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An evaluation of the impacts and legacies of enquire and Watch


									An evaluation of the impacts
and legacies of enquire and
Watch this Space
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Inspiring Education           Summary                                              The impacts and legacies of the                           •	 The programmes helped both national
                                                                                   programmes at a glance
in Galleries                  The evaluation of the enquire and Watch
                                                                                                                                                and local government departments to
                                                                                                                                                achieve their objectives in support of young
The impact of two             this Space programmes from 2004-9 has                •	 The programmes increased young people’s                   people, education and the arts. They have
                              demonstrated how a modest investment can                access to, and interest in, the contemporary              contributed to the development of education
pioneering programmes         lead to extensive participation in art by children      visual arts, artists, galleries and museums in            policy and to other programmes and their
on the relationship between   and young people, improve the quality of gallery
                              and museum education and teaching, and have
                                                                                      their local area.                                         achievements have been recognised by
                                                                                                                                                Ofsted in its report, Drawing Together: art,
galleries, schools and        an ongoing impact on young people’s                  •	 They provided both gallery educators and                  craft and design in schools 2005/08 (2009)
young people                  education and career options.                           artists at the beginning of their careers,
                                                                                      and teachers and youth workers with little     •	 The research findings about the learning
                              These Strategic Commissioning programmes (1)            previous experience of working with galleries     benefits to children and young people of
                              have enabled substantial sector development             and museums, invaluable experience, insights      engaging with contemporary art are an
                              and organisational change through research,             and skills.                                       ongoing resource to inform effective practice
                              professional training and partnerships. These                                                             and advocacy.
                              legacies will support further participation and      •	 They showed gallery educators, artists and
                              educational opportunities into the future, across       teachers new and creative ways to work with •	 The research and development model, which
                              England.                                                children and young people and changed their       was unique in the Strategic Commissioning
                                                                                      ideas about how galleries, museums, schools       programme, proved highly effective in
                              Through this report, engage makes the case for:         and youth groups can work together.               developing and testing new ways of working
                                                                                                                                        for galleries, museums and schools and has
                              •	 opportunities for children and young people       •	 They sowed the seeds of relationships –           informed other research.
                                 to engage with the visual arts and artists in        bilateral partnerships and wider networks
                                 order to support and extend their education,         - that will last well beyond the end of these  •	 The programmes demonstrated to gallery
                                 and for other social benefits                        programmes.                                       and museum managements the value of
                              •	 a network of local, regional and national                                                              investing in education and in relationships
                                 galleries, museums and visual arts                •	 They established new relationships between        with young people, schools and youth
                                 organisations across the country that share          local and national galleries/museums,             organisations.
                                 skills and resources, carry out advocacy and         galleries and universities, galleries and
                                 coordinate provision                                 government departments, and galleries and      •	 They increased engage’s reputation as a
                              •	 teachers to work with galleries and artists in       national funders in the public and charitable     creator and manager of large-scale, national
                                 order to enhance educational standards and           sectors.                                          programmes of direct local relevance and
                                 excellence                                                                                             appeal, that are helping to maintain the UK’s
                              •	 training and support for artists, gallery         •	 They attracted investment from funders keen       position as a leader in the field of gallery
                                 educators and teachers to work in                    to invest in young people’s engagement with       education internationally.
                                 partnership, and share specialist expertise          contemporary art, and in excellence in gallery
                                                                                                                                     1 Strategic Commissioning for Museum and Gallery Education is
                                 and resources – including IT and new media           education.                                        funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the
                              •	 developing young people’s life skills and                                                                      Department for Education with the aim to develop capacity in the
                                 knowledge of visual culture to enable them to                                                                  sector and increasingly effective educational opportunities for
                                                                                                                                                schools, children and young people.
                                 access education, training and employment
                                 in the cultural sector and creative industries,
                                 and contribute to the economy of the country.
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Inspiring Education in Galleries

                                                                         The Young People
Introduction                                                             Katie Hope                                                                                           Glen Stanton

In 2004, twelve art galleries in six English                             The most valuable skill that Stour Valley Arts                                                       Working at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual
towns and cities (2) embarked on enquire,                                (SVA) has taught me is how to work in a team                                                         Arts (SCVA) has been a hugely influential
a programme of projects with children and                                and how to be confident around new people.                                                           stepping stone in my journey. Working as a
young people and associated research to                                  This was achieved through participation in                                                           team with students from other schools that
find out exactly what galleries contribute to                            many activities and days out working with                                                            shared the same enthusiasm was exciting.
education and how young people learn with                                artists and other schools. I am grateful for                                                         It was encouraging to know that there was
or through contemporary art galleries.                                   these skills as they have been useful at school                                                      an extra-curricular place where students
                                                                         and in working environments.                                                                         passionate about their subject could go to
enquire was designed by engage (the National                                                                                                                                  exercise the skills learnt at school, in a more
Association for Gallery Education) and Arts                              The best part about SVA is that it took me to                                                        professional and publicly accessible scene.
Council England (ACE) and funded by the                                  places I had never been before and showed
Department for Culture, Media and Sport                                  me around different art galleries. This has                                                          The opportunity to visit Documenta in Kassel
(DCMS) and the Department for Education                                  made learning with SVA easier than it is to                                                          in 2007 and become part of an internationally
(DfE), as part of their joint Strategic                                  learn at school because it is interactive.                                                           established exhibition was incredible. The
Commissioning for Museum and Gallery                                                                                                                                          experience gave me the chance to step out
Education initiative. The project was only                               The whole experience at SVA has changed                                                              of the classroom, and open my eyes to an
intended to run for 18 months, but the initial                           my views and perception of art for the better.                                                       international appreciation for art. I knew
results were so interesting to the gallery sector,                       It has influenced me to be bold in my art                                                            then, as an artist, that there was so much
to the participating schools and the sponsoring                          lessons and to show off my creativity to                                                             more I could achieve, beyond my A-levels
government departments that three further                                everyone around me. I have also used my                                                              and Foundation.
phases of research were commissioned.                                    work created with SVA in many of my art
                                                                         projects which have helped to boost my                                                               I applied to study Critical Fine Art Practice
In the same year and as part of the same                                 final marks a whole grade, as it shows passion                                                       at the University of Brighton; a specialist art
Strategic Commissioning programme, engage                                for the subject and that I can think outside the                                                     course that fuses art theory; historical and
was asked by the Museums, Libraries and                                  box.                                                                                                 philosophical, with the practical application.
Archives Council (MLA) to manage a professional                                                                                                                               I’m now in my third year of study and,
development programme called Watch this                                  As I look to the future I can now see art                                                            separate from my course, I have been
Space. The aim of this programme was to work                             college and the view to be an art educator.                                                          commissioned by Lord Gage and his wife
with gallery educators, artists, teachers and                            This idea had developed from time spent                                                              to paint wall murals for their house in East
trainee teachers to strengthen the relationship                          with SVA and the extra work that I have                                                              Sussex. Although presently I don’t envisage
between galleries and schools.                                           done with other art educators from SVA.                                                              myself becoming a freelance wall mural
                                                                         Katie Hope, achieved Arts Award and now                                                              artist, I do believe that because of my
Both programmes will conclude in March 2011.                             volunteers with Stour Valley Arts                                                                    experiences with SCVA, I’ve acquired a
This paper reflects on their impact on galleries,                                                                                                                             broader appreciation for art, without which,
schools, teachers, gallery educators and young                                                                                                                                I wouldn’t be where I am now.
people, and on the longer-term legacies they                                                                                                                                  Glen Stanton, member of enquire young
will leave. (3)                                                                                                                                                               people’s group, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual
                                                                                                                                                                              Arts, phase 2
2 London: Bow Arts Trust, Chisenhale Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery,
  SPACE Studios; Gateshead: Baltic; Newcastle: Hatton Gallery,
  The Laing Art Gallery, ISIS Arts, Amino; Bexhill on Sea: The De La
  Warr Pavilion; Brighton: Fabrica; Eastbourne: The Towner Art Gallery                                                      Top: Katie Hope working at Stour Valley Arts in
3 Ed. Taylor B (2006) Inspiring Learning in Galleries and Taylor,                                                           King’s Wood, Challock
  B & Houghton, N (2008) Inspiring Learning in Galleries 02.
  In 2009, Stuart Davies Associates were commissioned to update                                                             Bottom: Glen Stanton working in the education
  the evaluations and to provide an over view of the impact and                                                             studio at Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
  legacies of both programmes.
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Inspiring Education in Galleries

