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      The International
Australian Travelling Gavel

           1995 ~ 2004

    Travelling gavel
      Presented 15th September 1995

             GAVEL NO. 11


          Very Worshipful Brother Richard (Rick) Howes
                                             Creator of
                            The International
                 “Australian Travelling Gavel Collection”

                                      GAVEL NO. 11
                      Presented into the Masonic Lodges of Canada
                      To Promote and Unite Masons in Freemasonry
                            And to promote “VISITATION”
                          Assistance in the making of this book

V. Wor. Bro. walter Billington, (Wal)............Computer assistance
       V. Wor. Bro. George Davies (Les)............... ..Computer assistance
        David Mott........................................................Computer assistance
       Alistair Harding.................................................Computer assistance
       Barbara Howes...................................................Assistance
       Irene Mott...........................................................Making bags for Gavels
                                         To contact
                                   V. Wor. Bro. Rick Howes
                                       6 George Street
                                        Wyong 2259
                                      New South Wales
                                      Ph. 02 4352 1748


                     Ph: ....+61 02 43 52 1748 Mobile: 0414 718 299
                                       Email address:


This book tells the story of a Travelling Gavel, which started it’s
journey’s in   Alberta, Canada in September 1995.
Which will include State Flags and State and town Statistics of where
the Travelling Gavel visited, also interesting items of each town. Also
included will be all the letters which I received back from all the
participating Lodges, coloured pictures, and photo’s

This is a Geography and History lesson Masonic style, made possible
by the generosity of Masonic Lodges, throughout many parts of
Canada, as they inturn sent back to me information on their Lodges,
towns, their towns industry, climate, tourism, culture, history and
much more

                            *         *       *   *               *

This Gavel has been to the following places
Rockyford, Carstairs, Strathmore, Camrose             Stony Plain, Jasper,
Forestburg, Wetaskiwin, Crossfield, Ponoka,           Whitecourt, Greenfield,
Irricanna, Lacombe, Drayton Valley                    Fort McMurray, Rimbey,
Toronto, Bigger, Perdue, Manitoba,                    Saskatchewan ,Ontario,
Burlington, Etobicoke, Brandon, Asquith,              Alberta, Quebec, Ontario
Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Crossfield, Calgary

      You will see that the Alberta Travelling Gavel,
           Has covered a vast area of Canada

                                          Statistics of

     Area ~ 9, 970, 610 sqkm * 3, 849, 674 sq ml * Capital ~ Ottawa * Language ~ English * French ~
  Currency ~ Canadian Dollar * Population ~ 32, 207, 113 (205) * Life expectancy ~ 74 (men) * 81 (women)
            Literacy rate ~ 99% * Religions ~ Roman Catholic * variouv Protestant denomination
     Physical features ~ mountains in the west * low lying plains in the interior and rolling hills in the east *
                         climate varies from temperate in the south to artic in the north
                            Imports ~ motor vehicle parts * computers * foodstuffs
   Exports ~ woodpulp and newsprint * crude petroleum * natural gas * aluminium and alloys * coal
Agriculture; wheat, barley, oilseed, tobacco, fruits, vegetables; dairy products; forest products; fish
Natural Resources; iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, potash, silver, fish, timber,
wildlife, coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydropower
Industry; processed and unprocessed minerals, food products, wood and paper products, transportation
equipment, chemicals, fish products, petroleum and natural gas

                                               INDEX                                        PAGE
Grand Lodge                   ALBERTA                  11
Rockyford Lodge No. 123                 Strathmore     17
Carstairs Lodge No. 20                  Crossfields    18
Alberta Grand Lodge, R.W. Gerry Webber                 29
Strathmore Lodge No. 53                 Strathmore     30
Irricanna Lodge No. 137                   Irricanna    32
Al Azah Temple                              Calgary    34
Forestburg Alliance No. 128              Forestburg    37
Camrose Lodge No37                         Camrose     38
Britannia Lodge No. 18                       Ponoka    39
Wetaskiwin Lodge No. 15                 Wetaskiwin     43
Crossfield Lodge No. 48                  Crossfield    44
Eureka Lodge No. 10                        Lacombe     46
Drayton Valley Lodge No. 182        Drayton Valley     48
Meridian Lodge No. 129                  Stony Plain    49
Jasper Lodge No.143                          Jasper    51
Alberta Grand Lodge                         Calgary    56
2 letters from Germany                    Flensburg    57
Whitecourt Lodge No. 95                     Rimbey     59
Kitchener Masonic Lodge No. 95,             Rimbey     61
Millenium Lodge No. 2000,          Fort McMurray       64
Fort McMurray Lodge No. 195        Fort McMurray       67
Brant Lodge No. 663 ONTARIO              Burlington    73
Parkdale Lodge No.510 GRC                   Toronto    81
Brandon Lodge No.19       MANITOBA         Brandon     81
Grand Lodge of             MANITOBA                    88
International Piece Gardens Lodge of Freemasons        90
Saskatchewan Grand Lodge SASKATCHEWAN                  94
Victory Lodge No. 144                     Saskatoon    96
Saskatchewan Lodge No. 16                Saskatoon     97
Lodge of Progress No. 92                 Saskatoon     97
Imperial Lodge No. 60                     Saskatoon    98
Saskatchewan central Lodge No. 217       Saskatoon     99
Rosthem Duck Lake Lodge Lodge No. 13 Saskatoon         99
Elstow Lodge No. 147                      Saskatoon    99
Twin City Lodge No. 89                   Saskatoon    100
Asquith Lodge No. 146 GRC                 Saskatoon   101
Bigger Lodge No. 100                         Bigger   105
Harmony Lodge No. 75                         Perdue   105
Dundurn Hanley Lodge No. 117               Dundurn    105
Regal Lodge No. 132                                   106
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan                           106
O.E.S                                                 106
Ross Castles Masonic Career                           107
MW.Bro. Francis Hester Masonic Career                 108
RW. Bro. Stuart Anderson, Masonic Career              114
MW. Bro. Don Finan, Masonic Career                    115

