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    Choose the                right
    A guide to selecting the right cement
                for your building requirements

Choose the
Right Cement

04   What’s in the
     Lafarge Name?

06   What makes a
     Good Cement?

07   Misconceptions
     about Cement

08   Simple Steps
     for Success

10   The Lafarge

12   Lafarge in
     South Africa

14   The Lafarge

                     What’s in a
                     In 76 countries around the world,
                     the Lafarge brand name stands for
                     leadership in building materials:
                     leadership that has been achieved
                     by applying the knowledge within the
                     Group to bring innovative products
                     and solutions to satisfy the needs of
                     our customers.

                     he Lafarge brand represents values that set trends in the industry
                     today and are an active commitment to sustainable development: so
                     vital for the well-being of future generations. Our values mean:
                     •	   respect	and	nurturing	for	our	diverse	employees	by	providing:
                          -   equitable employment opportunities
                          -   development opportunities to encourage everyone to reach
                              their full potential
                     •	   proactively	translating	our	concern	for	the	environment	into	
                          action	plans	for:
                          -    rehabilitating our quarries
                          -    reducing ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions through better
                               technology and innovative fly ash extended products
                          -    reducing the dependence of the cement industry on non-
                               renewable resources
                     •	   social	responsibility:
                          -   assisting the development of neighbouring disadvantaged
                              communities, by setting up learnership programmes, to
                              create a core of marketable skills
                          -   actively promoting closer long term relationships by
                              assisting in problem solving and demonstrating real concern
                              for the well-being of nearby communities. (Lafarge recently
                              resolved a historical land issue at their Tswana Lime Quarry.
                              Compensation was paid to members of the Bodibe tribe in
                              the North West Province when it was discovered that they
                              had been displaced from land currently quarried by the

PAGE 4   |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT           |   2008
Our commitment to South Africa and its future has
been emphatically demonstrated by our R1,2billion
investment in Project Rainbow, our one million ton
                                                               “The major investment
cement capacity expansion that will come on stream             that Project Rainbow
in early 2009.                                                 represents demonstrates our
We value our name and everything it stands for. We             commitment to helping build
want each of you to be confident that the Lafarge              a better future for all our
name on a bag of cement brings you good value,                 people and to being a long-
reliable quality performance, back up service and a            term significant business
range of benefits that contribute to the success of any
                                                               player in South Africa’s
concrete work.
                                                               construction materials
Choosing a cement can be the difference between                industry …”
success and failure, profit or loss, endless comebacks
or referrals for new business. Choosing the right name         Albert Corcos
is the wise choice!                                            CEO Lafarge Industries

My regards

Ilsé Boshoff
National Marketing Manager
Lafarge Cement

                                                2008      |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT        |   PAGE 5

What makes a
Good Cement?
At Lafarge, cement is not a commodity but the exciting
bond that enables the creation of luxury apartment blocks
reaching a mile into the sky, huge sports stadiums, graceful
bridges, massive dams, elegant sculptures or just a simple
dwelling that you can call home!

We involve ourselves in the work of architects and developers and
pioneer cements that extend the boundaries of design. We talk to
new construction entrepreneurs and DIY homeowners and innovate
more user-friendly, efficient products and support services. We work
at building long-term business relationships. We listen to the market’s
needs and innovate new products and services that differentiate us
from our competitors.

Customers have the basic protection in South African law that, with the
phasing out of the SABS Mark, eventually all bagged cement sold in
the country will have to display a Letter of Authority number. This will
give the assurance that the cement has been formulated to achieve
the strength specified on the bag.

Our	cements	are	designed	to	give	you	more:	
•	   Industrial	control	standards	that	ensure	consistent	high	quality.
•	   Product	performance	and	handling	properties	that	exceed	your	

Lafarge	products	are	backed	by	service:	
•	   Access	to	technical	advice	from	our	Quality	Department	
     Southern Africa.
•	   Innovative	general	support	service	through	our	Customer	Care	
     Centre, “CELIA” (Customer Excellence at Lafarge in Action).
     CELIA has been set up to provide customers with a user-friendly
     channel for quick and effective resolution of any problems.

     A	word	of	advice	from	an	experienced	builder:

     “Save on the cost of your building materials by good
     control, never by lowering quality – it is a false economy!”

PAGE 6      |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT                 |   2008
about Cement
Myth: “It says 50kg on the bag, so it must contain 50kg of
Fact: It should contain 50kg but it is a case of ‘Buyer Beware’!
       Not all companies have accurate enough equipment or the
       management systems to achieve this.
       Buy a well-known brand name product. The Lafarge name
       is your guarantee: our Lichtenburg Cement Works has also
       been certified to display the SABS e-mark on its cement
       packaging, assuring buyers of the mass of cement they have
       paid for.