The beginnings of enquire                          The beginnings of Watch this Space                    Who took part in enquire?                                    858 teachers, 369 youth leaders, 202 artists,
                                                                                                                                                                      505 gallery educators, 126 other gallery staff
In 2004, three factors were affecting galleries’   The purpose of Watch this Space was to                Between 2004 and 2009, enquire involved                      and 25 university research staff have
ability to come up with coherent strategies for    initiate, build and sustain relationships that                                                                     participated in professional development
supporting teachers and children and young         introduce school students to contemporary             11,940 children and young people aged 5-21                   activities linked to enquire.
people’s education. The first was a lack of        art galleries. The programme set out to:              224 schools, pupil referral units, youth centres
research into how children and young people                                                              and colleges, of which 30% had never worked                  Who took part in Watch this Space?
learn in galleries. The second was that gallery    •	 create new links between schools and               with a gallery before
education was a relatively new field and there        galleries, through teacher placements              462 teachers and youth leaders                               129 teachers from 110 schools (30% primary,
were few opportunities for people working as       •	 develop teachers’ skills in, and knowledge         268 artists and 152 gallery educators                        70% secondary)
gallery educators to exchange knowledge and           and understanding of, working with galleries       40 art gallerys/museums and other visual                     80 galleries
experience with each other. The third was that,    •	 increase the capacity of galleries to work with    arts organisations                                           15 trainee teachers and their tutors from
unlike museums, few art galleries had made the        schools                                            8 higher education institutions.                             7 universities
link between their education practice and the                                                                                                                         84 early career artists and gallery educators,
academic community.                                About one third of galleries in England have          Family members, friends and members of the                   hosted by 84 teachers
                                                   specialist gallery education staff, and most of       public have attended exhibitions and events                  5,500 young people, taken on visits to galleries.
engage’s plan was to design a research             those have only one. It can be hard for these         organised by young people.
programme that would test, analyse and             staff, and the freelance artist educators who
describe the different ways in which galleries     work with them, to find opportunities for               NORTH WEST
                                                                                                           Whitworth Gallery Manchester
                                                                                                                                                                          NORTH EAST
                                                                                                                                                                          Baltic Gateshead
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sainsbury Centre for the Visual
help children and young people to learn. There     professional development that increase their            Tate Liverpool
                                                                                                           Tullie House Gallery Carlisle
                                                                                                                                                                          Hatton Gallery Newcastle upon Tyne
                                                                                                                                                                          MIMA (Middlesborough Institute of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Arts Norwich
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Outpost / Fruitful Arts Norwich
were two fundamental questions that needed         capacity to work effectively with children and          Abbott Hall Gallery Kendal
                                                                                                           The Lowry Salford
                                                                                                                                                                          Modern Art)
                                                                                                                                                                          National Glass Centre Sunderland
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Babylon Gallery Ely
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wysing Arts Cambridge
answers: ‘what do children and young people        young people and their teachers.                        FACT Liverpool
                                                                                                           Folly Lancaster
                                                                                                                                                                          Northern Gallery for Contemporary
                                                                                                                                                                          Art Sunderland
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kettles Yard Cambridge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ruskin Gallery Cambridge
learn from working with galleries, art and                                                                 Storey Gallery Lancaster
                                                                                                           Gallery Oldham
                                                                                                                                                                          Shipley Gallery Gateshead
                                                                                                                                                                          Arts Centre Washington
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kings Lynn Arts Centre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FirstSite Colchester

artists?’ and ‘what are the ideal conditions for   Watch this Space was created to fill this gap.          Bluecoat Arts Centre Liverpool
                                                                                                           Lady Lever Gallery Liverpool
                                                                                                                                                                          ISIS Arts Newcastle upon Tyne
                                                                                                                                                                          Amino Arts Newcastle Upon Tyne
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Essex University Gallery Wivenhoe

learning?’ By volunteering to ask themselves       The programme had two main strands – one                Castlefield Gallery Manchester
                                                                                                           The Manchester Museum
                                                                                                                                                                          Laing Art Gallery Newcastle Upon Tyne   LONDON
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Orleans House Gallery Richmond

these questions, galleries and schools would       was a placement scheme for teachers with a              Cornerhouse Manchester
                                                                                                           Art Gene Barrow in Furness
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  South London Gallery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  National Portrait Gallery

increase their knowledge and understanding,        local gallery, giving them and their students the       The Hepworth Wakefield
                                                                                                           Bolton Museum and Art Gallery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Serpentine Gallery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Photographer’s Gallery

galleries would increase their capacity to work    opportunity to familiarise themselves with what         Harris Museum and Art Gallery Preston
                                                                                                           Touchstones Rochdale
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tate Britain
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  October Gallery

with teachers, and to provide young people         a gallery can offer. The other was a placement          YORKSHIRE AND MIDLANDS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Somerset House
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cafe Gallery

with effective educational opportunities.          scheme, in schools, for gallery educators and           The New Art Gallery Walsall
                                                                                                           Tameside Museum and Gallery Ashton under Lyme
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mall Galleries

