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                   May the spirit of

                    The beauty of

        And the blessings of                   be with you this

                  Christmas Season
                                                          Rollon Flips NEW!

                                                          Be organised when you are on the run,
                                                          travelling, picking up kids from school,
                                                          going to the mall for lunch, a pedi, driving,
                                                          even at work, relieve your feet from the
                                                          stress of high heels by unrolling your flips
                                                          and giving your feet a well-deserved

                                                          They come in a zip-up pouch which opens
                                                          up to a larger bag for your high heels.

                                                          A Fantastic gift idea, buy one for you and
                                                          your girlfriend.
                                                          Colour: Silver, black, pink
                                                          Size: Medium (5-6) or Large (7-8)
                                                          Price: R130
                                                                            Subject to availability

                       Stuff-Off NEW!  

                       A brilliant 100% South African product for all those hard to remove sticky
                       stuff as well as …..

                       tippex, stickers, labels, plasters, old prestic, wax & wax crayons, ink, oil-
                       based paint, smudged lipstick, cellphone buttons, chewing gum, grease,
                       tar, mag-dust off alloy wheels, and glue (not water-based glue)….from
                       plastics, skin, hair, carpets, fabrics and duco - harmlessly.

                       Go through your house with this bottle and a fine toothcomb and get rid of
                       stains and marks and sticky stuff that have bothered you for years.

                       Size: 50ml (it goes a long way)
                       Price: R35

                       Locally produced
            Gift Wrap Organiser

            Have everything you need in one convenient place.

            Our Hanging Gift Wrap Organiser is super space

            There are specific compartments for paper, bows,
            cards, ribbon, scissors, tape, bags and flat paper. 2
            Large compartments on the back are designed for
            protecting and storing tissue sheets and pretty gift
            bags. Great Gift Idea

            Size:   92cm X 41cm

            Price: R175

            (Wrap and accessories not included)

                              Cosmetic Bag New!

                              These delightful bags open to
                              reveal two zip pockets, putting
                              your cosmetics easily on display.
                              The luxury bag is ideal for an
                              overnight    stay     or   weekend
                              getaway, and designed for easy
                              access to all of your favorite can’t-
                              live-without products.

                              SPECIAL Price: R260
                              Colours: Candy Stripe or Leopard
                                                                                    Lingerie Organiser New!  

                                                                                    This bag is perfect for underwear, socks and
                                                                                    toiletries, bras, panties, hosiery. It can even
                                                                                    do triple-duty as a toiletry/cosmetic bag.
                                                                                    A hook lets you hang this multi-use bag
                                                                                    from a closet rod, a towel bar, or even a
                                                                                    door knob. It holds so much and is so easy
                                                                                    to access, you'll want to use it at home, too!
                                                                                    When you are ready to pack it, simply roll it
                                                                                    up and tie; it will slip easily into your
                                                                                    Price: R250

                                                                                       Ideal Drawers

                                                                                       The totally adjustable system
                                                                                       designed to simplify your life.

                                                                                       An innovation that fits into drawers,
                                                                                       clipping together in seconds to
                                                                                       solve literally hundreds of packing

                                                                                       Use it in your bedroom, kitchen,
                                                                                       kid's room, nursery, bathroom -
                                                                                       even in dad's tool shed.

                                                                                       A multi-purpose organiser you will

                                                                                       Price: R90
                                                                                       Size: 45,7cm x 34,5cm x 7cm

CAPRI Toiletry Bag  

      Our  gorgeous,  great  quality  hanging  toiletry  bag  which  is 
       both practical and a joy to own and use.  
      Keep  your  beauty  routine  organised  when  you’re  on  the 
       go with this luxurious organiser.  
      Compartments  for  easy  access,  well‐designed  pockets  for 
       all sizes cosmetics and toiletry products.  
      Included 3 loose silver pouches 
Special : R250 ‐  save R50!  
                                             Outdoor Toy bag

                                             A lightweight toy-carrying solution
                                             for kids who love going to the beach
                                             or playground.

