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									VOL.UME 1 ISSUE 1                                                                                         FALL ISSUE

                                      An Official Publication of the Southbridge Homeowners Association

                                       xtra!           x t r a!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!!
                                 THERE’S IS A NEW PAPER IN TOWN….The Southbridge Homeowners
  WHAT’S INSIDE?             Association has decided it is time to give the community a newspaper it could
                             call its own. Linda Lee Granger, Editor, with The Press Room Publications was
New Publication
In Town                1
                             contacted and has agreed to work together, with your association to give you,
                             the residents, a venue of information. It will be a quarterly publication, deliv-
Presidents Message     2     ered to each residence. It will be Southbridge’s own newsletter.
Southbridge                      This is a SNEAK PREVIEW of what you will see. All sorts of great articles
Publication Info.      2     and information will be packed inside along with advertising from many
Gourmet Corner         3     residents and local businesses. Read about the happenings in your beautiful
What’s Cookin’         4
                                 We will have places to go and people to see ……………………..
Out and About          5     *****Restaurant reviews            *****household and Gardening tips
Southbridge Minutes 6        *****security information          *****crime watch updates
More Stuff to do…      7
                             *****announcements                 *****classified section (FREE to residents)
                             *****important phone numbers *****advertisements
Reid Report            7                           *****and much, much more
Tips from PP Police    8         CALLING ALL RESIDENTS…….We need reporters! We want to be up
                             beat and informative……..Give us special events, birthdays, weddings,
     This will be            anniversaries, graduations, etc.. and photo’s too. If you would like to help
   YOUR publication,
                             write the articles for your community, please send your name, phone number,
                             and E-mail Address to or call us at 954-475-
So become involved and       8542 or E mail:, no later than NOV.1.
        help us,                 The next issue will be the Winter issue ...Jan/Feb/Mar., with the award
   by giving us some         winning name at the top. All advertisements AND articles are due by Dec. 1 for
 Interesting articles or
  stories and photo’s!
                             the Winter Issue. The advertisements will pay for the publication to be
                             FREE to the community. So if you know of someone that would like to adver-
          E mail:            tise in the publication, have them call us…….Classified ads are FREE to all   residents of Southbridge. (3-4 lines only).              The editorial Staff reserves the right to reject, condense, revise and to edit all mate-
                             rial submitted for publication.

                      “NAME THIS PUBLICATION!!!” CONTEST
          HELLO THERE….. RESIDENTS OF SOUTHBRIDGE…We are going to be your new
      publication called…… ???????????!!!!!! OOPS! What was that name? Well, I guess we
      don’t have a name, YET! That’s where you come in. GIVE YOUR PUBLICATION A
      NAME. Just E Mail at or fax: 954-584-8559, no later than NOV 1.
      There will be a prize to the winner…. SURPRIZE! Won’t it be fun? Hurry and think of that
      special name… let us know right away…. (don’t forget to tell us your name, address, E mail,
      and phone number, so we can let you know that you WON!) Looking forward to seeing all
      the great names….. Can hardly wait…...sooooo start thinking…..
                GREETINGS!!!                                       SOUTHBRIDGE HOA
           Ed Chmely, President and                                MANAGEMENT Company:
                                                       Leonor Ortiz………………………….954-925-8200
                                                       Administrative Assistant……………....954-925-8200
 Dear Southbridge homeowners
                                                           The Southbridge publication is published four
                      and residents,                   times per year. The newsletter is distributed to over
                                                       461 Townhomes and area businesses.
   It is with great pleasure that I introduce to
 you our community newsletter. It is provided              The more information on how to advertise or place
 to the community free of charge by The Press          an article in the Southbridge publication please con-
                                                       tact Linda Granger at 954-475-8542 or via e-mail
 Room Publications with Linda Lee Granger at 
 the helm. The publication is made possible
 with advertisements in the publication. Please                       Advertising Calendar
 support our advertisers and let them know                     Issue                              Deadline
 you saw them in our newsletter.                               Spring Issue                       March 1st
                                                               Summer Issue                       June 1st
    Mr. Bill Busch has volunteered to be our                   Fall Issue                         Sept. 1st
                                                               Winter Issue                       Dec. 1st
 resident Editor. The BOD and I would like to
 thank him for taking on this responsibility.             The Editorial Staff reserves the right to reject, con-
 This quarterly newsletter will be a work in pro-      dense, revise and to edit all material submitted for
 gress and will grow with the help and input of        publication.
 all residents. Direct all of your questions, sug-
 ge s t io n s  and     comments         to    B ill       This newsletter is a public service for the benefit of
                                                       the residents Southbridge and its distributors do not
 (                          endorse any of the representations, opinions or state-
                                                       ments made herein. Furthermore, the distributors
   The object of the newsletter is to keep all of      have not undertaken to investigate or verify the repre-
 our residents informed and to remind you that         sentations, opinions or statements contained herein
 we are all united in our goal to make and             and the readers assume the risk of any reliance on
                                                       any of the representations, opinions or statements
 keep Southbridge a beautiful and desirable            contained in this publication.
 place to live.
                                                            We reserve the right to reject any advertising or
   If you have any problems or questions               copy that we regard as harmful to the public good or
 about the community, please direct them to            deemed to be libelous. The publisher is not responsi-
                                                       ble for typographical errors, omissions, copy or photo
 The Continental Group at 954-378-1099                 misrepresentation by the advertiser. Liability shall not
 (customer service line).                              exceed the cost of the portion of the space occupied
                                                       by such error or advertising items of information. Un-
   I thank you for your support.                       der no circumstances shall the publisher be held liable
             Ed Chmely, President                      for incidental or consequential damages, inconven-
                                                       ience, loss of business or services, or any other liabili-
                                                       ties from failure to publish on a timely manner, except
                                                       as limited to the liabilities stated above.

