; Baja Peninsula' The Home Of Sun_ Sea And Sands
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Baja Peninsula' The Home Of Sun_ Sea And Sands


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									Sun filled vacations

Baja California, Mexico is simply divine. There are no words to express the free and
non crowded beaches, the golden days filled with sunshine and the perfect weather
that lasts the year around, cooled by the rich sea-laden breezes. There are just too
many activities to do in the Baja peninsula, and appeals to just about everyone. So
whether one is looking for a sports adventure or a quite trek through ancient ruins to,
Baja peninsula has it all. The variety of water sports is mind boggling, with surfing
and kayaking topping the list, along with other activities such as diving, snorkeling,
sailing and fishing.

Affordable real estate lures immigrants

The magic of the free and unfettered lifestyle and simple lifestyle appeals to all people
and thousands of immigrants flock the shores of Baja California Mexico. The
inexpensive housing has sent the Baja California real estate flourishing, with many
retirees and migrants seeking to own an apartment, a beach condo or a villa. Many
wonderful options are available as the Baja peninsula boasts of beautiful sparsely
populated beaches, coves and bays. Convenient oceanfront houses are available, open
to the seas and sun, as well as villas and beach homes with all amenities like pool,
play courts; club houses etc, in the Baja California real estate options.

There are timeshare options available to vacationers who prefer to share the
ownership as they are only present in the vacations. There are about 200,000+
Americans living in Baja peninsula, some of them have jobs and have accepted this
land as their home, other continue to hold American passports.

Vacation spots- easy to get there But no vacation in the Baja Peninsula is complete
without a visit to Mexicali, the capital of Baja California, about 63 kms from the US
border. In spite of its arid desert location Mexicali is watered through a system of
aquifers in the valley, which was built to encourage agriculture. Mexicali Baja
California now produces grapefruit, dates, vegetables, alfalfa, cotton, and cottonseed
oil. Many US companies have set up base in Mexicali Baja California due to the
availability of cheap labour.

Mexicali Baja California also relies on tourism and visitors cross by foot or car from
Calexico in the United States every day. The welcoming atmosphere of Mexicali Baja
California includes delicious food in Mexican restaurants, taco stands, music shows,
bars and dance clubs attract tourists to this city. Shops selling Mexican crafts and
souvenirs are also located in walking distance from the border.

Another attraction for the young students from many high school and colleges is the
low drinking age of 18years in Baja California, Mexico, as opposed to 21 years in the
United States.
Rosarito - Where the mountains meet the sea

Rosarito Baja California is another favorite vacation spot as it is conveniently located
20 minutes south of the border from San Diego, California; USA is a perfect weekend
getaway. The proximity to the border and stunning location as the coastal foothills
greets the Pacific Ocean, makes the Rosarito Beach one of the leading resort towns in
Baja California Mexico.

Whatever be the reason, the enchantment of the Baja peninsula lures the tourist with
its simple life and natural charisma. The dream vacation is closer than you think, and
the way to it is inexpensive, so pack those bags and get moving!

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