Myth: “Cement extenders reduce the quality of a cement.”
Fact: On the contrary, research and development over the
       last thirty years has shown that, formulated correctly,
       quality extenders significantly improve many performance
       characteristics of hardened concrete, while making concrete
       and mortar mixes more user-friendly for the builder.

Myth: “Any cement will do for general construction work: just go
      for the cheapest!”
Fact: Why risk having a poor concrete job? Ask your builder’s
       merchant for advice. A good quality branded cement can
       make concrete and mortar mixes that are easier to mix
       and place. The finished concrete is also stronger and more

Myth: “A good mortar depends only on how well you mix the
Fact: Thorough mixing of the materials until a uniform colour
       is achieved is always essential to avoid a patchy finished
       appearance and areas of weak strength. However, a good
       quality cement, especially one based on fly ash (e.g.
       Buildcrete), makes mixing easier. The resulting more
       workable, ‘buttery’ mix leads to a higher work rate.

Myth: “The strongest concrete is made with pure cement, not the
      cements blended with extenders.”
Fact: Properly cured concrete containing quality extenders
       will achieve a more durable and higher ultimate strength

      2008     |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT               |   PAGE 7

                              Simple Steps
                              for Success
Whether building a dream home or furthering a business,
success comes from paying attention to some basic principles:
•	 Use	reliable	quality	materials                •	 Be	absolutely	consistent	with	mixing	your	
•	 Avoid	wastage	by	using	good	                     concrete, mortar or plaster: short cuts are
   materials and good control                       the pathway to long term problems
•	 Plan	your	work	carefully                      •	 Think	SAFETY	before	you	start	any	job

Solid Foundations
Out of sight, out of mind! So often foundations are subjected to cost-cutting
and	yet	are	so	important	for	building	a	sound,	long-lasting	structure
•	   It	pays	to	employ	a	specialist	to	check	the	soil	conditions	of	the	site
•	   Prepare	an	area	for	mixing.		If	there	is	no	concrete	surface,	use	
     a sheet of metal to avoid the contamination and water variation
     problems with mixing on the ground
•	   Use	a	good	quality	general	purpose	cement.	(Buildcrete will give a
     good workable mix for easier handling, placing and finishing. Buildcrete
     mixes also develop their strength quicker – saving time and money)
•	   Using	a	32,5	strength	concrete,	the	normal	recommended	mix	
     proportions for 15MPa concrete are:

         CEMENT                   CONCRETE SAND                              STONE
                                                                                                        For peace of mind, use
     1 Wheelbarrow Load         3½ Wheelbarrow Loads          3½ Wheelbarrow Loads
         (2x 50kg bags)                                           (if you are hand mixing, it will be   Buildcrete because you
                                                                  more successful using a smaller
                                                                             13mm	stone)                cannot change your
                                                                                                        mind and redo the
                                                                                                        foundations once the
                                                                                                        house has been built!

Good Floors
Some	guidelines	on	avoiding	unsightly	cracks,	
powdery	patches	and	colour	variations:
•	   Mix	your	materials	thoroughly	to	achieve	an	even	       •	       Cut	joints	in	the	slab	to	prevent	movement	
     colour                                                           causing ugly cracks
•	   Add	water	carefully	–	too	much	means	weaker	            •	       A	quality	cement	containing	fly	ash	will	give	your	
     concrete and poor finish                                         concrete a better surface finish, while being
•	   For	cement	and	mix	proportions,	use	the	same	                    stronger and more durable
     recommendations as above for foundations

PAGE 8      |    CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT                 |   2008
Importance of
Mortar and Plaster                                           Buildcrete general purpose cement is
Quality	mortar	and	plaster	work	are	essential	               formulated with fly ash and will minimise
to	achieve	an	attractive	finish	to	your	home:	               cracking of your floor, while helping you
a	finish	that	will	add	value.	Paying	attention	              achieve a finish to be proud of.
to	materials	and	your	mix	will	help	the	work	
progress	faster	and	give	a	durable	top-class	
•	   The	right	quality	cement	and	clean	grade	of	            •	    Using	an	‘R’	early	strength	class	cement	will	give	
     sand will be easier to mix and produces an ideal              stable brick and block courses sooner, allowing
     workable, ‘buttery’ mix                                       the work to progress faster
•	   Remember	to	dampen	clay	bricks	before	                  •	    Using	a	32,5R	strength	general	purpose	
     plastering – they are highly absorbent and will               cement, the normal mix for bricklaying mortar
     ‘steal’ the moisture from the mix (but do not wet             and domestic plastering is:
     cement stock bricks)

