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									Introducing Bankhall’s Marketing Toolkit

Brighter business

Enlighten your
clients and outshine
the competition

In the past marketing has often been seen as a luxury -
a nice to have not a need to have, and is frequently the
first budget to be cut in difficult times.
However, today’s marketplace looks very different
compared to that of a few years ago.
With the evolution of technology, consumers now have
access to a greater range of information, enabling them
to learn more about financial services and start to take
more control over their financial arrangements.
Bankhall’s Marketing Toolkit provides you with the
tools you need to enlighten your clients and outshine
the competition.

The importance
of getting the right
promotional mix

The term promotional mix refers to communicating with
your customers by using a blend of advertising,
branding, online marketing and direct mail to promote
a consistent message.
It has been proven that none of these tools work
particularly well in isolation and need to be
complemented by one another in order to communicate
effectively and successfully.
The purpose of this brochure is to provide you with
a guide to the individual components that make up
Bankhall’s Marketing Toolkit.

     01                                              02
     Marketing Plan                                  Lead Generation

In order to help you market your                  If you are looking for a regular
business successfully, Bankhall’s                 supply of new clients - we have the
comprehensive marketing plan                      solution. Bankhall has arranged
guides you through each step,                     discounted access to internet lead
from marketing strategy through                   generation services through our
to delivery.                                      reputable lead generation panel.

This back to basics approach helps to give you    Whether you require access to a regular stream
a clearer understanding of where you want to      of qualified leads (i.e a consumer actively seeking
take your business, and allows you to set key     advice) or simply wish to profile cold leads based
objectives and strategies in order to achieve     on your own specifications (including financial
your targets.                                     variables such as stocks and shares, ISA’s,
It also enables you to run a marketing audit so   mortgage information, pension, investment
that you can measure your success, helping        information, affluence indicators, insurance
you to establish your current business position   renewal dates, loans, credit cards etc) then our
against key markets and industry changes.         online lead generation service can help.

   Your corporate identity and literature

Your corporate identity is the face                Stationery
                                                   If you are looking to create branded business
of your company and represents
                                                   stationery, our online stationery system enables
who you are. Importantly, it is the                you to populate your company details into a
first impression you give to your                  selection of templates, including letterheads,
                                                   business cards and compliment slips in a range
clients and it distinguishes you                   of colours and designs.
from your competitors.
                                                   Online marketing store
                                                   Bankhall have teamed up with two leading
Having a logo is huge part of brand recognition,
                                                   online literature specialists to provide you with
helping your clients to easily identify your
                                                   professional bespoke marketing material,
company from a pool of competitors. Adding
                                                   including; postcards, flyers and posters, which
your logo to your company stationery and
website will re-enforce your identity.             you can use to effectively market your business.

Bankhall has provided you with a design
builder giving you the freedom to create
your own logo, all for only £29.

     Communicating with your clients

Due to the evolution of the internet    Websites
                                        In today’s fast paced society, consumers like to
and the media, consumers are
                                        have information at their fingertips. This new
becoming more confused about            culture has driven more and more businesses
all the financial products available,   online to communicate their products and
                                        services, retain customers and acquire new ones.
demanding a higher level of
                                        Bankhall Web Builder
service from their advisers.
                                        Creates a high impact website in a matter of
To help you to maintain regular         minutes. This template based system is easy to
                                        build and amend, giving you total control, without
contact with your prospective and       any expensive design costs or set up fees.
existing clients we have created a
                                        It is available to you with no obligation or
number of tools to support you:-        contractual agreement, just a small
                                        running cost from as little as £45pcm.

                                        Choose from a suite of pre-written content and
                                        a selection of high quality designs. You can also
                                        make your site more interactive by plugging in
                                        income generating tools, calculators and
                                        enquiry forms for a small additional cost.*

Drive traffic to your website                           provides a number of solutions to support you
You can use your website both to retain existing        when optimising your site, these too can be
customers and to generate new ones, though              found on our website.
your primary focus should be to maintain your
                                                        With FSA guidelines changing the way IFA's
existing client base. It is therefore imperative that
                                                        can optimise their sites, by using our industry
you list your website address on all your
                                                        expertise you can ensure that the correct
corporate communications (emails, letterheads,
                                                        measures are followed.
business cards etc).

Visit the Bankhall website and log onto the             Advertising
marketing area for a number of handy hints and          Bankhall has just created an online Advert
tips to help you to effectively promote your            Generator, which holds a suite of professionally
website, along with a step-by-step guide and a          designed adverts sourced from a leading
You Tube webinar guiding you through the                design agency. These adverts cover all product
website build.                                          areas and the tool allows you to populate your
                                                        company details providing you with a high
Optimisation and search engines                         quality personalised ad, which is instantly ready
Once you have set up your website it is                 for use.*
essential that you optimise it to improve your
search engine ranking, enabling potential clients       As Bankhall absorb all the design costs, this
to find you easily. The Bankhall web builder            service is available to you FREE OF CHARGE.

     Direct communication with your clients

Direct marketing enables you to     Pre-written mail shots
                                    You can choose from our suite of pre-approved
take a more tailored and targeted
                                    letter templates, which are available for
approach, focusing on specific      immediate use and cover all product areas.*
subsets of customers from your      Design services
client bank, using a mixture of     If you have a specific requirement that falls
the following to communicate        outside our current offering, we can look at
                                    creating a bespoke mailing based on your brief,
your message.                       for an additional cost.

                                    Topical mailings
                                    As industry changes occur we periodically
                                    issue topical mailing from the latest on RDR
                                    legislation - to changes in allowance/rates
                                    and industry reactions.

                                    Client newsletters
                                    We can offer you a pre-written client newsletter,
                                    which is personalised with your company logo
                                    and contact details. Client Newsletters are an

ideal way to ensure you keep in touch with your       date (e.g. two months before their tie-in period
clients and showcase your services to them.           ends or on their birthday).

Email marketing                                       Our Bankhall discount means you pay a
                                                      reduced annual fee of £199 and all emails
Email is a simple and cost effective, yet powerful
                                                      that you send during the year are included.
means of communicating with your clients.

It can be used to inform, remind or persuade
existing and potential clients, and it has now        What next?
overtaken Direct Mail in popularity.                  For further information about the Bankhall
                                                      Marketing Toolkit, call 0845 003 0400, OPT 1,
You can send emails about the services you
                                                      email or visit
offer, issue topical updates and attach
newsletters or forms to complete. It can also be
a great way to collate information about clients.

Our Bankhall Smartmailer Pro email solution
allows you to create targeted campaigns for each
client group (e.g. clients who have yet to
purchase life insurance or income protection) and
triggers allow you to send email campaigns to         *Please note you are ultimately responsible for the content of
individual clients automatically on a predetermined   your web site and for sign-off from a Compliance perspective.
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