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Autumn 2010

  Super Fruit!
  The bold
  & the burgundy
                                                           A world
                                                           of bulbs

     Time to prune & tidy
                                                                           Plant Spring
                                                                           bulbs now!
       * Available while stocks last
       * Trade discounts do not apply and quantities are limited           It’s the perfect time
       * Stock available in most stores

      Ixia Regular                                   Daffodils Assorted                                      35p/pack
       50 p/pack                                         20 p/pack

   R4995                                              R7995                                           R 2995
                                                                                                   l 40c
                                                                                              Bow nt
                                                                                         otto es pla
                                                                               Pl   astiC    d
                                                                   Freesia Ye
                                                                   2 x 35p/p llow

             ixed Value
Ranunculus M /pack
   Pack 200 p

   R 4995

                                                        Flower Bulb Food                         Book Growing
                                                             500g                                 Bulbs in SA
           2 x 15 p/pack
                                                        R3995                                    R8995
Editors Letter
                           Autumn 2010 is going to be fabulous!
                           There’s lots of water in the Highveld
                           ground and this is fantastic for
                           planting bulbs, new trees, shrubs and
                           lawns. Take full advantage of the
                                                                   Contacting us
                           wonderful privilege to garden, and
                           with the cooler days you will have      You can contact us on
                           more energy to prepare your garden
                           for the autumn and winter months.
                                                                   0861 G A R D E N (427336)
                             In this issue we bring you the joy
                           of planting spring bulbs and planting   Queries:
                          them now will herald the ‘Surprise of    To provide you with excellent service, we have a team
Spring’. We are proud to introduce our collection of Berries —     of dedicated and passionate gardening experts and
Nature’s Super Fruit: Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries,      there are several ways of directing your gardening
Gooseberries and Goji berries. We also encourage you to            queries to us: Visit our website:,
spend a bit of time on your lawn — traditionally not a time to     call 0861 G A R D E N or alternatively email us on
scarify and aerate — however, a mini lawn make-over will go a
long way to produce an even better spring lawn!          
  Book now for our evening ‘Gardening with Wildlife in Mind’
at GardenShop Broadacres where we aim to make your
garden a better place for wildlife : birds, butterflies, bees,
 and all other creatures                                           Have your contact details changed?
Happy gardening,                                                   If any of your contact details have changed (address, tel,
Deborah                                                            e-mail or cell) please let us know on 0861 G-A-R-D-E-N
                                                                   (427336) and we will have them updated.
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                                                                                                   AUTUMN 2010 GARDENTALK       3
                                    iving your kikuyu and other ’hard’ variety lawns a little

                             G      attention now after it has endured the rigours of summer
                                    will make all the difference in spring. Follow GardenShop’s
                             simple steps for a good looking winter lawn that will also make
                             your spring lawn rejuvenation programme less arduous.

                              Step 1: Mow
                              Continue mowing regularly through autumn. Take the lawn clippings and put
                              them together with other garden material into your compost heap.

                              Step 2: Removing the thatch
                              Rake out the moss, dead grass and other debris that has collected over the
                              summer months. Don’t worry if it looks a bit patchy it will recover quickly.

                              Step 3: Spike the lawn
                              Use an aerator or garden fork to spike holes into your lawn especially in those
                              areas where the lawn has endured a lot of foot traffic. I would strongly advice
                              that you hire a lawn aerator if you have a lot of lawn however if you want to
                              tone your upper arms the garden fork will certainly do the trick. This will not
                              only allow more oxygen to the roots but will also prevent compaction of the
                              ground. The spikes should be about 8cm deep and every meter or so.
                              Concentrate on the trouble bald spots.

                              Step 4: Fertilise
                              The purpose of autumn lawn fertilising is different to spring lawn fertilising,
                              the difference in autumn is that you want to give it an endurance feed that
                              will keep it healthy through the winter months, whereas the spring feed is for
                              boosting and recovery.
                                  GardenShop recommends an organic fertiliser like UpSurge for producing
                              healthy autumn lawn, alternatively use Efekto’s Wonder Lawns and Foliage.

                              Step 5: The topping
                              Top-dressing your lawn now will benefit lawns with poor nutrient levels, such
                              as clay, chalk or sand. Merely apply a thin layer of sifted topsoil or lawn dressing.

