Baby Boomers- Your Retirement Solution Is Easy

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					It's no secret that Baby Boomers have been hit hard by the Global Financial Crisis,
but with retirement on their doorstep what do they do with a net worth down by up to
40% and time running out before they reach their ideal retirement age?

In ideal circumstances they would rather wind their career down and focus on more
important things like quality time with their family and traveling to parts of the world
they had always wanted.

In an astounding statistic, the amount of citizens in Australia alone that expect to work
past 70 has doubled since 2006 and 69% of American Baby Boomers will rely on
working at least a part time job during retirement.

And of those who expect to work during retirement:

· 68% will do so just to cover basic expenses,

· 23% want to stay busy, and

· 52% will work so they can receive employer health benefits.

It is no doubt that Baby Boomers have heard these sort of statistics before, but they
have either brushed them off or tried to approach the problem with little idea of their
financial options.

They have heard they can make money in the:

· Stock Market - But a baby Boomer is generally going to be advised to invest
on a medium to long-term basis, with a conservative approach. In 20 years time they
may see great results but at 70 to 80 years of age, some would consider this too late to
enjoy properly.

· Property - Property is great, but once again the time factor comes into play in
which Baby Boomers are somewhat short of in investing respects.

· Term Deposits - Term deposits will give a guaranteed return at an increased
rate of interest compared to savings accounts, but the problem here lies that without a
decent lump some that you can afford to lock away for at least a year, deposits can be
less than suitable.

You can see the issues a Baby Boomer has in front of them in regards to investing. So
what can they seriously do to make their retirement financially comfortable?

Business has long been recognized as the most successful way of creating wealth, but
to start from scratch or even buy a franchise is a daunting ask for a Baby Boomer.
Sure. A franchise has a lot of work involved in it and starting a business from scratch
would be a nightmare for many.

The world has changed though. Businesses:

· Don't need to have shop fronts now.

· They don't need to have costly inventory that you need to store somewhere.

· 16-hour days during the start up phase have gone out the window.

Successful business is being done online everyday by millions of people in ethical
customer focused home-based businesses. These businesses have high profit margin,
high quality products with turnkey marketing systems that make running them a

This approach to business can make the Baby Boomer generation uncomfortable as
they have spent their lives knowing only bricks and mortar operations and can often
feel they're out of their depth online.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Take action and at the least research what
home business can do for you. It is your retirement after all.