Chain Management.
Commissioners to develop a plan of ac-           discourse to compromise the image of            The programme followed at the man-
tion to promptly respond to issues that          the department. “You must do things ac-       agement areas consisted of generic
portray the department negatively in the         cordingly and find a way of recognizing       guarding duties, correctional centre ad-
media. He listed them as overcrowding,           management performance as a collec-           ministration and implementation of the
security, escapes, assaults, gangster-           tive,” he advised.                            offender rehabilitation path.
ism, HIV/Aids, juveniles and female in-            Commissioner Mti wished all the staff         All relevant legislation, policies, proce-
mates. “We need a coherent approach              and their families a safe, peaceful and       dures and other documents which could
and focused attention on these issues            joyous festive season. He further wished      be of assistance to capacitate the Su-
over and above of our day-to-day work            that the year ahead be a special one for      danese officials were made available to
as managers. We need softer facilities           Correctional Services.                        them.

                                               Publication of the Department of Correctional Services                             page 
                                        SA CorrectionsToday

HIV and Syphilis Prevalence Survey will                                                   ful to their partners.
                                                                                            Ms. Setjeo Conie, a motivational
add value to management of pandemic                                                       speaker and poet nearly brought peo-
                                                                                          ple to tears with her touching descrip-
The Department of Correctional Services launched an HIV and syphilis                      tion of what she went through after she
prevalence survey among members and inmates on October 2.                                 discovered that she was HIV positive.
                                                                                          Her family helped her to overcome the
                                                                                          negativity and stigmatization and she

       he launch ceremony was preced-       the disease and eligible for ARVs we will     reiterated Ms. Sishuba’s words by ap-
       ed by a number of senior manag-      ensure they have access to the drugs,"        pealing to all families to support those
       ers being tested and counselled      she said.                                     who are affected by Aids.
themselves as a tangible gesture of           Addressing a large gathering of of-           Earlier this year (September) Deputy
their support to the survey.                ficials and other stakeholders she said       Minister Jacobus and Ms. Sishuba
  Deputy Minister Loretta Jacobus led       that those included in the survey were        briefed the Portfolio Committee on Cor-
by example as she was the first to step     randomly chosen and approached in             rectional Services in Parliament on the
forward for the blood test. The survey is   writing to participate in the survey. Par-    department’s efforts to manage the dis-
part of the Department’s HIV and AIDS       ticipation was voluntary and anony-           ease. They told parliament that although
management programme aimed at               mous. The survey was conducted by             participation in the pilot survey that was
waging an onslaught on the pandemic,        an accredited company whose meth-             completed in May 2006 was low it pro-
as current records of five percent known                                                  vided good lessons for the successful
HIV infected offenders is not reflective                                                  rollout of the national survey.
of the extent of HIV prevalence in cor-                                                     The department also briefed the com-
rectional facilities.                                                                     mittee on progress made in implement-
  Deputy Minister Jacobus said the de-                                                    ing other elements of its HIV/Aids pro-
partment had come under pressure                                                          gramme and on its handling of medical
to provide Aids-infected inmates with                                                     paroles. Ms. Sishuba said PEPFAR’s
ARVs. "We are not a health facility. The                                                  financed intervention programmes in-
negative publicity we have received on                                                    clude training of 320 health profession-
this issue has created the impression                                                     als in voluntary testing and counselling,
                                            Deputy Minister Loretta Jacobus’s blood is
that we are uncaring or unwilling to at-    drawn for the HIV test.
                                                                                          training 120 offenders as master peer
tend to the needs of desperately ill of-                                                  educators, and training 250 nurses in
fenders. We are mandated to provide         odology was approved by the Human             the department in managing Aids re-
basic medical care for inmates. Anything    Science Research Council. The sur-            lated diseases, including offenders on
beyond this basic medical care we are       vey was funded by the US Presidential         ARV medication.
not competent to provide and therefore      Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEP-            The department launched ARV sites
we have to refer inmates to the nearest     FAR). Chief Deputy Commissioner Ms.           at five of its correctional centres this
hospital or health centre."                 Jabu Sishuba emphasized the slogan:           year. They are St. Albans in the Eastern
  Deputy Minister Jacobus said the only     Abstain, Be Faithful and Condomize.           Cape, Qalakabusha in Empangeni, the
thing the department could do was to        She reminded family members to sup-           Pietermaritzburg Correctional Centre,
encourage inmates to have themselves        port those who are affected by this pan-      the Durban–Westville Correctional Cen-
tested. "Once they know their status        demic and encouraged those who are            tre and Grootvlei Correctional Centre in
and they are in the advanced stage of       negative to live a clean life and be faith-   Mangaung.

Rights of employees with regard to HIV and AIDS
•   Employees living with HIV and           •   No flags or symbols may appear on             refusal to perform duties.
    AIDS have the same rights, duties           personnel records to indicate HIV         •   Employees have a right to seek
    and             obligations as other        status.                                       recourse in the event of discrimina-
    employees.                              •   Employees known to be living with             tion.
•   HIV antibody testing, with informed         HIV will remain in their normal em-       •   Prospective employees will be re-
    consent, pre-test, and post-test            ployment positions, as long as they           quired to undergo an HIV antibody
    counselling, will be offered to any         are able to perform their duties.             test only when it has been author-
    employee who feels he/she may be            All managers must ensure a safe               ised by the Labour Court.
    at risk.                                    working environment through the           •   All prospective employees have
•   Employees are not forced to divulge         promotion of universal precautions.           equal rights to employment and
    their HIV status to the employer.       •   An employee living with HIV and               shall not be denied employment on
    However, should they be willing to          AIDS is entitled to the same sick             the grounds of HIV status (should
    divulge such information, it is to be       leave benefits as any other em-               this information be voluntarily sub-
    regarded as confidential, and provi-        ployee.                                       mitted.
    sion for post-test counselling is to    •   HIV and AIDS shall not be unrea-
    be made.                                    sonably used as a justification for

page 6
                                                                                            OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

