Beware The Rose Tree Garden by aihaozhe2


									For generations, rose tree gardens have been a showcase of beauty and sophistication
for aristocrats and the wealthy. But these days, rose trees can be found adoring the
garden of many rose garden enthusiast. However, starting a rose tree garden, unlike
many other rose varieties gardens, may tend to be too demanding to venture into for a
casual gardener as it requires time and careful attention. It is important to carry out
comprehensive research on the subject not only to ensure being successful at
establishing your rose tree garden but also to realize what is involved.

Rose trees, also known as rose standards, really are not trees at all but climbing or
bush roses. They have been grafted to look like a tree by adding in an extra length of
trunk which makes them resemble a miniature tree. Because a rose tree consists of 2
or more rose varieties they have some special care requirements. It would be wise to
choose to plant only one rose tree, that alone will be a really wonderful addition to
your garden, and then to decide whether you really want to plant more.

Planting a rose tree is done much like other roses. First immerse your rose standard
roots in a container full of water to ensure it is well hydrated. Then, dig a deep wide
hole and work the soil in the bottom of the hole with a bar so it is not compacted but
easy for the roots to grow into. If you go down to about half a meter/18 inches and
then use a digging bar you will have a suitable hole. Add aged broken down manure
or compost to the dug out soil to augment its fertility. Next, carefully place the rose
tree into the hole allowing the roots to spread out. Cover the roots with some of the
aged manure and fill in the hole with the dug out soil and compost mixture. The bud
junction is to be 4cm/1.5inches below the surface. Water your newly planted rose tree,
just the ground not the foliage, thoroughly at least once or twice a week.

An important aspect whether you are making a complete rose tree garden or just
planting one is to use a good layer of mulch on the area. For each rose tree start close
to the stem but not touching it and radiate outward from there covering at least out to
the drip line (which is how far the foliage sticks out). By adding the mulch you will
protect your rose tree garden from sudden weather alterations which could stress the
plants. And talking about the weather, rose trees require to be protected from frost.

As a rose tree is rather top heavy it is sensible to use a sturdy stake to tie it to with a
rubber band. By using a rubber band the bark will not get damaged. Now you will not
need to worry when the winds pick up knowing that your beautiful rose tree(s) is
properly supported. Keep in mind that as a rose tree grows it will need pruning not
only for the normal rose pruning reasons but also to reduce excess weight and to keep
shooting canes in check.

Creating a rose tree garden is a delightful challenge with a wonderful reward. Nothing
compares with the joy and pleasure of having a polished and elegant rose tree garden.
However even just one rose tree is a treat so if you do not have the time or inclination
to start a whole garden just make sure to grow at least one rose tree.

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