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					                           CESARE WRIGHT
Phone: (713) 614-7392                                                                    333 Hartwell Rd.
Email: cesare@kinoeyecenter.com                                                   Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

     As a visual anthropologist and filmmaker, I am dedicated to exploring visual cultural representation.
  My work includes research, methodological development, and applied film and media production, with
  an emphasis in documentary and ethnographic film. Through non-profit Arts and Education outreach
  incentives and projects, I also work to promote informed discourse regarding the potential and
  problematics of film as a tool for documenting, representing, and generating culture.


  2007-Present Univ. of Rochester & Columbia University      New York
    Ph.D. Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester
    M.A. Social and Cultural Anthropology, Columbia University
        Concurrent degree programs.

  2005-2007       University of Southern California     Los Angeles, CA
    M.F.A. Cinema & Television Production (3.62)
        Documentary training: Amanda Pope, Mark Harris, Jed Dannenbaum.
        Sound training: Tomlinson Holman (THX – “Tom Holman Experiment” and 5.1 Audio).
  2002-2003      Rice University                             Houston, TX
    B.F.A. Visual Arts (4.23 GPA)
        Mentorship in documentary film production: Professor Brian Huberman.
  1999–2002      Rice University (3.62 GPA)                     Houston, TX
    B.A. Cultural Anthropology (3.78 GPA in Major)
       Research inspired multiple Fox 26 Special Projects news stories.
       - Coursework with George Marcus, Julie Taylor, & Rod McIntosh.
    B.A. Art & Art History (4.14 GPA in Major)
       Focus in critical analysis, Media & Culture studies, documentary and ethnographic film.
       Coursework under Hamid Naficy.
  Awards, Honors, & Associations
       Provost’s Fellowship, University of Rochester, 2007.
       Mary Hale Lovett Travel Scholarship, 2003.
       Rice University President’s Honor Roll: 2000-2003.
       Louis Sudler Award in Humanities, 2002.
       Studio Film Award from Rice Univ. Dept. of Art & Art History, 2001.
       Texas Independent Filmmakers Competition Semi-Finalist, The Crocodile & the Kinkajou.
       Founding Member: Rice Jiu-Jitsu and Judo Club.

 2007–Present    Spindletop Films, LLC.                        Houston, TX
   Director and Producer
      Produce and direct feature documentary and fiction films.
      Consult and advise on production, project selection, promotions, exhibition, and distribution.

 2004–Present Kino-Eye Center for Visual Innovation              Houston, TX
   President and Director of Research & Physical Production
      Mission Statement: As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission is to explore alternative
      strategies for representing and relaying information, and to produce visual media.
      Manage organizational and administrative functions of the foundation.
      Coordinate interdisciplinary specialists, including visual anthropologists, media professionals,
      educators, and administrators.
      Oversee development and implementation of research, applied projects, and distribution of
      visual supplement materials.

 2002–2003       Fox 26 News                                   Houston, TX
   News Editor
     Edit VO, VO-SOT, promo, and package segments for the news broadcast.
     Coordinate with reporters, producers, and staff to insure quality integration of materials.

 2002–2003      Rice University Media Center                  Houston, TX
   Teaching Assistant: Studio Film and Video Courses
      Provide instruction on editing techniques and the use of non-linear editing equipment.
      Troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance of A/V and computer editing equipment.
      Consulting and advising on student documentary film projects.

 2001–2002        Fox 26 News                                    Houston, TX
   Fox News Investigates and Special Projects Intern
       Fox Investigates Responsibilities: Facilitate and conduct undercover investigations, research
       subject matter, adapt and perform hidden camera photography.
       Special Projects Responsibilities: Assist with story coordination, photography, research, and
       anthropological commentary.
      - News Stories “Fighting Chance”, “Scarred for Life”, and “Suspension of Disbelief”, adapted
          directly from my documentary films and ethnographic study of modern primitivism.

 2000–2001       Houston I.S.D.                                Houston, TX
   Parent Education Program Instructor
       Develop and implement curriculum and instruction for Computer and GED Courses.