 Special Holiday Greetings are sent your way ..from your Board of Directors
      and the Editor and staff of your Southbridge news publication…
Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and happy Holiday season...see you in 2010!
 The ads we receive will allow us to give Southbridge a FREE publication.. So if you know of any-
one interested in advertising, PLEASE have them contact us at… Thank you!

PAGE 2                                                                             FIRST ISSUE… FALL 2009
                                                  GOURMET CORNER
                                                     by Lorraine Hofheinz

    Sometimes you have to feed your mind as well as                  Saturday, January 9 - 7pm: HOTEL FOR DOGS
your body. CINEMA PARADISO, operated year-round                      Saturday, February 13 - 7pm: BEST IN SHOW
by the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival is                              General Admission: FREE
located at 503 SE 6 Street in downtown Fort Lauderdale
(one block east of Broward County Courthouse on south                October 14 – October 18 TICKLING LEO
bank of New River) An historic landmark, Cinema Para-                Saturday, October 31 HALLOWEEN FRIGHT NIGHT
diso is dark & heavily upholstered and shows only one                & BACK TO BACK ROCK OPERAS
movie at a time because it has only one screen! The                  Friday, November 20
popcorn is fresh and for those over 21 there is a cocktail           Friday, December 18
and wine bar! An outside courtyard (available for private            BACK          TO       BACK      ROCK          OPERAS
functions) turns into a great location for the special               10:00 PM             Repo! The Genetic Opera
events hosted by the theatre as noted below…                         11:55 PM             Rocky Horror Picture Show
Through October 11                                                        In the tradition of Cinema Paradiso’s monthly Rocky
Mario Tosi Lifetime Achievement Film Retrospective                   Horror Pictureshow, Repo! The Genetic Opera features
THE MAIN EVENT: Tuesday, October 6, 7:00 PM                          shadow cast Midnight Cinema. This marks first shadow
THE STUNT MAN: Tuesday, October 11, 7:00 PM                          cast performance of Repo! The Gentic Opera in the na-
      When you watch a film, the total visual experience from        tion !
lighting to camera choices is created by the cinematographer.        Wednesday, October 21 6:30 PM
Leading up to the 24th Annual Fort Lauderdale International
                                                                     SENSES OF CINEMA – Food, Film, Wine, and Discus-
Film Festival is a film retrospective celebrating the work of
cinematographer, Mario Tasi, from September 15 – October
                                                                     sion…..This evening we will take off to Argentina and a
11. FLIFF will present Tosi with a Lifetime Achievement Award        sampling of chorizo and a selection of grilled meats with
opening night. of the 24th Annual film festival, October 23rd.       chimichurri sauce will set the mood for WHISKEY ROMO
      Tasi, with over 23 films to his credit, has given us some of   ZULU. This award-winning film follows a former pilot’s
the most exciting films of our time. FLIFF will present 5 of his     struggle to develop his personal integrity while illustrating
films including: CARRIE, MACARTHUR, THE BETSY, THE                   courage as he fights the airline industry’s corruption and
MAIN EVENT , and THE STUNT MAN. Following each screen-               substandard safety practices.
ing, Mr. Tosi will lead a Q & A. On Sunday, October 11th, a
free reception for ticket holders will take place in the Courtyard
                                                                     Wednesday, October 21 6:30 PM
before the film.
                                                                     SENSES OF CINEMA – Food, Film, Wine, and Discus-
Saturday, October 10
                                                                     sion…..This evening we will take off to Argentina and a
                                                                     sampling of chorizo and a selection of grilled meats with
SCOOBY DOO….Cinema Paradiso is going to the dogs
                                                                     chimichurri sauce will set the mood for WHISKEY ROMO
with a pawsitively fun, fur friendly, free outdoor movie
