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					The City of Boulder Colorado offers a wide variety of activities and recreational
facilities for everyone. Boulder Colorado's beautiful mountain settings offer hiking,
biking, climbing and river rafting within minutes of downtown Boulder. Outdoor
enthusiasts will quickly appreciate Boulder's bountiful recreation opportunities.
Visitors are greeted by warm sunny days followed by refreshing, brisk evenings. At
night, Boulder's big city culture comes to life with concert series and festivals. Enjoy
unexpected entertainment on the Pearl Street Mall in historic Downtown Boulder.
Dine at one of the malls quaint sidewalk cafes, browse through its many boutiques
and galleries or enjoy free entertainment watching the quirky street performers.
Boulder is a unique fusion of a small Western town and cosmopolitan city. The city in
Colorado is a place of natural wonders attractions, festivals, limitless cultural
experiences and friendly people. Mix these ingredients, and the result is an exciting
travel destination Home to about 96,000 residents and the University of Colorado,
Boulder Colorado real estate has become a high priority investment in recent years
with real estate values appreciating like never before. Boulder Colorado real estate
investment opportunities abound here with available housing options ranging from
custom single family homes, condos and townhomes to estate size golf course homes.
The median single family home price is $515,000, with the median condo price being
$242,500. Boulder Colorado home prices will range from the affordable to upper end
expensive depending on age, size, location, and type of housing.

Boulder has always been a city rich in pride. It has slowly become one of the best
places in the entire country to raise a family. With a low crime rate, the streets of
Boulder are safe and secure. The public education system award winning and is
extremely solid. With the popular winter ski areas close by, weekend and vacation
rentals as well as Boulder Colorado apartments have become hot properties. Many
custom single family homes are available for rent as well as Boulder Colorado condos
and town houses. The economy in this great city is booming, and will only get better
in the coming years. The average household income for its families is $45,000, while
the average house value is estimated at $305,000. These two numbers combined with
a very low unemployment rate, means owning a house in Boulder is a sound

Boulder is a great area for relocation. Enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains all year
round. The housing prices are affordable, and there is an abundance of access to
business opportunities here. Due to the cities beautiful architecture, a warm and
friendly feeling is projected. Newly constructed development projects and housing
starts have continued Boulders relocation allure. The residents have all the benefits
offered by nearby Denver, while living in a quiet, charming, affordable area.

Boulder is truly and ideal relocation option. A Boulder Colorado realtor can help with
a search for the property and location of your choice. Ask your local realtor to see the
up to date MLS Listings to view all the Boulder Colorado real estate for sale.