   Alberta, Canada Travelling Gavel
           Presented Gavel in 1995
    Alberta Grand Lodge, Calgary Canada
                1905 ~ 2000
 2000 * 135 Lodges           9,344 Members
    2004 * 131 Lodges           9,344 bembers

Rockyford Lodge # 123                   7th July 1995     Rockyford;
Carstairs Lodge # 20                      th
                                        12 Oct. 1995       Carstairs;
Strathmore # 53                          th
                                        4 Dec. 1995      Strathmore;

Irricinna Lodge # 137             th
                                19 march 1996              Irricanna;
             Al Azhar Shrine Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.
                   Shriners Hospitals for Children

Forestburg/Alliance Lodge #128            th
                                       24 July 1996       Forestburg;
Camrose Lodge # 37                       th
                                       13 Feb. 1996         Camrose;
Wetaskiwin Lodge # 15                     th
                                       17 April 1996    Wetaskiwin;
Brittania Lodge # 18                     th
                                        4 June 1997          Ponoka;
Crossfield Lodge # 48                     th
                                       14 May 1996         Crossfield;
Eureka Lodge # 10                          th
                                         4 Oct. 1997        Lacombe;
Drayton Valley Lodge # 182                th
                                        12 Feb 1998     Draton valley;
Meridian Lodge # 129                      th
                                         8 April 1998    Stony Plain;
Jasper Park Lodge # 143                   th
                                       17 Sept. 1998           Jaspa;
Whitecourt Lodge # 153                         th
                                          4 Feb 1999      Whitecourt;

Greenfield Park Lodge # 133                          Greenfield;
La Loge Amitie # 143                                 Greenfield;

Kitchener Lodge # 95               th
                                13 April 1999           Rimbey;
Millenium Lodge # 2000            th
                                14 Sept. 1999    Fort McMurray;
Fort McMurray Lodge # 195              th
                                  5 . Oct 1999   Fort McMurray;

          1855                                 2004
2004 618 Lodges                             59,819 members
 Ontario have 641 Craft Lodges Members; <> 67,130
Brant Lodge # 663                th
                               15 Nov. 1999 Burlington;
Parkdale Lodge # 510              th
                               15 Feb.2000  Etobicoke;

              1875                 2004
            As of 31st Dec. 2002
 2002 55 Lodges                 2,259 members

Brandon Lodge # 19              th
                              17 July 2000       Brandon;
             Grand Lodge of Manitoba
                      1875 = 2000
       Manitoba have 67 Lodges: Members <> 5,002

  International Peace Gardens Lodge of Freemasons
                       20th Oct. 2000

              1906                               2004

          2004 73 Lodges                  4,649 Members

           Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan
   Saskatchewan Have 84 Craft Lodges: Members, <> 5,312
                      1906 = 2000
    Grand master: Most Worshipful Brother Ross Castle
                       2001 – 2002

  Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan        st
                                   21 Oct. 2000
  Victory Lodge # 144                                    Saskatoon;
  Saskatchewan Lodge No. 16
  Lodge Progress No. 92
  Imperial Lodge No.60
  Saskatoon Central Lodge No. 217
  Rosthern Duck Lake Lodge No.13
  Elstow Lodge No. 147
  Mystic Tie Lodge No. 213
  Twin City Lodge No. 89
   Asquith Lodge # 146                                    Asquith;
   Doric/St. George # 71                                Moose Jaw;
   Bigger Lodge No.100
   Harmony Lodge No. 75
   Eat and Argue
   Dundurn – Hanley Lodge No. 117
   Saskatoon No. 4
   Regal No. 132
                         42 Lodges

This Gavel was received into Saskatchewan around March 2001
 It has been presented into only 42 of the 56 Lodges Lodges in Canada
                That it was supposed to be presented into