                                                   artists.                                                IKON gallery Birmingham
                                                                                                           Holocaust Centre Newark
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  London Printworks Studios
                                                                                                           QUAD Derby                                                                                             Embroiderers Guild
                                                                                                           Cartwright Hall Bradford                                                                               Space Studios
                                                                                                           Future Factory Nottingham Trent University                                                             Whitechapel Gallery
                                                   engage had a particular interest in connecting          Sheffield Museums                                                                                       Chisenhale Gallery
                                                                                                           Shire Hall Gallery Stafford                                                                            Craft Central
                                                   with teachers and schools that had had little           Rufford Craft Centre Notts                                                                             Bow Arts Trust
                                                                                                           Potteries Museum Stoke on Trent                                                                        Arts Inform
                                                   involvement with their local galleries, and with        Solihull Gallery                                                                                       Oxford House Gallery
                                                                                                           Thoresby Gallery
                                                   gallery educators and artists at the start of their     Nottingham Castle Museum                                                                               SOUTH EAST
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Turner Contemporary Margate
                                                   careers. It also planned to use the programme           SOUTH WEST                                                                                             Fabrica Brighton
                                                                                                           Spacex Exeter                                                                                          Modern Art Oxford
                                                   to keep gallery educators, artist educators and         Atrium Gallery Bath                                                                                    Artworks-Mk Milton Keynes
                                                                                                           The Study Gallery Poole                                                                                Reading Museum and Art Gallery
                                                   teachers, of every level of experience, informed        Project Base Redruth                                                                                   Milton Keynes Art Gallery
                                                                                                           Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery                                                                    OVADA Oxford
                                                   about how their practice might need to change           Arnolfini Bristol                                                                                       Stour Valley Arts Challock, Kent
                                                                                                           Plymouth Arts Centre                                                                                   James Hockey Gallery Farnham
                                                   in response to new policies and priorities.             Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World Exeter                                               Ditchling Museum East Sussex
                                                                                                           John Hansard Gallery Southampton                                                                       Watts Gallery Guildford
                                                                                                           Burton Art Gallery and Museum Bideford, Devon                                                          Lighthouse Brighton
                                                                                                           The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery                                                                    Brighton Photo Biennial
                                                                                                           Knowle West Media Centre Bristol                                                                       Towner Eastbourne
                                                                                                           Artsway Sway                                                                                           De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill
                                                                                                           Quay Arts Centre Isle of Wight                                                                         Canterbury City Council Museums
                                                                                                           Aspex Portsmouth                                                                                       and Galleries Service
                                                                                                           Thelma Hulbert Gallery Honiton
                                                                                                           Tate St Ives
8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         9
Inspiring Education in Galleries

What did enquire involve?                          •	 continuing professional development.                            What did Watch this Space involve?                  The focus of the gallery and artist educators’
                                                                                                                                                                          sessions was:
For the first phase of enquire (2004-06) there     Phase 2 subjects included:                                         Watch this Space expected its participating
were twelve galleries, organised in three                                                                             galleries to take the initiative. Gallery educators •	 understanding the wider context of
clusters - London, the South East (Sussex) and     •	 how gallery education contributes to young                      arranged their own placements with schools             education, e.g. Every Child Matters, working
the North East (Tyne and Wear). During those          people’s learning                                               that had a track record of working with galleries.     with Children’s Services, etc.
two years, they worked with local schools and      •	 peer learning and co-learning                                   For the teacher placements, galleries contacted •	 building relationships with schools
colleges on 47 discrete projects, designing and    •	 young people as producers, collaborators,                       schools with which they had no relationship and •	 project planning, delivery and evaluating
testing ways to make galleries more effective         viewers and advocates                                           invited teachers to take part in the programme.        learning
educational environments and developing new        •	 personal, social and citizenship education                                                                          •	 good practice in gallery education.
approaches to training teachers and gallery        •	 listening to young people                                       The teachers worked with their host gallery
educators in how to use them. (4)                  •	 learning about the contemporary arts in a                       for six days. The focus of the teachers’            All participants received copies of the Watch
                                                      non-arts museum                                                 sessions was:                                       this Space Toolkit and Handbook. (5)
Recording, analysing and interpreting what         •	 action learning
took place in hundreds of hands-on sessions        •	 continuing professional development.                            •	 the opportunities that galleries offer           The content of this programme was subject to
was always going to be a complex process –                                                                            •	 building relationships with galleries            change each year to reflect any developments
to help them with this, each cluster worked        Phase 3 subjects included:                                         •	 how to use a gallery as a resource               in education policy or practice, or the changing
with a research team from a local university.                                                                         •	 good practice in gallery education.              priorities of the MLA.
In London, it was the Institute of Education,     •	 working with new media in school and
in the North East, the University of Newcastle       in the gallery                                                   The teachers identified their aspirations in        The outputs of Watch this Space included:
and in the South East, the University of Sussex.  •	 using contemporary art to teach math                             terms of personal development, professional
                                                  •	 working with and learning from young people                      development, students’ learning and whole           •	 exhibitions of students’ work
Phase 2 (2006-8) began with seven clusters,          as producers, collaborators, viewers and                         school impact. On this basis they designed          •	 teaching resources for use in school and in
increasing to ten by the end of 2008, with           advocates                                                        a project for their students, which included           galleries
funding from the Foyle Foundation. Phase 3        •	 working with teachers to find ways of                            a gallery visit, in consultation with their         •	 follow-up projects in school, based on gallery
(2008-9) involved twelve clusters and Phase 4        evaluating the personal development of                           gallery hosts.                                         visits
(2009-11) eleven. Since 2004, enquire has grown      primary school children                                                                                              •	 information about a gallery, produced by
not only in size but also in the number and range •	 effective working relationships with schools                     The gallery educators and artist educators were        young people, for young people.
of questions asked and evidence collected.        •	 developing a pool of trained artist educators                    allocated nine days of which three were training
                                                  •	 artists’ and teachers’ continuing professional                   days, three were days in school and three were      More information can be found at
The cost of enquire has been £300,000 in             development.                                                     for project development, leading a gallery visit,
each year from 2005-9, £165,000 in 2009-10,                                                                           reporting and sharing experience.                   aspx
and £100,000 in 2010/11.                          More information on the projects through which
                                                                                                                                                                          5 Eds Jones, P and Anson, L (2006) Watch this Space Toolkit.
                                                  these questions were addressed can be found                                                                               London: engage. Eds Jones, P and Daly, E (2008) Watch this
A full list of participating organisations across at                                                                                            Space: Galleries and Schools in Partnership. London: engage
England can be found on page 7.
                                                   4 London schools and colleges included Eastlea Community School,
                                                     Bigland Green School, Stoke Newington Media Arts College,
In Phase 1 each of the three clusters had            Stoke Newington School; Tyne and Wear schools and colleges
particular aspects of young people’s                 included Walker Technical College, Biddick School, Grindon
engagement with contemporary art galleries           Broadway Junior School, High Spen Primary School, Hookergate
                                                     School; Sussex schools and colleges included St Bartholomew’s,
that they wanted to research. These were:            Hazelwick, St Nicholas and St Mary’s, Brighton and Hove; St
                                                     Richard’s RC College, Robertsbridge Community College, Filsham
                                                     Valley School, Thomas Peacocke Community College, Claverham
•	 the development of critical skills                Community College, Bexhill High School, Bexhill on Sea; The
•	 the acquisition of cultural capital               Cavendish School and Eastbourne College of Technology,
•	 how young people can take control of their        Eastbourne.

   own work and affect their own learning
10                                                                                                                                                                                                                               11
Inspiring Education in Galleries

