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Bath Archers by dfsiopmhy6


									        Minutes of the Meeting held at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 8th June, 2010,
                          at The Clubhouse, Batheaston,

Present:     Joan Cottle; David Cottle; Colin Deacon; Kay Deacon; Steve Hammond;
             Mark Ricketts; Philip Simmons; Sue Smith; Jim Veakins; Harry White

1.   Apologies: Stephen Cottle; Eric Lucas; Alan Lippiatt; Matthew Rowley;
     Richard Head; Paul Wilkins

2.   Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday, 11 th May, 2010
     Agreed. Signed by the Chairman.

3.   Matters Arising
     MoD Sports Day – The Committee agreed to Robin Jarvis’s request for five              KD
     targets and stands to taken to the Sulis Club on the 2 nd July, with transport for
     the collection and return of the equipment to be arranged by the Defence Sports
     and Recreation Authority at a cost of £200 for the day. KD to e:mail Robin.

4.   Officers’ Reports
     Chairman: JV said he was really impressed by everyone’s efforts at the lessons
     on Saturday, 5th June, and for making the students feel welcome.

     Treasurer: Accounts – the opening balance at the 11th May, 2010, is £5,087.52,
     with credits of £1,265.00, debits of £1,343.23. The Deposit Account balance is
     £21,763.17, giving a total balance of £26,772.46.

     Hayesfield School Lessons – Provisional arrangements have been made for up            SS
     to 16 students to have lessons at the field on Friday, 25 th June, at a cost of
     £5.00 per student, up to a possible total of £80.00. PS, KD, JC, and DC have
     volunteered to help set up four bosses at 2.00 p.m. and coach the students, CD
     will help with setting up and any other duties, and JV and HW will check to see if
     they can be available. Sue to check whether photographs and a report in the
     Press can be permitted. If successful, lessons could possibly be arranged for
     September/October, with a further two sets of lessons next year. The Chairman
     thanked Sue for her efforts.

     Secretary – Replied to Elizabeth Mynott giving names of Members re elector
     support, and to Hilary Collins re our decision on the Frostbite.

     Club Captain – The first Club FITA 70 competition on Saturday and Sunday, 5th
     and 6th June, was success with 22 shooting over both days, and 17 shooting
     either Saturday or Sunday. The results are on the notice board in the
     Clubhouse and will also be put onto the website. Seven people shot better than
     their handicap, Kathy Hammond shot a Bowman score, Ron Parsons shot a
     second class score. JC suggested shooting other rounds, e.g. a Western.
     Seven trophies, engraved crystal ones to keep and a cup to be returned each
     year, are needed for this competition for longbow, recurve, barebow, compound
     and handicap at a cost of about £7.00 for each trophy. JC suggested an entry
     fee of 50p/£1.00 in future to cover costs.
     MR would like to run an open FITA 70m and a Head to Head on one day, or an
     open friendly FITA on one day, but nothing to be done until the overshoot
     problem is resolved.

     The Lalique Trophy competition is to be held on 12 th September at our Club field   MR
     starting at 10.30 a.m. and shooting a Western. MR to inform Salisbury that this
     is agreeable to us. He is also hoping to make this a regular competition
     between Salisbury and Bath on the second Sunday in September in future.

     MR has still not heard from Cheltenham for Bath to go to Cheltenham.

     Equipment Officer: Not present at the meeting.

     Tournament Secretaries:
     Albion – Nothing to report.
     Hereford – Date on entry form has been corrected to Sunday, 8 th August. One
     entry received so far. Because of the overshoot problem, PS suggested that
     tents should not be allowed so that the shooting line could be moved back 10
     yards to accommodate any compound archers. After discussion it was agreed
     that tents should be allowed.
     Longbow – RH not present at the meeting.

     Records Officer – Nothing to report.

     Membership Secretary: Six applications from the first set of lessons have been
     received (Imran Ashan, Tom Blackman (Junior), Nikkie Brown, Colin Irving,
     Trudy Luscombe and Emma McMahon ). Peter Brooke and Darren Stevens
     were from Paul Wilkins’s classes. All were approved.

     JC had received a request from Luke Tomkinson until the end of July, with the       SH
     breakdown being £36.00 GNAS, £10.00 SCAA and GWAS, and £14.00 Club,
     totalling £60.00. SH to e:mail him.

     JC has no more full sets of Clubhouse keys. Agreed to have five sets cut.           JC

     Coaching Organiser: First set of lessons completed and seven people joined.
     PW started the second set of lessons on Saturday, 5th June. Three people from
     the first set of lessons shot on Saturday, and one on Sunday. The Chairman
     thanked SH for getting the lessons up and running.

5.   Achievements:
     Gerry Gilmour won the FITA 70 on Saturday, 5th June, and is now the UK FITA
     Master Champion, and also won the head to head. On Sunday, 6 th June, she
     won the Ladies FITA.

     Sue Smith came first at Burnham on Saturday, 30th May, and third on Sunday,
     6th June, at Minchinhampton.

     Kay Deacon won the Handicap on Sunday, 6th June.

     Ron Parsons achieved his Second Class.

6.   Instruction of New Archers/Taster Sessions
     SH drafted a letter following the decision to raise our concerns, and it was        KD
     agreed to send letters signed by our Chairman to the Chairmen of the SCAA
     and GWAS, with a copy to the GNAS Chief Executive and GNAS Development
     Co-Ordinator. The letter will also be e:mailed to the Secretaries of the SCAA,
     Devon and Cornwall, Dorset and Wiltshire, and Gloucester Clubs. KD to action.

     Policies/Volunteers – SH also drafted a set of policies on taster sessions and      SH
     “have-a-go’s”, which were agreed. Also agreed that these sessions should be
     held on the third Saturday of the month either morning or afternoon in June, July
     and August, and that SH should put this onto the website.

     Discussion took place on the level of income required by the Club for any future
     expenditure. Although the legal dispute in respect of access to the field has
     been closed for the time being, it is necessary to ensure that a cash reserve is
     available if there is a recurrence of the problem. Agreed to discuss the amount
     of cash reserve at the next meeting.

7.   GB Progressive Badge Scheme
     DC reported that Archery GB is bringing out a junior badge scheme similar to        DC
     the school’s AAS, which we have signed up to. The juniors shoot once per
     dozen arrows at different distances. Agreed to purchase 10 badges at £2.00
     each totalling £20.

8.   Transplant Games
     The request from Robin Jarvis for Bath Archers to support the Transplant            KD
     Games was discussed, and some Members have already volunteered to assist.
     Agreed to support the Games at a cost of £500. KD to inform Robin of the
     Committee’s decision.

9.   AOB
     Mr. & Mrs. Trohpy – JC reported a slight error on the trophy. Agreed to
     engrave 2009 again.

     Medals – SH passed round the proof of the die cast sample. Agreed to go             KH
     ahead with medals.

     Archives – Still awaiting return of Secretary’s box from EL. MR reported that
     documents from 1985 to 1990, and 1999 to 2004 are missing. Agreed that in
     future the Secretary should keep the last two/three years’ Committee meeting
     Agenda and Minutes.

10. Time, Date & Location of next Meeting

     7.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 6th July, 2010, at the Clubhouse, Batheaston.

Signed:……………………………………………….                                  Date:………………………………

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