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									YO U R han dwR iti n g. YO U R En g R aV i n g.

 p ER s O n a l i s at i O n s O lU t i O n
     with distinctive style


                                                                                                                               Gravograph endeavour to offer the highest technology available at all times. This information, photos and illustrations are not therefore contractually binding and may be modified without prior notice. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
                                                                                    DedicaceTM kit contents
Offer a unique gift personalisation service.                                        Patent-pending
                                                                     Sele           Dedicace design tablet with paper slots
Handwritten expressions of love and affection.                           ct         Magic paper pad
                                                                                    Dedicace digital pen and pen holder
                                                                                    Pen tip extractor and 3 spare tips
  Distinctive                                                                       Dedicace installation CD and dongle
  Engraving personalises and enhances the                                           USB cable
  sentimental value of a gift; handwritten
  engraving adds a touch of intimacy.                                               DedicaceTM functions
  DedicaceTM is a unique personalisation                                            Automatic adjustment to the object
  solution that will add high-value, high-                                          Resize (reduction to 90%)
  margin service to your business.                                                  Standard, medium and bold text
                                                                                    Red beam simulation to avoid errors
  Expression                                                                        28 templates included for M20
  With DedicaceTM, give customers the                                  2            32 templates included for M40
  chance to put pen to paper to create a                                            Custom templates on request
  special message or drawing. This patent-                                    ate
                                                                                    DedicaceTM tablet specs
  pending solution captures their design
                                                                                    Reversible tablet for left/right handers
  from the magic paper and engraves it
                                                                                    Dimensions (W x D x H):
  exactly the way they created it.
                                                                                    9.8 in x 7 in x 0.3 in
                                                                                    Weight: approx. 0.8 lb
                                                                                    Interface: USB
  DedicaceTM ’s step-by-step approach
  ensures reliable, high-quality engraving                                          Engraver recommendations
  for attractive results on gifts each                                              Ideal for metallic and glass gifts:
  and every time. Engrave personal or                                               M20 range (Diamond, Std, Pix, Jewel)
  group messages from friends, family or                                            M40 range (Std, Deep Vice, Gift)
  colleagues. Your customers will enjoy                                             For lasers and other engravers
  the fun and easy design process. What                                3            Consult us
  they see on the magic paper is exactly                                   Pro
                                                                              of    PC, tactile PC & EEPC compatible
  what you engrave.
                                                                                    System requirements
                                                                                    PC: Windows® XP, Vista (with SP2)
                                                                                    or Windows 7
  Simply choose a template that suits
                                                                                    USB port
  the size and shape of the gift; have the
                                                                                    Colour display
  customer pen a design and you click to
                                                                                    CD-ROM drive
  engrave. DedicaceTM can be operated
  with a touch screen PC. No keyboard                                               Suitable for users of any age
  skills, programming or engraving                                                  Anyone able to hold a pen
  settings required.

  Collaboration                                                  4
  This innovative solution has been
  developed in collaboration with retail                                rave
  specialists to ensure outstanding
  simplicity and a minimal learning
  curve for users. Easy installation
  and integration on a shop counter
  or in a boutique.
                                                                                    A trademark of GravoTech Group
  Eternal                                                                           Gravograph UK Ltd
  Create a personalised message,                                                    Unit 3 Trojan Business Centre
  unique to every customer, which                                                   Tachbrook Park Drive
  will last a lifetime.                                                             Leamington Spa
                                                 5                                  Warwickshire CV34 6RH
  DedicaceTM, one-of-a-kind.                         Enj                            Tel: 01926 884 433 - Fax: 01926 883 879

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