This Gavel has finished it’s journey & was sent back to NSW Australia
                                Nov. 2004
  MW.Bro Don Finan, Grand Master ~ Saskatchewan Grand Lodge

                                Masonic Proverb
                           Don’t leave something for him,
                                    for tomorrow,
                          When you can do that something,
                                   Yourself to-day
                                            Rick Howes

                                          5TH July 1995

During a recent visit to Alberta, Canada, Wor. Bro. Ian Vaughan, presented the Grand
Lodge of Alberta with a Lodge Wyong No. 247 Travelling Gavel. Presented to Rt. Wor.
Bro. Gerry Webber, Grand Secretary and accepted by Rt. Wor. Bro, Vic Ramsbottom,
past District Deputy Grand Master, the Gavel ( normally presented on the occasion of a
Fraternal visit ) has, in accordance with previous practice, been passed on to Lodge
Rockyford No. 123 for future use and travel.

Following the presentation, Lodge Wyong has now nine Travelling Gavels, circulating
in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and the USA.
Rt. Wor Bro. Ramsbottom is an uncle of Bro. Terry Wand, JD., of Lodge Wyong, and
has visited that Lodge on many occasions.

Credit for the skilful craftsmanship in creation the Gavel belongs to W. Bro. Rick
Howes, WM of Lodge Wyong, NSW Australia.

This was written by the Grand Secretary of Alberta Grand Lodge RW. Bro Gerry Webber

                            Travelling Gavel, Lodge Wyong No. 247

This “Travelling Gavel” comes to us from Lodge Wyong No. 247, United Grand Lodge of New
South Wales, Australia.
It is “CANADA No. 9” ( The whereabouts of 1-8 are contained in the base made from (White)
American Oak, (Brown) Western Australian Jarrah.
On the back of the base is inscribed,
And recorded in the book, CONTAINED IN THIS BASE.
It comes to Calgary Alberta Canada on the 5th July 1995 and presented to the Grand Secretary,
Rt. Wor. Bro. Gerry Webber at Grand Lodge by Wor. Bro. Ian Vaughan, a P. M of. LODGE
WYONG No. 247, U. G. L. N. S. W.
We hope you will ensure it’s continued travel and inform it’s presenter as stated in the “BOOK”
Enclosed in the base.

                   GRAND LODGE OF ALBERTA

                              RW.Bro Gerald T. Webber
                                   Masonic life
                                Deputy Grand Master

Bro. Webber was born in Ponokaa Alberta. He took his public and High school education
there. He holds a from the consumer institute

After a management career in banking and financial institutions
, specializing in agriculture and commercial lending, he joined an international farm
machinery manufacturer, where he held senior management positions, and later owned
a successful farm machinery dealer ship. He sold his interest in the business and
started a new career working with volunteer organizations assisting Alberta’s
First National Indian Reserves to establish agriculture and commercial ventures,
These initiatives provided individuals a foundation for self-reliance. Ile serves as a
director of Peace HillsTrust Company and Indian Agri-Business Corporation.

Bro Webber was raised a Master Mason in North Star Lodge No 4, Lethbridge.
He affiliated with Crossfield Lodge No. 48, serving as Worshipful Master in
1982, A Charter member of Loyalty No.197, and Honorary life Member of Britannia
L o d g e N o 1 8 P o n a k a , Forestburg/Alliance Lodge No.128, and North Star Lodge
No. 4.

In 1991 he was appointed Grand Secretary, following a year service as Assistant Grand
Secretary at the 92nd Annual-Communication, Bro Webber was elected Junior Grand
Warden, following his retirement as Grand Secretary in 1999. He was honored by the
94th Annual Communication when appointed Grand Secretary Emeritus,GRA.

President of the 13th all Canada Conference, Secretary to the Inter-Provincial Conference of
the Four Western Jurisdictions (Western Conference) since 1990 Elected 1st Vice President of
the Western Conference 1999: Conference of Grand Secretaries in North America, four year
committee member Member of A & A S R. Calgary Valley. Al Azhar Shrine and President of
the Clown Unit 1975 and 1989 Chaplain and Past President Royal Canadian Region and a
member of Lions Club International.

He lived on a family farm at Crossfield. Married Patricia in 1958, three daughters and seven

              Rick & Barbara Howes, Gerry and Patricia Webber
                         This photo was taken in early April 2006

Around the 6th April 2006, approximately eight am, I received a phone call from a
Tourist Travel Agent, he said that he had just picked up Jerry and Patricia Webber from
Mascot Airport, and that they wanted to call in to see Barbara and I in Wyong, as they
journeyed up the Coast of New South Wales, on their way to Brisbane, in Queensland.

We chatted over a cup of coffee for around an hour. Ever since Gerry Webber had
received this Travelling Gavel, I had kept in constant contact with him, either by phone
or by email. I was very surprised to see him and his wife in person.
Gerry Gave me a small Gavel, Alberta style, somewhat smaller than what we use in Australia,
and a Anniversary Medallion while he was visiting us,

 He and Rt. Wor. Bro. Vic Ramsbottom, Alberta Grand Lodge Historian, took it upon
themselves, to see that the Travelling Gavel kept on the move, for this, I was most grateful.