Junior and middle managers empowered with
quality skills
By Victor Mahlangu

The Department of Correctional Services, in partnership with the                              Management. The programme is inte-
Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), awarded certificates to 230                           grated at NQF levels 5 & 6 with its mod-
staff members in the last week of October for successfully completing                         ules having been quality assured and
the TUT’s Management Development Programme, which was specially                               accredited by SAQA and the Council of
designed to service this department’s needs. The grand ceremony took                          Higher Education.
place at the university’s main campus.                                                          Joining Minister Balfour at the event
                                                                                              was Tshwane University of Technol-

           trengthening the manage-                                                           ogy (TUT) Vice-Chancellor and Princi-
           ment capacity of the depart-                                                       pal, Professor Errol Tyobeka who later
           ment is a matter of critical im-                                                   addressed Correctional Services per-
portance that should always be high on                                                        sonnel and delegates. Prof. Tyobeka
our transformation agenda,” said Minis-                                                       appealed to all Correctional Services
ter Ngconde Balfour during his keynote                                                        executive and staff members to change
address.                                                                                      their old behaviour. “It is well to retrain
  “One of the mottos of the department                                                        staff in a contemporary management
is that we will invest in people, and to-                                                     system but for Correctional Services
day we are investing in you – our cor-                                                        to be run effectively officials should
rectional officials. This comprehensive                                                       abandon their thuggish image,” said the
training programme must not be viewed                                                         charismatic Tyobeka.
as just a certification of participation and                                                    Zanele Ndebele, a skills development
completion of a course, but as a means          Junior and middle managers eagerly await      practitioner from Glenco said: “It was
of closing the gap that impacts nega-           their certificates after having completed     not easy – some dropped out due to
tively on our ability to implement the de-      the demanding TUT course.                     the workload.” Buhle Ndlovu, an edu-
partment’s strategic direction.”                                                              cationist complimented the department
  The management programme in-                  Competencies, Rehabilitation Manage-          because it showed that it was serious
cludes the following modules: Man-              ment Competencies, Organizational             about giving people, especially women,
date in Corrections, Core Management            Transformation and Business Process           a chance to empower themselves.

Parole Boards                                                                                 mus the effectiveness of the boards can
                                                                                              be measured against the fact that parole

take stock
                                                                                              board related complaints had dropped
                                                                                              from 1000 in 2005 to 240 in 2006.
                                                                                                The value and importance of the semi-
By Johan Pienaar                                                                              nar is reflected in the following com-

         uring a work session with the                                                          “The sharing of experiences and the
         Portfolio Committee on Correc-                                                       discussions of problems and frustra-
         tions in September this year the                                                     tions, encouraged and inspired us. The
need was expressed to have a seminar                                                          spirit in which the Minister and Judges
for all Chairpersons of Parole Boards in                                                      addressed us was perceived as a vote
                                                Mrs. Lenie Smit, Chairperson of the CSPB:
order to familiarize them with the appli-       Southern Cape with Minister Balfour and
                                                                                              of confidence. We are being acknowl-
cation of current policies and procedures       Judges Desai and Erasmus during a tea         edged.” – Mr. V Jones (Johannesburg
on the functioning of the boards and to         break.                                        Management Area)
enable them to share experiences and                                                            “We learned so much from being able
to deal with possible solutions to prob-        (Chairperson of the NCCS Board) and           to interact with one another, especially
lems experienced by parole boards. .            Judge Nathan Erasmus (Acting Inspect-         how we can assist each other. After this
  The breathtaking Wilderness Area              ing Judge of Corrections). They all em-       session I feel at peace with myself – our
near George in the Southern Cape thus           phasized the independent functioning of       self-confidence and self-esteem were
formed the backdrop to this seminar             parole boards illustrated by the respon-      boosted tremendously. We now have
from 31 October to 3 November which             sibility of parole board members not al-      the confidence to go back and reconcile
served to identify issues, challenges,          lowing themselves to be intimidated in        victims and offenders.” – Mrs. KM Ram-
solutions, best practices and shortcom-         their decision-making. They were also         mutla (Rustenburg Management Area).
ings in policies and procedures.                encouraged to ensure that justice is
  The seminar was addressed by Min-             done with regard to both offenders and
ister Ngconde Balfour, Judge Desai              their victims. According to Judge Eras-

                                               Publication of the Department of Correctional Services                           page 
                                           SA CorrectionsToday

                                                                                        Kimberley Imbizo
                                                                                        By Puleng Mokhoane

                                                                                               he Kimberley New Generation
                                                                                               Prison site became a hive of ac-
                                                                                               tivity when thousands of residents
                                                                                        gathered there to witness a symbolic
                                                                                        brick-laying by Minister Ngconde Bal-
                                                                                        four that signalled the start of the con-
                                                                                        struction of the Kimberley Correctional
                                                                                        Centre. Looking colourful in their yellow
                                                                                        T-shirts and caps provided by the mar-
                                                                                        keting section of the department, the
                                                                                        residents sang and danced around the

                                                                                        area as Mr. Balfour skillfully laid brick af-
                                                                                        ter brick. The cameras flashed as news-
                                                                                        men and women from various media
                                                                                        houses captured the historic act. The
                                                                                        handing over of the site to the success-

a dialogue between Government                                                           ful bidder, BEE LTA Consortium on 14
                                                                                        November will put to rest the much

and the people without mediation                                                        publicized controversy over the build-
                                                                                        ing of the prison. The centre will house
                                                                                        approximately three thousand offend-
By Mandla Mathibe