What did these pioneering programmes               The cluster model
                                                   enquire’s cluster model used the process of
The early enquire research found that the          designing, delivering and researching a project
programme was making an immediate impact           to build strong, long-term partnerships between
on the children and young people involved,         organisations. It overcame the challenge of
and was proving particularly beneficial for        sustaining a cluster of organisations of different
young people who were thought to be                types and sizes by ensuring that all partners felt
disengaged from their education. As well as        equal; no one player took ‘the lead’.
learning about contemporary art and getting
to know their local galleries, they:               Six of the thirteen enquire clusters are still
                                                   working together (London, Liverpool, Kent,
•	 developed the conceptual and practical skills   Cornwall, Sussex, Devon). A further six are
   they needed to understand and make work         continuing to network and share knowledge with
•	 learned to experiment, take risks and learn     each other, and to take part in advocacy work.
   from mistakes
•	 got better at reflecting                        The London cluster has continued its
•	 increased their ability to appraise and talk    collaboration beyond the end of its involvement
   about their own and other people’s work         in enquire. Three galleries (the Whitechapel,
•	 learned to work well with each other and with   Chisenhale and Bow Arts Trust) ‘stand as
   adults                                          colleagues, regardless of differences in
•	 understood more about the role of               resources. Outwardly facing, they are all equal ’,
   contemporary art in society and the working     Caro Howell, Head of Education and Public
   lives of artists.                               Events at the Whitechapel Gallery. It has              Children from local primary schools working at    Valley Arts, working with an artist. The resource
                                                   flourished despite numerous changes of staff           Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (photo Dan     was trialed with teachers and the response was
These findings were welcome but unsurprising.      and has found that the value placed by on the          Brady)                                            enthusiastic – and in the first three months there
The bigger question was whether the                partnership by all the partners is more significant                                                      were a total of 1,901 downloads from the
programme would have a lasting legacy              than the involvement of key individuals. New           The Kent cluster has created its own brand,       website by teachers.
amongst the participants. There is evidence        staff have found that they can slot easily into an     ‘City, Forest and Sea’, which it uses to run
that it has.                                       established network of interested and interesting      collaborative projects across the county,         The resources have certainly saved me –
                                                   colleagues. The cluster has developed new joint        through proactive engagement with local           as the busy teacher – time, as the research
enquire and Watch this Space have also             initiatives and was successful in its bid to deliver   authorities and other providers of cultural       links and internet links are provided... the
provided opportunities for professional            Find Your Talent in East London.                       activity, According to the Audience Development   resource materials are very adaptable for use
development amongst gallery educators,                                                                    Officer at Turner Contemporary, the cluster has   with KS1 and KS2. This means that the same
teachers and artists, and developed                enquire actively encouraged gallery educators          ‘created an amazing team, who advocate for        unit of work can be used with more than one
extensive partnerships. The evaluation             to establish working relationships with                each other and share an approach in an area       year group so that the school can look at
of these programmes has looked at whether          colleagues in nearby galleries and to share            where the visual arts infrastructure is weak’.    progression across phases and help with
the training has affected practice and career      their experience, skills and ideas. In the Solent                                                        assessment of pupils’ development of the
paths, if there has been organisational change     cluster (Phases 3 and 4), the Quay Arts Centre,        The first project resulted in ‘Maths through      school work portfolio.
as a result of working on the projects, and        on the Isle of Wight, and Aspex, in Portsmouth,        Pattern’: a learning resource for primary         Peter McCabe, Teacher, St Simon’s RC Primary
whether partnerships are being sustained.          are continuing to share artist contacts and            schools, full of ideas about teaching KS1 and 2   School
The illustrations below demonstrate that there     visits. Both organisations learned from the            maths, using patterns found in contemporary
has been an impact in all these ways.              Hansard Gallery, in Southampton, how to                art, historical objects and the environment.      6 Arts Award supports young people who want to deepen their
                                                                                                                                                              engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills, and
                                                   deliver Arts Award (6) and all of the artists          This resource was developed by Turner               to achieve a national qualification. It is run by Arts Council England
                                                   involved in their Phase 3 project qualified to         Contemporary, Canterbury City Council               and Trinity Guildhall and delivered by organisations that support
                                                                                                                                                              young people to take part in the arts.
                                                   deliver Arts Award Bronze and Silver.                  Museums and Galleries Service and Stour
12                                                                                                                                                     13
Inspiring Education in Galleries

                                                   The gallery and
                                                   school partnership
                                                   Quay Arts                                           Partnerships between organisations involved in
                                                                                                       enquire have seeded new ones. In Newcastle,
                                                   Quay Arts, on the Isle of Wight, has a theatre      for example, ISIS Arts worked with the
                                                   and three galleries. When it embarked on the        University of Newcastle’s International Centre
                                                   enquire programme, it had an education              for Cultural and Heritage Studies in phases 1
                                                   manager who was not a visual arts specialist.       and 2. This led to a contact that resulted in ISIS
                                                   Through enquire, the organisation worked with       Arts and the university agreeing a Knowledge
                                                   Medina High School. The school’s curriculum         Transfer Partnership that will benefit both
                                                   now includes the opportunity to work with an        organisations.
                                                   artist over several weeks to produce work and
                                                   curate an exhibition. Quay Arts also runs a         Partnership between galleries and schools was
                                                   regular studio group for young people to            also central to the Watch this Space model,
                                                   develop work beyond exams and to prepare for        with schools hosting placements for gallery
                                                   further education and careers in the visual arts.   educators and artists, and galleries hosting
                                                                                                       placements for teachers and their students.
                                                   As a result of this partnership, Quay Arts has a    As a result of Watch this Space, Modern
                                                   place on the Island Innovation Trust which runs     Art Oxford appointed a Schools Partnership
                                                   the island’s secondary schools. It secured          Coordinator to develop the gallery’s relationship
                                                   funding for a specialist gallery education post,    with three local schools. The post is part-
                                                   and Heritage Lottery Fund support for a             funded by the gallery and the schools,
                                                   summer education programme in 2010.                 with the balance met through fundraising.
                                                                                                       This statement from Oxford School, which
The importance of partnership                      Education is now core to the Gallery and            continues to work with the gallery five years
                                                   has a dedicated space. Previously, work             on, demonstrates the value the school placed
Both enquire and Watch this Space                  was scattered around the building. It is            in the relationship.
increased the capacity of galleries and schools    valued and recognised by the Board and
to develop and work in partnership, and many       staff. The organisation woke up to the              The Faculty is very proud of its unique
of these have flourished. The impact of enquire    potential of working with schools.                  partnership with Modern Art Oxford,
was particularly evident in the partnerships       Jacqui Ager, Education Manager, Quay Arts           which enables students and teachers to work
between galleries and schools where a school                                                           regularly on projects with international and
had had no significant contact with a gallery                                                          local artists. This has enabled the department
before.                                                                                                to deliver an inspiring and stimulating
                                                                                                       curriculum that reflects the need for art in
King’s Lynn Arts Centre used enquire to                                                                society today. Many of our students have
develop a relationship with the Rosebery                                                               since continued their art education at colleges
Centre, a local Pupil Referral Unit. The                                                               and universities, across the country, based on
relationship started around ten years ago,                                                             portfolios they have produced at Key Stage 5.
when engage awarded the PRU £500 to                                                                    Orla Crean, Head of Art, Oxford School
run a project for five girls who were school
refusers. Funding from enquire enabled the
arts centre to design and test a model for
artists’ professional development appropriate      Left: A student from the Rosebery Centre
to working with young people at risk. Artists      working at King’s Lynn Arts Centre
who worked on the programme are now                Right: Secondary school students developing
working with eight school refusers and the         their portfolios by working outside school at
PRU is using the arts centre on a regular basis.   Studio Quay
14                                                                                                                                                                                                      15
Inspiring Education in Galleries

