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					Bait fishing for crappie in the fall can sometimes be very confusing. As the water
starts to cool the crappies normal feeding and living patterns are unpredictable.
Patterns you were anticipating and using in the late summer months may not work in
the fall. The bait fish have stopped spawning so there is more competition for the
remaining bait fish. The fact can actually work to your advantage, there are a few
facts about bait fishing for crappie in the fall that you need to study on first.

It is true that the bait fish will be larger and you would think that you would need
increase your crappie jig size in this fishing situation to match the size of the crappie's
food source and in many occasions you would be right. But what you need to
understand in the late fall as the water temperature continues to drop, that the
crappie's metabolism will drop. and the crappie will not chase your crappie jigs unless
you use a very slow bait fishing presentation.

Now I am going to tell you something that goes against your logic and what you
would normally do when the food source for the crappie is at a larger size. In the later
fall and winter you can use smaller jig sizes or use some method to slow way down
your larger crappie jigs. The reason many crappie anglers use a smaller bait fishing
presentation such as small jigs is because they float downward through the water at
much slower pace and perfect for the slow and sluggish crappie in the late fall and
winter months.

OK I Mentioned above briefly that you can still use larger crappie jigs as your bait
fishing method but they need to worked in the water very slowly. If you are going to
fish for crappie with a larger crappie jig then you need to use a heavier line because
heavy line sinks much slower in the water. Also you a slip bobber to fish in deeper

Also, When you catch your first crappie clean the fish and see what the crappie has
been eating so you can get a good idea of what the size of the bait fish are they are

Well folks that concludes my article about bait fishing for crappie in the fall and
winter I sincerely hope the information here has been helpful, Have A Nice Day!

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