                                                                     ZULU. This award-winning film follows a former pilot’s
                                                                     struggle to develop his personal integrity while illustrating
being unleashed October 10, 2009 and continuing
                                                                     courage as he fights the airline industry’s corruption and
monthly through February 2010. So, gather your fam-
                                                                     substandard safety practices.
ily and you four-legged companions for a night out on the
town. Be sure to bring your lawn chair and pillow for
                                                                     Friday, October 23
your pooch.       THE PET SUPERMARKET DOG-IN
                                                                     7:30PM THE 24TH ANNUAL FORT LAUDERDALE IN-
MOVIE will be held outside Cinema Paradiso. with a full
                                                                     TERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL kicks-off their 17 day
bar and concessions for human consumption plus
                                                                     cinematic event with their Opening Night Film and Gala.
snacks and watering station for the dogs. And …Pet
                                                                     Throughout the event FLIFF will feature over 100 inde-
Supermarket will award door prizes from their tent out
                                                                     pendent and foreign features, documentaries and
front.    Parking is free in the Courthouse Parking
                                                                     shorts. There will be parties almost every night and
*Garage, immediately adjacent to the staging area. In
                                                                     special celebrity guests and filmmakers create an
case of rain, the film will be moved to the covered court-
                                                                     aura of excitement.
yard area
     The October 10 outdoor movie is the live-action
remake of the classic cartoon, SCOOBY DOO, starring                  • Opening night film will be held at Miniaci Performing
Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar star as                 Arts Center, 3100 Ray Ferrero Jr. Blvd. , Ft. Lauderdale,
Fred and Daphne. After an acrimonious break up, the                  Fl. 33314
Mystery Inc. gang is individually brought to an island re-           •  The Gala will be held at The Signature Grand,
sort to investigate strange goings on.                               6900 W State Road 84 , Davie
  Upcoming Pet Supermarket Dog-In Movies include:
Saturday, November 21 - 7pm: MY DOG SKIP                                                      ENJOY!
Saturday, December 19 - 7pm: CATS & DOGS

FIRST ISSUE… FALL 2009                                                                                         PAGE 3
                                              WHAT’S COOKIN’
                                                By Beverly Payne

               From now until the end of January, we will be very busy with Tail gate parties,
holidays and Super Bowl. This is, indeed, the “social season”. Because of this, it is time to get
out our quick and easy recipes that can be made ahead taste great and transported easily.

   The old saying that no one remembers what they eat at a social event except dessert holds
true be it at an office party or tailgating. What makes desserts easy to bring is that they can be
made ahead of time and most can be served at room temperature or cold and everyone likes
something sweet to end a meal.

    Below are several easy, make ahead desserts that you can be proud of serving anytime or any-
place. Start this week-end, invites some friends over to watch a game, throw some burgers on the
grill, serve on of the desserts listed below…and like always…LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!!


1 BOX YELLOW CAKE MIX                                         1 CUP SOUR CREAM
1 (6 OZ) PACKAGE CHOCOLATE CHIPS                              3 EGGS

   Mix all the ingredients except chocolate chips. Grease a bundt cake pan and put 6 heaping tablespoons
of batter on bottom. Sprinkle ½ of the chips on top of this. Add rest to batter and top with rest of
chips. Bake at 350 for 50 minutes. The cake may look “wet”. Cool and remove from pan. Sprinkle with
confectioner’s sugar to give it some color.