The legacy for the galleries                         Aspex, Portsmouth, worked with Mary Rose            Watch this Space has also made an impact           It’s clear that these young people, at least
                                                     School for the first time through phase 3.          on the development of some of its gallery          have a set of expectations and standards
The galleries that took part in enquire cited the                                                        partners, as illustrated by a gallery director.    of art and its spaces set by other institutions
following benefits:                                  The School then came onto our Prince of                                                                – and had provocative questions about
                                                     Wales Foundation for Children and the Arts          The Watch this Space projects have been            the ‘publicness’ of Northern Gallery of
•	 the value of being part of a government           programme and will soon be migrating to             illuminating, timely and I think will have longer- Contemporary Art and the relationship
   funded, national programme and the                our Interreg IV funded programme. They              term ramifications for how we position the         between offer, status, visibility and reach.
   associated credibility                            also represented the first time we worked           gallery, address younger audiences and             Being able to work with the students over
•	 changes in organisational policies                with an SEN school - subsequently this is           pursue our institutional development more          a sustained period has certainly altered
•	 changes in the way that space in the building     the first time the Prince of Wales Foundation       broadly... Timely as the projects have             their first impressions, and given insights
   was used for education                            have funded work with an SEN School.                coincided with an institutional review...          on both sides as to what can be achieved
•	 a higher profile                                  To take the story to its full conclusion our        Part of the students’ work was giving us           and expected.
•	 new relationships                                 experience of working with them has directly        their first impressions and asking tough           Alistair Robinson, Director, Northern Gallery
•	 changes in the way they evaluate learning         informed the specialist provision we are now        questions about what we do, how, and why.          of Contemporary Art
•	 changes in approaches to staff training.          running for families with children with autism      As a result we’ve been able to feed their ideas
                                                     and SEN (funded by Aiming High for Disabled         and perceptions into a strategy document to        Below: Year 10 and 11 Performing Arts students
The Manchester Museum, which has extensive           Children).                                          take us through the next five years...             at Quad (photo Kim Burgoyne, student)
science collections and is a member of the           Amy Lloyd, Education Coordinator, Aspex
Renaissance in the Regions North West, has
developed an art and design secondary                Watch this Space has helped galleries to
schools offer and artists are now ‘embedded’         develop relationships with schools by:
as a part of education and community delivery.
Staff in the curatorial departments are confident    •	 enabling schools to make informed choices
about in using collections and curatorial spaces        about the way that they teach and resources
in different ways, for example building on artist-      they use
led sessions in the herbarium.                       •	 removing actual and perceived barriers to
                                                        school visits, including, for example, the
enquire opened up a new way of working...               provision of travel information, sample risk
a reflective way of working, we had not                 assessments and tours, and briefing sessions
worked with artists in this way, focusing on            for teachers beforehand
planning/process/impact... this was important        •	 updating gallery resources, in consultation
for a science led team.’                                with teachers
Louise Sutherland, Curator of Learning,              •	 making new contacts with other teachers
Manchester Museum                                       from partner schools and making links with
                                                        new subject areas, such as citizenship and
enquire has also led to an opportunity to work          ICT
with Children’s Services on a secondary school       •	 supporting schools and individual teachers in
speaking and listening project based on the             publicising their partnership with the gallery
enquire approach, working with artists and           •	 organising events for teachers and students
English teachers.                                    •	 providing out of school sessions for students,
                                                        publicised through the school.
16                                                                                                                                                                                                   17
Inspiring Education in Galleries

The Gallery
Thelma Hulbert Gallery                                                                              The legacy for gallery educators                    Through Watch this Space, gallery educators
                                                                                                                                                        and artists learned more about
The Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton, Devon                                                        Both enquire and Watch this Space have
is a small local authority run gallery with one                                                     been a significant professional development         •	 how schools plan and operate (for example,
full time member of staff (not an education                                                         opportunity for gallery educators. They                how financial and practical considerations
specialist), two part time staff and volunteers.                                                    increased national recognition of the                  can limit school visits to galleries)
Honiton is a rural market town with few activities                                                  educational value of gallery education and the      •	 the creativity of teachers
for young people. Prior to being involved in                                                        status of gallery educators within their            •	 how teachers teach and the resources they
enquire (2008-2009) the gallery did not have                                                        organisations.                                         have in the classroom
a schools-based programme and had just                                                                                                                  •	 communicating and negotiating
developed a youth group. The gallery used                                                           enquire has enabled and supported working           •	 how to use different teaching styles in the
enquire Phase 3 to work with all its local                                                          relationships between professionals in galleries       gallery.
primary schools.                                                                                    and other arts organisations who had had few,
                                                                                                    if any opportunities, of this kind before. The      Watch this Space has developed my
The Gallery has used its new education               The Masterpieces group of young people         evaluations suggest that the biggest impact of      understanding of the school’s perspective
provision to make the business case for              working at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery with     enquire was on gallery educators and artists in     and informed my communication and
development from a first floor space to              artist George Barron                           the early stages of their careers and on            vocabulary, so I feel more confident and
occupying the whole of the listed building                                                          educators without a specialist knowledge of the     articulate. It was valuable to see the
it is housed in. This included addressing        A key issue has been the ability of the gallery    visual arts. They have learned more about:          curriculum in action and the pressures
loss of income to the Council from rent.         to connect to the Council’s corporate priorities                                                       schools are under, for example the amount
                                                 and demonstrate performance against these.         •	 working with teachers, schools and young         of paperwork teachers get. The Watch this
A feasibility study unlocked £136,000 funding    The gallery contributes to East Devon corporate       people                                           Space work has influenced the exhibition
from East Devon District Council and Arts        priorities for Children and Young People,          •	 working with a changing education system         programme and broadened perspectives
Council South West, and the gallery has          a Thriving Economy, and Excellent Services            and its current priorities                       on the role of exhibitions.
recently re-opened with increased exhibition     for our Customers. This is through work with       •	 good practice in project delivery                Johanna Korndorfer, Learning Programmes
and education space. Previously only groups of ‘Masterpieces’ (the young people’s group) the        •	 working in partnership                           Manager, Centre for Contemporary Art and
up to 10 young people could be accommodated; increased gallery and education space and new          •	 how to make the case for gallery education,      the Natural World
the gallery is now able to take classes of up to curatorial and education programmes for young         whether to colleagues or a new audience.
30. The gallery has developed relationships with people, families and schools.
local schools, a number of which are within                                                         enquire created opportunities for these
walking distance of the gallery.                 At the last Communities Overview and               professionals to exchange skills, experience
                                                 Scrutiny Committee Masterpieces was                and ideas at seminars and conferences around
This is a direct result of work with engage      recognised as one of the many ways in which        the country, and relationships established as
with both the youth group and building           we engage young people and use their views,        a result of the programme have often been
relationships with schools. Without their        and it was suggested that we could use them        maintained when an individual has moved to
funding none of this would have been             for wider consultation on Council issues,          a post elsewhere in the country.
possible, a little goes a very long way here     if they were interested.
and really makes a difference to the lives of    Peter Jeffs, Corporate Director, East Devon        Watch this Space was specifically designed
young people and the local community as          District Council                                   to enable gallery educators, artists and teachers
a whole. It also has a real impact on me in                                                         to learn with and from each other. By
terms of what I’m able deliver in terms of                                                          experimenting with different types of training
exhibitions and the learning programme.                                                             and professional development (courses,
Angela Blackwell, Gallery Curator, Thelma                                                           partnering and mentoring) the programme
Hulbert Gallery, enquire South West Devon                                                           increased the confidence of all three
cluster                                                                                             professional groups in working with together.
18                                                                                                                                                                                                    19
Inspiring Education in Galleries