The Beaufort West and Kimberley communities had the opportunity
to meet with Minister Ngconde Balfour and Deputy Minister Loretta
Jacobus in November as part of the government’s twice a year imbizo

       he aim is to give people the         Peter Long of the ANC, district mayor
       chance to raise issues about gov-    Amos Piti, speaker of the local council
       ernment programmes, to ensure        as well as DA Harmse Leslie and many
that government listens to and notes the    other government officials who utilized
issues raised and to                                            the opportunity to
make sure the is-                                               actively engage with
sues are properly                                               the people from all     ers and this will go a long way towards
followed-up with the                                            walks of society: the   reducing overcrowding in correctional
responsible depart-                                             young, the old, the     centres. The construction of the Kim-
ments and bodies.                                               poor and the rich,      berley Centre will cost R650 million.
  In his address the                                            representatives of        According to the Minister the construc-
Minister said: “The                                             businesses, church-     tion of three other correctional centres,
imbizo’s main focus                                             es, labour organiza-    namely East London, Port Shepstone
is to promote the                                               tions, the youth and    and Allandale near Paarl are soon to be
government       pro-                                           women.                  built. The building of the centre at Polok-
gramme of action, especially in serv-         At Kimberley the Minister and his Dep-    wane was still under review.
ice delivery. An imbizo is about people     uty were accompanied by the executive         Residents were given the opportunity
talking to government, explaining their     mayor of the Sol Plaatjie Municipality      to ask questions regarding service de-
problems. An imbizo has nothing to do       Patric Lenyibi, the MEC for Safety and      livery in the area during the imbizo, not
with political party status and there-      Liaison Thembalekhaya Madikwane,            only directed to the department, but to
fore everyone is welcome to raise their     the MEC of Health Shiwe Selao and the       all government sectors. Various depart-
views.”                                     Mayor of Douglas, Reuben Gallant. The       ments and local government officials
  After his address questions were an-      government held imbizo’s ensure that        were also present to respond to ques-
swered by representatives of the various    people are well informed of government      tions.
government departments. Correctional        activities and programmes by means            The day before the imbizo, a walkabout
Services co-hosted the two events with      of direct contact and not just via main-    by the Minister together with MEC’s,
the local municipality of Beaufort West     stream media, as most of previously         councillors, speakers and representa-
on 27 October 2007 and the Kimberley        disadvantaged communities are illiter-      tives of NGOs around the townships of
municipality on 31 October 2007 re-         ate, poor and need to be addressed in       Kimberley was aimed at distributing toys
spectively.                                 a language they understand, hence the       to children and pamphlets for adults that
  In Beaufort West the Minister and his     emphasis on door-to-door campaigns          explained the importance of attending
Deputy were accompanied by mayor            during imbizo’s.                            the imbizo the following day.

                                                                                            OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

Pretoria Central
Holds Aggression
Awareness Day
By Shane Choshane

A clear focus on the correction
of behaviour such as aggression,
which in many cases is the
catalyst that lands offenders
in correctional centres should
give offenders a better chance at
rehabilitation and improve their
chances of being considered for
parole and enable them to avoid              Kevin Jones and Director Rudie Koekemoer flanked by officials of Pretoria Central Cor-
further charges.                             rectional Centre after the event.

            ost offenders focus more           Mr. Koekemoer stressed the principle          you, take the step of being accountable
            on academic and technical        of the restorative justice system and the       for your life – we want this place to be
            studies rather than on pro-      White Paper on Corrections. He said             a centre of rehabilitation where people
grammes that deal with their offending       the Development and Care team has               will come out and say they are sorry,” he
behaviour,” said Mr. Vusi Nkosi, an in-      a commitment to show the community              said. Mr. Kevin Jones, the president of
mate at Pretoria Central, who co-organ-      that they are no longer bad people and          Criminon Africa, a non-profit company
ized the Aggression Awareness Day            added: “As the community wants you to           focusing on crime prevention and crimi-
with social worker Ms. Rendani Mav-          be punished and the Department wants            nal rehabilitation programmes, also ad-
hunga.                                       to rehabilitate you, it is not going to help    dressed the inmates.
  Showcasing the talent of the correc-       us if you do not make it your responsibil-        He explained the various programmes
tional centre a choir, Male Voices, en-      ity to correct your behaviour.”                 the organization offers to inmates that
tertained the guests and welcomed the          “We have systems in place to enable           could help them and assist the criminal
Regional Coordinator of Development          you to reconcile with your victims …            justice system to bring about reform and
and Care, Mr. Rudie Koekemoer.               When the spirit of anger is out to get          in so doing nurture moral values.

Moral Regeneration Movement                                                                  Emergency support
                                                                                             training at
launched in KZN                             By Khazi Sithole
                                             religions gathered and shared a prayer          Baviaanspoort Management Area has
                                             service.                                        reason to be proud of their Emergen-
                                               Representatives from SAPS, NICRO,             cy Support Team (EST) because they
                                             SANDF, the media, NGOs, CBOs and                are putting in a lot of effort to gain the
                                             FBOs were also in attendance. Deputy            skills required of them. EST officials as-
                                             Regional Commissioner, Mr. T.M Sibiya           sist, among others, with protecting high
                                             welcomed all the guests.                        profile visitors to Correctional Services.
                                               Rev. Mkhwanazi opened with the word           On the 14th and 15th of September the
                                             of God where after each faith group fol-        EST officials from Baviaanspoort had a
                                             lowed with a prayer. The guest speaker,         training session at the SAPS’s Jakkals-
                                             Ms. Z. Madlala, executive officer of the        dans Training Center. The new recruits
                                             Moral Regeneration Movement project             were trained to do cat stands and prone
                                             reminded the inmates and the commu-             position with a 9mm pistol. More senior
                                             nity about the importance of respecting         officials received advanced training with
Regional Commissioner Mr. N. Nhleko
emphasised the importance of carrying
                                             morals. She emphasized that respect             the 9mm, and the R5. They were also
healthy morals over from generation to       can never be demanded but is earned.            trained in anti-ambush techniques, to
generation.                                    The task team that organized the event        shoot from a moving vehicle and how

                                             is hereby congratulated for a job well          to shoot at night. The SAPS furthermore
      he KZN Regional Office, in part-
                                             done and the regular hosting of similar         hosted a workshop on foreign weapons
      nership with the office of the Pre-
                                             events was encouraged because reli-             and explosives. Baviaanspoort’s EST is
      mier, successfully launched the
                                             gious occasions always touch people’s           well-known in the region and are con-
region’s Moral Regeneration Movement
                                             soul.                                           sidered to be the best EST in Gauteng.
on 28 September, where all interfaith

                                            Publication of the Department of Correctional Services                            page 
                                        SA CorrectionsToday

