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					               Volume 1, Issue 2                                                   Chit-chat
                                                 Firstly, a BIG TWC thank you for your positive response to the first newsletter. It is
                         Term 2 2009             always something of a „leap of faith‟ when something new is tried and it has been
                                                 great to see the response that we have received.

                                                 This term has been a very busy one in terms of school events and there have been
                                                 two Old Girls‟ reunions (see reports) and the
                                                 Redlands Reunion for all girls from classes of 2005,
                                                 2006, 2007 and 2008 is planned for Thursday, 25

                                                 TWC this term has seen the Grade 12 Ball (doesn‟t
                                                 this bring back memories!), the very successful Ipi
                                                 Ntombi production with Michaelhouse, Market Day,
                                                 Scholarship and Entrance Examinations for Grade 8
                                                 of 2010, Music over Maritzburg, Founders Day and
                                                 the “Woman of the Real World Ball” for Grade 10
                                                 girls. It has been a privilege to meet all the girls who
                                                 have come for the Grade 8 examinations and
                                                 interviews. Congratulations to all those who were
                                                 successful in the Scholarship Examinations. We look forward to following their
                                                 Senior School „careers‟ at The Wykeham Collegiate.
                         Old Girls’ Newsletter

                                                              SCHOLARSHIP                     WINNER               CURRENT SCHOOL
                                                              Rose Ella Waring            Louise Copland            Maris Stella School
                                                               Major Day Girl           Bronwen van Tonder             St John's DSG
                                                               Major Boarding              Anna Brooks          Pembroke House, Kenya
                                                               Minor Day Girl                Emma Last          The Wykeham Collegiate
                                                      Closed: The Wykeham Collegiate       Jamie Waller         The Wykeham Collegiate
                                                            Boarding Exhibition         Marit von Schlichting   Clifton Preparatory School

                                                                   Sport                   Nicola Deenik        Clifton Preparatory School
                                                                   Sport                    Sarah Dixon         The Wykeham Collegiate
                                                                Major Music               Abigail McArthur      The Wykeham Collegiate
                                                                Minor Music               Rebecca Bristow       The Wykeham Collegiate
                                                               Old Girls' Guild             Kerin Lowry             St Patrick's College

                                                 The past holiday was a time of great sadness for many in the TWC family.

                                                 Our love and deepest sympathies are with Flick Wright and her daughter, Emma
                                                 (Class of 1999), as they mourn the death of their husband and father, Tim, who
                                                 passed away after a short illness.

                                                 Many of you will also remember Ilona Dobeyn, who retired at the end of 2006 from
                                                 our Public Relations Office where she was very involved with the Old Girls. Ilona
                                                 passed away shortly into the Easter Holidays and our thoughts and prayers are
                                                 with her husband, Harvey, and her two daughters, Bridget and Belinda, and their

                                                 As always, we look forward to receiving all your comments and ideas for the
                                                 Newsletter – please send them to – we would LOVE to hear
                                                 from you.

                                                                  STOP PRESS           STOP PRESS STOP PRESS

                                                                The Wykeham Collegiate turns 20!
                                                             Diarise the weekend of 14/15 May 2010
                                                                        Miss it and miss out!
                                                                  STOP PRESS           STOP PRESS STOP PRESS
 Special Events                               Fun Hockey Match
 Term 3 2009
  8 Habits Course
    Friday, 24 July &
   Saturday, 25 July
 (Grade 11 & New Staff)

      Open Day
   Saturday, 25 July

                                             Old Girls and Staff vs Pupils
                                                 Founders’ Day 2009
  West Side Story
    (TWC Theatre)
  Monday, 3 August
  Tuesday, 4 August
 Wednesday, 5 August
   Friday, 7 August
                                            Old Girls’ Reunions
                                         Girls Collegiate Class ‘86
  Saturday, 8 August

     Choral Chill
      (City Hall)
 Wednesday, 12 August

   Grade 12 Trials
Wednesday, 19 August to
 Friday, 11 September

 Grandparents Day
  (Grades RR – 3)
  Thursday, 20 August

     Cultural &
    Sports Dinner
 Tuesday, 15 September

Grade 12 Prize-Giving
      Wednesday,              Listed from left to right (maiden names in brackets):
     22 September         Back:    Catherine Spence (Gillatt), Roshane Tedder (Whittle), Pamela Fyvie (Moor),
                                   Cherylynn Poynter (Sutherland), Lisa Hobson (Nel), Maureen Hancke
                                   (Rock), Kelly Yeatman (Tack), Sherran Lawrenz (Cooper).

