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					If you want to learn the piano and want to take a course of beginners piano lessons,
then essentially, you 抳 e got three options open to you.

1. You might consider buying a teach-yourself piano book. I wouldn 抰 blame you.
Books like this have been around for years and years and have been very popular too.
But the reason they used to be so popular was not because they were easy to learn
from, they weren 抰, but because of a lack of alternatives. People who couldn 抰
afford to employ a piano teacher (well come to this ina moment) opted for the piano
lessons books because they were comparatively cheap, not because they were
effective. The simple fact is, if you 抮 e trying to learn how to make music, it 抯 very
difficult to learn it from a silent medium such as a book. You need actual samples of
piano music that you can listen to and learn to emulate. A book, no matter how
cleverly written, can never deliver that sort of information. You need someone who
can play it for you.

2. Which brings me to piano teachers. Well, if you can afford one, and if you actually
get on with the one you choose (or who chooses you) then you 抣 l definitely make
better progress. A teacher can play the pieces for you and give you examples of what
particular fingering sounds like. This is the sort of thing that makes learning piano so
much easier. You look at the music, you hear what it sounds like and then you play it
for yourself. It probably won 抰 sound good at first, you 抮 e a piano beginner after
all, but with a bit (a lot!) of practice you 抣 l soon improve and things will get a whole
lot easier. Sounds great doesn 抰 it? But I 抦 afraid there 抯 a catch. The cost. It
depends where you live of course but a decent piano teacher who will give you proper
beginners piano lessons will normally cost you between $35 and $75 an hour. You 抣 l
need at least one lesson per week equating to between $1750 and $3750 per year. Well,
you might be able to afford it, and if you can, good luck to you, but many of us just
can 抰 run to that sort of money for what is, after all, a luxury.

3. And that 抯 why I think the best solution for most of us is the range of
downloadable piano courses that you can buy for around $50 and that give you at
least a year 抯 worth of tuition and lots more besides. They include clips of all the
music you 抮 e learning, so you can read what it is you 抮 e supposed to be learning,
look at the notes written on the page and click a button to hear what it sounds like.
And you can click it again and again and again (something you can 抰 do with a
piano teacher) until you get it right. It 抯 by far the easiest way to learn piano, as you
can work at your own pace at any time of the day or night that you like. And it 抯, by
far, the most affordable.

So, you will have gathered that the best beginners piano lessons are the ones that
come down your internet connection. They 抮 e cheap, they 抮 e fast and they 抮 e
effective. They get my vote every time.

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