I presented this Special “Trophy Gavel” to Gerry Webber for what he had done for me
in regards of the Alberta Travelling Gavel

                                    which is made up out of over 19,000 pieces of
                                    Australian Red Cedar and Radiata Pine
                                    It included every Australian Coin on the wooden map
                                    of Australia which is also made out of Australian Red

                                    Then one day in June 2007, Rt.Wor. Bro. Vic
                                    Ramsbottom emailed me from Canada, to say that
                                    Gerry had suddenly passed away. This man and
                                    Mason will surely be missed not only by his family,
                                    but in our Fraternity of Freemasonry also.

                     WEBBER, Gerald Thomas "Gerry"

                    October 11, 1934 - June 10, 2007

                        Gerald Thomas Webber, beloved husband of Patricia, of
                        Crossfield, AB passed away on Sunday, June 10, 2007 at the age
                        of 72 years. Gerry was born and raised in Ponoka, AB. He
                        married Patricia on August 2, 1958 and they moved to the
                        Crossfield area in 1972. Gerry became a very active member of
                        the community. He was a member of the Freemasons for nearly
                        fifty years, serving as Past worshipful Master of the Crossfield
                        Masons Crossfield # 48 Masonic Lodge and the past Grand
                        Master of the Grand Lodge of Alberta. He also served with the
Shriners as a clown for over thirty years. Gerry was also involved with the Royal
Canadian Legion for over fifty-five years, serving two terms as president in addition to
holding other positions. Gerry was currently serving as director of Peace Hills Trust and
the Indian Ag Business Corp. Gerry was a very family oriented man, always involved
and supportive of his daughter's accomplishments and was especially proud of his
grandchildren. He will be dearly missed by all of his friends and family. Besides his
loving wife Patricia, Gerry is survived by three daughters and sons-in-law, Donalee and
Brian Hlushak and their children, Katie and Michael of Airdrie, AB, Jill and Brian
Clayholt and their children, Daniel, Lee-Anne and John of Delia, AB and Karen and
Scott Shelton and their children, Jennifer and Jaclyn of Calgary, AB. He was
predeceased by his parents, Ethel and Thomas Webber and his brother Cyril.

A Celebration of Gerry's Life will be held at the Crossfield Community Hall on Friday,
June 15, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. If friends so desire, memorial tributes may be made directly
to the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, # 271, 339 - 50 Avenue S.E., Calgary,
AB T2G 2B3 Telephone: (403) 265-9039 or to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of
Alberta, 1825 Park Road S.E., Calgary, AB T2G 3Y6 Telephone: (403) 264-5549, or to the charity of the donor's choice. Forward condolences
through In living memory of Gerald Webber, a tree
will be planted at Fletcher Park Memorial Forest by McINNIS & HOLLOWAY FUNERAL
HOMES, Airdrie Funeral Home, 300 TOWERLANE DRIVE, AIRDRIE. Telephone: (403)

                   “HAVE GAVEL WILL TRAVEL”
                 Was presented into the world to
             -- Promote and Unite the Craft of Freemasonry –
             Presented by V. Wor. Bro. Richard (Rick) Howes

This Travelling Gavel is to be presented into the next Lodge as soon as possible
                 Each Lodge is to engrave on the Gavel Base
                   LODGE – MASTER - & DATE PRESENTED

--There is a poem that travels with this Gavel, which reads –
                   Now this Masons Gavel has a tale to tell,
                      listen carefully and remember it well,
                  for soon you must send on it’s merry way,
                         It’s important message to convey,
                        This gift comes from Wyong way,
                   From a travelling Brother from far away,
                        It’s history we would like to share,
                          Because this Gavel is rather rare,
                   It is constructed of Cedar and Pine wood,
                      It’s workmanship is really quite good,
                         It was once part of a very old tree,
                      This is why we’re sending on to thee,
                          Take care, it’s our pride and joy,
                       If it could talk, and we wish it could,
                    It’s story would be interesting and good,
                          Don’t keep it for ever and a day,
                        But soon send it on it’s merry way,
                           Lots of Lodges we hope to see,
                         Listed inside and sent back to me,
                         This little Gavel was made to last,
                       To help promote and Unite our Craft

   The credit for this poem goes to a Bro. from around Alberta, Canada
                            I changed it a little

                   This is how Travelling Gavels work
                            And their purpose

          This Travelling Gavel is one of 12, which makes up the
      This book contains the travels of a Travelling Gavel which was presented to,
             Rt.Wor. Bro.Gerald T. Webber, Grand Secretary
                 of the Grand Lodge of Alberta in 1995
 By W. Bro. Ian Vaughan of Lodge Wyong No. 247, New South Wales Australia in
The purpose of this Travelling Gavel is, for it to be presented throughout the lodges of Canada

to Spread Peace, Good Fellowship and Goodwill, also to help to Promote and Unite
Masons throughout the World. They were also introduced to the lodges of the world, to
Promote "Visitation" of the Brethren as they journey throughout their Towns, Cities,
Provinces, States, country or to other countries to represent this Gavel to the next
participating lodge