1 Angel Food Cake                                      1 8 oz cream cheese
1 small can evaporated milk                            ½ cup sugar
1 can pie filling,( blueberry, cherry, etc)            cool whip

   Slice the angel food cake and layer it on the bottom of a 9x13 Pyrex dish. Mix cream cheese, milk and
sugar. Spread over the cake. Spread filling over mixture and then spread Cool Whip on top. Refrigerate


1 box chocolate cake mix                               ½ cup butter
1 14 oz pkg caramels, unwrapped                        1 cup chopped pecans
1 14 oz can condensed milk

      Preheat oven to 350. Grease 9x13 inch pan. Mix cake mix as directed. Pour 2 cups batter into pan,
bake 15 minutes. Meanwhile, melt over low heat, caramels, butter and condensed milk, stirring until
smooth. Pour this over cake when the 15 minutes is over. Spread remaining cake batter over caramel mix-
ture.      Top with nuts.         Bake another 30-35 minutes or until done.                 Cool and

PAGE 4                                                                         FIRST ISSUE… FALL 2009
                                   OUT AND ABOUT
                 Flamingo Gardens                       various portions of the festival. Over 50,000 locals
                                                        and visitors are on the Boulevard the evening of
                & Wildlife Sanctuary                    Christmas on Las Olas. Many more surprises to
           South Florida's 60-acre botanical and        come this year! For more information, please visit
           wildlife treasure. 3750 S Flamingo Road,
Davie (between I-595 and Griffin Road). For more
information, call 954-473-2955, email flamin-           BROWARD CENTER            954-462-0222 or visit the website at http://       FOR THE KIDS: At the Broward Theatre -                      ♦ Interactive Dinner Theatre –at the Bro-
                                                          ward Theatre
    Open every day, except Christmas and Thanks-
giving day from 9:30-5:30 with guided Tours of the
historic Wray Home from 10 am - 4 pm. Admission is      Rose & Alfred Miniaci Performing Arts Cen-
$17 for those 12 and up, $8.50 for children 4-11, and   ter—Nova Southeastern Univ., Davie.
children under 4 are free. Admission includes the
gardens, native animal and bird exhibits, free flight   MUSEUM OF DISCOVERY AND SCIENCE
aviary, live Wildlife Encounter Shows and historic      AUTONATION IMAX THEATRE:
Wray Home. Parking is always free. Food and                 401 SW 2nd St., Ft. Laud.33301
beverages available.                                                954-467-6637
UPCOMING EVENTS:                                        YOUNG AT ART CHILDREN’S MUSEUM:
• Reptile Expo & Sale: Oct 18
                                                        11584 W. State Rd. 84, Davie 954-424-0085
• Halloween Haven/Haunted House, Oct 30 & 31
• AWIF food & Wine Festival, Sat. Nov 7
                                                        General Admission $8.; Seniors 62 & up $7.50
• Flea Market, Sat., Nov 14                             and children under 2 FREE.. Members FREE.
• Wray Home Decorated for the Holidays, Nov
  27—Dec 31                                             STRANAHAN HOUSE, INC.: . 954-524-4736
• and Santa Visits Historic Wray Home, Dec 19 &         335 SE 6 Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33303
  20...                                                 Call for information

2009 Fall National College Fair—Ft. Lauderdale
   Please share this info with any high school junior   LONG KEY NATURAL AREA: 3501 SW 1130 Ave-
or senior who may be interested in attending the        nue, Davie (Information & to Register 954-370-3755)
event on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 5 p.m. at        • FULL MOON HIKE: September 4 7:30-8:30PM
the Ft. Lauderdale/Broward Convention Center. Pre           $3.00
-registration is highly encouraged.                     • SUNSET BIRD HIKE: October 2 6-7PM $3.00          • FULL MOON HIKE: November 1 7:30-8:30PM
       CollegeFairs/ncf/Fall/Pages/09FFtL.aspx              $3.00