The gallery educator
                                                                                                    The legacy for artists                              For recent graduates with no experience
                                                                                                                                                        of gallery education, enquire offered an
                                                                                                    Both enquire and Watch this Space created           extraordinary opportunity to become immersed
                                                                                                    opportunities for the professional development      in the subject and the practice. For some of the
                                                                                                    and employment of artists. Many contemporary        more experienced practitioners, the debates
                                                                                                    art galleries, whatever their size, style or        about evaluation methods were of particular
                                                                                                    location, contract freelance artists and artist     interest and value and were the introduction
                                                                                                    educators to help deliver their education           to the wider context of gallery education.
                                                                                                                                                        Watch this Space gave structure to my
                                                                                                    In some parts of the country there is a shortage    development. I worked with a boy’s school
                                                                                                    of trained and experienced artist educators -       where I had recently finished a residency.
                                                                                                    enquire galleries identified the need to address    As I have not had any formal assessment
                                                                                                    this to meet the demands of their own and           or training, the programme gave me the
                                                                                                    other programmes. enquire and Watch this            confidence to know that my approach is
                                                                                                    Space provided artists with formal and informal     valid and how to work in the best possible
                                                                                                    training, new contacts, extended networks,          ways with teachers. Since then I have worked
                                                                                                    different kinds of experience and a more            with the Whitechapel Gallery on continuing
                                                                                                    comprehensive understanding of the priorities       professional development for teachers on
                                                                                                    and working practices of schools and youth          a mentoring programme, and Watch this
                                                                                                    organisations. They also increased artists’         Space helped my understanding of how
                                                                                                    capacity to bid for contracts and meet              to structure the programme and identify
                                                                                                    difference policies, and educational objectives.    the benefits.
                                                                                                                                                        Marysa Dowling, artist educator
                                                                                                    Artists were involved in the delivery of enquire
Emily Ward                                        I joined Sainsbury as maternity cover and         and participated in professional development        As an artist working in the learning
                                                  worked with the Head of Education and             activities alongside teachers and gallery           department of an art organisation,
Emily Ward has developed her career through       Research on enquire Phase 3, coordinating         educators. They enhanced their knowledge            I recognised my own experiences and voice
enquire:                                          artists and young people’s groups. This           of the education system, and learned more           in the way the research has been worded
                                                  developed my skills in project management,        about the needs of children and young people        and formatted. The terminology, methods
In enquire Phase 2, I was Administration          managing complexity, understanding artists’       of different ages and abilities, and about the      and structure have been a great source of
Assistant then Arts Development Assistant         CPD needs, understanding schools’ needs           potential importance of gallery-based work for      tools for my own research and practice.
at Babylon Gallery in Ely. As a jeweller I was    and how young people use the gallery space.       young people who find conventional school           Having seen artists’ strategies described
involved in working with young people and                                                           difficult. They discovered and developed            in this context with such rigour and
delivering workshops. This built my               I now see my career as a Head of Arts             models of good practice in delivering               understanding, I feel more confident about
confidence to start working with young            Education, enabling me to be creative and         contemporary arts education, increased their        my own approach and methodologies. I also
people and an understanding of what was           work in education.                                project management and networking skills and        think that the publication serves as a great
involved and needed. I also achieved the Gold     Emily Ward, Education Officer Adults and          extended their networks. Many artists grew in       reference tool for qualitative research, open
Arts Award including working with a jeweller      Young People at Sainsbury Centre for              confidence as a result of the activities in which   projects and assessment of informal learning
and creating work for the ‘Entitled’ exhibition   Visual Arts                                       they were involved through these programme.         environments at large.
at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA)                                                                                                          Cinzia Cremona, artist educator
that was part of the enquire project.

The Gold Arts Award enabled me to become          Emily Ward (centre) working with young people
an Arts Award Adviser and 8 young people          in the permanent collection at Sainsbury Centre
from enquire phase 3 achieved Arts Awards.        for Visual Arts
20                                                                                                                                                                                                    21
Inspiring Education in Galleries

