Artificial Sweeteners a Health Hazard

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					There have been many artificial sweeteners produced in recent history. You may be
familiar with some such as Splenda, Sweet-N-Low and others.

They use ingredients such as sucralose and aspartame. These are manmade

Spenda is made from a sugar derivative called sucralose. It is a non-calorie sweetener
and is not recognized by the body as sugar. The chemical structure of sucralose is very
different from sugar and is not metabolized.

Research with animals has shown that sucralose causes many problems including
reduced growth of newborns and adults. Other problems could develop such as
enlarged colon, liver, brain and kidneys. Also, shrunken ovaries and increased

There are several other problems as well from using artificial sweeteners.

The FDA and McNeil report have downplayed these findings.

Nutritional experts believe artificial sweeteners have no positive results on a person's
health. One reason is that they evoke a craving for sweets.

Users of artificial sweeteners usually end up eating too much food loaded with regular
sugar negating any positive effects.

Additionally, artificial sweeteners can cause serious distortion in your biochemistry.

Artificial sweeteners are potential toxic substances and may increase appetite. Even
death has been reported from their use.

They can lead to health problems such as birth defects, brain cancer, diabetes,
emotional disorders and seizures.

The public doesn't hear too much about these problems so people are unaware.

The news doesn't report on this topic very often. They would rather report on the more
dramatic and instanious news.

The negative results from artificial sweeteners usually happen over time so the user
isn't always aware of the source of their problems.

Diet sodas may double your risk of obesity by increasing weight later in life.
Sixty-five percent are more likely to be overweight if they consume one diet soda
These consumers may think it's OK to make up calories with other high-calorie foods
since they are drinking diet soda.

You have to use your head and trust nature. If something were artificial, why would
you consume it?

You would do yourself a favor to research more about artificial sweeteners and give
this a second thought.

Studies show that artificial sweeteners don't usually work and they are potentially

Just don't use them.

Instead, use only natural sweeteners in modernization. Cut back on sweets and eat
fresh fruits and vegetables.

You would think twice about putting dangerous or harmful products in your cars. You
wouldn't paint your house with lead-based paint.

Why in the world would you put harmful substances into the most important thing to
you... yourself?

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