                                             Unique benefits & features:

                                             • Made out of stained plastic
                                             • Mesh material side panels allow
                                             for   easy cleaning- either rinse or
                                             dip the bag into water- toys stay in
                                             while water, sand and dirt stay out.
                                             • Smart straps designed for either
                                             back or side position for parent or
                                             child    to     comfortably    carry.
                                             • Toys are not included
                                             Price: R135
                                             Colours: Pink or Green


                                            Bag-In Organiser

                                    Switch between bags within seconds. 
                                    Made from durable nylon, washable  
                                    The BAG‐IN fits inside most handbags ‐ simply 
                                     store all your personal items inside the BAG‐
                                     IN, lift it out & switch between bags within 
                                    Many compartments (including a zipped 
                                    Plenty of space for pens, cell phone, keys, 
                                     glasses, wallets, cosmetics, etc. 
                                    Use it as your personal organizer inside a 
                                     diaper bag 
                                    2‐Tone leopard print – reversible 
                         Medium:    24 cm wide   18 cm deep                R140 
                         Large:     26 cm wide   19 cm deep                R160 
                                                                   The Bella Laptop Bag

                                                                          Stunning, Stylish, elegant, sophisticated in
                                                                          Internal padded compartment securely holds
                                                                           and protects laptops
                                                                          Multi-compartments and main compartment
                                                                           zips up to secure your items
                                                                          4 x metal feet to protect the base
                                                                          Removable and adjustable shoulder strap
                                                                          Materials: Leatherette and Nylon

                                                                   Size:        410 mm (w) X 410 (h) X 110 (d)
                                                                   Special Price:     R 620

      Stylish laptop bag for the business woman
       by day, stunning handbag by night                        
      Luxurious     outside   and   inside  finish
       Compartments inside for a professional and               
       organised bag.
      Fits a 38cm Laptop
      Rear pouch unzips into a luggage sleeve for                                        
       the travelling business woman.

Colour:                           Black or Beige & Black
Christmas price cut:              R600

                                                                           Finder’s Keypurse – Key Ring
                                                                         Simply Hook the beautiful design over your
                                                                          handbag with keys hanging on the inside
                                                                          and find your keys in an instant.
                                                                       Never scratch for your keys in your
                                                                          handbag again
                         Never Scratch for                            Various designs as indicated
                         your Keys  again 
                                                                          Rosette – available in December
                                                                          Snowflake – available in December
                                                                          Believe – cross
                                                                          Elegant Purse
                                                                          Heritage heart
                                                                          Angel
                                                                          Teardrop
                                                                   Special price: R 70
                                                     Laundry Folder NEW!

                                                     Organise your messy closet and drawers quickly.

                                                     Fold your shirts, sweaters, pants and even towels
                                                     perfectly every time. This handy tool folds items easily
                                                     to a uniform size, making it possible to neatly organize
                                                     your drawers and shelves.
                                                     Folding laundry will take less time and you'll get
                                                     perfectly folded laundry every time. Teach your kids or
                                                     husband to use it.

                                                     Colour: Light blue

                                                     Price: R100



                                                          Happy child = Happy Parent 


 Car Activity Bag    
A great way to carry activities, art supplies,
books for trips on planes &cars.
It has a detachable pencil case, this activity
bag can sit on your little one's lap in the car,
on a plane or can be used while in waiting
rooms or airport terminals.
Colour: Available in pink or blue both with
funky girl or boy designs on front.

Price: R260

(pencils etc not included) 




        Band-aid Box                                    Notes Box
        Organise  your  band‐aid  and 
        emergency  medicine  in  this                   Pretty  note  box,  handmade  and 
        handmade  box,  covered  in                     covered  with  material,  black 
        material with a black chalkboard                board on the lid for special detail. 
        side for notes.                                  
        Size:   15 cm X 15 cm X 15 Cm                   Size: 22 X 22 X 8 cm 
        Price:   R110                                   Price: R160 
                    ‐handmade locally                            ‐handmade locally 

                                                        Basket with lid

                                                        For those great outdoor summer picnics, take it
                                                        to the beach, shops, friends and family.

                                                        Light-weight, sturdy - folds flat for easy storage.
                                                        A great gift for young and old alike

                                                        Pink and blue stripe, red and black stripe, green
                                                        and blue stripe available
                                                        Size:            45 X 25 X 25 cm
                                                        Price:           R165


                                                                               CLEAR SHOE BOXES
                                                                       Bring order to your closet. Protect your shoes
                                                                       with these durable, see-through, practical and
                                                                       stackable boxes. Just as useful for crafts, kids
                                                                       stuff, out of season gloves and scarves.
                                                                                       Great quality
                                                                       Size:   29.5 X 18 X 9.5cm
                                                                       Set of 5 boxes