                          Middle: Joanne McCrystal (Poole), Karen Fleming (Duys), Susan Tasker, Lynn
    Confirmation                  Gillespie (Muraro), Caroline Stamatis (Cole)
                          Front:   Deborah Lennon (Stainbank), Mary Dain (Rudden), Julia Thring (Ente),
     22 September                  Shane Ryding (Harrison).
   Achievements                            News from TWC Old Girls’ Guild Committee
 Senior: Term 2 2009
                                      One of our main aims is to raise money for the Old Girls‟ Bursary Fund. Each year we
   SA Junior Canoeing                 have a raffle on Market Day (Friday, 1 May 2009) and the draw takes place at the AGM.
    Tori Neal & Lindsey Davis
                                      We are pleased to announce that this year‟s winners of the hampers were:
   SA Junior Canoeing                         Morris Smith,
          Lindsey Davis                       Laura Turner,
       (Representing SA in                    Jen Perkin, and
       Germany & Russia)                      Lauren Clohessy.
                                      Thanks to everyone who supported us.
    KZN Canoe Sprints
       Victrices Ludorum
                                      The attendance at the AGM on Saturday, 9 May 2009 – Founders‟ Day - was very
       Lindsey Davis U18
     Courtney Mackenzie U14           disappointing and we look forward to a significant turnout next year at the 20th Birthday
      No 1 Age 16 Freestyle
         in South Africa

                                                         Reunion: TWC Class of ‘99
       Emma Forbes-Milne

Tyne Potgieter selected to go with
 Seals Swim Club to USA to gain
    international experience                                       Contributed by Laura Blamey

         Polocrosse                   The Class of ‟99 had their 10-year reunion on 9 May 2009. For the early birds, it
   Junior Classic Invitational        began with a tour of TWC at 8.30am. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we
      SA Team Selection               were only shown the new additions to the school, which include: a huge IT centre, a
          Jennifer Firth
         Jessica Gilson
                                      bigger and better art room, a matric lunch room, additional classrooms in the quad,
                                      „smart boards‟ replacing the old white boards, a new wing to the grade 8 & 9
         KZN Squash                   boarding house, an astro turf and the very impressive music centre! Trying to take
      Megan Dedwith (U19B)            this all in, as well as catch up with old friends, was quite overwhelming.
       Kirsten Porter (U16B)
       Melissa Glutz (U14A)

Umgungundlovu Hockey
   (KZN Midlands)
   Pippa Stone (U18A Captain)*
      Nana Mbongwa (U18B)
Katherine Lindsay (U16A)Captain*
    Catherine Smart (U16A)*
    Victoria Sylvester (U16A)*
    Courtenay Stock (U16A)*
       Jane Button (U16B)
     Hannah Taylor (U16B)
    Zandi Thompson (U16B)
  Melissa Glutz (U14 Swallows)
  Jocelyn Tullis (U14 Swallows)
   Sarah Yeats (U14 Swallows)
 Ntando Dlamini (U14 Sparrows)
Kayla Rautenbach (U14 Sparrows)
* At the recent KZN Regional
Tournament these girls were
further selected for KZN Inland
Teams to play at Inter-Provincial
Tournaments in the July Holidays.

Umgungundlovu Netball                                       Outside the Matric Common Room:
   (KZN Midlands)                                                      (left to right)
       Megan Pringle (U18)                     Back row:
      Nadia Horngren (U17)*                    Laura Blamey, Sarah-Jane Humphrey, Nicky Crausaz, Robyn Uys (Baldrey),
      Tammy Wanless (U17)                      Kym Bishop (Shellwell), Yvette Nel
        Talia Wilmot (U17)                     Middle row:
                                               Kelly Foster (Wichmann), Debbie Wareham (Norton), Jessica Young (Brown),
     Bronwyn Bodley (U16)*                     Kate Downs
   Whitney Brown (U16 reserve)                 Front row:
     Buhle Dubazana (U15)                      Lara McLeod, Donna Moor (Ducasse), Lyndsay Shaw (Marshall), Michelle Gray
     Lauren Smerdon (U15)                      (Rutgers), Brigitte Moor
         Tyla Weir (U15)
    Lara Olivier (U15 reserve)
    Kimberleigh Bodley (U14)          Next was the „Old Girls‟ tea‟ – this was held in what is now the matric lunch room.
     Sisanda Khezwa (U14)
                                      Ten years ago, this area was an open stretch of paving between the school shop
      Christine Lalor (U14)
       Jane Volker (U14)              and the hall – what an impressive transformation and privilege for the matrics (day
                                      girls and boarders).
* These girls also selected for KZN
                                 After reminiscing about the „old days‟ with friends, current matrics and teachers, we
    KZN Regional                 headed down to the astro turf (located alongside the sports centre) to watch the
Netball U18 Challenge            „Old Girls‟ vs. 1 team hockey match. The „Old Girls‟ team included both old and
      TWC 1st Team won           new teachers and past pupils - including two of our very own girls: Lindsay Shaw
Pietermaritzburg Region & were
 runners up at KZN Finals held   (Marshall) and Nicky Crausaz. These ladies obviously still have what it takes as
      recently in Durban!        they beat the 1 team 1-0.