                              Step 6: Balding bare patches
                              Now’s the time to sort out those annoying bald patches on the lawn. These
                              are easily fixed by loosening up the soil with the prongs of a fork and
                              sprinkling grass seed thinly over the top. Keep well watered in dry spells to
                              encourage quick establishment.

                 GardenShop’s World of Bulbs
                 Autumn is the perfect time to start buying and planting bulbs. Bulbs planted in autumn will
                 flower in spring. That's the hard fact .The fun fact is that nothing is easier to grow or more colourfully
                  rewarding than flower bulbs. Even the most unskilled gardener can create a breathtaking and beautiful spring
                  garden with bulbs. From March through to May GardenShop will have hundreds of bulbs for you to choose
from: Dutch Iris, Freesia, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Ixia, Sparaxis, Anemones, Ranunculus, Waterblommetjies, Leucojums, Muscari,
Chinchirinchees, Tritonias and Tulbachia and many, many more. Tulips become available in April. Here are some ideas on where
to plant spring flowering bulbs;

                     Among Ground Cover Areas: For a look                              A Welcoming Front Door: Use containers
                     both casual and sophisticated, try planting                       of flowers to create colourful focal points at
                     bunches of taller daffodils and tulips to                         your front door. Select pots of different
                     bloom amidst ground covers such as ivy.                           styles and sizes for bulb flowers of different
                     Another option: use the bulbs to outline                          heights and flowering times — then mix
                     an existing bed of ground cover or other                          and match. In larger containers, plant a
                     plantings. To create a ribbon effect, plant                       mixture of many bulbs to achieve months
                     bulbs in double lines, in staggered posi-                         of successive flowering. These can be
                     tions. This way the line isn't broken if any                      planted in layers, with larger bulbs such as
                     bulbs bloom earlier or later than the                             tulips, hyacinths and daffodils about 6 cm
others. In either case, when the flowers fade in spring, the        deep and smaller bulbs such as crocus, snowdrops and grape
ground cover will hide the fading foliage.                          hyacinths at 2-3cm down.

Simple Tips for
Spectacular Bulb Results
Soil preparation
In order to achieve the best results the soil should be
prepared correctly. This ensures the best use of water
and sufficient nutrients for the bulbs. The soil should
first be loosened to a spade depth. Then add about half
a bag of compost per m2. To this area, add 2 scooped
handfuls of superphosphate and 4 scooped handfuls of
2:3:2. Alternately, you can scatter 200g of Hadeco Bulb
Food or Seedling food over the area.
     Work the fertiliser in and water the area to settle the
soil. Leave the ground to dry out slightly. You can now
plant out the bulbs.

It is essential that bulbs be planted at the correct time
for optimal flowering. Mass plant your bulbs to give a
good show of colour. Any bulbs that are to be planted
in pots should be planted in potting soil. Whether
planting in pots or into the ground, use Hadeco bulb
food when planting as this food contains all the
nutrients that bulbs need.
     If the bulbs are well watered and the soil is correctly
prepared, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking
show of flowers!

                                                                                                       AUTUMN 2010 GARDENTALK           5
Autumn                                                                            What to do in
                                                                                  your garden
                                                                                  during the cooler
                                                                                  autumn days