          CEMENT                    PLASTER SAND
     1 Wheelbarrow Load           6 Wheelbarrow Loads
         (2x 50kg bags)
                                                             Make quality plastering a
                                                             pleasure with a workable
                                                             Buildcrete mix

Leakproof Ponds and Pools
Build	it	right	first	time	is	the	best	advice	anyone	can	give!	Use	a	quality	
fly	ash	cement	to	make	durable,	impermeable	(stops	water	leaking	
through	it)	concrete.	Cement	that	helps	you	achieve	a	successful	
project.	The	wise	choice	is	Buildcrete	which:
•	   Creates	a	workable	mix	for	easier	placing	and	finishing
•	   Needs	less	water	which	helps	reduce	surface	cracking
•	   Gives	a	better	off-shutter	finish	
•	   The	general	mix	guideline	for	a	watertight	concrete	is:

         CEMENT                   CONCRETE SAND
     1 Wheelbarrow Load         1½ Wheelbarrow Loads
         (2x 50kg bags)
                                                             Buildcrete is the user-friendly
                                                             solution to successful
                                                             concrete work

                                                 2008    |        CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT                |   PAGE 9

The Lafarge
The business of Lafarge meets the basic
human need for building materials.

As the world population grows and emerging
economies look for higher standards of comfort and
infrastructure, the demand for building materials
increases. Lafarge is conscious of the fact that
meeting this demand in traditional ways is not a
sustainable option. Responsible, innovative thinking
is required, allied to specific action plans. The Group
aims to play a leadership role in the building materials
industry searching for ways to allow people to enjoy
the benefits of economic growth, while minimising
the damaging impact on our earth. The Lafarge name
stands for:
•	   A	vision	to	be	the	undisputed	leader	in	building	
•	   A	commitment	to	be	ranked	among	the	
     world’s most effective industrial organisations
     in terms of the health and safety of our
     employees, protection of the environment, social
     responsibility and corporate governance
•	   Unequalled	technical	resources	that	develop	
     innovative, user-friendly cements to make
     concrete work easier and more successful for
     today’s users, while anticipating the construction
     challenges of tomorrow

(For more on Sustainability, see the page 12 section on
“Lafarge in South Africa”)

PAGE 10      |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT                   |   2008
What	a	Lafarge	Bag	of	Cement	Means	for	You:

-   An assurance of quality and performance
-   A product designed to meet your needs: needs that have been
    identified from our work with architects, engineers and everyone
    in the construction process
-   A formulation that has benefited from the international Group’s
    technical know-how to create an innovative, user-friendly product

                                            2008     |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT   |   PAGE 11

Lafarge in
South Africa
Lafarge Cement
Lafarge Cement is one of the major cement producers
in Southern Africa. We have:
•	   A	2,4million	ton	per	annum	cement	facility	at	
     Lichtenburg in the North West Province
•	   One	of	the	largest	and	most	technically	
     advanced cement works in the country
•	   R1,2billion	invested	in	a	one	million	ton	
     cement capacity increase project (“Project
     Rainbow”), due to come on stream in early

Quality	Assurance
                                                          •	   Our	HIV/AIDS	prevention	and	care	programme	
Our Lichtenburg Cement Works is SABS/ISO 9001-                 is used as a model in other developing
2000 listed and its cement products:                           countries
•	   Comply	with	the	latest	EN	standards                  •	   Our	training	centre	and	sponsorship	schemes	
•	   Carry	the	SABS	mark	of	quality	on	the	                    help develop our own employees to their
     packaging (which in terms of the latest                   full potential and also offer advancement
     legislation is being is being replaced with               opportunities for persons from local
     a Letter of Authority number signifying                   disadvantaged communities
     government authorised approval of quality.)
•	   Display	the	SABS	e-mark,	which	certifies	that	       Environmental	Responsibility
     the packaging equipment and management
                                                          For	 many	 years,	 Lafarge	 has	 led	 the	 industry	 in	 a	
     systems have been audited and approved
                                                          programme of action plans to push the boundaries
     by the SABS. (The Lafarge name means
                                                          of sustainable development. This stems from the
     customers receive the quantity in the bag that
                                                          Group’s belief that a responsible corporation must
     they have paid for. The SABS has endorsed
                                                          leave a legacy of good resources management for
     this at the Lichtenburg Cement works.)
                                                          our children.