Criminon awards its students in                                                          correctional centre and about what you
                                                                                         are going to do when the prison doors
rehabilitation                    By Refilwe Tshukudu
                                                                                         are opened for you.”
                                                                                           One of the inmates, Johannes Thek-
                                                                                         iso, recited a motivational poem entitled

       eventy offender received certifi-                                                 “Never give up” in which he conveyed
       cates at a Criminon SA gradua-                                                    the message that one’s path may not
       tion ceremony in September                                                        always be smooth and one may suffer
for having successfully completed the                                                    hardship whilst others prosper, yet de-
Criminon courses aimed at rehabilita-                                                    spite this one must never give up.
tion. The event was held at Leeuwkop                                                       Another graduate, Cliff Maluleke had
Medium A Correctional Centre.                                                            a word of encouragement for fellow in-
  Mr. Gregory Mohlate, Head of the cen-                                                  mates. “The way to happiness taught
tre said when he joined the department                                                   me to respect the property and lives
many years ago the objective of prisons                                                  of my fellow human beings. I learned
was to punish those who committed                                                        that it is very important to treat others
crimes, but since 1994 the department       International President of Criminon Mr.      the way you would like them to treat you
                                            Greg Cajorio, Criminon SA President Mr.      and I am very positive about life.”
has shifted to a new paradigm, where
                                            Kevin Jones and the proud recipients of
rehabilitation of offenders is the core     the Criminon certificate programme.            The graduates thanked Criminon Pres-
business of Correctional Services. Ac-                                                   ident, Mr. Kevin Jones, and assured
cording to Mr. Mohlate the department       correcting their offending behaviour is      him that they had benefited a lot from
did research on what caused inmates         also a societal responsibility, he said.     Criminon’s programme. Mr. Jones said
to re-offend and it was found that it was     Mr. Paul Bronze, a member of alcohol-      the Criminon programme was designed
mostly because the offending behaviour      ics anonymous said he used to drink a        to determine the cause of offending be-
had not been corrected.                     bottle of whiskey every day until he went    haviour and specializes in rehabilitation
  The inmates who are in our correction-    to a rehabilitation centre. “Think about     without focusing on punishment.
al centres came from society, and thus      what you are doing while you are in a

Youth claim gold at President’s Award
By Shane Choshane                                                                        brought hope to him when he was sad.
                                                                                         Papi appealed to his friends in prison
Youth offenders from Kroonstad Medium B, the Groenpunt Youth Centre                      to be positive about the programme
and the Kuruman and Upington Correctional Centres joined other                           as he said: “You will see light – this is
youngsters at the glittering Gold Award Ceremony of the President’s                      the chance in prison that you will nev-
Award for the Youth Empowerment Trust (TPA) held in Johannesburg at                      er have anywhere else. Long live the
St John’s College in October.                                                            President’s Awards. I am very grateful
                                                                                         for this award.”
                                            eron Headmaster of St John’s College.          The aim of the President’s Award is
                                              The significance of the President’s        to instill in its participants a sense of
                                            Award to youth in correctional centres is    responsibility to the community. Can-
                                            that it serves as a framework for correc-    didates help a range of beneficiaries
                                            tional officials when dealing with young     including children’s homes, hospice
                                            people in their care for purposes of re-     organizations, AIDS orphanages and
                                            habilitation. The programme has the po-      libraries.
                                            tential to develop trust between officials     The awards were presented by the
                                            and inmates.                                 Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, Deputy
Gold award recipients from Groenpunt                                                     Minister Lorreta Jacobus, Chairman of
youth centre and their award leaders.                                                    the President’s Award Trust, Mr. War-
                                                                                         ren Glewlow and the headmaster of St

   n order to qualify for the President’s                                                John’s College, Mr. Roger Cameron.
   Award young people between the                                                          In his keynote address Prince Edward
   ages of 14 and 25 take part in a non-                                                 said: “To those who receive gold today,
competitive voluntary programme. The                                                     it is your day. Be proud of what you
award is based on service, skills, physi-                                                have achieved. When you walk out of
cal and other aspects of personal de-                                                    the chapel just walk a few inches taller –
velopment. “We believe that the Presi-      Upington correctional centre recipients of   because you can.” The Earl of Wessex
dent’s Award with its patron, Dr. Nelson    gold awards and their award leader pose      added that it was a feather in the cap
                                            for a photograph at St John’s College.
Mandela, inspires young people to com-                                                   of a young person that the community
mit themselves with energy, enthusiasm       Speaking at the ceremony Papi Maritz,       benefited from their efforts. “I hope this
and hope to achieve goals in significant    a young offender and the recipient of a      has induced you to keep up the excel-
areas in our society,” said Roger Cam-      gold award said the president’s award        lent work that you are doing,” he said.

page 0
                                                                                              OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

Long serving officials awarded                                                                 national service,” she said.
                                                                                                 At the Pretoria Management Area the
                                                                                               CDC of Corrections, Mr. Teboho Mot-
By Victor Mahlangu and Shane Choshane
                                                                                               seki, awarded long service certificates

       he five branches of the depart-         the department went through. Address-           to members working in Corrections.
       ment awarded certificates to long       ing the recipients she said: “It is an hon-     Honouring the recipients at a lunch
       serving members during Septem-          our for me to hand these certificates to        party, Mr. Motseki said the recipients
ber and October this year. SA Correc-          you – on behalf of the Minister, Deputy         have made Correctional Services their
tions Today managed to witness some                                                            employer of choice, and that this should
of the ceremonies.                                                                             serve as an example to all of those
  Corporate Services honoured their                                                            working in the department.
loyal officials at a gala event in Pretoria                                                      “Such long service is testimony to true
on 13 October. Acting CDC Corporate                                                            dedication which cannot be substituted
Services, Mr. Petersen said: “Most of                                                          by anything. We owe much to those who
you didn’t run, but stayed under those                                                         have already left this organization as
difficult conditions you encountered                                                           they have made it an organization one
during the apartheid regime and a de-                                                          can be proud of to work for,” he said.
humanizing correctional system.” Alto-                                                           Branch Development and Care CDC,
gether 57 officials from this branch re-                                                       Ms. Jabu Sishuba praised long serving
ceived certificates, some for 20 and 30                                                        officials from her directorate by saying:
                                               CDC Corrections, Mr. Teboho Motseki
years’ service.                                                                                “You have written yourselves diaries
                                               (centre with blue shirt) with the recipients
  The CDC of Central Services, Ms.             of long services awards in the corrections      that you can now sit back and read
Jenny Schreiner presented the first ever       branch.                                         through. Challenges came and went,
long service certificates to members           Minister and the Commissioner I would           but you were there to serve with pride,”
working in Central Services. She ac-           like to extend a word of appreciation           she said.
knowledged the service and dedication          for all the years you have put into this          The Finance branch handed over their
of the members to the department over          department, because joining the De-             long serving awards at an informal gath-
the years amidst the painful transition        partment of Correctional Services is a          ering at head office.

