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					This article talks about the benefits of using easy pasta recipes in food and why it is
used by many people throughout the world. It goes on to give a free recipe for a
healthy tuna salad.

Easy pasta recipes are great and there are lots of benefits of eating it. For one, it is
very cheap and can therefore cost very little to feed yourself or your family. Quick
pasta recipes are also versatile; it can be used for lots of different recipe types
including bakes, soups, salads and the classics such as spaghetti bolognaise. They are
simple pasta recipes with simple ingredients. It's also good for you and sports people
eat it because it slowly releases energy to help with endurance sports.

This Italian food is very helpful in the aiding of energy production because of the
carbohydrates it contains. Because of these carbohydrates, it is a popular choice as an
important nutrient for sports performance with athletes. It is stored as glycogen in
muscle, where they function as a readily available energy source during prolonged,
strenuous exercises.

It is made from a combination of water, eggs and flour and is sometimes coloured
with food dye and can be flavoured with spices and herbs. It can also be filled with
different types of filling including tomatoes, spinach or meats.

There are also many different types of this food for many different uses. These
include spaghetti used in meals such as bolognaise; noodles that can be used in
chicken noodle soup; sheets for use in lasagne dishes; and different shapes used in, for
example, macaroni cheese; and dried and fresh pasta also. They all help to provide a
wide range of tasty, easy recipes that anyone can easily make. A tuna salad recipe is
shown below.

Ingredients: - Pasta for 2 - 1 can of tuna - Rocket leaves, watercress, spinach -
Cucumber, sliced - 8 cherry tomatoes, halved - 1 pepper, chopped - Few tablespoons
of salad cream

How to make it: 1. Cook the pasta as the packet instructions say 2. Once cooked, mix
with everything else and stir well

For the reasons stated above, Italian food is a very popular ingredient that is used by
thousands of people from around the world every day. They are easy pasta recipes and
pretty much anyone can create a great and tasty dish. Spaghetti Bolognese is a huge
favourite and was used a lot in my student days because it was so simple and cheap.

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