  February, 2007.   Chris Baker Radio Show. Featured Guest.
  February, 2007.   Rice University, Dept. of Visual Arts. Guest Lecturer.
  January, 2007.    Documentary Channel & NYC TV. Feature Presentation: Goals.
  Spring, 2005.     Debra Duncan Radio Show. Featured Guest.
  July, 2004.       Karlovy Vary Int. Film Festival. Industry Screening: Border Wars.
  Spring, 2004.     Telemundo. “Border Vigilantes”. Featuring: Border Wars.
  Fall, 2004.       Spiegel TV, Germany. Short Format Documentary. Featuring: Border Wars.
  Fall, 2004.       French TV 2, France. News Segment. Featuring: Border Wars.
  Spring, 2003.     Fox 26 News. “Fighting Chance”. Featuring: No Holds Barred.
  Fall, 2002.       Fox 26 News. “Suspension of Disbelief”. Featuring: Back to the Primitive.
  Fall, 2002.       Fox 26 News. “Scarred for Life”. Featuring: Back to the Primitive.


  Don’t Tell Me What to Think. Documentary Feature, In Progress. Spindletop Films.
  Thereisenstadt: Kingdom of Deceit. Documentary, In Progress. Kino-Eye Center. Director.
  Oxicontin: The Ultimate Low. Documentary, In Progress. Co-Director/Cinematographer/Producer.
  Goals. Documentary, 2006. Director, Cinematographer, Editor.
  Raising the Skates. Documentary, 2006. USC. Sound Designer/Editor/Recordist.
  The Gracie Challenge. Documentary, 2006. Independent. Director.
  Over Here. Short Film, 2006. USC. Production Designer.
  Savage Eucharist. Experimental Short, 2005. USC. Director.
  Penemue. Short Film, 2005. USC. Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design/Editor.
  Running. Short Film, 2005. USC. Editor.
  Becoming Portia. Experimental Short. USC. Director.
  Anatomy of a Fight. Documentary Short. USC. Director.
  Band. Short Film, 2005. USC. Director.
  Draku. Music Video, 2004. Existence, Czech Republic. Director.
  Portia Surreal. Performance Backdrop Video, 2003. Portia Surreal. Cinematographer & Editor.
  Border Wars. Documentary, 2004. Kino-Eye Center. Director.
  Back to the Primitive. Documentary, 2003. Rice University. Director.
  No Holds Barred. Documentary, 2002. Rice University. Director.
  Double Bayou. Documentary Portrait, 2002. Heather Korb Production. Editor.
  Leave You For Dead. Music Video, 2001. Bomb Squad, Houston TX. Cinematographer & Editor.
  The Crocodile and the Kinkajou. Documentary Portrait, 2000. Rice University. Director.


Physical Production and Post-Production
      Cinematographer and Camera Operator: DV, HD, 16mm, 35mm.
      Sound Mixer, Recordist, Editor.
      - Trained by Tomlinson Holman (THX – “Tom Holman Experiment” and 5.1 Audio).
      - Euphonix console
      Editor: Picture and Sound.
      - Avid DV Express, Final Cut Pro HD, Protools, LightWorks.

Ethnographic Fieldwork and Film Production in Over 20 Countries
     Experience with diverse cultures and a variety of political, social, and economic systems.
     Exploration of many major cultural, historic, religious, and artistic centers.
     Experience in regions of social, political, and economic turmoil and reformation.

Technical, Computer, and Multimedia Skills
      Proficient: Industry standard video, audio, graphics, and multimedia software.
      Proficient: User, diagnostics, maintenance, and installation of Audio/Video equipment.
      Proficient: User, diagnostics, maintenance, and repair of software and hardware (PC/Mac).
      Proficient: Stage, performance, and cinematic lighting (Manual and Digital).

    Carolyn Canville                   Rod McIntosh                       Brian Huberman
    Reporter                           Professor                          Interem Chair, Associate Professor
    Fox Investigates                   Dept. of Anthropology              Dept. of Visual Arts
    Fox 26 News                        Rice University                    Rice University
    (713) 479-2600                     (713) 348-3482                     (713) 348-2128

                PHONE (713) 614-7392       •   E-MAIL                      4
                           333 HARTWELL RD. •      HONEOYE FALLS,        NY 14472

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