Community Corrections Centre                                                                     “The ceremony today marks a new be-
                                                                                               ginning for community corrections. I am

opens its doors in Boksburg
                                                                                               pleased to note that people were listen-
                                                                                               ing attentively to the Minister during the
                                                                                               launch of Corrections Week. Commu-
By Elizabeth Zimba                                                                             nity participation is central in our core

                                                                                               business and we need to ensure that
        oksburg officially opened its Com-     rated on the concept of a community             offenders are rehabilitated when they
        munity Corrections Centre on           forum, which was introduced in 2001             are released. We need to strengthen in-
        26 October 2006. The centre is         to enable the Department to work with           teraction between the department and
situated in the Boksburg CBD, between          community structures in its paradigm            the community. Our government has
Elloff and Burg Streets. “These offices        shift to rehabilitation and reintegration       launched operation Masibambisane,
are for you. I urge the community to use       into society once offenders have served         which means let’s work together to fight
them effectively,” said Mr. Mgabalala,         their sentences. “Correcting offending          unemployment and poverty,” Mr. Mga-
who will be heading the centre.                                                                balala concluded.
  Boksburg Community Corrections
consists of a library and administrative
section, as well as the following units:
                                                                                               Standerton Correctional
Probation, Social Work, Monitoring and                                                         Centre promotes White
Absconders, Parolees and Community                                                             Paper
Liaison. “Community Corrections is not
a prison but a place for non-custodial
members, Mr. Mgabalala said. He ap-                                                            Standerton Correctional Centre held
pealed to the Boksburg communities to                                                          a function to promote the White Paper
join hands with the Department of Cor-                                                         on Corrections as well as the new
rectional Services to address socio-           behaviour is a societal responsibility          strategic direction of the Department.
economic issues that are contributing to       and correctional centres must be trans-         The event marked the beginning
crime and thus overcrowding of correc-         formed into places of new beginnings,”          of Operation Masibamisane. The
tional centres. He noted that the DCS          he said.                                        Regional Commissioner, Mr. Watson
has launched a Corrections Week and              Ex-offender and coordinator of Youth          Tshivhase delivered an impressive
he challenged community corrections            Development Against Crime, Mr. Mnde-            presentation and the Executive
personnel to take the process forward          bele delivered a motivational talk and          Mayor Councillor Juliet Radebe
by rehabilitating offenders with the help      he reiterated that security was not the         attended to show her support for the
of the community. Mr. Mgabalala elabo-         responsibility of the police alone.             DCS.

                                              Publication of the Department of Correctional Services                            page 
                                            SA CorrectionsToday

Students from University of
                                                                                                Mr. Nomandla, Head of Rooigrond
                                                                                              Correctional Centre, welcomed the
                                                                                              students and explained how the pro-
North West visit farming facility                                                             duction farms in Correctional Services
                                                                                              contribute to self-sufficiency and how
By Lewies Davids                                                                              it saves tax payer money by producing
                                                information on the various agricultural       meat and vegetables for its centres. The
                                                projects and had a theoretical discus-        Area Commissioner of Rooigrond, Mr.
                                                sion on the different effects communal        Eksteen, who is also a farmer at heart,
                                                and commercial land tenure have on            motivated the students to fill gaps in the
                                                agricultural productivity.                    market by becoming excellent farm-
                                                  The piggery project which started in        ers and animal scientists of the future.
                                                2005 when Topigs SA delivered 105 pig-        Special mention was also made of the
                                                lets to the facility has grown into a fully   societal responsibility of correcting of-
                                                developed project that delivered 7132         fending behaviour.
Animal science students pick up tricks of       kg of pork to the Klerksdorp, Rooigrond         Dr. Baloyi, one of the lecturers at the
the trade at the piggery unit.                  and Rustenburg Management Areas               university expressed his gratitude to
                                                within a year. The project sold its sur-      Correctional Services for lending a

        uring a study visit, animal scien-      plus of adult pigs and deposited R152         helping hand by giving these students
        tists in their third and fourth years   940 this financial year into the depart-      hands-on practical experience. It was
        at university were exposed to the       ment’s coffers.                               unanimously agreed to hold such an
agricultural success stories emanating            The beef unit is also doing well and        event every year and that it should ex-
from Rooigrond correctional farm facil-         a total of 374 adult cows craze on the        tend over a few days to enable the stu-
ity in October this year. The students          fertile soil and spacious landscape of        dents to spend more time at the various
had the opportunity to gain firsthand           Rooigrond farm.                               projects.