The artist
                                                   Neil Kelly                                        The legacy for teachers                            Teachers at all stages in their careers saw
                                                                                                                                                        the opportunity to develop new teaching
                                                   My first freelance position was as a project      Watch this Space had a particular remit            approaches in unfamiliar contexts as
                                                   manager/lead artist for Canterbury City           to support the development of teachers and         a significant turning point in their work.
                                                   Council Museums and Galleries Service for         the evaluations identified two areas in which      An initiative which has contributed very
                                                   the Cultural Pathfinder project. This included    it succeeded in doing this: the development        successfully to this is the professional
                                                   working on ‘Inspiring Spaces’, a collaborative    of their knowledge, skills and understanding,      development programme, Watch this Space,
                                                   project with Stour Valley Arts and Turner         and the teachers’ personal development.            delivered by engage. Impressive work was
                                                   Contemporary as part of enquire Phase 2.                                                             seen where, as a result of this programme,
                                                                                                     The programme:                                     close partnerships had been established
                                                   Through this I built up a wealth of experience                                                       between teachers and gallery educators.
                                                   of working with young people in diverse           •	 increased teachers’ knowledge of                Ian Middleton, Her Majesty’s Inspector,
                                                   gallery settings. This experience alone helped       contemporary art and artists                    Specialist National Advisor for Art and Design,
                                                   me to create a wider professional network         •	 increased their knowledge of how to access      Ofsted. Drawing Together: art, craft and design
Artist Neil Kelly (front) working with young       through the cluster groups and attending the         artists and gallery educators with whom they    in schools 2005-8
people at Stour Valley Arts, King’s Wood,          enquire seminars. I gained experience and            might work
Challock                                           knowledge of evaluation, and writing the          •	 showed them how well children respond to        This experience has opened up a whole new
                                                   enquire report for the collaborative project         contemporary art and how they can become        resource for my teaching. It has led me to
                                                   really helped me to contextualise what I do          confident and creative young artists            wanting to ensure the children at my school
                                                   as an artist/practitioner. It subsequently        •	 demonstrated the flexibility of galleries in    continue to experience contemporary art and
                                                   enabled me to gain employment with Quad              meetings schools’ needs                         that it becomes much more accessible to
                                                   in Derbyshire based on my experience on           •	 showed how galleries can help teachers to       junior children, losing its exclusiveness.
                                                   the enquire programme                                extend their arts and education networks and    Tracey Wood, Primary Teacher, Cubert
                                                                                                        design and operate effective partnerships       Community Primary School, Cornwall
                                                   Recently I received a text from one of the        •	 increased understanding of opportunities
                                                   group of young people who I worked with              for cross-curricular working, through           I had preconceived ideas about what a
                                                   in Canterbury, asking if I would like to meet        engagement with contemporary art                gallery/museum can offer - for example loans
                                                   up with them all. It was fantastic see them          and artists                                     of objects and exhibition visits. Watch this
                                                   and hear how they were all successful in          •	 increased teachers’ awareness of the            Space gave a fresh impetus to ways of
                                                   applying for university and were off to study -      opportunities for their pupils to take part     approaching and planning lessons and
                                                   Song writing, Photography, Theatre Design            in arts programmes out of school hours,         of using exhibitions. Teaching the Diploma
                                                   and Fine Art. It was rewarding to know that          such as Arts Award.                             was a massive learning curve as I had been
                                                   these individuals had remained in contact                                                            teaching straight art and design. Working
Students from John Wallis Academy examining        after the project, and that the experience of     In relation to their personal development,         with a filmmaker was a new experience and
an ants nest in King’s Wood, project with artist   gallery learning and working with artists is      teachers reported:                                 I learnt new skills in film making. The students
Sarah Spencer                                      having longer-term influence on their studies,                                                       also saw me in a new light and not just
                                                   and potentially their careers.                    •	 increased confidence in working with            teaching in the classroom.
                                                   Neil Kelly, artist, enquire South East Kent          contemporary art and artists                    Jason Porteus, Secondary Teacher, Sandhill
                                                   cluster phases 2 and 3, and Quad, Derby           •	 having redefined the role of teacher and how    View School, Sunderland
                                                                                                        to learn from other people
                                                                                                     •	 a greater excitement about their own practice
                                                                                                     •	 renewed recognition of the importance of
                                                   .                                                    professional development.
22                                                                                                                                                                                                      23
Inspiring Education in Galleries

The teacher                                                                                             The trainee teacher
Sue Byrne                                                                                               Erin Bushell

Sue Byrne the Head of Art and Design at                                                                 Erin Bushell participated in Watch This Space
Hillside High School, Liverpool – who had not                                                           as a PGCE student at Liverpool John Moores
used contemporary galleries during her seven                                                            University. While on teaching practice
years of training – is the mentor to trainee                                                            placement at Hillside High School, Liverpool,
teachers from Liverpool John Moores                                                                     she was one of the first trainees to manage a
University. She and the trainees undertook                                                              gallery visit. She is now qualified and teaching,
a Watch this Space 5 placement at the                                                                   and says:
Bluecoat Centre and since that time she has
visited regularly with her pupils and enables the                                                       I took part in Watch this Space in my first
teacher trainees placed at her school each year                                                         term of PGCE, and along with another student
to manage a gallery visit.                                                                              was one of the first students from our course
                                                                                                        to be involved. At that time Hillside School
Two years after her initial involvement she said:   Year 9 students from Hillside School at The         didn’t really take students out. There was an       Erin Bushell presenting at a Watch this Space
                                                    Bluecoat (photo Annie McLean)                       immediate impact on my teaching practice            seminar (photo Annie McLean)
Lack of confidence in working with                                                                      and confidence; for example in learning how
contemporary art and in using galleries             The visit to Bluecoat this year is being used       to engage young people and work with a              Watch this Space also developed my project
is a barrier for even experienced teachers.         as the starting point for a year 7 global art       challenging exhibition.                             management skills, and through putting on
Participation in Watch this Space has had           project. In 2009 the follow-up work in school                                                           the exhibition at Bluecoat I learnt about
a significant impact on our art and design          involved a class who had not visited the            Participation in Watch this Space supported         planning time scales and working with other
teaching and gallery use. The trip to London        gallery. The group questioned why they could        my being offered my current job at Heath            professionals and understanding their needs
(for training) was amazing and the subsequent       not visit the gallery. It was also noted that the   Park Business and Enterprise College,               and objectives.
activities - meeting with artists, learning about   project work from the group who had visited         Wolverhampton. The school works with
the Bluecoat, seeing first-hand the current         the gallery had more inspiration. Back in           Creative Partnerships, local galleries and has      As a Newly Qualified Teacher I have a set
exhibitions with a very knowledgeable student       school with the follow-up project they were         artists in school. I am using the techniques        of targets and one of the tasks is to set up
and gallery staff, the workshops for teachers       bouncing ideas off each other. They were            that I learnt through Watch this Space, for         gallery resources for use by the other 12
and pupils and follow up in school – were key.      more creative, more risk-taking and more            example planning visits and work with artists,      teachers in the department. This includes
                                                    questioning of why they do things.                  observation techniques and follow up.               gallery and artist information, resources and
We are embedding contemporary art into                                                                                                                      contacts. The resources are on the school
our schemes of work; in fact it has become          The impact on students’ learning and                                                                    intranet and will soon also be available to
a departmental Performance Management               their evaluation of the Watch this Space                                                                students.
target for this year and next. And largely,         experience is also used to make the case
this is due to the Watch this Space project.        with school senior management for visiting                                                              I teach year 9 one day a week on the Diploma
                                                    galleries and for taking a student teacher                                                              in Creative and Media and so far we have
                                                    placement.                                                                                              made visits to theatres and museums and
                                                    Sue Byrne, Head of Art and Design, Hillside                                                             are working with BBC Blast as well as having
                                                    High School                                                                                             people come into school. If I wasn’t in a
                                                                                                                                                            school that was pro out of school visits I
                                                                                                                                                            would be committed to making them happen.
                                                                                                                                                            Erin Bushell, Teacher, Heath Park Business and
                                                                                                                                                            Enterprise College, Wolverhampton
24                                                                                                                                                                                                             25
Inspiring Education in Galleries

                                                     The Young People
The legacy for young people                          Richard Cullen and David Moffat

The activities delivered through enquire and         I found that such organisations as enquire
Watch this Space excited young people                were integral to the development of me as an
about contemporary art, often for the first time.    artist, but more so in keeping a creative
Over six years, these programmes created             interest in studying art through high school.
opportunities for thousands of young people          Opportunities presented to me which caused
to take part in gallery-based activities, with       a re-thinking in attitude like the one with ISIS
and without the involvement of their teachers        Arts and artist Kelly Richardson have been so
and youth workers. Many of those who took            crucial to continuing art, at a point where I felt
part are now using their local galleries more        very disillusioned about being taught art
frequently. Some have been inspired to apply         because of having to jump through so many
for work placements in a gallery, and some           hoops. It’s of absolute importance that these
have gone on to study art at a higher level, in      creative enquiry projects not just continue,
some cases with a view to working as an artist       and continue to be funded but also should
or in some other role in the creative industries.    be more available and widespread.

