Bizarre Cell Phone Accessories by aihaozhe2


									Everyone has a cell phone these days but how many of us can keep up with the ever
expanding line of cellular accessories and applications? Even if you pinpoint one
maker like Nokia Accessories you still be hard pressed to name even fifty percent of
them. While many cellular accessories still serve a practical purpose, there are more
entering the market each day that function about as well as a used diaper under the
sun. Here are some bizarre ones, but the author will let you decide what remains
practical, because for a few, it is a subjective matter.

The Aura Tama Strap by Solar Alliance - Also known as the aura ball strap, this is the
first of cellular accessories, to the authors knowledge, that can sense ones aura. The
ball will change to one of eight colors depending on the energy omitted by the person
in contact with the strap, revealing his or her aura. This ironic little accessory also
comes with a one of three power stones; rose quarts, crystal, or amethyst. Now you
can watch your aura change as you belittle the customer service representative at the
other end of the phone.

The Smokers Phone - This is actually a phone and less an accessory. But it is an
accessory in and of itself, and thus you can attach some other Nokia accessories from
this article onto this phone, and you'll be the most geared out guy or gal around. This
phone is exact size of a pack of cigarettes, with warning labels and all, and holds half
a pack of smokes! Let's see your iPhone do that, guy who's always rubbin' on his
phone. This Chinese made phone runs on dual-band GSM and includes MP3 playing
capabilities. In addition it has a camera and color screen. Not bad for a box of

The Wind Chime Device - "My wind chime is gently ringing again, hold on." That's
right whenever your phone rings this device will make a charming wind chime like
noise. Just program the device to be in sync with your cell phone and let all those calls
from the IRS and your landlord ease your pay. Has any accessory, Nokia Accessories
or what have you, ever soothed you so?

How's that for weird? Now, can you tell the author which of these still has practical
function and which one doesn't? With all the technology out there, I'm confident I
need all three but it's so hard to say. If nothing else, this stuff is captivating for a brief

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