Zonderwater launches gender                                                                   Gauteng Region
desk            By Grace Langa
                                                                                              boosts women
                                                                                              By Kate Ngobeni

I                                                                                             G
                                                                                                       auteng Region held a capacity
    n his welcoming address, the Area           garding the meeting of targets in respect
                                                                                                       building session for about 600
    Commissioner of the Zonderwater             of gender parity,” Ms. Digoro said.
                                                                                                       female officials in September in
    Management Area, Mr. Tana, said               The Chairperson of the Zonderwater
                                                                                              a bid to boost the morale and motivate
many people are confused about gender           Gender Desk, Ms. Msane, pointed out
                                                                                              them. Corporate Services Director, Dr.
issues and many think that gender is all        that the gender policy framework has
                                                                                              Mohoje, encouraged women to have
about women. He therefore challenged            been designed to address the issues of
                                                                                              courage regardless of stressful work-
the Zonderwater gender team to ensure           gender related challenges in the work
                                                                                              ing conditions, to walk tall and hold their
that employees receive adequate train-          environment thus supporting Govern-
                                                                                              heads high in whatever they do.
ing regarding gender issues. Mr. Tana           ment’s commitment to empower wom-
                                                                                                Gracing the event was motivational
added that gender mainstreaming, ad-            en. She added that many gender chal-
                                                                                              speaker and former political prisoner
vocacy and networking are some of the           lenges are the result of South Africa’s
                                                                                              Mr. Mike Muendane, who said, “Hope
skills required in the Department to meet       history of race division, oppression and
                                                                                              is how to get along, how to get to the
the national goals of gender equality.          gender domination. As an example of
                                                                                              next day, hope is the confidence of what
  Anna Digoro, Executive Mayor of Dino-         male dominance she cited the outdated
                                                                                              we understand.” He said while he was
keng Tsa Taemane, where Zonderwater             belief that the man is the head of the
                                                                                              in prison for seven years he listened to
is located said the launch of the Zonder-       house and everything belongs to him.
                                                                                              what other inmates said about women
water gender desk came at a time when             Ms. Msane went on to say that the De-
                                                                                              in the department, both bad and good.
Dinokeng Municipality was busy with a           partment of Correctional Services has
                                                                                              He concluded by saying: “Offenders
process of formulating a gender policy          a mandate to address the inequalities
                                                                                              are human beings, share your spiritual-
to ensure that programmes and activi-           within the working environment and to
                                                                                              ity with these people – add value to the
ties related to women are not confined          promote and empower women to con-
                                                                                              lives of the people you live with in order
to National Women’s Day or Women’s              test for higher positions. She closed by
                                                                                              to succeed in your lives – our attitude is
Month, but are institutionalised.               saying: “Today many women are the
                                                                                              the meaning we give to our lives.”
  “It is my sincere hope that the gender        heads of their families. There are many
                                                                                                In her address Deputy Regional Com-
desk will ensure that women/gender              opportunities available to women. We
                                                                                              missioner of Gauteng Region, Ms.
transformation will be an integral part         must not dwell on the past but look to
                                                                                              Mthabela, said that women have a lot to
of your structures,” she said. “This will       the future and join hands to improve the
                                                                                              share and a lot to do together. “Encour-
include preferential procurement poli-          economy of the country, so that the next
                                                                                              age each other, do not laugh at others
cies in respect of women. Furthermore           generation may find a solid, compre-
                                                                                              but help each other as women.” She
it will ensure that mechanisms are put in       hensive foundation that they can build
                                                                                              also honoured her present and past fe-
place to constantly monitor progress re-        on and be proud of.”
                                                                                              male colleagues.

page 2
                                                                                            OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

Poetry of young awaiting                        From Shame to Fame                            Information day
trialists astonishes                                                                          by Zonderwater’s
audience By Kate Ngobeni                        The orange clothes
                                                The noisy bars                                Development and
                                                The long queues for food                      Care branch
                                                The big locks and keys                        By Grace Langa
                                                Are shames to me

                                                                                                     he Development and Care branch
                                                The everyday porridge                                at Zonderwater has done a good
                                                                                                     job by bringing together stake-
                                                The tattoo on my flesh                        holders and community members
                                                The locking and unlocking                     around Cullinan recently. Mrs. Lucy
                                                The fear to report assaults                   Magaga, area co-coordinator of Devel-
                                                Oh! What a shame                              opment and Care said the purpose was
Innocent Moagle (left) tried his voice at
news reading and Guilty Phakathi was the                                                      not only to provide information about
overall poetry winner. On Karen Booysens’                                                     the department’s development and care
(Independent Prison Visitor) left is Elvis      Peel the orange and see me                    services but also for officials to take
Nkosi, a dancer and seated are Zenzile
Siba, a rap singer in the yellow T-shirt and    Unlock your mind and see me                   stock whether they are really delivering
Dumisani Masilela, a dancer.                    Listen to my voice and see me                 what they should.
                                                Behind this tattoo there is me                  She said without the support and in-

        mong the inspiring performers                                                         volvement of the different stakeholders
                                                Yes, it is a shame                            and the community Correctional Serv-
        was 19 year old Guilty Phakathi
        who recited a beautiful poem                                                          ices won’t be able to meet its objectives
with great rhythm. It was about guilt and       With “Education” I dominate                   successfully. Mrs. Magaga explained
about realizing that he was the only per-       With “ORP” I am no longer                     the functions of the Development and
son who could rectify his mistakes and                                                        Care branch and it works closely with
go on with a normal life. In his poem he                                                      the branch Corrections. Together they
apologizes to his mother saying that she
                                                With “the white paper” I am                   are responsible for rehabilitating of-
had labour pains giving birth to him, yet       No longer disregarded                         fenders. She sketched as an example a
he was still causing her pain by disap-         Oh! Yes, there is no more                     scenario were an offender is admitted to
pointing her by landing in prison.              Shame                                         the centre, which of course falls under
  The art competition at the Local Cor-                                                       Corrections Branch. His safe custody
rectional Centre in Pretoria on 27 Octo-                                                      is also the responsibility of the Correc
ber was organized by Karen Booysens,            Asking someone to do my                       well-being and personal development
an Independent Prison Visitor and some          shop                                          of the offender. Issues such as psycho-
law students from the University of Pre-        Order is history                              logical and social work services, skills
toria – also included rap music, dancing,       Asking someone to read or                     development and spiritual care are the
singing and art. The law students also                                                        responsibility of the Development and
offer a community service programme
                                                Write a letter for me is history              Care branch.
to the juveniles, which is called EPAHR         Yes! I have moved from                          The branch furthermore links up with
(Educating Prisoners about Human                Shame to fame                                 external stakeholders and with commu-
Rights).                                                                                      nity organizations in its efforts to ensure
  SCO Emmanuel Sesoko welcomed                                        - Tobeka Ntengu         the social reintegration of the offender
the guests and appealed to the juve-                         George Correctional Centre       back into the community where he
niles to give their full cooperation say-                                                     came from.
ing that they must appreciate events
like these as part of their rehabilitation,
because they are made possible by the
                                                The 8th ICPA conference in Canada
                                                                                              The International Corrections and Prisons
very same people who have been the                                                            Association (ICPA), an organization devoted
victims of their crimes.                                                                      to improving global understanding of and
                                                                                              professionalism in the correctional sector
  Judging the competition were Floyd                                                          held its 8th international conference to-
Selomo, Greg Edwards and Nhlanhla                                                             wards the end of October this year. The aim
Olifant from the University of Pretoria                                                       of this year’s conference was to explore
                                                                                              wide ranging issues such as rising prisoner
as well as Hendrick Mokganyetsi and                                                           numbers, fewer staff and reduced budgets.
Gilbert Khoza from the Local Correc-                                                          Commissioner Mti was re-elected as the re-
tional Centre. All the first prize winners                                                    gional vice-president for Africa at the con-
                                                                                              ference. In the photo are some of the staff
were awarded trophies and the runner-                                                         who accompanied the commissioner. They
ups received toiletries. The event was                                                        are from left Director Social Services Sinah
                                                                                              Morouane, Deputy Commissioner Sharon
sponsored by the Legal Aid Board, the                                                         Kunene and Communication Regional Coor-
Justice Centre, the Judicial Inspectorate                                                     dinator for LMN, Sarie Peens. Altogether 52
and the University of Pretoria.                                                               countries attended the conference.