Global Young Leaders             The morning then ended with a Founders‟ Day service held in the school Atrium,
Conference 2009 (USA)            open to all parents, friends and past pupils of the school. I think memories came
    Atiesha Devachander          flooding back to many of us – especially when singing old hymns and school songs.
    Ashleigh Farquharson
     Theashni Gounden
      Robynne Masson             After the service, we made our way to Frankie Banana‟s for lunch. In total, about 23
                                 girls were able to make it – most living nearby, with a few coming from Joburg and
English Olympiad 2009            Cape Town. A lot of the time was spent laughing and remembering the years we
   Lara Williams – Top 15!       spent at TWC – the friends, teachers, boarding staff, boarding life in general and
  Thea de Gruchy – Top 100       how much fun it was being a TWC girl. Ten years later, none of us had really
                                 changed – although we were slightly older, hopefully wiser, half of us married and a
   KZN Gymnastics
 Rebecca Pretorius (Level 2)     few expecting or already moms… in general we were really just the same girls we
                                 had known at TWC.
     Sophie Pearce (U17)         A huge thanks to Donna Moor (Ducasse) for organizing our reunion – we really
 Placed 6th in Midlands Region   appreciate all that she did. It was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
    “Top Ten” of the season
                                 What a privilege it was to attend The Wykeham Collegiate. Looking back, I am not
                                 really sure if we realized just how lucky we were. Ten years down the line,
      Special                    however, it is more apparent than ever: a class of gorgeous, responsible and very
  Achievements                   successful, happy women. Thank you, TWC, for taking us „Forward in Faith‟.
Junior: Term 2 2009
   Midlands Tennis
      Cheney Firman
       Hannah Power
    Tessa van der Merwe                         Wedding: TWC Class of ‘2002
     KZN Tennis A
       Hannah Power
    Tessa van der Merwe

 KZN Inland Hockey
    Sarah Dixon (U13A)
  Sabrina Thompson (U13A)

    District Sport:
   (KZN Midlands)
     Sarah Dixon (U13A)
  Sabrina Thompson (U13A)
   Jessica Baines (U13B)
    Sarah Harries (U13B)
    Jenna Rattray (U13B)
      Sarah Mayne (U12)
     Nina Holtzbach (U12)

     Kerry Bailey (U13)
    Nandi Mbengu (U13)
Nanele Mlambo (U13 Reserve)
     Amy Johnson (U12)                       Photo of TWC Old Girls at Lisa Bolt's Wedding
    Natasha Baines (U11)                                   Taken from left to right are:
    Chelsea Meiring (U11)           Back: Zahnne Fullerton; Lisa Koch(nee Bolt); Danny Harcourt; Cath Schuster
                                                      Front: Jocelyn Wood; Philippa Randall
   KZN Gymnastics
 Alex Panas (U11 – level 2)
   Roxanne Stuart-William
        (U11 – level 3)
Jessica Baxter (U11 – level 2)
Hannah Durrow (U7 – level 1)

 KZN Canoe Sprints
Victrix Ludorum U10
      Chelsea Wewege
                                   Old Girls’ News

                    News from the Girls’ Collegiate Class ‘of 87
                                      Contributed by Rozanne Hay (Irons)

NAME (MAIDEN)           MARRIED?                 KIDS AND/                 PROFESSION         LIVING?
                                                 OR PETS
                                 Married         4 kids,                   Home Educator      Johannesburg
    ROSY MOORE                                   dogs & bunnies
      (BRAND)              Studied Law and practised as an attorney. Now a stay-at-home Mom. Play sport and

  MELLANY LAMBERT                Married         2 kids                    Mother             Durban

      (MORKEL)                   Married Dave Lambert. Ran a successful “Mums & Tot” agency. Now retired.