             Time to
                                  prune and tidy
    • Remove summer annuals                                      • Sow flower seeds like
    • Start preparing and planning                                   primulas,sweet peas, stocks,
     beds for spring flowering                                       delphiniums, gazania and
     bulbs like Hyacinths, Daffodils,                                Iceland poppies
     Ixias, Sparaxis, Anemones,                                  •   An ideal time to create a
     Ranunculus, Waterblommetjies,                                   new lawn using seed or
     Leucojums                                                       grass
                                                                 •   Plant shrubs and trees to
                                                                     ensure a good start in
                                                                     spring, as roots will have
                                 • Plant fruit bearing berry         time to establish through
                                 bushes like strawberries,           the winter months
                                 raspberries and blackberries    •   Divide and split perennials
                                 • Plant winter culinary herbs       and groundcovers like
                                 like thyme, oreganum,               agapanthus, dietes, red-hot
                                 chervil, parsley and sage.          pokers, ornamental grasses,
                                                                     day lilies, alstromerias and
                                                                 •   Transplant plants in
                                                                     autumn so that they have
                                                                     time to settle
                                                                 •   Prune back and clean
                                                                     out hedges
                                                                 •   Citrus trees can be fed with
                                                                     Rose Food and Magnesium
                                                                     Sulphate (Epson Salts)
                                                                 •   Continue spraying your
                                                                     roses on a fortnightly basis
                                                                     to prevent both fungal and
                                                                     disease attacks
                                                                 •   Continue to fertilise and
                                                                     water your lawn
                                                                 •   Mulch your beds with lawn
                                                                     clippings, fallen leaves and
                                                                     bark chips to prevent loss
                                                                     of moisture
                                                                 •   Start your own compost
                                                                 •   Start your own wormery -
                                                                     to create the best garden
                                                                     compost you will ever lay
                                                                     your hands on
                                                                 •   Start feeding the birds –
                                                                     hang up some feeders with
                                                                     a variety of seeds to attract
                                                                     different birds.


        An undemanding
        colour in any garden

The Bold & the
          1. Pokon Geranium Plant Food Formulated
             especially for geraniums to encourage and
             prolong flowering. Available from R89.95

          2. Succulents Echeveria ‘Metallica’ Very
             showy succulent ideal for rock and dry
             gardens. Available from R19.95

          3. Burgundy Iceberg Masses of velvet,
             burgundy flowers festoon the bushes.
             Available from R99.95                                            5
          4. Nandina domestica ‘Fire Power’
             Compact dwarf shrub with bright green,
    4        broad leaves turning bright red in winter.
             Available from R79.95

          5. Pansy Plants Pansy seedlings for cheerful
             autumn colour. Seedling trays available
             from R24.95 per tray

          6. Beetroot Sow Beetroot seed in March and
             April. Available for R14.95 per packet

          7. Coleus Plant Coleus in a protected
             position in the garden. Plants available
             from R19.95.


                                                          AUTUMN 2010 GARDENTALK   7
             Adlus 3lt Pressure sprayer
             • 3 litre capacity
                                                         • Standard aluminium
             • Adjustable spray
             • Carry strap
                                                         • Suitable for cutting
             • Pressure release valve
                                                           flowers and young
             • Angled nozzle

                             Adlus Hedge Shear
                             • Wooden handle
                             • Wave ground blade for
                               easy cutting
                             • Adjustable tension
                                                         Twister 2000
                                                         • Powerful 2000w motor giving
                                                            280 km/h blow speed
                                                         • 167L per second vacuum
Flymo Easicut                                               speed
• Diamond ground double action blades for faster,        • High shredding ratio of 10:1
  neater fininsh                                          • Weight (Packed) 6kg
• Unique central handle designed for easier, safer use   • Weight (Unpacked) 4.2 kg
• Spiral self retracting safety cable with belt clip     • Collection Capacity: 45L

       Tel: (011) 315-0223 Fax: (011) 805-2774
The              Berry Collection                                                                   Nature’s Super fruit

       erries are nature’s super fruits and this autumn season GardenShop is delighted to offer our garden

B      enthusiasts a variety of different berry plants that will certainly be an asset and delight to anyone
       already growing or wanting to grow their own edible crops. These berries are bursting with a host
of culinary and medicinal properties, so don’t hesitate to get some into your garden. Our Berry Collection
for autumn are Goji berries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries and Gooseberries.

                         Variety: Chinese Wolfberry • Botanical Name: Lycium barbarum
                                     Goji berries are full of many beneficial properties. People who consume Goji berries on a
                                        regular basis notice other benefits such as better eyesight, great hair color, improved
                                         libido, improvement in mood, more quality sleep, a definite enhancement in their energy
                                           levels, and an overall brighter outlook on life. Dried Goji berries are a great way to
                                            improve your health while enjoying a tasty treat!
                                               Plant in semi-shade to full sun. This perennial berry is a spiny woody shrub that can
                               grow to height of 3m. It prefers to grow in a sandy/clay soil. It will flower in summer followed by
                          red berries. It is suggested to cut back all growth in spring as well as pruning 2 to 3 times a year.
Ideal to use as a hedge or as a stabliser for sandy banks since it has a very good root system.
Available at GardenShop for R175.00