Christmas on Las Olas         - the premiere event              HINI SWINE FLU INFORMATION:
on Las Olas Boulevard, downtown Ft. Lauderdale...
                                                             The Florida Department of Health will be launching
December       1     from    6pm       –   10pm
                                                        a toll-free number to provide public health information
                                                        and updates on H1N1 Swine flu. The information line
   A Family Tradition for over 40 Years! Come view      will be available from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern, 7 days a
the nearly 100 lighted trees and displays adorn the     week. Information is available in English, Spanish and
boulevard. Live entertainment and Christmas Carol-      Creole. Details are as follows:
ers. Children will love sledding on real snow cover-     Time: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, beginning
ing “Snow Mountain” and watching holiday movies
on a 30 foot movie screen. And everyone is eager to
                                                               Monday, August 24, 2009
greet Santa!! This free-to-the-public extravaganza,           Telephone Number: 877-352-3581
now benefits local charities through funds raised at
FIRST ISSUE… FALL 2009                                                                         PAGE 5
       Dear Southbridge homeowners,                   repair, maintain and restore their units in a
           residents and friends,                     neat, sanitary and attractive condition.
                                                  •   Termites in building at NW 3 Terrace will be
   In an effort to keep everyone in the com-          treated by Truly Nolan and the 4 unit home-
munity informed, I will provide a review of the       owners will be assessed. Coordination for
meeting minutes for the three months before           building fumigation will be done by Continen-
the publication deadline.                             tal.
                                                  •   Pool repairs will be performed for leak and
BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, 6-16-09.                  chemical feeders.
• The BOD received proposals from two law         •   New landscaping bids are to be considered
  firms that would like to retain our business,       at the next meeting.
  including collections of delinquent ac-
  counts. The BOD’s feels our current law             I hope this information is helpful to all. I invite
  firm isn’t exploring all options.               you all to attend the meetings held every third
• The BOD’s approved a proposal by ACT, a         Tuesday of the Month at the clubhouse to get
  towing company, to monitor and enforce          this information first hand.
  the Southbridge parking regulations as well
  as city, county and state laws and ordi-                           Thanks.
  nances.                                                     Ed Chmely, President

• The BOD’s approved a contract with Lake
  Doctors, a lake maintenance company.
• The BOD’s approved American Pools to
  install State required intake grates as well
  as repair the under water lights.
• The BOD’s approved Sunny Greens to trim
  the trees on the common property at a cost
  of $13,495.00.
• The BOD’s retained the services of ALG to
  handle all of our legal needs.

• The BOD’s thanks Gloria Zeller for getting
  K-Mart to repair the damaged fencing that
  borders our property.
• A budget committee is created, Ed
  Chmely, Marc Lebron, Paula Zuniga and
  two homeowners.
• Extra administrative help is hired to expe-
  dite the transfer of cases and files to the
  new attorney.

• Attorney clarifies and affirms the responsi-
  bility of the unit homeowners to clean,
PAGE 6                                                                        FIRST ISSUE… FALL 2009
    MORE THINGS TO SEE AND DO…..                                  The Reid Report
          Around Southbridge                                    By Patti Reid, EWM Realtors
                                                     (954) 306-7414.

