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									Dealing with frustration
     Nora Femenia, Ph.D

 There are plenty of sources of
    frustration in our lives!
              1st Step: Detach
• Take nothing personally. If you get frustrated
  because someone let you down, or a loved one
  did something aggressive to you, calm down. You
  should detach from anything people do, even as it
  looks like they directed that phrase as a direct
  affront to you.
• People have their reasons for the way they act;
  their behavior has nothing to do with you and
  everything to do with their emotional mind-set at
  the time you crossed their paths.
       2nd Step: Take perspective
• Accept life as it is. In the game of life there are
  not guarantees, and you could be dealt a bad
  hand from time to time.
• Identify previous difficult moments in your
  life, and remember what you did then to get
• Now, you know what you can do to change
  your current state of affairs.
   3rd Step: Play the game of life!
• Recognize that you can be the frustrating
  entity for someone else…
• We are learning in life by our interactions, and
  here the lesson is: don’t get wrapped up in
  frustration: Ask yourself
• “What do I have to learn here”?
           4th Step: Your Lesson
• Now you are happier because you have
  transformed frustration into learning…
• It’s good to be wiser, because you will not yield to
  the feelings of frustration again…
• So keep breathing deeply, and enjoy your new
• If you would like direct support and techniques
  for dealing with frustration, ask now for your
  complimentary coaching session at:
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    Testimonial from an abused wife
•   "I wish I had know from the beginning what I know now. I feel things would have
    been so different, and I would been spared the amount of pain, drama and
    humiliation I suffered in my married life, since according to him: "everything
    was my fault”, of course.
•   I was a perfect personality type to be the victim of an aggressive boyfriend, as
    my mother and other relatives were too in my childhood. Ironically, this has
    been the cause of my painful inability to establish a positive self-esteem and
    find happiness in my life. I feel so blessed to have found your help.
•   Nora, you are a great coach. I now have permission to fight back! The awareness
    you have given me has changed my life. I am no longer a victim of other
    people’s aggressive behaviors, and it feels wonderful!"-
•   Denise Withers, Pennsylvania
  Testimonial from a person lacking self-respect

• “I was in a miserable situation. I never understood what I did to
  deserve being yelled at by my husband and made fun of when he
  was drinking with his friends.
• I would make myself sick from crying; both my body and heart were
  tired and I was completely unhappy.
• I didn’t understand that I had an obligation to myself to stand up and
  say NO to this behavior in my husband and by any other person.
• Nora, you gave me the right to defend myself with grace. Now, he’s
  actually apologizing to me and being gentler and attentive!”—

Terry Nichols, Naples, FL

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