Technical	Resources:                                      Our aim is to be the most innovative and the most
                                                          responsible in the industry for providing solutions to
At Industria in Gauteng, Lafarge Cement has the
                                                          environmental issues:
unique technical and laboratory resources of
                                                          •	   The	South	African	Cement	Business	Unit	
Quality Department Southern Africa (QDSA). QDSA
                                                               has won a Group annual award for the
operates what is probably one of the largest and
                                                               Highest Reduction in CO2 emissions. A major
most respected Accredited Civil Engineering testing
                                                               contribution to this achievement was the
facilities in Southern Africa.
                                                               development of our innovative fly ash extended
Concern for People
                                                          •	   Lafarge	Cement	is	the	only	company	in	South	
Our people are the heart of our company:                       Africa with a full range of extended products
•	   Health	&	Safety	is	our	No.	1	priority                     based on fly ash

PAGE 12       |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT             |    2008
Sustainability	involves	social	responsibility                   Fly	ash	and	the	environment:
Lafarge looks for suitable partners to help channel             Fly	ash	is	an	environmentally-friendly	product.	
its experience and technical skill with building                Lafarge Cement’s increasing use of fly ash as
materials into sustainable development projects for             a component of building materials is making
underprivileged local communities. With regard to               a significant contribution to sustainable
housing, this means focusing on giving people the               development by:
skills to carry on building and starting businesses, as         •	   Reducing	the	use	of	non-renewable	
well as donating building equipment and materials.                   resources such as limestone and coal
Lafarge has formed partnerships with:                           •	   Reducing	carbon	dioxide	emissions	from	
•	   Habitat	for	Humanity: Lafarge was a major                       cement plants
     donator of building materials and a provider of            •	   Recycling	a	waste-product	of	coal	
     enthusiastic employees who volunteered their                    burning power stations which cuts back
     services for housing projects in Sherwood,                      on the landfill sites
     Durban and Mamelodi in Tshwane
•	   The National Home Builders Registration
     Council: Lafarge is involved in major SA
     government housing development initiatives
     at Cosmo City, Bela Bela and Witbank.
     While sponsoring building materials and
     equipment, Lafarge also sponsors the training
     of disadvantaged youths and women in building
     and business skills

     For	more	information	visit	the	website	at


                                              2008        |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT                |   PAGE 13

                     The Lafarge Group
                     Lafarge is the world leader in building materials, with top-ranking
                     positions	in	all	of	its	businesses:	Cement,	Aggregates	&	Concrete	and	
                     Gypsum. The Group’s 90 000 employees in 76 countries, generated
                     sales in 2007 of Euros 17,6 billion (over R210 billion).

                     The Group is:
                     •	 Customer	focused
                     •	 Concerned	for	people’s	well-being
                     •	 Concerned	for	the	future

                                                     Concern	for	the	environment
                                                     Lafarge combines its skills and technical resources
                                                     with the expertise of others for greater effectiveness in
                     Lafarge is the                  the environmental control field:
                     only company in                 •	   Lafarge	was	the	first	industrial	group	to	
                     the construction                     enter into a worldwide partnership with the
                     materials sector                     environmental	protection	organization,	WWF	
                     to be listed in the                  (World	Wide	Fund	for	Nature).	
                                                     •	   Lafarge	is	a	founding	member	of	CSI	(Cement	
                     2008 ‘100 Global
                                                          Sustainability Initiative) which actively promotes
                     Most Sustainable                     responsible management and the worldwide
                     Corporations in the                  reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by the
                     World’                               industry.
                                                     •	   Lafarge	is	co-chair	of	the	“Energy	Efficiency	in	
                                                          Buildings” Project, which works towards the
                                                          objective of zero net energy use in buildings.

                     Leading	the	way	with	technology
                     The Group technical resources include:
                     •	   employing	over	500	people	throughout	the	world	
                          in research and development on materials of
                     •	   operating	the	world’s	largest	building	materials	
                          research laboratory
                     •	   exchanging	technical	knowledge	between	
                          Lafarge’s 150 cement and clinker facilities
                          around the world

PAGE 14   |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT            |    2008
                                                               For	more	information	visit	the	website	at


For you, the customer, the most important
                                                               For	help	with	cement	queries,	phone:
benefit of a good name brand is: CONFIDENCE
                                                               Toll-Free:      0800 110 104, or
  Confidence that the name of Lafarge stands for               Call	Centre:    011 257 3085
  reliable, consistent quality, innovative cement that
  gives you better value not only today but every              Lafarge	Industries	South	Africa	(Pty)	Ltd,	
  day.                                                         Head	Office
                                                               Woodmead, Sandton, Gauteng
      Confidence that you will be                              Tel:            011 257 3100
      making the right choice!                                 Call	Centre:    011 257 3085

                                             2008        |   CHOOSE THE RIGHT CEMENT            |   PAGE 15
Lafarge Industries
South	Africa	(Pty)	Ltd
Buildings 3&4 Country Club
Estate, 21 Woodlands Drive,
Woodmead, 2191
Tel: (011) 257 3100
Fax: (011) 257 3052

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