    The Glass Gallery in the Pembroke Pines                SALES AND PENDING SALES UP
     City Hall, 10100 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines             ….INVENTORIES DOWN
     Hold the dates for the following events:           What a difference a day (or year) makes! South
•    “5 Annual Art Competition” Reception:          Florida is experiencing another twist around the real
     October 20, 2009        7:00 – 9:00 PM         estate roller coaster. Going by numbers only, the
•    “Children’s Holiday in the Pines” Recep-       inventory of homes for sale in Broward and Miami-
     tion: December 15, 2009 7:00 – 9:00 PM         Dade has continued to decline. According to the
                                                    Multiple Listing Service (MLS) there has been a 35%
                 SPECIAL EVENTS                     decrease in just 12 months (July 2009 – July 2009).
            CITY OF PEMBROKE PINES:                 During this same period sales have increased 47%,
Back to Nature Farmers’ Market, OCTOBER 8, 10       from an average of 2,518 sales per month to 3,707
Palm Avenue & Pines Blvd (Just West of City Hall)   sales per month.
9AM –1PM.. FREE 954-986-5022
                                                        Pending Sales (the number of homes and con-
GARDEN SHOW… NEW DATES AND LOCATION–                dos currently in the closing process) are also up in
FREE 954-986-5022                                   both counties. Last year at this time there was a 30
                                                    month supply of homes for sale in comparison to 13
TEEN DANCES: OCTOBER 16 & NOV 20 901                months today. In a “normal” market where buyers
NW129 AVE 6:30-9:30pm $3 ENTRY FEE                  and sellers are at an equal advantage there would
                                                    be approximately 6 to 9 months of inventory avail-
JAZZ CONCERTS: OCT. 25, NOV. 22 & DEC 27            able.
1700 Dykes Rd 3-5PM FREE
                                                        The demand for homes has increased due to
BOO-VILLE: OCTOBER 31 Pines Recreation Cen-         decreasing prices. Buyers are finding they can now
ter 7400 Pines Blvd.. 6-9PM FREE 954-986-5022       purchase great properties in more affordable price
                                                    ranges. In fact, there is shortage of affordable
VETERANS DAY CEREMONY, NOVEMBER 11,                 homes for purchase that are not short sales or fore-
Noon...Donnith H Fletcher Memorial Pk, 7900 John-   closures.
son St FREE
                                                        Many of the foreclosed single family homes un-
STORYBOOK FESTIVAL: NOVEMBER 14 SW                  der $250,000 are selling to cash buyers, or inves-
Regional Library 16835 Sheridan St. 10AM to 4PM     tors, and the average buyer seeking financing is be-
FREE                                                ing shut out of this market almost completely. It ap-
                                                    pears that the window of opportunity for buyers in
LIGHTING CEREMONY: DECEMBER 5, CITY                 this price range is closing.
HALL 10100 Pines Blvd., 4-7PM FREE 954-986-
5022                                                    Remember that new mortgage regulations will
                                                    extend closings to approximately 60 days, as op-
BREAKFAST WITH SANTA: DECEMBER 5..                  posed to the 30 day closings we experienced in the
Southwest Focal Point Senior Center 301 NW 103      past. The new regulations require that sufficient time
Ave. 9 AM SHARP! $15pp for Pembroke Pines           be given to the borrower to review the terms of the
Residents                                           loan and sign the disclosure statements before pro-
                                                    ceeding with an application.
SANTA’S WORKSHOP: DEC 12 Price Park 901
NW208 Ave. 9 AM $10pp                                   If you are thinking of selling your home this is the
                                                    time to price it properly. If you are thinking of selling,
SNOW FEST: DECEMBER 19 Pembroke Shores              there is no better time than now. Rates are low, val-
Park, 501 SW 172 Ave 10AM-2PM $4 pp for Pem-        ues are great.
broke Pines residents

FIRST ISSUE… FALL 2009                                                                               PAGE 7
          Tips from your Pembroke Pines Police Dept.
            BICYCLE SAFETY                                Parents Consider This…..
              “QUICK TIP”
                                                        To avoid trick or treating troubles entirely,
               Before you buy a                     plan a Halloween costume party with treats,
                bicycle helmet,                     games and scary stories. Make sure your party
             MAKE SURE IT FITS!                     is the place to be! Or check with the Pembroke
   Wear it low on your forehead- 2 finger           Pines Parks and Recreation Department for the
widths above your eyebrows. Sit it evenly be-       dates and times of our Annual Haunted House.
tween your ears and flat on your head.              If you would like further information on keeping
Tighten the chin-strap and adjust the pads in-      kids safe, please contact the Community Affairs
side so it feels snug and secure and doesn’t        Unit of the Pembroke Pines Police Department
move up and down or side to side.                   at (954) 436-3274 or 435-6538.

    All bicycle helmets made in or imported to
the United States must meet a uniform safety
standard issued by the U.S. Consumer Prod-
uct Safety Commission (CPSC). This means
that bike helmets for children ages 1-5 will
cover their heads, giving them more protec-
tion. Look for a label or sticker that states the
helmet meets CPSC regulations.                        Make Trick or Treating trouble free:
                                                    1. Trick or Treaters should always be in-groups
        For more information, log onto                 so they aren’t a tempting target to real life
                          ghouls and goblins.
  Or (800) 638-2772 or the Pembroke Pines           2. Parents should always accompany young
         Police Department CAU at                      monsters and make sure older ones haunt
                954-436-3274.                          the neighborhood with friends. Together,
                                                       map out a safe route so parents know where
                                                       they’ll be.
                                                    3. Stop only at familiar homes where the lights
                                                       are on.
                                                    4. Try to get your kids to trick or treat while it is
                                                       still light outside. If it is dark, make sure
                                                       someone has a flashlight and pick well-
                                                       lighted streets.
                                                    5. Re-emphasize to kids how important it is to
                                                       NOT enter strange houses or stranger’s
                                                    6. Walk on the sidewalks and driveways, never
                                                       in the streets.

PAGE 8                                                               FIRST ISSUE… FALL 2009

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