Raspberries                     Variety: Heritage
                                Botanical Name: Rubus idaeus

                                     This red variety has a sweet flavour and fruit
                                        that is firm. The medium sized fruits are full
                                     of flavour, firm and ideal for freezing. Plant in
                                       full sun in a well drained soil. Raspberries
                                     require a trellis staking as it tends to ramble.
                                        Water well throughout the growth period,
                                     cut the plant back in winter. R89.95
                                                                                         Variety: Berkeley Highbush
Blackberries                                                                             Botanical Name: Vaccinium corymbosum
Variety: Lochness
Botanical Name: Rubus fruticosus                                                         The highbush blueberry requires full sun
                                                                                         for optimum yield and quality and grows
Fruits are eaten raw, cooked, made into                                                  best where the soil is very acidic and well
jam, syrup, cordials, jellies, wine and to                                               supplied with moisture. The level of acidity
flavour vinegar. This variety is semi-ever-                                              must be maintained throughout.
green with a sprawling growing habit                                                     Blueberry bushes have very shallow root
that will grow up to 4 meters. Like the                                                  systems and are very sensitive to water
raspberry plant it also requires support to                                              fluctuations and it is important to put
prevent it from getting out of hand. Plant                                               generous amounts of mulch — like saw-
in full sun. Blackberries grow very well in                                              dust, straw or peatmoss — around the
cold winters. R175.00                                                                    plant to prevent water loss, to keep the
                                                                                         roots cool and to kerb weed growth.
                                                                                         Blueberries should start producing fruit
                                                                                         after the third season of planting. R89.95

                                              Variety: Cape Gooseberry • Botanical Name: Physalis peruviana

                                        This easy-to-grow perennial, berry plant usually grows up to 1m high and is also
                                        known as the Chinese lantern plant. The golden berries, surrounded by an enlarged
                                        calyx, are popularly used in pies and jams. Plant in full sun. Spacing of 60cm between
                                        plants. Requires regular watering until established. Water thereafter when needed.
Well-draining, compost-enriched loamy soil with added 500g of superphosphate p.m². Generous layers of mulching.
Harvesting is done when the surrounding calyx is light brown and almost dry, the fruit inside should be yellow. R89.95

                                                                                                       AUTUMN 2010 GARDENTALK           9
                                   for Birds
                                    Water gardens can open up a
                                    fascinating new world to
                                    enthusiastic gardeners, but also
                                    to enthusiastic birders.

                                     With the tranquility that water brings to
                                     your garden so will it bring an array of
                                     different bird species. Water in the garden
                                     in the form of a pond, running stream, bird
bath or water feature is an instant attraction for birds not only to drink from,
but also for them to clean themselves. With the correct choice of plants, you
can create any size of tropical atmosphere, which will in turn lend a touch of
coolness and extend a welcome invitation to birds in your area. A wide variety
of interesting water features and ponds are currently available, and can be used
to great advantage to create a focal point. The correct choice of plants to plant
in or around your water garden is very important as they will also be of added
benefit and enjoyment to visiting birds.

Typical plants for any water garden:

Western Cape Thatching Reed – Chondropetalum tectorum. Beautiful tuft-
forming ornamental grass. Excellent plant for containers, wetlands and
coastal areas. It is hardy. This reed grass will grow to a height of 1.5metres.
Birds will use bits of the reed as building material for their nests.

Umbrella sedge – Cyperus papyrus ‘nanus’, a clump-forming plant sending
up stems of 45cm in favorable conditions. Each stem bears a graceful crown
of grass-like leaves radiating like the spokes of an umbrella. It can be grown
in damp soil and full sun or a as water plant. Birds will love to nest and forage
amongst the clumps, as well as using for building nests.

Water lily – Nymphaea, that has circular, floating leaves and beautiful floating
flowers in blue, pink or yellow. Water Lilies grow best in calm freshwater. The
Water Lily's leaves shade the water keeping it cool and thus allowing for
more dissolved oxygen.

                                       EARTH HOUR
                                           27 March
   Join people across the globe by turning off your lights for one hour
              in a unified call for action on climate change.

