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									                                                                                   More than 250 online courses

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          ho                             Online Courses
Our instructor-facilitated online         Northern Westmoreland CTC Learn More...
courses are informative, fun,                                                                                         • Expert Instructor
                                          Introduction to Microsoft Excel       Introduction to Microsoft Access
convenient, and highly interactive.       Discover the secrets to setting up    Store, locate, print, and automate
                                                                                                                      • 24-Hour Access
                                          fully formatted worksheets quickly    access to all types of information.
Our instructors are famous for their
                                          and efficiently.                                                            • Online Discussion Areas
ability to create warm and supportive                                           Introduction to Microsoft Word
communities of learners. It's no          Creating Web Pages                    Learn how to create and modify        • 6 Weeks of Instruction
                                          Learn the basics of HTML so you       documents with the world's most
wonder that many long-lasting             can design, create, and post your     popular word processor.
                                          very own site on the Web.
friendships have formed in our lively
                                                                                Project Management
discussion areas.                         Accounting Fundamentals               Fundamentals
                                          Gain a marketable new skill by        Gain the skills you'll need to        New course sessions begin
All courses run for six weeks (with a     learning the basics of double-        succeed in the fast-growing field
                                          entry bookkeeping, financial          of project management.
two-week grace period at the end).        reporting, and more.                                                        on the third Wednesday of
Courses are project-oriented and                                                Computer Skills for the
                                          Speed Spanish                                                               each month. Please visit our
include lessons, quizzes, hands-on        Learn six easy recipes to glue        Workplace
                                          Spanish words together into           Gain a working knowledge of the
assignments, discussion areas,                                                                                        Online Instruction Center to see
                                          sentences, and you'll be speaking     computer skills you'll need to
supplementary links, and more. You        Spanish in no time.                   succeed in today's job market.
can complete any course entirely from                                                                                 exact start dates for the courses
                                          A to Z Grantwriting                   Introduction to Dreamweaver
your home or office. Any time of the      Learn how to research and             Harness the broad range of            that interest you.
day or night.                             develop relationships with            capabilities Dreamweaver brings
                                          potential funding sources,            to Web development.
                                          organize grantwriting campaigns,
                                          and prepare proposals.                Introduction to PC                    Enroll Now!
       How to Get Started:
                                          Medical Terminology:                                                        Visit our Online Instruction
                                                                                Learn to decipher and solve
 1. Visit our Online Instruction          A Word Association Approach                                                 Center today!
                                                                                almost any problem with your PC.
    Center:                               Prepare for a career in the health
                                          services industry by learning
                                                                                Introduction to PowerPoint  
                                          medical terminology in a
                                          memorable and enjoyable fashion.      Build impressive slide                or call:
 2. Click the Courses link, choose                                              presentations filled with text,
    the department and course title
    you are interested in and
                                          Introduction to QuickBooks
                                          Learn how to quickly and
                                                                                images, video, audio, charts, and
                                                                                                                      (724) 335-9389
                                          efficiently gain control over the                                           Courses Start as Low as:
    select the Enroll Now button.
                                          financial aspects of your business.   Creating Web Pages II
    Follow the instructions to enroll                                           Learn to develop polished and
    and pay for your course. Here
    you will enter your e-mail and
                                          Grammar Refresher
                                          Gain confidence in your ability to
                                                                                interactive pages complete with
                                                                                tables, forms, frames, audio, and
                                          produce clean, grammatically          CSS.                                  Requirements:
    choose a password that will           correct documents and speeches.
    grant you access to the                                                     Discover Digital Photography          All courses require Internet access,
    Classroom.                            Intermediate Microsoft Excel          An informative introduction to the
                                          Work faster and more                  fascinating world of digital          e-mail, the Netscape Navigator, or
 3. When your course starts, return       productively with Excel's most        photography equipment.
                                          powerful tools.                                                             the Microsoft Internet Explorer web
    to our Online Instruction Center
                                                                                GRE Preparation - Part 1
    and click the Classroom link.         Real Estate Investing                 Discover powerful strategies for      browser. Some courses may have
    To begin your studies, simply         Build and protect your wealth by      success in the verbal and
                                          investing in real estate.             analytical sections of the GRE.       additional requirements. Please visit
    log in with your e-mail and the
    password you selected during
                                                              MORE COURSES AVAILABLE                                  our Online Instruction Center for

                                                          AT OUR ONLINE INSTRUCTION CENTER
                                                                                                                      more information.

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