     Each participating Lodge Is asked to send back to me the following Information.;
Lodge and No.
Wor. Masters & Secretaries, Names, Title, Full postal Addresses, Phone No’s and Email address
The date that they received the Travelling Gavel and the date that they represented it to the next Lodge
Some information on their Lodge, Town, Towns Industry, Climate, Tourism,Culture, History & General
Each participating lodge receives a four page letter, which explains all about lodge Wyong
Tuggerah lakes No.247, Wyong in general and surrounding Districts, what our Industry is, our
Climate and Tourism. Also a little about the creator of this Travelling Gavel.
Each Lodge also receives a list of where all the Travelling Gavels have been presented into,
throughout the world, a Lodge notice paper, they also receive 10 to 15 letters which I have
received back from around the world. This enables Brethren world wide to learn about each
other, other lodges and of the Culture of other Countries.
It encourages Brethren around the world to keep in touch with each other, from the information
which they receive from the various letters which I have sent them.
We learn from other parts of the World, at the same time, they learn a little from us.

They were also introduced to the world of lodges to gather as much information, as in History,
Climate, Tourism, Culture, and to find out about world lodges, for the purpose of making a
book on each of the Travelling Gavels journey and of their Host country.
This Travelling Gavel will be presented into approximately 56 lodges before it is returned back
N.S.W. Australia

   The 12 Travelling Gavels will be presented into aprox. 700 lodges and Grand
                                lodges world wide


         CONSTITUTED - OCTOBER 12TH 1905

      Ordered to he read in all Lodges and preserved.


                 JUNE 12TH & 13TH 1998

          MWBro HUGH YOUNG
                Grand Master
               Grand Secretary

       The Grand Lodge of Alberta A. F. & A.M,
              330 - 12th Ave. South West

                "Telephone 403-262-1149
                   "Telephone 403

                                   First Lodge
After this Travelling Gavel was presented into the Grand Lodge of Alberta, the first
Lodge to receive it was Rockyford Lodge No. 123 A.F. & A.M. in a town
called Strathmore, on the 6th July 1995. it was presented to W. Bro. A. O. (AL)
Woelk, their then Worshipful Master.

Strathmore is a town located along the Trans-Canada Highway in southern Alberta,
Canada, 40 klm (25 mi) east of the city of Calgary, within the boundaries of Wheatland
County and has a population of 11,102 (2007)

Rockyford is a village in southern Alberta, Canada. It is located 88 km east of the city
of Calgary which you will find in Southern Alberta. The region is known mostly for
agricultural production, as well as alternative energy, film production and tourism, as a
great popularity, and has a population of 349, (2006).

Southern Alberta is lined to the west by the Canadian Rockies and their foothills, and
the region has a total area of around 75,500 sq. km ( 29,151 Sq miles

The Canadian Rockies are the easternmost part of the Canadian Cordillera, the
collective name for the mountains of Western Canada. They form part of the American
Cordillera, an essentially continuous sequence
of mountain ranges that runs all the way from
Alaska to the very tip of South America. I hav
been told by people who have visited the Rocky
Mountains region and have traveled on the
Rocky Mountain Train, that it is one of the
worlds greatest adventures

                                   The spectacular Rocky Mountains

Where other parts of the region are dominated by the semi arid prairies of the Palliser's
Triangle, where farms and ranches have been built, often with the help of irrigation.
Rivers generally flow from west to east and include the Bow, Saskatchewan , Red Deer,
and Oldman Rivers.

As this Travelling Gavel was presented to the Worshipful Master, of Rockyford Lodge
No. 123, Wor. Bro. Al Woelk. Unfortunately this Lodge didn’t send back any
information, about their Lodge in general and about their part of the world. I thought to
myself, this is not a good start for this Travelling Gavel project, to run this project
properly, I have to receive as much information as possible from each participating
Lodge. All the information that I receive back, will be logged into these books for
further viewing in the years to come.

As I only wanted a few statistics about Rockyford, I will continue this book by adding a
few letters of Information about the next lodge to receive this Gavel.

                               Crossfield Masonic Hall
                                  1102 Osler Ave.
                                 Crossfield, Alberta

Carstairs Lodge No. 20 moved into this hall for their 1992 June Installation, quite
appropriate as on 8th April 1910 under dispensation from Carstairs Lodge No 20,
the institutional ceremonies for Crossfield Lodge No 48 began.

It should also be mentioned that this hall was designed around a “Masonic Carpet”
which a Crossfield brother had bought when the Calgary Masonic Hall was
demolished to make way for the Hudson Bay Store.

Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM

                            (with exception of July and Aug)

                                          2nd move
                            Carstairs Lodge # 20
                                    A.F. & A.M., G.R.A.
                                    Crossfield ~ Alberta

                                        Glenn Sawyers
                                   Worshipful Master 1995/96

                          14 Everglade Drive              Telephone
                         Airdrie, Alberta           Res: (403) 948-2635
                         TB4 2E8                    Bus: (403) 275-3340

                                                                          11th December 1995
Wor. Bro. Rick Howes
6 George Street
Wyong, N.S.W.
I am please to advise that Canada No. 9 Travelling Gavel has been presented to;
Wor. Bro. J. W. Kopp,
 104 Park Road,
 Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1H7, at Strathmore Lodge No. 53, G.R.A. on December 4th 1995,
on the occasion of their Games Dinner Night. In spite, of this day beginning with a fierce
wind and snow storm, the temperature reaching more than 30% below zero Celsius, there was
an excellent turnout, a wonderful dinner and warm fraternal fellowship. Two Past Grand
Masters were present along with two District deputy Grand Masters. As well, the Junior
Warden for Strathmore on that evening was an Australian who was very proud to have his
Lodge receive this Gavel

Strathmore is a prairie town, noted for cash crops of wheat and grain, cattle and oil, both
petroleum and canola. The farmers land holdings are very large, and while it is a prairie town,
the Rockies are easily in view most days even though they are located about 200 km to the
west. Summer days are long and hot and as you can see winter days are short and cold.

I am enclosing a picture of the Gavel, resting on a fine wooden
case, built and donated by one of our members, Jack
Hildebrand. He thought that the Gavel being of such good
workmanship and beauty, deserved to be enclosed in a suitable
case for protection and display.

The Gavel has served our Lodge very well, each time we visit
now we take enough members to form a Lodge (7), we attract visitors and as well, now have
three candidates on the trestle board for various degrees. This is due in no small part to your
efforts and I sincerely trust that you will receive similar reports from around the world,
wherever your workmanship is displayed.

With Kindest Fraternal Regards,

Glenn Sawyers
Here is a little more information about Carstairs Lodge No. 53. This next section was written
by Rt. Wor. Bro. vic Ramsbottom, who is the Grand Historian of Alberta Grand Lodge.

(1) On Wednesday 5th July, I drove to a town
 South of Calgary and picked up Wor. Bro. Ian Vaughan of Wyong Lodge No. 247, NSW,
Australia and his Lady Jenny, took them to “Brunch” at the Calgary Tower” (Like Centre
(2) Arranged a meeting with the Grand Secretary and Grand Master, M. W. Bro. Gordon
Macaulay (short notice) to have your Gavel presented by Wor. Bro. Ian Vaughan.
(3) It was so done later that day;
(4) The Gavel was then taken to an engraver and the following inscribed;
(a) Presented by, Wor. Bro. Ian Vaughan;
(b) Presented to District Deputy Grand Master of DINOSOUR District, Rt. Wor. Bro. Donald B.
(c) First Lodge to receive 6th July 1995, W. Bro. A.O. (Al) Woelk ~ Rockyford Lodge No.
(d) Picture taken of presentation 5th July expressed forward to W. Bro. Ian Vaughan before he
left Canada
(e) 31st July 1995 sent fax to W. Bro. Ian Vaughan in NSW updating “Gavel Activities”
(f) On August 1995 mailed fax to Cessnock; and
(g) 5th December 1995 letter by Glenn Sawyers, to Carstairs Lodge No. 20 G.R.A. to you.
We sincerely hope that by now you have received the proper information.
Yours Sincerely and Fraternally ~ Vic Ramsbottom ~ Tyler

                                        Vic and Flo Ramsbottom
                                        8 Gladstone Gardens, S.W.
                                        Calgary, Alberta
                                        T3E 7E4
                                        (403) 242-2031
Fax; (403) 255-7479
Going sailing on their “Luxury Yacht”

                                  SOME SYMBOLISM
Let us look for a moment at a lump of pottery clay, it is ugly, without uniform shape or
meaningful purpose, yet in the hands of a master craftman it can become a thing of
beauty, a work of art and a joy forever to one who appreciates fine things. Let your
imagination for a moment follow the transformation of this lump of clay. The pottera at
the wheel works the clay until it is pliable, until it will readily take and hold a shape. He
carefully places it on his wheel and with sure daft strokes, shapes it into a vase, an
article of useful purpose, with line of beauty. An artist with skill paints upon the vessel,
a design which becomes fixed and permanent when the vase is glazed and baked in the
oven. This vase may be a work of art ----a thing of beauty, yet, if allowed to gather dust
in a darkened corner, it’s beauty is dimmed and it’s purpose lost. When one seeks
admission to the Masonic Order, he is like the rough clay made pliable by moral
teachings, moral living and contact with masons.