                                                                       Special Price: R130


         Drawer Shoeboxes – Set of   5
High-quality drawer shoeboxes                           
Protect your shoes with these durable, see-through, practical and
versatile containers.                                   
Use for crafts, kids stuff, in the office or bathroom.
Boxes are flat-packed, easy to assemble and stackable.
Size:         30 X 18.5 X 10 cm
Price:        R150                                       
              for a set of 5 boxes, each box has its own drawer.                                                           

                                                                      Plastic Jocks & Socks Box
                                                                Keep your drawers and cupboards tidy.  
                                                                Use  these  handy  clear  plastic  boxes  to  organise  stuff 
                                                                around  the  house.  Use  them  to  sort  socks,  underwear, 
                                                                toiletries,  soup  and  sauce  packages,  stationary,  small 
                                                                things in the kids‘ rooms.  
                                                                Very versatile, you’re sure to find a use 
                                                                Size:             30 X15 X 7.5h cm 
                                                                Price:             R25 for a set of 2  
                                                                Special:          Buy 4  sets of 2  for R90   
                                            NORMAL BOOT BOX
                                            PROTECT YOUR BOOTS
                                            Perfect also for storing kids drawings,
                                            DVD’s CD’s or a couple of pairs of flat
                                            sandals - use to organise your Bikinis or
                                            Size: 36X29X12.5cm
                                            Price: Set of 2 boxes R110

                                           Xtra Large BOOT BOX 

                                           Protect your boots or use to organise
                                           all your clutter, underwear, jerseys,
                                           hobby knick-knacks.

                                           Opens on both sides for easy access.
                                           Knee-length boots will fit in.

                                           Size: 53X29X12.5cm

                                           Price: Set of 2 boxes for R150



                            Polka Dot Storage Bag with zipper
                            A  great  hiding  place  for  all  your  knick‐
                            Use  for  baby’s  stuff,  underwear,  socks, 
                            medicine, stockings etc. 
                            Folds  flat  for  easy  storage  when  out  of 
                            Size:           29 X 13.5 X 13.5cm
                            Colour:         Pink
                            Price:          R30 each
                                Cutlery Rolls ‐ linen 
                           Organise and protect your serving spoons,
                            unused knives and forks, dainty teaspoons with
                            these practical rolls.
                         Rolls up and packs away neatly

                               Never search for your cutlery again - protect
                                them from being scratched in a drawer.
                               A great gift for that friend who ‘has it all’ or the

                               Comes with quality metal name plate for easy
                    Price:       Large - R95
                               Choose name plate:
                                Salad server, Serving spoons - 4 pockets
                                Dinner knives, Dinner forks – 12 pockets
                    Price:      Medium R68
                                Choose between ‘Teaspoons’ , ‘Spreaders’ -6
                                Handmade – job creation initiative in KZN



                                     White‐washed  wooden box

                                    Ideal to store candles, matches, 
                                    lighters , tea lights, in one pretty 

                                          Very practical and beautiful 
                                           gift for friends and loved 
                                    Options:  ‘Kerse’ or ‘Candle’ 
                                    Dimensions: 26.5 w X 17.7 d X 
                                    9cm h 
                                    Price: R125  
                                                         3 Piece Gift Set special
                                                                        a Handbag Hook  
                                                                        a Keyfinder  
                                                                        FREE phone Finder,  
                                                                        Free Satin bowed gift box and Velvet 
                                                                         pouch, with instructions for usage 
                                                         Special Price:  R220 
                                                         Colour:         Mix of smokey grey and clear  
                                                                          (no diamond finish) – while stocks lasts 












Clip Bag Organiser                                                    SPECIAL on 
                                                                      Striped canvas Clipbags  
      Suede-like, Stylish, Practical                                  
      Hanging organiser:                                             Hanging organiser hangs 7 plus bags,  
      Hook inside your closet/ behind your door.                     Made from durable canvas material 
      A perfect gift for both your student daughter  and your         
       stylish friend! Hangs 7 bags
                                                                      Colours:             Navy stripes or Pink  
Colours:     Wheat or Red or Dark Grey
Price:       R140                                                                          stripes or Aqua 
                                                                      Special Price:       R125 





Travel Bags
Handmade with waterproof material
Travel in comfort and style, be more organised and use the travel bags to pack and sort underwear, protect
shoes and separate swimwear. Use for your kids’ swimming lessons (girl’s and boy’s bags).