                                 Married         3 kids                                       Plett
      SUE LUND
     (ROBINSON)          Living in Plett, have a Beauty Salon. Married for 11 years and have 3 wonderful children.

                               Married          3 kids                 Self-Employed      Kloof
                          Live in Kloof. Have my own business decorating and supplying chain stores with name
      (OLIVER)                                            décor accessories.

                                 Married        2 Kids                  Interior Decorator      Cape Town
                         Have my own Interior Decorating business, which I run from home. Happily married with 2
        (ING)                 children. Have lived in Moscow and Dubai with my husband- nice to be home.

                        Married                2 kids                 Recruitment agent      Umhlali
                        Happily married with 2 kids. Have a successful recruitment agency. Living on a farm in
    (ROBERTSON)         Umhlali – enjoying farm life.

                        Married              2 kids                 Home Executive         Durban
                        Married Guy Armstrong and am living in Durban North with 2 gorgeous sons Mark and
       (JAMES)          Greg.

                        Married               2 Kids                  Housewife            Durban
                        Married Udo Goedeke and assist him in his financial Investment Company. I have 2
       (STOTT)          children Kent and Jenna.

SAMANTHA MACDONALD      Engaged                 2 kids                  Private Contractor     Nottingham

      (SIEDLE)          2 Beautiful; children Jamie 12 and Murray 11.

                        Single                1 cat                 Librarian/researcher        JHB

                        Am living in JHB while I await my papers for either USA or Canada. Will move to whichever
    JANET OGILVIE       comes through first. Have travelled and lived in UK, Switzerland, Kuwait and Dubai. Sheryl
                        – sister living in France, Alistair- brother living in USA, Parents in USA. Cant wait to move

                                 Married         4 kids                    Home Educator      Hilton
                          Studied nursing and teaching. Married Craig Clark from Bulawayo Zim. Currently home
       (PRATT)             schooling our 2 boys and 2 girls ages 8, 6, 5, 3. Haven‟t left PMB can you believe it!?
                  News from the Girls’ Collegiate Class ‘of 87

NAME (MAIDEN)         MARRIED?                 KIDS AND/               PROFESSION          LIVING?
                                               OR PETS
                             Married           1 Kid 3 dogs            CEO                 JHB
     (DE GOEDE)            Have a marvellous son and work too hard! Work is a skills development company

                                Single         -                       Ecologist for       Ulundi KZN
                                                                       KZN Wildlife
                          Have B Tech degree in Nature Conservation and have almost completed my MSc in
                        Protected Landscape Management. Work as a Resource Use Ecologist – Love my work!

                             Married           2 boys                  Lawyer              JHB
                        Living in JHB, working at Woolworths as Government Affairs Executive – specialising in
                       Labour and Socio-economic issues. Married Jonny Hacle (radiologist) We have 2 beautiful
                                                      boys Benji 6 and Daniel 4

                             Single          Kats & dogs            Software Developer      Cape Town
                           Am living PMB after 15 years away, lived in JHB, London, Tokyo and Cape Town.

                      Married                  1                       ?                   Transient
                      Have been sailing for a number of years – mostly in the Caribbean. Currently in limbo.
       (ROSS)         Lovely to be here.

                      Married                  3 kids                  Mother              Durban
                      Moving to Notties at the end of the year. Married to Simon Jonsson. Have 3 children 8, 6
      (CROWE)         and 3. Blissfully happy.

                      Married                  3 boys                  Mother              Salt Rock
                      Studied B.Soc Sci worked in PMB. Got married then moved to JHB for 5 years. Moved to
      (NALSON)        Salt Rock 10 years ago, Had a bunch of kids – 9, 7, 2 – Very Happy.

    JUDY ROBERT       Married                  2 boys                  Mum!                Kloof

    (THOMPSON)        Have 2 boys 16 and 10.