  Have an Earth Hour braai, dinner or party in the dark. Have an Earth Hour
   picnic and admire the stars. Be part of a global call to action showing
     world leaders that it’s time they got serious about climate change.

             Pledge your commitment at

                                                                                    AUTUMN 2010 GARDENTALK   11
      P erfect patios
           Super sunrooms                      in Menlo Park
                                          Helping you make the most of
                                                  your garden.
                                       At GardenShop Menlo Park, not only can they
                                       provide the best products for your garden, but
                                       they also offer a cost-effective solution for those
                                       nagging garden issues.

                                       GardenShop’s GardenGuru service is here to solve your
                                       gardening problems and queries, offering practical
                                       planting and design solution in the comfort of your own
                                       garden. Allowing you to then implement these ideas at
                                       your own pace.

                                       The Service:
                                       The service will allow for a one hour consultation in your
                                       own garden where you can discuss your unique gardening
                                       problems such as:
                                       • Design and plant solutions for difficult sites, slopes
                                         and soils.
                                       • How to deal with awkward or odd shaped areas
                                       • How to create a focal point
                                       • Which plants to remove, move, replace or highlight
                                       • Low maintenance ideas
                                       • How to care for your special plants
                                       • Any insect, fungal or seed problems that might plague you
                                       • Please note that due to the low cost, no sketches or
                                         design drawing can be produced.
                                       • The cost is just R350*

              Skylite Design cc        *But please note, payment is required prior to the
           Telephone: (011) 640-5016   GardenGuru consultation. This cost refers to visits within a
                                       5- 10 km radius of GardenShop Menlo Park. Visits further a
             Hotline: 082 448 1101     field can be arranged at a small cost. To book a
                                       GardenGuru consultation call GardenShop Menlo Park
                    Gauteng only       on 012 460-5137 and speak to Johan.

Garden ResQ greywater diverter                                    Eco-composter
The Garden ResQ greywater diverter unit uses grey water from      The 470 litre Composter is
the home bathroom to irrigate a small to medium-sized garden.     the perfect size for a medium
Irrigation takes place immediately a shower is switched on or a   garden. It is made from
bath is drained, avoiding the need for storing grey water in      recycled plastic and is
large holding tanks. The complete irrigation process is auto-     supplied in flat pack form.
mated and therefore no intervention is required by the user.      The sliding side panels
Irrigation is thus only performed for short periods of time,      double as rakes to sweep up
generally at times of the day where there is little or no         all those garden clipping
evaporation. The unit can be connected to an existing low         into your composter.
pressure irrigation system (excluding those with pop up or
                            mist type nozzles) or a standard                                      It also had a hole it the top, to
                              20mm hosepipe with Gardena                                             insert a hosepipe, to keep
                                  type sprinkler head.                                                  your composting material
                                                                                                         moist. We recommend
                              Full product information and                                                the use of a compost
                              installation diagrams can be                                                activator like Wonder
                              found on Garden ResQ’s                                                      Compost activator
                              website:                                                 from Efekto to speed
                              or contact Philip Schedler                                                   up the composting
                              (Gauteng) on 082 556 8884 or                                                 process.
                              Mark Joubert (Cape Town and
                                                                                                         Available at
                              rest of SA) on 082 782 3927
                                                                                                         GardenShop from
                                The Garden ResQ currently
                                  retails for R2995.00
                                  including shipping
                                      from Cape Town.

                                                                                                   AUTUMN 2010 GARDENTALK
                               Gardenex & Green Living Fair
                               Coca Cola dome, Gauteng, 26 - 28 March 2010,
                                           09H00 - 18h00 daily
                                 Adults R45, Pensioners R35, Children under 16 Free.

                              South Africa’s top Gardening and Green Living Show is back
                              for its 17th year, showcasing the latest in landscaping ideas,
                              gardening and outdoor products and stunning plants and
                              flowers. Come and see the launch of the new Mara Louw Rose,
                              Child Welfare SA’s vegetable tunnels, our Green Living exhibit,
                              kitten shows, Koi exhibits, book launches, your favourite
                              gardening celebrities and what’s new and hot in the green
                              scene. And, one lucky winner and partner will be jetting off to
                              Mauritius courtesy of Preskil Beach Resort and Thomsons
                              Holidays. Do not miss the fun and excitement. There is some-
                              thing for everyone.
                              Visit for more information.

