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Computer-controlled liquid feeding system
HYDROMIX – the liquid feeding system for the future!
To produce healthy, high-quality pork is the goal of       so as to meet their special requirements regarding
every pig finisher. To achieve this goal, high demands     different on-farm circumstances. We therefore offer
are made these days on feeding technology and              several different systems under the brand name
management.                                                „HYDROMIX“:
Big Dutchman meets these requirements in an ideal          ) HYDROMIX-Standard
way by offering HYDROMIX, a modern and, above              ) HYDROMIX-residue-free feeding with pipe rinsing
all, economic feeding system.                              ) HYDROMIX-Synchron
The name HYDROMIX not only stands for reliable             ) HYDROMIX-Compact
liquid feed supply to all animals, but also for a high-    ) HYDROMIX multi-phase feeding
quality system. To meet our customers’ existing and        ) HYDROMIX-Sensor
future demands, our engineers are constantly               From this list, both cutomer and consultant can select
developing the system.                                     the appropriate system as they discuss the situation
We are able to supply a liquid feeding system to suit      together.
literally any customer’s system – be it large or small –

View into a finishing compartment with cross troughs

 )    fully automatic preparation of feed formulae
      adapted to the animal’s requirements from
      individual ingredients;
 )    use of low-priced by-products helps to reduce
      feed costs;
 )    ability to vary nutrient intakes;
 )    entirely computer-controlled feeding manage-
      ment via MC 99 NT;
 )    distribution of many feed formulae or water
      possible via one feed pipe;
 )    automatic feed supply even over long distances;
 )    high metering precision at every feed valve;
 )    flexible modular construction for large and small
      units, low-priced expansion of systems possible;
 )    suitable for feeding groups or individual animals;
 )    low operating costs, long service life.
HYGIENE – basic prerequisite for improved feed conversion
Liquid feed is a favourable nutrient medium for             Our hygiene package includes:
microbes. Big Dutchman has carried out intensive            ) pneumatic intake flap
research in this field to create optimum hygienic           ) residue-free feeding with pipe rinsing
conditions for liquid feeding.                              ) tank cleaning with rotating cleaning heads
                                                            ) acid fogger.

Residue-free feeding with pipe rinsing                           Advantages
The entire quantity of feed prepared is distributed each         )   several feed mixes can be fed from one
feeding time. After feeding is finished, the entire system,          ring circuit;
including all valves, drop pipes, piping as well as the          )   between feeding times, fresh water can be
mixing and rinse water tanks, are rinsed with fresh                  metered out at the individual valves;
water. Between feeding times, only clear water remains
in the pipeline. This water is passed into the rinse water       )   automatic cleaning of all parts of the
tank at the next feeding time and is then used for the               system coming into contact with feed.
next preparation.

Tank cleaner
The tank cleaner allows thorough, fully automatic cleaning
of mixing and rinse water tanks. This is achieved by app-
lying rotating cleaning heads with specially-designed varia-
ble nozzles. These nozzles can be adapted to the respec-
tive water pressure as well as the quantity of water
required. Consequently a very small quantity of water
can still achieve optimum cleaning throughout the enti-
re tank.
A separate water pipe – preferably with a separate fresh
water pump – supplies the cleaning heads with water.
This tank cleaning system can also be attached to any
existing liquid feeding system. To ensure trouble-free
operation, the tank has to be completely water-tight and
it must be possible to close the component intake opening
with a pneumatic flap.

Acid fogger
The acid fogger is ideally suited for disinfecting mixing and rinse
water tanks. Several times a day, this system distributes very small
quantities of disinfection solution in the tank. This allows the dirt film
to be removed without residues occurring on the inside of the tank
after long operational use even with the tank cleaning system being
applied. The fog penetrates every corner of the mixing tank, so ensuring
optimum disinfection and hygiene.
The acid fogger starts rotating by compressed air at 8 bar. At the
same time, negative pressure is used to suck the acid/lye directly
from the can (possible distance: 2.5 m) without the need for a pump.
The system can be controlled separately or by means of a suitable
feeding computer.
Fermentation – improved feed digestibility thanks to fermented grain
Fermented liquid feed has some distinct advantages            )    improved feed utilization
such as an increased concentration of lactic acid, a low      )    improved energy utilization
pH-value (approx. 4,5) and predigested starch. These          )    increased weight gain
three essential aspects greatly improve the digestibility     )    increased profitability compared to conventional
of the feed in the pig’s stomach. The livestock producer           feeding without fermented grain components
also highly benefits from the effects of fermentation by:          (see test results).