                      Married                 2 kids               Self employed         Hillcrest
                      Live on a smallholding. My husband and I each run our own businesses from home. Have
     (SHEASBY)        2 very special children Tanmryn 7 and Keegan 5

                      Married                    4 kids                 Medical            UK
                      3 Step children and 1 adopted child. Hectic job and 4 teenagers don‟t leave much time for
   (VON KAUFMANN)     self. Very understanding husband helps! Also studying for BA with UNISA and B.Tech with
                      Divorced                   2 Kids                 Accountant         PMB
                      Live in PMB in a beautiful home, working half day. Very busy being a mom, growing roses
      (ROGERS)        and lots of other interesting hobbies.

                      Married                  4 Kids                  Maternity           Hilton
    ROZANNE HAY                                    th
                      Currently home enjoying 4 baby and keeping house, otherwise work as a Mental
      (IRONS)         health/Maternity professional.
NAME:                       Maureen Fanner
MAIDEN NAME:                Stainbank
CLASS OF:                   1945
So enjoyed reading the OG News. What a privilege it has been for all who were able to attend Collegiate, Wykeham and now TWC. What a
wonderful school. Toppy and I have just celebrated our Diamond Wedding and still keep busy. Lead a Bible study in a retirement village,
help with catering for funeral teas at the church and work in a couple of gardens... I should say ‘potter’ better describes the creaky joints!
Have six precious grandchildren and 3 1/2 great grandchildren. See Donna Moor (Ducasse) and her little one, Erin, quite often and spend
wonderful days with our daughter, Kathy(Ducasse,) and her husband, Dave, on the ranch in Swaziland. Great birding and what peace from
the turmoil of life.

NAME:                       Valerie Bouttell
MAIDEN NAME:                Moorcroft
CLASS OF:                   1948
My daughter, Belind, is the busy one, as I have retired! I used to help Amy Young in the dim and distant past when we priced White
Elephants in the dungeon at the old Wykeham School. We had our fête in the City Hall each year and used to get there before 7am to
prepare the stalls. I had my turn with serving teas and then having the sweet stall. I was an expert at fudge and coconut ice making!
Among other fund-raising events, we also served teas at Maureen Manson-Smith's home at Claridge in her lovely garden. When Belinda
finished school, I retired.

NAME:                       Jean Denley
MAIDEN NAME:                Bayne
CLASS OF:                   1957
We recently moved into a retirement complex - quite a traumatic move after living in one home for over 42 years! We have just spent 4
lovely months in Sydney, Australia, visiting our daughter and family and our younger son. We saw Jill Lees (Lewin) who also lives in Sydney
and had a happy time catching up on news. We plan on visiting our elder son and family, who live in Holland, mid year, and are really
looking forward to seeing them.

NAME:                       Marcia (Marlo) Watt-Pringle
MAIDEN NAME:                Hosking
CLASS OF:                   1967
Married Roy in 1971 - spent first 14 years in and around Zululand - Roy managed John Deere and BMW agencies and I worked at Coopers
& Lybrand. Two sons, Brett & Mark. In 1985 moved to Harrismith to take over the Wimpy at Bergview on the N3. Mark has now bought
the Wimpy and Brett, Nandos, and we are semi-retired on our farm at Bergville. Have two wonderful daughters-in-law, Elize and Clare, and
three gorgeous grandchildren, Johnroy, Jennalize and Madison - and a fourth on the way!

NAME:                       Janet Wallis
MAIDEN NAME:                Mason
CLASS OF:                   1973
After many years as a busy advocate my husband, Malcolm, has realised a lifelong ambition and taken an appointment on the bench. It has
meant some adjustment for us but our lives are somewhat less hectic. He is certainly having to cope with much less long distance travel!
However, the judicial circuit is bound to present some challenges for both of us. Our son, Paul, has followed in his father's footsteps and is
an advocate here in Durban. Richard lives and works in Grahamstown and Fiona, (TWC 2004), having completed her degree at Rhodes, is
living and working in London. Amongst other things, I am a trustee of the KZN Performing Arts Trust and am very involved with my church.
NAME:                       Desiree Oellermann
MAIDEN NAME:                Oellermann
CLASS OF:                   1974
I am a Client Executive with Marsh (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town, doing corporate insurance broking and would love to get in touch with any Old
Collegiate girls living in or around Cape Town and would really appreciate any feedback you are able to give me in this regard. I am in
regular contact with another old girl - Leslie Mockler (ex Talbot) - who is now living in the UK and who also matriculated in 1974.