                                         Bird fe r kit
                                          starteeed and suet)
                                           kg bir
                                    (incl 1

                                A FULL RANGE OF AUTUMN AND WINTER SEEDS
                                  NOW AVAILABLE IN ALL GardenShop STORES

                                Customer Care: 0861 blossom (0861 236776)

with Wildlife
                                                              Did you
Making your garden a bet-
ter place for wildlife doesn't
mean turning it into a wilderness.
The evening will help show you the relationship
between garden plants and creatures that depend               Our website will provide you with GardenCare
on them, and will also offer you the chance to 'do            leaflets – detailed information on a wide variety
your bit' for nature                                          of plants, a store locator guide, facility to register
Stopping the use of pesticides will mean more bees,           online for our GardenReward programme, read
ladybirds, frogs, birds and butterflies. A less manicured     or download GardenTalk – our lifestyle magazines
garden will be appreciated by birds and mammals. If you       and to see what products and plants we have
want to create areas to benefit wild species - a pond, a      on promotion.
hedge or grassland - this evening will help - with wildlife     Also to make your life easier, GardenShop’s
gardening tips, eco-gardening products, birds and birding     essential directory of services allied to the
products and other practical advice.                          gardening industry. We have only included
Date: Thursday 22 April 2010                                  contractors that we consider reliable and offer
Time: 18h30                                                   value for money.
Charge: R150, which will include a bag full of interesting    Visit
        and essential gardening products.
Venue: GardenShop Broadacres
Please phone or email to book your place                      GardenShop's Customer Appreciation Program
Tel:    011 465-4216 ask for Megan                            (absolutely free to join) offers members huge
email:                                 benefits. You get more than you pay for.
                                                              Each time you shop at GardenShop, you earn
                                                              free GardenRewards, redeemable at every
                                                              GardenShop store.

                                                              Where to find our stores
                                                              The easiest is to visit our website that will provide
                                                              you a list of all our stores and maps for location.

                                                              Parktown North: (011) 447 2368
                                                              Cnr Jan Smuts and Bolton Road
                                                              GPS Co-ordinates: 26° 08' 55" S • 28° 08' 03" E
                                                              Broadacres: (011) 465 4216
                                                              Cnr Valley Road and Cedar Avenue
                                                              GPS Co-ordinates: 26° 00' 02" S • 27° 58' 56" E
                                                              Bryanston: (011) 463 5773/4
                                                              Cnr Halifax and Main Road
                                                              GPS Co-ordinates: 26° 04' 31" S • 28° 00' 47" E
                                                              Menlo Park: (012) 460 5137/4275
                                                              Cnr Thirteenth and Mackenzie Street
                                                              GPS Co-ordinates: 25° 46' 09" S • 28° 15' 29" E
                                                              CAPE TOWN:
                                                              Constantia: (021) 794 5015
                                                              Cnr Doordrift and Nursery Road
                                                              GPS Co-ordinates: 34° 01' 15" S • 18° 27' 34" E
                                                              NATIONAL CONTACT CENTRE:
                                                              0861 G-A-R-D-E-N (427336)

                                                                                    AUTUMN 2010 GARDENTALK             15
                                                                  Awesome Autumn
      * Available while stocks last
      * Trade discounts do not apply and quantities are limited
      * Stock available in most stores

                                                               erg 10 litr
                                                     Rose Iceb ypop

                                                         R9 995

        Efekto Insecticide                                                           Déco
                                                                                  trellis 1r Lattice Eco
          Granules 500g                                                                    510 x 6

        R3495                                                                     R125 00          60mm

                                                        starter      )
                                                 feeder eed and suet
                                           Bird ird s
                                        (incl 1k
  Adlus 3 litre r
Pressure Spra
                                          R11 500
R 9995

                                                                                        Pot Windsor
                                                                                                    L   arge

        y Livin
  Health 12cm
           the                                                     Citrus
   y 3 get !
                                                                     Lisbon mon
Bu         e                                                                 8l
   4th fre                                                        R99 95

                                                                                                             uit an
                                                                                                      .1.5 Fr5kg
                                                                                                Vita 3 ower

                                                                                                   R6 495

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