Boat Storage Made Easy by aihaozhe2


									All of life's pleasures come with some sort of baggage. Boats are no exception to the
rule. Boating is summer's most pleasurable activity; however, they require high
maintenance, especially in the winter. Boat storage is the last thing on a boat shoppers
mind when they are purchasing a brand new boat. They only see themselves enjoying
it on a lake, or on the ocean. Pending boat owners never vision where the boat will be
doing in the winter.

There are many different types of boat storage and some have more advantages than
the other. Most people assume that they will store the boat at their house for winter
boat storage. It is the cheapest option considering that it is free. However, not all
properties are capable for storing a boat and not all home owner associations allow
boat owners to use their property for boat storage. Nevertheless, boat stored in the
neighborhood become eyesores for other neighbors. Though it is free, boat storage at
home may not be an option.

Many marinas offer boat storage during the winter months. This is convenient for boat
owners who rent summer boat slip from the same marina, because you don't have to
haul the boat to another location. However, marinas usually take advantage of this
convenience by charging premium boat storage rates. Also, marinas may only have
enough boat storage space for their current customers. If you trailer your boat to a
boat ramp every summer weekend, this may not be an option for you; on the other
hand, there still is another option.

The best option for boat owners; especially for boat owners who use a boat trailer, is
self storage. There are two types of boat self storage, indoor boat storage and outdoor
boat storage. Indoor boat storage usually involves a self storage unit. If the boat is
small enough, and if the property manager allows it, storing a boat inside a self
storage unit is a smart idea. The boat is kept inside your own personal self storage unit.
Only you have access to the boat. It is protected from the winter weather elements as
well as thieves.

Indoor boat storage also may be inside a huge community storage warehouse where it
will be parked next to other boats. Outdoor boat storage is just what it means but the
boat is safe and secure. Boats are stored in an outside parking lot but within a fenced
access controlled gate. Only boat storage customers have access to the secure property.
This option is perfect for large boats that are too large of indoor boat storage. Outdoor
boat storage at a self storage facility is the cheaper option. It cost less then indoor boat
storage and marina storage.

Indoor and outdoor boat storage at a self storage facility is much safer and more
secure than boat marina storage. Many marinas are open to the public. Anyone can
walk in and out of a marina. Marina managers are usually gone for the winter, so there
is no one keeping an eye on your boat.
So before you buy a boat for summer fun, think about what you are going to do about
winter boat storage. Review these options and pick the right one for you

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