NAME:                       Shelley Ainsworth
MAIDEN NAME:                Roberts
CLASS OF:                   1976
Married to Arron, two children Dylan and Tasha, aged 11 and 10. Shelley is teaching music at Westerford High School in Rondebosch,
Cape Town. I would LOVE to know where Gail Scott is now, and also Jill Mc Kenzie, as well as how Mrs Bassons, who was our dear
Afrikaans teacher, is.

NAME:                       Tessa Tarr
MAIDEN NAME:                Morkel
CLASS OF:                   1984
I live in Denver, Colorado, US, with my husband, Stephen Tarr, and my daughters, Nancy (10 years) and Harriet (5 years). Steve and I
started our travels back in 1991 and headed for the UK, where we worked, travelled around Europe and generally had a lot of fun for 18
months before heading to New Zealand. Steve wanted to play a season of rugby in Wellington and the plan was to head home to South
Africa after that. Well, 18 years later and we are still living abroad! We lived in New Zealand for 7 years before heading to Australia in
2000. During our time in New Zealand we got married in 1995 and had our first daughter, Nancy, in 1998. We lived in Brisbane for 5 years
and our second daughter, Harriet, made her appearance in 2003. We both worked in the corporate world in NZ and Australia. I guess the
biggest change came when we decided to make our move to the USA in 2005. Definitely no regrets! Denver is an amazing place to live and
we so enjoy having easy access to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and some of the best ski resorts in the world. We don’t have the ocean on
our doorstep anymore but the mountains are a great replacement. We started a commercial painting and drywall company when we arrived
and have built it into a successful contracting company. We work on various commercial, government and residential contracts and enjoy
the freedom of reporting to ourselves and travelling back to South Africa whenever we can. Our girls LOVE South Africa and each time we
leave they start planning the next trip back. All of my family still lives in South Africa, including my sisters Deborah (Morkel) Finlay and
Mellany (Morkel) Lambert, both TWC old girls, who both live in Durban North, so we really enjoy our visits back to SA and always look
forward to catching up with myOld Collegiate friends.

NAME:                       Sue Lund
MAIDEN NAME:                Robinson
CLASS OF:                   1987
Married to Doug Lund and have three children – Christopher, 11, Emma, 9, and Sarah, 6. Live close to Plettenberg Bay and are involved in
polo and vineyards. Have my own business doing wedding flowers and Dr Hauschka lymph treatments.

NAME:                       Lara Turner
MAIDEN NAME:                Eckstein
CLASS OF:                   1988
After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa, I got married and moved to London. After six years, and two children later, we
left London and moved to Sydney. We've now been living happily in Sydney for the last five years and have no ambition to move on from
NAME:                       Sindile Dlamini
MAIDEN NAME:                Dlamini
CLASS OF:                   1989
I am currently based in Washington DC, US, pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Howard University School of Divinity. Previously I was the
Associate Pastor at His Church Kingdom Ministries in Sandton

NAME:                       Leizl Eykelhof
MAIDEN NAME:                Mattison
CLASS OF:                   1991
After getting my Journalism degree from Rhodes University, I spent the next few years travelling and working in Europe. I eventually
returned to South Africa where I have worked on various newspapers around the country. I am currently with The Sunday Times where I
work as a sub-editor on the daily paper, The Times. I live in Johannesburg with my husband, Marcel, and my two boys, Daniel (2) and
Joshua (6 months). I am still in contact with a lot of my TWC friends and Facebook has been a wonderful medium for catching up with old
classmates! I am to this day grateful to Moira Lovell for instilling in me a love of the English language and realise how lucky we were to
have had such an inspirational teacher.

NAME:                       Shirley van der Merwe
MAIDEN NAME:                Cook
CLASS OF:                   1991
My news: I have two children, Amy (3) and Oliver (10 mths). Still working for Prestige and living in Westville.

NAME:                       Ciranne Bate
MAIDEN NAME:                Dobeyn
CLASS OF:                   1992
After graduating with a Master of Science in Environment and Development from University of
Natal, PMB, I moved to Johannesburg to work as an Environmental Consultant. I also worked in
London for a year as an environmental auditor. In 2002, I moved back to JHB and married Dion
Bate, a financial analyst, in 2003. I pursued my environmental auditing career where I am
currently a lead auditor for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) as well as
implementing environmental management systems. My work takes me all over Africa - auditing
mainly big mines and industries. I absolutely love the travel and have seen the most amazing sites
but travel has had to slow a little, as we had a beautiful boy, Sean, in June 2008.