                                               Publication of the Department of Correctional Services                            page 
                                        SA CorrectionsToday

Rooigrond staff donate food parcels to                                      Polokwane held
victims of Taung flood                                                      “Brunch Behind Bars”
                                                                            By Susan Minnaar
By Lewies Davids

                                                                               n the spirit of Corrections Week in September,
                                                                               Polokwane Correctional Centre held a brunch
                                                                               behind bars. The Area Commissioner, Mr. Paul
                                                                            Sello, invited stakeholders, traditional leaders,
                                                                            media and learners from Mohlapetse Secondary
                                                                            School to enjoy brunch with officials and offend-

       taff members of Rooigrond Management Area reached out in No-         External stakeholders and community members got
                                                                            the opportunity to taste prison food!
       vember to forty families whose belongings were destroyed in the
       Taung flood by bringing them food and clothes. Mr. Mmusi, the          Testimony that good cooperation between the
Head of Staff Support at the Rooigrond Correctional Centre were joined      centre and the school exist are the fact that they
by other managers and officials as well as representatives from the may-    joined each other during arbor day to plant trees,
or’s office when they visited four villages namely Ntswanahatshe, Ma-       Mr. Sello has given motivational talks to the learn-
ganeng, Moretele and Khaukhwe to hand over the donations.                   ers and he has visited the school twice during
  During the first 6 months of this year the greater Taung municipal area   Batho Pele Week earlier this year.
received 1380 mm of rain which affected 12 villages negatively. Roads,        On arrival at the centre everyone were subjected
storm water drains and bridges were damaged and had to be rebuilt. A        to a body search before being allowed inside. Tea
total of 1032 houses collapsed or suffered serious structural damages.      was served in steel cups and brunch was served
Approximately 700 households are living in disaster management sup-         on steel plates.
plied tents. Although government departments and local businesses             During the ceremony the guests, officials and
have and continue to provide relief there is still much to be done and      offenders sat together as they were reminded to
any assistance will be appreciated.                                         never give up hope.

Choral music competition for members held in
Gauteng region                        By Elizabeth Zimba

       choral music competition for the    former, Mr. Otto Maidi and Mr. Thulasi-     Male Double Quartet
       Gauteng region, called Gau-Cor-     zwe Nkabinde who was one of the three       Winner – Pretoria
       secma was successfully held for     adjudicators.                               2nd – Johannesburg
the first time in October this year. The     The competition was strong and it         3rd – Baviaanspoort
management areas in the region com-        turned out to be a two-horse race be-       English Piece
peted against each other. The catego-      tween Pretoria and Johannesburg.            Winner – Johannesburg
ries included sextets, male double quar-   Some of the beautiful songs delivered       2nd – Pretoria
tets and mixed choirs that each sang an    were Phola Sthandwa Ssam, Thanks be         3rd – Modderbee
English, African and a Folk song.          to God, Fight it Through, We Serve with     African Song
  Mr. Tini Mthabazimdi, the founder of     Pride and Halala Bahumahadi.                Winner – Johannesburg
the competition believes that it should      The categories and winner are as fol-     2nd – Pretoria
be hosted annually and preferably          low:                                        3rd – Baviaanspoort
around March.                              Sextet                                      Folk Song
  Gauteng Deputy Regional Commis-          Winner – Modderbee                          Winner – Modderbee
sioner, Ms. Mthabela, who is a great       2nd – Zonderwater                           2nd – Johannesburg
believer in the power of music, encour-    3rd – Baviaanspoort                         3rd – Pretoria
aged members to increase their partici-    Mixed Double Quartet                         The overall mixed choir floating trophy
pation in choral music competitions.       Winner – Pretoria                           was won by the Johannesburg Man-
  Among the guests who graced the          2nd – Johannesburg                          agement Area followed by Pretoria and
occasion were international opera per-     3rd – Leeuwkop                              Modderbee.