Once within the lodge room, he is on the potters wheel, in the hands of a master
craftsman, who shapes and directs his course, with assistants, he unfold a design for
living and a philosophy of life.
    It is up to each and everyone of us to give performance to this teaching. We can with
diligence bake and glaze the pattern upon our lives.
     The practice of a moral life and the studies of the philosophies on which the
Speculative Masonry is based, we give a luster to the work of the Master Craftsmsn.
On the other hand a lack of diligence is like gathering dust, it dims the Masonic
purpose, and a work of art is lost. That loss is a double one. First of all, the master
craftsman sees his labours come to naught, and secondly the individual has lost some of
his purpose.

Let us give you another illustration. Each of us before we became members of the
Masonic Order was a rough diamond as it comes from the mine. A rough diamond is
examined by the master craftsman, to see what future it has as a jewel. Each of us when
applying for admittance was examined by Master Craftsman to see if we had those
qualities desirable in a Mason. Finding the rough diamond has these qualities necessary
for a fine jewel, master craftsman study it’s line of cleavage to try and determaine how
to bring out it’s hidden beauties, and then to the best of their ability split the polish until
satisfied with the finished product. Likewise, the Master Craftsman of the Masonic
Lodge when satisfied that the candidate has the necessary qualities, bring him to the
Lodge Room and with skill direct him to his goal. We, like diamonds, must maintain a
polish to show our inner light. Diamonds depend, for their continual brilliance, on the
care given by the owner. We as Masons depend for the inner light upon our own drive.
Brethren can aid and direct, but it is, in the final analysis, up to each and everyone of us,
to keep himself on course, to give himself that polish which may take many forms but
which when well developed, justifies the on looker when he says,
“There is a Master Mason”.

A fine watch to me is like a Masonic Lodge. Both have parts which have taken time and
patience to develop. The Lodge is like the watch’s escapement, unseen and understood
only by a few. A watch whose parts are well made and in harmony, one with another,
keeps good time.
A Lodge whose members are skilled in the Craft and in harmony with one another does
good works. To the uninitiated, a watch is judged by it’s appearance and accuracy. To
the uninitiated, the Masonic Lodge is judged by the everyday lives and characters of it’s
members. This is a point for us all to bear in mind, because our lives and the way we
live make an impression on the observers of masonry.

At Carstairs Lodge No. 20, on Thursday, 12th of October 1995, Bro.Alex Palin
(Chaplain) prepared and presented this paper to the assembled Brethren, also visiting
D.D.G.M. “DINOSAUR” District. R. W. Bro. D. B. (Don) Russell.
 Rockyford Lodge No. 123

For the “Historical Records” – Carstairs Lodge No. 20
this evening received a “TRAVELLING GAVEL” from
“WYONG LODGE No.247” N.S.W. Australia.

This “GAVEL” will be delivered to STRATHMORE LODGE
No. 53, Monday 4 December 1995 at their Game Dinner Meeting”
This next letter is from M.W. Bro. Stan Harbin of Camrose Lodge No. 53 to Gerry
Webber, Alberta Grand Lodge Secretary discussing about Travelling Gavels

               Carstairs Lodge No 20 A.F. and A.M., G.R.A.
                         Crossfield, Alberta, Canada

Carstairs, named after a town in Lanarkshire, Scotland, was originally established as the
centre of a ranching community. The area is still primarily agricultural with dairy and
grain growing in addition to the cattle industry. Oil and gas exploration/production and
forestry activity also play a major role in the local economy.

Carstairs was incorporated as a village 15th May 1903 and attained town status on 01
September 1966.

 Its population 1796
 It is located 48 Klm’s North of Calgary
 241 Klm’s South of Edmonton.
 Located on Highway 2 A East of Highway 2, in the county of Mountain View.

                            Carstairs Lodge No. 20
                                      A.F. & A.M.
                                                     R.W. Bro. V. J. (Vic) Ramsbottom
                                                      8 Gladstone Gardens South West
                                                             Calgary, Alberta Canada
                                                                    Fax: 403 277- 6818
                                                                Phone: (403) 242-2031

Grand Lodge of Alberta,
R.W. Bro. Gerry Webber
Grand Secretary
330-12th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0H7

Dear R.W. Bro Gerry;                                              2nd February 1997

I have looked at the material you passed, dated 23rd December 1996 from W.Bro Rick
Howes IPM of Lodge Wyong 247 N.S.W. Australia, and can offer the following .
With regards to where the GAVEL has been, have attached that information to this letter.
Reference phone calls, I communicate with Brethren and family members all the time
and use a FAX, transmitted midnight to 8:00 am. This is the most economical way, I
find, to send things "Down Under". A VIDEO to NEW ZEALAND (converted) of the
November 11th Ceremony that was conducted by Glenbow Lodge No 184, (Vacant
chair) which came to our area via Australia, has recently been sent by mail which , as
our W.Bro mentioned is expensive.
As you are aware W.Bro Moray Mytreon is your Lodge Secretary (Crossfield Lodge
No. 48).
The secretary of AL AZHAR TEMPLE was R.W.Bro Keith Rowley, presented the Gavel
to Worshipful Master of Irricanna Lodge No 137. The new secretary of AL AZHAR
TEMPLE is W.Bro Ron Beirnes, who is also, ( among many things) secretary of Mount
Lebanon Lodge No. 54.