NAME:                       Wendy Maartens
MAIDEN NAME:                Goble
CLASS OF:                   1992
Brent and I are still in Durban and loving it. My son, Christopher, started big
school this year. I work three mornings a week for a general surgeon at
Umhlanga Hospital. I do his accounts. I see Phillipa Mitchell-Innes (neé Green)
regularly. Rob and she have 4 children: Savannah (9), Brogan (7), Byron (4) and
West (2). I have attached a photo from our recent holiday in the bush.There is
also a Goble family photo with my sister, Susan Ponting, and her 3 children.
Susan is a lawyer and works at Sony Music as their legal advisor.
NAME:                        Tracy Rohan-Irwin
MAIDEN NAME:                 Rohan-Irwin
CLASS OF:                    1994
I live in Umhlanga Rocks and run my own Yoga studio. Please visit link below for details of what I do.

NAME:                        Margo Rosettenstein
MAIDEN NAME:                 Haesloop
CLASS OF:                    1995
Currently living in Joburg and loving my family - husband, Grant, and 2 children, Hannah 3yrs and Josh 17 mths.

NAME:                        Caroline Wood
MAIDEN NAME:                 Wood
CLASS OF:                    1997
Not sure if this info is gonna be worth the paper you are printing it on but I'll give it a go
anyway, lol. I now have a tattoo, I'm not married, I live from one day to the next living life
to the max. I can play guitar and I'm doing ok with my art. I have attached some pics of my
work and myself hehehe!!!

NAME:                        Bronwyn Schar
MAIDEN NAME:                 Ross
CLASS OF:                    1998
I married Gavin Schar on the 19th of August 2006 and we are now living and working in Johannesburg. I am now halfway through my
specialisation as a Physician and am currently working in the Respiratory Unit at Johannesburg General Hospital. Gav and I are not
planning a family for a few more years - we have 2 gorgeous beagles that keep us on our toes, though!

NAME:                        Rikki Hibbert
MAIDEN NAME:                 van Zyl
CLASS OF:                    1999
My daughter, Rikki Hibbert (neé van Zyl), matriculated from TWC in 1999. She went on to
study photography at Tshwane University of Technology and graduated with a degree in
photography (cum laude) in 2003. A few months later, she joined her boyfriend, Julian
Hibbert – who had decided to go ‘solo’ – and they started Organic Design Studio. Today
they employ seven people and have a very successful small company built on hard work and
sound business ethics. They were married in November 2007, proving that a couple can
work together and live together!
I strongly believe that a significant part of Rikki’s success is due to the excellent education
she received at TWC. She is definitely the epitome of a young woman who was educated for
the real world. Thank you!
NAME:                      Justine Cullinan
MAIDEN NAME:               Friedgood
CLASS OF:                  Junior School 1994 (Matric Class of 1999)
I am happily living in Joburg with my husband, whom I married in December 2008, and working as Marketing Manager for the best radio
station in the country – 5FM. I am also writing freelance and travelling as much as bond payments will allow!

I shared my wonderful years in junior school under Mrs Bennett and then Mrs Wright and in the boarding school under Mrs Hendrikse
(Aunty Betty), Mrs Carter, Mrs Cawood and Mrs Price. I am trying to contact two other girls I was very friendly with in Junior School who
also left after the completion of what was then known as STD 5. They were then Megan Ward and Deborah Oscroft. I would very much like
to find them – is there a way that you have contact with them at all?

NAME:                      Caroline O'Neill
MAIDEN NAME:               O'Neill
CLASS OF:                  2001
I have been living and working in London for four and half years. I am a trade marketing executive for Japanese Tobacco International and
am really enjoying it. I recently got engaged to Chris while we were on holiday in Rome. We will be getting married on 19 December in
South Africa and Tracey Calverley and Margaux Knuppe (amongst others!) are going to be my bridesmaids.

NAME:                      Bonnie Kyle
MAIDEN NAME:               Ortlepp
CLASS OF:                  2002
I got married to Brett Kyle (brother to Tarryn Kyle - TWC old girl of 2003 and current teacher) on 15 November,
2008, at Michaelhouse!

NAME:                      Zahra Manji
MAIDEN NAME:               Manji
CLASS OF:                  2004
Am back in South Africa after 4 gap years- had a lot of places to see and a lot of work experience to experience! Now at UCT doing a
BSocSc, majoring in politics and geo.

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