                                                      Fermentation process
                                                      Fermentation is the process of breaking down carbohydrates
                                                      by means of micro-organisms in the absence of air. These
                                                      micro-organisms produce enzymes, which in return transform
                                                      the starch contained in the grain into glucose. Glucose is then
                                                      converted into 2 Lactate (a salt of lactic acid). The feed is thus
                                                      preserved naturally – a process comparable to the making
                                                      of silage. It goes without saying that such a process has to
                                                      be controlled and monitored. For instance – it is necessary
                                                      to permanently check the pH-value and the temperature.

                                                      Advantages of fermented feed
                                                      Fermentation is a kind of predigestion process and thus
                                                      greatly increases the digestibility of the feed.
                                                      Consequently the pigs need less energy to digest it.
                                                      The nutrient absorption is much improved, which in
                                                      return results in a better feed utilization. Moreover, the
                                                      low pH-value considerably reduces the content of
                                                      harmful bacteria within the feed.

                                                      Advantages for the pig
                                                      Thanks to the quicker pH reduction within the pig’s
                                                      stomach, less pathogens can settle there. Lactic acid
                                                      bacteria greatly improve the intestinal flora in the pig’s
                                                      small intestine, thus stabilising the animal’s health
                                                      status. Moreover, the increased concentration of lactic
                                                      acid bacteria results in an improved energy utilization.
                                                      In this way, less indigestible feed gets into the large
                                                      intestine, so that the pigs suffer less from diarrhea.

Test results by the «Landsudvalget for Svine» in
                            Feed without                    Feed with
                            fermented grain                 fermented grain
Number of groups                  55                              55
Feed units/day
(barley equivalent)               2,41                            2,35
Daily weight gain (g)             924                             957
Feed units/kg
weight gain                       2,61                            2,46
Lean meat percentage              58,4                            58,0
Profit contribution in €          108,16                          120,64
Index in %                        100                             111
Silohaake-MEDIsystem – the ideal medicating and soaking system
The MEDIsystem offered by Big Dutchman enables
you to supply your animals with exactly calculated
dosages of medicine, vitamins or other agents – and
all this accurately and fully automated!
Medicine is metered out directly into the drop pipe via
individual feed valves, thus guaranteeing that the
active substances do not get into the feed pipe.
In case of feed stub pipes, accurate dosage is also
achieved by means of injectors dispensing the medicine
directly into each feed stub pipe => a cost-efficient solution.
By means of automatic pressure control, the dosing capacity
of the MEDIsystem is adapted to pressure fluctuations
in the feed pipes => increased dosing accuracy.
Since the pumping process continuously mixes the
additives, even barely water-soluble compounds – which
are often much cheaper – can be used without problems.
Following medication, it is possible, if required, auto-
matically to empty the MEDI pipeline circuit by using
compressed air and then to clean it with water.

Medication per valve
       MEDI metering valve                   air hose 6x1 mm
                                                                        MEDI duct 25x1.9 mm
 pre-run MEDI
 pipeline circuit                                                       new: MEDI hose 10x1 mm
                      stop valve
 pre-run feed tube                                                               feed tube

                                                                  screw nipple
               MEDI hose (transparent),
                                                 feed drop tube

               8x1,5 mm

                                                                                                      Medication into stub pipes

                                                                                       The employment of a new MEDI hose with reduced
                                                                                       diameter significantly reduces the amount of
                                                                                       residues and makes the assembly much easier.
                                                                                       The MEDIsystem is equipped with a mobile
                                                                                       pumping and mixing station, which is also
                                                                                       suitable for more than one house.
                                                                                       Moreover, this system can be used as a labour
                                                                                       and water-saving soaking installation prior to
                                                                                       the cleaning and disinfection of the house. To
                                                                                       achieve this, small sprinklers are installed into
                                                                                       the circular pipeline operated by a quick-acting
                                                                                       closure device.
                                                                                       Thanks to pre-assembled parts the system can
                                                                                       be self-assembled (there is no work on the
                                                                                       electric or feeding control system required).
                                                                                       Silohaake-MEDIsystem can be fitted into any
                                                                                       automatic feeding layout, either as cost-efficient
                                                                                       soaking installation or as a complete system.

Mobile pumping and mixing station
Main components of a HYDROMIX liquid feeding system
)   mixing tank with agitator and pipe rinsing system
)   electronic weighing system
)   feed pump
)   feed valves and pipe
)   MC 99 NT feeding computer

Mixing tank with agitator
You can choose:
1. square or rectangular tanks made of stainless
   steel (V2A) in sizes of 500 to 12,000 litres useful
   content (larger tanks upon request);
2. round or rectangular tanks made of acid-resistant
   glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) in segmental
   style from 1,500 to 12,000 litres capacity.

