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									Harry Coumnas Likes Driving Fast
Harry Coumnas is a very successful
professional who loves to involve himself in
humanitarian deeds. As a keen philanthropist,
he believes in helping the poor and needy
people. He works for the betterment of the
weaker sections of the society in order to make
it a better place to live in.
He regularly donates in a large number of
charitable causes and community services. He
also works voluntarily for the church. Harry
Coumnas has a vast experience of working as
an Electrical Engineering Professional. He is a
multitalented person. Along with having a good
knowledge      of     Electrical   Engineering
Technology he is skilled in many other fields.
He is major in Psychology and Political
Science. Harry Coumnas received education
from some of the best institutions of New York
including the Queens College, Queensborough
College, and the City College. Queens College
is very famous for providing world class
education to large number of students every
In this college every student is provided with
personalized attention. For its unparalleled
contribution in the field of education, the
institution is also referred to as 'the jewel of
the CUNY system'. Harry Coumnas is a great
sports enthusiast who has the knowledge of
various sports.
He is a good wrestling player who won many
awards     in     college    level   wrestling
championships. He also loves to play
basketball during his free time. Harry enjoys
driving very fast cars. He hates every kind of
drugs as he believes that they make people
behave like a stupid.
About Harry Coumnas
Harry Coumnas is a well-known Electrical
Engineering Technology professional. He is a
highly   educated   expert   who    studied
Psychology and Political Science as his
major subjects.
He is a helpful, generous and family oriented
human being who involves himself in a large
number of humanitarian activities. He is also
known for voluntarily working for the Church.

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