                                                                                          OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2006

Team building in Atteridgeville
By Kate Ngobeni                               Prevent escapes, Perform optimally and
                                              Promote rehabilitation). These princi-
                                              ples enable them to sow the seeds that
                                              benefit others, especially the offenders.
                                              In her motivational talk, educationist
                                              Doris Mojapelo said: “Once in this de-
                                              partment there was a man who walked,
                                              worked and lived amongst us. When he
                                              talked even the deaf would hear and
                                              those with wide knowledge and under-
                                              standing would know exactly what this
We made it! Deputy Director Mabatalale        man meant.” She was referring to the
Ntshehi and Director Sibusiso Mandlazi ar-
riving at the finishing point.                late Siyabulela Mlombile who once said
                                              that a correctional official must rep-

         fficials from the Pretoria Man-      resent the aims of the Department of
         agement Area participated in a       Correctional Services because in this
         5 km fun walk in Atteridgeville      department there is a scab and under-
as part of a team building exercise. The      neath it is a treasure. As a form of mo-
walkers included Area Commissioner,           tivation, trophies were handed over to        Ndebele and Afrikaner show each other
                                                                                            dance steps as part of a team building
Mr Mkabela, Area Coordinator of Cor-          the unit managers who performed well          exercise.
porate Services, Mrs. Makhuza, Area           in the past year. This included the Divi-
Coordinator of Finance and Supply
Chain Management, Mandlazi and the
                                              sional Head of Security, Abbey Rahlogo
                                              whose unit had no escapes for over a
Area Coordinator of Development and
Care, Koekemoer.
                                              year. The officials who participated in
                                              the fun walk also received medals. Med-
In a correctional centre where resources
are not optimal and manpower skeletal,
                                              als were awarded to the top ten male
                                              and female walkers. Among them was            cultural
officials have to apply the seven p’s of      Director Makhuza who came second.
success (know your Purpose, unleash           Medals and trophies were sponsored
your Potential, Prioritize, Plan Properly,    by American Man Sportswear.
                                                                                            By Magda Pienaar

Hats off to Leeuwkop Maximum CC                                  By Shane Choshane                 he Department of Correctional
                                                                                                   Services is an organization in
                                              potential,” according to Monti Maleka,               which a variety of cultures are
                                              one of the organizers.                        represented. There are many beliefs,
                                                At the function recently graduated in-      traditions, holidays, and thus it is not
                                              mates who successfully completed their        unusual for someone to lack under-
                                              studies at institutions of higher learn-      standing about the numerous cultures
                                              ing, inmates who tutor others inside the      surrounding them. However, it is a fact
                                              facility and community members who            that the more a person knows about his
                                              contribute to Leeuwkop’s rehabilitation       neighbours, colleagues and friends, the
                                              programmes received special recogni-          better they can work and live together.
Actor Israel Mokoe (front) and actress
Grace Mahlaba (middle back) pose with         tion.                                           On 13 October Baviaanspoort Correc-
community members and inmates at the            Among the invited quests were ac-           tional Centre’s officials celebrated this
thanksgiving ceremony.
                                              tress Grace Mahlaba of E-TV soap

                                                                                            cultural diversity. This event is awaited
       he rehabilitation of offenders is      Backstage and singer and actor Israel         eagerly every year and this year it was
       one of the main objectives of the      Makoe (AKA) Ma-Orange of Gaz’lami             celebrated with great enthusiasm again.
       Department of Correctional Serv-       fame. They each received a beautiful          In his address the Area Commissioner,
ices and as such the department gener-        painting done by inmates.                     Mr Malinga, thanked all the organizers
ates heart-warming stories in its centres       Grace Mahlaba said this experience          for planning the event.
of excellence by affording offenders          changed her perception of prison and            Various cultural groups presented
opportunities to reach their full poten-      she was amazed at the raw talent dis-         their traditional food and everybody
tial. Recently the Leeuwkop Maximum           played by the inmates; referring to           could sample the different foods. Vari-
CC inmates held a function to celebrate       motivational speakers, musical groups         ous bands played ethnic music and the
special achievements.                         like Black Sun, Ukuthula Brothers and         officials danced to the rhythm and beat
  It was organized under the auspices of      the paintings produced by the inmates.        they grew up with. Awards were given to
the Maximum Arts and Cultural Associa-        “I am here to tell you that we care, you      the best dancers.
tion (MACA), an organization formed by        must use this chance and when you               The festivities continued long after
inmates to “keep inmates from negative        leave here, do what you are doing here,”      sunset and some officials have already
thoughts and to reveal their God-given        she said.                                     started discussing next year’s event.

                                             Publication of the Department of Correctional Services                          page 
                                       SA CorrectionsToday

                                                                                      Offenders shine in
                                                                                      soccer match in
                                                                                      Witbank’s offenders made a name for
                                                                                      themselves when they played against
                                                                                      Kopanong secondary school on the 18th
                                                                                      of October at the Sly Mthimunye Sta-
                                                                                      dium. The offenders won the game by
                                                                                      3 goals and the boys from Kopanong
                                                                                      scored 2 goals. The first two goals were
                                                                                      scored by Johannes Bukhali and the
                                                                                      last goal was scored by Vuyo Maseko.
                                                                                        The match was organized in the spirit
                                                                                      of the department’s social reintegration
                                                                                      programme for offenders.

Gone but not                               Former and current soccer players at-
                                           tended the service. Khambule had won
                                                                                      said. May his soul rest in peace.
                                                                                       Khavha edele nga Mulalo
forgotten – rest in                        nine trophies with Mamelodi Sundown
                                           and represented his country on several
                                                                                       Robala ka kgotso
                                                                                       Lala ngoxolo
peace Ewe                                  occasions before he joined the Depart-      Etlela hi ku rhula
                                           ment of Correctional Service. Khambule
By Tshifhiwa Magadani                      often organized different sports code

                                                                                       Officials from Baviaanspoort Manage-
                                           games for offenders as part of the de-      ment Area participated in various sport-
   n our previous edition of SA Correc-                                                ing activities during a sport day held at
   tions Today we published the last in-   partment’s rehabilitation programmes.       their sport grounds on 6 October.
   terview soccer legend and offender      Khambule has achieved so much in so
rehabilitator Samuel “Ewe” Khambule        little time.
had with the media before he died. “Bra       “Bra Ewe left a big void in our sec-
Ewe”, as he was fondly known by soccer     tion. Khambule was the type of guy
enthusiasts, died in hospital in Tshwane   who always made his opinion clear and
after a brief illness.                     he used to play a leadership role even
  At his memorial service which was held   among his seniors,” said his supervisor,
in Khambule’s hometown Atteridgeville,     Mr. EC Sesoko from the Pretoria Lo-
speakers from all walks of life shared     cal management area. “Ewe had cour-
similar sentiments; that of his humble-    age, enthusiasm, optimism, energy and
ness and his down to earth attitude.       selflessness, an emotional Mr. Sesoko

                                               Sleeping on duty is not allowed


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