                                                         Stainless steel mixing tank with 4-point weighing and agitator

Electronic weighing system
According to their construction, mixing tanks are
equipped with an electronic 1-, 3- or 4-point weighing
system. Weigh bars are mounted below the feet of
the mixing tank. They record the change in weight
during metering in of feed components as well as
during the dispensation of the ready-mixed feed and
transmit the corresponding data to the MC 99 NT
feeding computer. The computer can be set to cali-
brate whether the weigh bars are supposed to be
working with a resolution of 1 kg or 100 g – this is
valid up to 6 t total weight!
                                                         Electronic weigh bar

Feed pump
Depending on the feeding method, the pipeline
length and the kind of feed used, either centrifugal
pumps or positive displacement pumps (also
frequency-controlled) with different capacities are

Centrifugal pump                                         Positive displacement pump
Intelligent feed valve and pipelines
Feed is pumped from the mixing tank through acid-proof plastic pipes
(Ø 50 or 63 mm) to the feed valves.
This innovative and “intelligent” feed valve is based on the pioneer
BUS system, thus allowing fast, secure and flexible data-transfer. This
is made possible thanks to a minute, individually programmable
plug-in card fixed to the valve. The valve can be installed rapidly, so
that the electrical installation costs can be reduced by 50 %, since
only a simple two-wire line is used. Another asset is that the sensor
technology is already integrated in the “intelligent” valve, allowing
simple sensors without sensor electronic to be used.
The valve itself is a highly reliable and long-life pneumatically-operated
diaphragm valve, which guarantees a high degree of metering precision
and offers versatile installation possibilities.
                                                                                              Big Dutchman’s “intelligent” feed valve

Feeding computers MC 99 NT, MC 99 NT-Economy and visual display unit
Successful pig finishing requires high precision in all                      MC 99 NT can mix and feed at the same time.
sectors, from feed mixing through to data gathering.                         Data input and control operations can be carried out
Therefore, Big Dutchman liquid feeding systems are                           directly using the MC 99 NT with its large LCD, at a
essentially computer-controlled.                                             separate visual display unit with PC keyboard, at the
MC 99 NT with its 32-bit high-performance processor                          hand terminal or at a PC. Users are easily guided
represents the most recent computer technology and                           through the program. Additionally, running processes
can cope with very demanding tasks. Due to its                               can be graphically depicted on the PC => process
modular construction – from the individual computer                          visualisation. Future program updates can be carried
through to a network – tailor-made concepts can be                           out safely and easily by simply replacing the user-
put into practice for all possible requirements.                             friendly miniature flash cards.
In such a network, the MC 99 NT is the distribution                          If MC 99 NT is connected with a modem, it is possible
centre. It supports all structural components from Big                       to send alarm messages to your mobile phone, either
Dutchman such as different scale types, hand terminal,                       via autocaller or as SMS via Internet. Moreover, Big
display, valve and relay cards. It is also possible to                       Dutchman service staff can dial into your computer
run several programs at one time. For example, the                           via a modem for remote service.

                                                                                           MC 99 NT        MC 99 NT-Economy

                                                                                            animal      truck
     frequency              control unit                                                                            scale
                                                                                             scale     weigher
     converter                  with                                                                             indication
        with                 relay card    weigh bar
      analogue                  and
        card                 valve card
                                                                                                                 WA 99

                                                                                           network                       network

TM Windows                       PC
                               in the

                               house                                            auto-                                  visual display unit
                                                                                caller                                 with PC keyboard
                                                         telephone network

                                PC                                                                                  hand terminal
            TM Windows           at         modem
                               home                                                            telephone
visualisation                   BD
                              service      modem                                 provider
                                                         e-mail via Internet                     SMS       phone


                                                                                 ring circuit

                                                                             6   stub pipe          6                           6


            4                       5

 1   water             4   electronic weighing system
 2   feed              5   feed pump
 3   mixing tank       6   feed valve

HYDROMIX residue-free feeding with pipe rinsing


        1                     1

                   2                 2
                                                                     7                                                      9           9

 1   feed bin                  4   rinse water tank                  7       feed pump
 2   feed auger                5   mixing tank                       8       compressor
 3   fresh water tank          6   electronic weighing system        9       feed valve

HYDROMIX-Synchron – rapid feeding of large animal numbers

 Operating principle                                                                       1

 HYDROMIX-Synchron allows mixing and feeding at the
 same time with only one computer. To do this, the re-
 spective feed components are mixed in the mixing tank,
 passed into the feeding tank and, from there, pumped to
 the individual feed valves. The computer at once starts
                                                                                       2                    3
 the next feed formula so that mixing can start anew.
 Large numbers of animals can thus be fed with many
 different rations, but without too long waiting times.
 HYDROMIX-Synchron can also be run as residue-free
 feeding with pipe rinsing.

