Be Awesome_

					Imagine life being everything you want it to be! What if I told you it was easier than
you think to take charge and forge your own path? The Law of Attraction tells us that
we attract the things in life we think about the most. What that means is that if we
concentrate on being successful and surround ourselves with happy people, we can
build a life we've always dreamed of! We only have to be willing to adopt the
discipline to rid ourselves of negativity.

Negative thinking about any subject - whether it's about what someone has said to us,
what someone has done to us, or even if we feel we've let ourselves down - leads us to
a point where we begin to lose control of our optimism. Harboring negative feelings
will alter the way in which you think about the life around you. But we can change it!
We can learn how to let go of those unhealthy thoughts and emotions, and begin to
heal ourselves from within.

KNOW in your mind that YOU are in charge of your own being - the physical AND
the mental. BELIEVE that you CAN take control of yourself and your surroundings
and you WILL.

Your life can be more amazing than you've ever known!

The first step to creating this new life is to start feeling good about yourself. Feeling
good starts from within, and it is only when we are truly happy with ourselves that we
can begin to positively influence our own circumstances. Make the changes you know
you can first. For instance, a smile is a contagious thing, and it is a great start to
making every day a new beginning. Make a conscious effort to smile at everyone you
meet and you will already begin to feel better with all of the smiles you begin
receiving back! Before you know it, there will be praise coming your direction with
people wondering "what's new with you?!"

Fuel this new you with a healthy diet and add daily exercise. You've heard this many
times, but it is so very true! Eating fruits and vegetables will provide the necessary
vitamins and minerals your body needs to remain strong. Your energy level will begin
to increase, and you will feel renewed in mind, body and spirit! I want to point out
that just taking a walk around your house, climbing stairs in your home, or simply
walking in place can make a tremendous difference in how you view yourself! Now is
the time to take action! As soon as you are finished viewing this website, get up and
MOVE AROUND! Then voila! You have started making the journey!! Grab a glass of
water and start that cleansing process you know you crave! You can do it!!

And just when you thought it wouldn't get any better, you will discover that this new
way of "being" will not only make you feel better, but it will help you look younger
too! Your new energy will radiate from you and others around you will want to tell
you how great it is being around you! As you're reading this right now, if there are any
doubts in your mind, it is because subconsciously you are holding yourself back from
"getting your hopes up." You need to erase this way of thinking immediately! YOU
are in control of what happens to you! It is not hard to smile, and it's not hard to walk
around your house (exempting those with medical conditions)! And while it might be
a little bit of work changing your eating habits, once you begin to consciously decide
to drink a tall glass of water and grab that piece of fruit instead of, say potato chips,
your body will begin to crave that water and fruit on a regular basis! So go ahead! Get
started now!

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