Become A Royal Marines Commando by aihaozhe2


									The Royal Marines commandos are one of the elite fighting forces in the world. These
Commandos are a specialized force that is trained to survive in the most extreme

Royal Marines are a division of the Royal Navy and they are often sent at very short
notice to deal with emergency or dangerous situations, which can include military
operations and natural disasters.

-Some Commando Units responds to emergencies around the world and it is treated as
Joint Rapid Reaction Force

-One unit is also known as Fleet Protection unit, it guards many countries nuclear

-There is also Fleet Standby Rifle unit, which is not that recognized outside the navy
but it is trained to board ships at sea.

Requirements for Marines commando are as follows

- The first requirement is that you should be male

-You should be the citizen of the country from where you are applying

-Have a Good physique. A marine must be in peak physical condition.

-The minimum education requirement is 5 GCSEs (A* - C), which includes English
and Math's. Other qualifications are measured on their own individual status.

The Royal marine commando selection process involves:

-This will include various aptitude tests, which are designed to test your mental
abilities and an English language and mechanical knowledge exam.

-The final stage is the one on one interview with a senior officer. This is often the
most difficult part of the whole application process and your chance to leave a final

-A long enduring fitness test which includes two 2 km runs on a treadmill, which is
expected to be completed within 10 minutes 30 seconds to 12 minutes 30 seconds.

There is also a three days course called The Potential Royal Marine Course also
known as the PRMC. This is to determine whether you are able to meet the standard
of a marine's commando. It will include physical tests, classroom work and an
Training of a marine

The first weeks of training are spent on learning basic skills to prepare you for your
career. This mainly consists of time spent on rifle practice and physical training. The
physical training includes developing all-round power, stamina and flexibility in order
to improve the necessary muscles which helps you carry your heavy kit.

During the course you will also be taught deep water swimming, climbing skills and
carrying your personal load. Commandos can also have specialist training programs in
a variety of skills such as Weapons Instructor, signal operator machine operator, cook
or chef and many more.

Training will also cover: Cooperation; equipment; physical attack courses; stamina
tests; endurance training; weapons training with the use of live ammunition.

The life of the Royal Marines commandos is more than just a job. The Royal Marine
commandos' offers many challenges and many opportunities which you will not find
anywhere else, but it is not for everybody.

That is why they have a careful selection procedure which lets the candidates
experience what life will be like as a marine.

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