Size:          37cm width X45 cm Length                 

Price:         R80
Produced locally, support local job creation



                                                            Craft Caddy
                                                         Great quality 20 pockets,

                                                         sturdy drawer at bottom -closes with a zip.

                                                         Use it for arts and crafts or
                                                         your hair products.


                                                         Size:        20 X 14.5 X 37 cm
                                                         Colours:       Pink
                                                                      OR Lilac
                                                            Price: R185
Hanging Jewellery Organiser
This handy space-saving jewellery organiser with
80 transparent pockets (40 on either side) helps
organise, store and sort your earrings, pins,
bracelets and necklaces. Made from high quality
canvas with two sizes of clear  vinyl pockets, this
nifty product lets you see everything at a glance
and within easy reach. Use it for your crafts,
sewing, to hold your beads,   buttons and more.
This is a great way to keep organised easily, end
confusion and cut out the frustration of trying to
find or untangle your jewellery when you need it
Size:   89cm L X 46cm W
Color: Cream with blue-grey trimming                                             
Price: R170
    (Hanger included, accessories not included)                                                         




                                                              Girl’s Weekly Organizer

                                                                 A fun way to teach your kids to be
                                                                 No assembly or tools necessary as
                                                                  Velcro strip simply strap around
                                                                  any closet rod.
                                                                 Save time and plan ahead by
                                                                  laying      out    the     week's
                                                                  outfits/homework in the labeled
                                                                  compartments that display each

                                                              Size:                  125cm
                                                              Christmas Price cut: R110

                                            Shelf Divider

                                            Create order in your closet by
                                            stacking       clothes     higher,
                                            preventing the pile to fall over
                                            when taking something out
                                            Especially  useful     for  linens,
                                            sweaters and t-shirts, bookracks
                                            and holding files upright.

                                            Size: 20cm X 20cm
                                            Price: R80 for a set of 4
                                                                                  locally produced 



                                              3-Tier Acrylic Organizer

                                              Optimise your cupboard space. View everything at a
                                              glance. Organise your pantry or cosmetics with this
                                              sturdy product. Great for organizing spices, cans, jars.

                                              Size: 33cm W X 25cm D X 10 cm L
                                              Price: R125                                 – locally produced



 UNDERSHELF basket –locally produced 

ADD extra storage space instantly. This
basket slides over your shelf optimizing
your closet/cupboard space. Use to sort
underwear, socks, kids clothes. Useful in
the kitchen or pantry, use it for your                                                 
magazines, books & papers in your
home office.
Sizes: 42cm X15cm X 26 cm deep
Price: R100
Colour: Silver powder coated  
Men’s shoeboxes 
Our  Men's  Shoe  Box  is  big  enough  to 
accommodate  men's  shoes  as  well  as                       
women's  athletic  footwear  and  shoes 
with bulky heels or platform soles. 
Size:         34 X 21 X 13 cm 
Price:        R150 per set of 5                               

                                                                           Men’s Laundry and Shoe Travel bags
                                                                           Spoil the man in your life with these practical 
                                                                           waterproof bags. Let them travel comfortably and in 
                                                                           style with these high quality bags. 
                                                                           Size: 37cm width X45 cm Length 
                                                                           Price:  R80      
                                                                                     locally produced 
                                                                                     support local job creation  

    Handbag Hook  
           Hang your handbag next to you at                  
            the office or restaurant 
           Swivels Flat for storage                          
           No Slip Padding 
           Hold umbrellas scarves, briefcases                
           No slip padding 
           Sturdy, fashionably hook that can  
           What a great gift                                                                          
    Colours:        Diamond or Black with 
                    black velvet pouch 
    Christmas Price Cut:   R135                        Foldable Handbag Hook  
                                                       Unfolds into a handbag hook, refolds 
                                                       to sit compact in your bag.  

                                                       Great Gift, Great Quality  

                                                       Colour:            Red, Clear, Charcoal 

                                                       Christmas Price Cut: R125 with black 

                                                            CAR Organiser
                                                            Sold out
                                                            Available again in January 2010  



                        Give yourself the gift of order
                                      Be in Control
                                         Stress Less
                        Contact your Agent to order

Head Office: Germaine 082 883 2538

Prices Valid until 31 December 2010 

Terms and conditions

1. Delivery arrangements or quotes for postage/courier will be made per order where applicable.
2. Delivery upon proof of payment.

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