Crew Leader by dfsdf224s


									          1300 N. Fulton Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21217 phone 410-669-3309

                                     Crew Leader Volunteer
                                      Position Description

Start date:             Immediately

End date:               Ongoing

Status:                 Active

Type:                   Construction

Hours per week:         Tuesday – Friday as needed and Saturdays 8:30am-4:00pm (when

Required skills:        Applicant should be skilled in construction and able to lead a
                        group of 5-10 volunteers.

Detail:                 We are in need of skilled volunteers that can lead groups in various
                        stages of construction with minimal supervision from our
                        construction staff. Applicants that are interested will be
                        interviewed by one of our Senior Construction Managers before
                        being placed in a leadership capacity.

Contact person:         Michael Barb

Contact phone:          410-669-3309

Contact e-mail:

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