 1     feed bins                             5   electronic weighing system                             5
 2     rinse water tank                      6   foreign matter separator
 3     mixing tank                           7   fresh water tank
 4     feeding tank                          8   feed valves                                    7                                   8
HYDROMIX-Compact – the space-saving liquid feeding system
In this system, two small tanks are simultaneously used as     The advantage of this is that large numbers of animals
mixing and feeding tanks. For this purpose, the required       can be supplied with many different rations very rapidly.
feed quantity is divided into several small portions and,      In between feed distribution times there is no waiting
while feed is being mixed in one of the tanks, the con-        time. The second important advantage is its compact
tent of the second tank is metered out. Thus, with             design, which allows you to install it even in small
HYDROMIX-Compact you are able to mix and feed at               service rooms or feed kitchens.
the same time.

  Operating principle
  Upon starting the feeding process, the
  respective feed components are trans-
  ferred into a mixing or feeding tank
  and mixed there. The finished ration is
  metered out while the next ration is
  already prepared in the second mixing
  tank. This process is repeated until the
  entire feed quantity has been mixed or
  metered out to all animals.
  HYDROMIX-Compact can also be
  designed as a residue-free feeding
  system with pipe rinsing.

                                                                   3                       3
  1     feed bins          4   electronic
  2     rinse water tank       weighing system
  3     mixing/feeding     5   fresh water tank
                                                               4                       4
        tank               6   feed valves

                                                  5                                                             6

Multi-phase feeding – nutrient supply to animals depending on their requirements
If more than one feed formula is used during the finish-       called multi-phase feeding. It provides any number of
ing period, this is called phase feeding. If a different       animals with the exact nutrients each one needs per
feed formula is distributed every day, however, this is        day.

  Operation principle
  The components necessary for a multi-phase
  feeding system are: at least 2 (max. 4) mixing
  tanks for the respective basic mixes, 2 feed
  pumps with frequency converter, 2 feed pipes
  and 2 feed valves per trough.
  When feeding starts, the computer evaluates the
  required quantities of the different basic mixes
  for preparing the individual daily delivery for
  each valve. MC 99 NT controls the performance            1           2           3           4
  of the feed pump and the valve opening time
  per valve. Both valves at one trough have the
  same opening time. A frequency converter
  ensures that small feed quantities are then
  metered out for as long as large quantities.
  This system allows the feed to be supplied
  according to the animals’ requirements every
Application range and possibilities of a HYDROMIX system
The use of a liquid feeding system is always recom-                In a sow house, HYDROMIX can be used for any
mended when cost-effective „alternative“ feedstuffs                management and housing type. Among these are:
can be used as, for example, whey or residues from
                                                                   )    gilt rearing under group management;
breweries or the food industry. Big Dutchman’s
                                                                   )    empty and pregnant sows in individual pens;
HYDROMIX is a sophisticated and highly reliable
                                                                   )    supplying feeding-on-demand systems for pregnant
system for fully automatic feeding of sows, piglets
                                                                        sows in groups (CALLMATIC);
and finishers on every size of farm.
                                                                   )    sows with piglets in farrowing pens via individual
In a finishing house, longitudinal and cross trough pens                metering.
as well as sensor troughs can be supplied with liquid

Sensor feeding – optimum use of feed intake capacity
For more than 15 years, some Big Dutchman customers
have fed their pigs with a HYDROMIX-Sensor feeding
system. This type of system has become increasingly
important in the past, since it allows short troughs to
be used and a ratio of animal to feeding places of up
to 5 : 1. This results in a better use of floor space and
the introduction of large group pens.
The principle is as follows: a sensor is installed 2 to
3 cm above the bottom of the trough so that the
MC 99 NT feeding computer can check at regular inter-
vals whether the trough is empty. Whenever required,
fresh feed can be dispensed. This increases the incen-
tive to eat. The animals determine their own daily rou-
tine by their feed consumption behaviour => signifi-
cantly better use of genetic feed consumption capaci-
                                                                   The sensor registers the feed level in the trough

                                                                    )    ratio of animal places to feeding places of up to 5:1
                                                                         => improved utilisation of the floor space;
                                                                    )    feeding curve adapted to the needs of the animals;
                                                                    )    frequent supply with small, freshly mixed rations;
                                                                    )    flexible pen shape, particularly important in case
                                                                         of renovated house;
                                                                    )    only a small mixing tank required => saving
                                                                         investment costs;
                                                                    )    simple, clear system layout with stub pipe
                                                                                                                                 Technical details subject to change. e 3/2005

Large group pen with sensor feeding = small investment costs

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