Whether or not these programmes have                 It’s also so important to artists and
led to further study or a career in the arts,        practitioners to recognise potential at an
artists outside the classroom can give young         early age – so much talent is lost. Not only
people the confidence to learn independently.        did I see students including myself benefiting
Dealing with situations where there is no right      from residencies by enquire but also teaching
or wrong answer – handling ambiguity –               staff. A lease of life, a revitalisation and a fresh   I would not be still studying art now if it wasn’t    I chose to go to Northumberland College
can be disorientating at first but can lead to       approach was seen in students and staff,               for enquire, Kelly Richardson, Caroline Kane,        in Ashington after leaving King Edward VI
real growth. Many of the activities promoted         partly because there were no formal targets            ISIS Arts and all of the master classes I was        School in Morpeth. I studied for a National
self-esteem, confidence, and life skills such        to be distracted by, only research and                 lucky enough to be sent on hosted by Baltic          Diploma in Fine Art and left with a Merit,
as listening and debating, team working and          enjoyment. Not distracting or frivolous,               Centre for Contemporary Art, Sage                    and now I’m in to my second year at
respecting others’ points of views.                  enjoyment, but poignant enjoyment that                 Gateshead and Northumbria University.                Northumbria University studying for a BA in
                                                     caused me to continue art without hesitation.          All of this was extracurricular and was not          Fine Art (Painting). I’m certain that the impact
enquire worked for some individuals when                                                                    part of my high school course.                       of the projects I was lucky enough to have
more orthodox, established pedagogies                I am now a second year B.A. Fine Art                   Richard Cullen, participant in enquire Phase 2,      participated in with Kelly helped me to decide
had not. Given space and time to form their          (Contemporary Practices) student who                   and now a B.A. Fine Art student                      to pursue art through college and, now,
questions, young people responded in a mature        enrolled at Dartington College of Arts. It was                                                              University. I used our showcase in The Big M
and reflective way – often significantly different   the only college that was appropriate for my           I’ve learnt many things through working with         on my CV (a fond memory, the world famous
to their usual response. Peer review, where          practice, centred round video installation and         Kelly… I’d never had the chance to work with         inflatable art gallery came to our school to
young people analyse and criticise their own         contemporary theory, which initially caught            another artist before. At first I found the new      show our work) and also on my CV is the
work and that of others, using different formats     my attention from working with Kelly.                  environment a bit daunting (moving out of the        National Television Society Award that was
such as panel discussions, video interviews and                                                             classroom into a new room with a new group           given to me for a work titled ‘Self’ (one of
Big Brother-style diary rooms, proved                                                                       of people) but the atmosphere was positive,          the video projects I produced with Kelly).
particularly effective.                                                                                     friendly and informal. Kelly was very upbeat         David Moffat, participant in enquire phase 2,
                                                                                                            and disarming - she’d show a genuine interest        and now a B.A. Fine Art student’
                                                                                                            in each of us before helping us to plot out our
                                                                                                            ideas as a group.                                    Students from King Edward VI School in the
                                                                                                                                                                 Big M, ISIS Arts’ mobile new media gallery,
                                                                                                                                                                 with artist Kelly Richardson (right)
                                                                                                                                                                 (photo Stan Gamester)
26                                                                                                                                                                                                            27
Inspiring Education in Galleries

Conclusion                                            Projects like enquire raise the importance          The value attributed to enquire and Watch
                                                      of contemporary practice and the value of           this Space by the formal education sector
The Ofsted survey of art, craft and design            in-depth work. There was a clear sense of           makes clear the importance of continued
education between 2005 and 2008 (2009)                what engage were trying to achieve...               support for:
highlights in its key findings:                       Ian Middleton, Her Majesty’s Inspector,
                                                      Specialist National Advisor for Art and             •	 children, young people and teachers to
Visits to art galleries and work with visiting        Design, Ofsted                                         access cultural heritage through galleries and
artists played an important role and often had                                                               artists, and thereby contribute to excellence
an immediate impact on pupil’s aspirations            Watch this Space has been acknowledged                 within teaching and progression routes to
and achievement, but such experiences were            as a ‘very successful’ contributor to the              further education and careers
rarely available to all pupils. Sustained links,      professional development of teachers.               •	 training for teachers, artists and gallery
including those with the creative industries,                                                                educators to develop increasingly effective
were underdeveloped.                                  Impressive work was seen where, as a result            teaching in the visual arts and across the
                                                      of this programme, close partnerships had              curriculum
And goes on to recommend that the                     been established between teachers and               •	 a network of galleries and visual arts
government should:                                    gallery educators. These encouraged                    organisations across England that can
                                                      students who would not normally visit                  co-ordinate resources and contribute to
Promote opportunities for every child and             galleries to do so regularly.                          commissioned services.
teacher of the subject to have the opportunity        Ofsted report, Drawing together: art, craft and
to work in an art gallery, or with an artist, craft   design in schools
worker or designer as part of their cultural
entitlement.                                          enquire and Watch this Space have played a
                                                      key role in developing opportunities for children
The evaluation of enquire and Watch this              and young people, and in building the capacity
Space and case studies evidence how                   for galleries to work and learn in partnership
collaboration, research and training have             with schools to deliver education and learning.
developed the gallery education sector,
professional skills and the partnerships that         A school and a gallery working together in                                                              Primary school pupils working at Baltic Centre
provide children and young people with this           partnership can bring additional opportunities                                                          for Contemporary Art (photo Dan Brady)
valuable learning.                                    – not only to young people, but also to the
                                                      professional development of teachers, gallery
The contribution that enquire and Watch this          educators and curators.
Space have made to organisational change,             Lesley Butterworth, Assistant General
effective practice, education and training, and       Secretary, NSEAD                                                                                        The enquire and Watch this Space
career development has been recognised by                                                                                                                     evaluations were carried out by Stuart Davies
Ofsted and by the National Society for                                                                                                                        Associates and edited by Phyllida Shaw.
Education in Arts and Design (NSEAD), the
leading national authority concerned with art,                                                                                                                Copies of the full evaluations of enquire
craft and design across all phases of education                                                                                                               and Watch this Space are available from
in the United Kingdom:                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                              To find out more about engage and its
                                                                                                                                                              activities, please call 020 7729 5858
                                                                                                                                                              or go to
enquire and Watch this Space are part of        engage is an international membership
the Strategic Commissioning Programme for       organisation, including artists, curators,
Museum and Gallery Education funded by the      educators in the UK and abroad, which
Department for Education and the Department     exists to promote greater understanding
for Culture Media and Sport. Watch this         and enjoyment of the visual arts. engage’s
Space is delivered by engage with the           programme includes projects, conferences
Museums Libraries and Archives Council.         and seminars, training and networking
enquire has been managed by engage in           programmes, and advocacy to governments
association with Arts Council England and is    and funding bodies.
supported in 2010/11 by Arts Council England.
Three projects in phase 2 of enquire, 2006-8,   For details about membership please visit
were funded by the Foyle Foundation.  

                                                engage is supported by Arts Council England,
                                                Creative Scotland and the Arts Council
                                                of Wales, and by charitable foundations.

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