Blocked Creatively- Here's A Get Out of Jail Free Card

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					The most damaging restrictions on a creative person's freedom are self-imposed. What
may have started out as a new idea, a new methodology, becomes routine, a habit,
after awhile. Habits are the comfort zone. Once snuggled into a comfort zone there is
a tendency to stay. However, this is not what a creator is here to do. Staying in a
comfort zone habitually creating the same kind of thing over and over again does not
feed the artist's soul. Comfort zones are safe. Comfort zones bore creative people
literally to tears. Stagnation goes flies in the face of an artist's passionate desire to
expand and express their full creative potential.

Habits are not limited to craft. The greatest crippler of the creative spirit is habitual
thinking. Habitual thinking turns the innovator into the academician; passion into
melancholy; fulfillment into despair.

"A ship in the harbor is safe. But that's not what ships are built for." - Anon

It is said that an artist of any kind brings a lot of himself into the work. The artist isn't
as interested in the subject of his creation as in his own reaction to that subject. When
you change your habitual thought patterns you also change your habitual reactions.
You literally have new eyes with which to see and observe the experiences in your life
and your world. Newer expanded vision births newer expanded creation.

"Most new discoveries are suddenly-seen things that were always there." -Susanne K.

When an artist is stuck, dug-in, in the mire of rigid or habitual ways of creating he
literally puts a cap on the availability of his own intuition, his inner muse. Those
magical "in the zone" moments of full creative energy and accomplishment are
fleeting because very little inspiration is allowed. Inspiration is limited to what fits
into a self-limiting set of possibilities. The artist has unknowingly handcuffed his

If an artist isn't personally evolving; stretching, growing, moving beyond comfort
zones, then her art isn't evolving. Stagnation suffocates the potential creative
expression that is the artist's birthright. Treading water in life, not moving in any
direction, is exhausting! Swimming against the stream, holding back your full creative
potential, is exhausting. Let go of tired old ways of being, thinking and doing.
Rediscover the playful child in you. Approach your art with the wide-eyed wonder
and awe of a child at an amusement park where everything is new, exciting, waiting to
be experienced. Fear and judgment is left behind. Play is what turns the utilitarian into
the discoverer of new interpretation, new invention. Play is the vital heartbeat of the
creative spirit.

If you think you might be treading water in life or your artistic endeavors, give
yourself permission to play. Play with your craft, indulge your passions, do a silly
dance. Shake up your stagnated energy. Fully alive and present, be open and available
for whatever comes next. That glorious state of being is the ultimate freedom.

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