I note that you had received a letter from W.Bro Rick Howes 17th January 1996. Our
W.M (Carstairs No. 20), W. Bro Glenn Sawyers had sent him a letter and pictures 11
(December 1995) speaking about the GAVEL and that W.Bro Jack Hildebrandt (No.
20), had made a beautiful carrying case for same. Prior to that I had sent him a letter
1. A copy of a FAX sent to W.Bro Ian Vaughan (Vaughan Graphics , No reply;
2. Letter to W.Bro Howes re action taken, engraving etc and the Gavel being delivered
to Rockyford Lodge No, 123;
3. A paper on "SOME SYMBOLISM" presented by our Chaplain Bro Alex Palin. At the
end of this paper , it was stated that the GAVEL would be delivered to

STRATHMORE LODGE No. 53, 4th December 1995; and
4. A copy of my letter ( 30th June 1995) to the Grand Secretary of Victoria, Australia,
as their Grand Representative near the Grand Lodge of Alberta. To all of this, there has
been no response.
Very interesting letters from other areas with GAVELS. W.Bro Howes is to be
commended on his excellent idea for promoting visiting.

We are off to KAWAI 4th February 1997, if we may assist you further, please to not
hesitate to call, My Lady Flo and I will return on 19th February. Will be in MONTANA
with our Royal Arch Mason Companions for their Annual George Washington
Convocation 21-23 Feb 1997. We would like to have a vacation in California during the
month of March, but M.W.Bro David Bruce is suggesting I'm required here. Will cross
that bridge when we come to it!
Please extend my very sincere thanks to your very courteous and dedicated staff. We
wish you well in 1997.
Sincely and Fraternally

.R.W. Bro V.J.(Vic) Ramsbottom
Carstairs Lodge No.20, G.L.A.
1. Visits made by Gavel No 9 Canada
2. Your letter from W.Bro Rick Howes
CC: M W.Bro Stan Harbin ~ Camrose Lodge No_ 37

                     I found this site in Google by printing in
                 Freemasonry, Strathmore Lodge No. 20, Alberta
                  Freemasonry,Carstairs Lodge No. 53, Alberta

 This article was printed by Carstairs Lodge # 20 A.F. & A.M. G.R.A.

                                 From a portion of

                            The Final Chapters
    Which is about Canadain, New Zealand and Australian Travelling Gavels,
           also the Canadian Lantern and the “Chinook Hot Potato”

The Lantern is to be taken on a visit to another Lodge, and a member of the Lodge
presenting must give a paper on Lodge Education. Bro Mossbarger gave an excellent
presentation on the Bible and Masonic Symbolism and their workings.

The Lodge receiving will engrave their Lodge name on the Lantern before presenting it
to another Lodge. Symbol Lodge No 93 will look forward to receiving it back for their
100th Birthday in 2016.

 9th September 1998:- The Brethren of King Hiram Lodge No 21 presented the
“Chinook Hot Potato” to Carstairs Lodge No 20. WBro deRosemond (WM) presents
Chinook Hot Potato to WBro Calvin Rowat (WM), while Bro Alex Palin (SW) looks

It is called the Chinook Hot Potato, because it must be presented to another Lodge
within thirty (30) days. It is a 40mm Boffin Casing and was used on Canadian War
Ships and on Land as Anti-Aircraft weaponry. It is enclosed in a frame and case made
from Oak and Birch. The “Chinook Hot Potato” was started in 1997 by RWBro Lorne
Vaughan. The aim of the Chinook Hot Potato is to promote visiting and increase the
Higher Education Bursary Fund. Some form of Masonic Research & Education must
accompany the Chinook Hot Potato when presented to another Lodge. Donations of
twenty-five dollars ($25.00) (minimum), or a “Looney” from each brother present, are
to be sent to the Bursary Fund, plus some form of Masonic Education. While in the
possession of Carstairs Lodge No 20, the Chinook Hot Potato had a plaque made for it
(art work by Mosaic Lodge No 176) stating rules etc and attached. A plastic cover was
made by WBro Jack Hildebrandt for protection. It will be delivered to Cascade Lodge
No 5 at their next meeting.

 15th October 1998:- Carstairs Lodge No 20 traveled to Cascade Lodge No 5, Banff,
Alberta and presented the “Chinook Hot Potato”. This was a special night as the Sixteen
brethren from Oban Commercial Lodge No 180 GR Scotland were present as were eight
(8) other Lodges. A collection of One Hundred and Twenty Eight dollars and sixty-one
cents ($128.61) was collected and presented to the DDGM to pass on to the Higher
Education Fund.

                        Washington State Traveling Gavel

          WBro W Skelly, WM, Spitzie Lodge No 6, Pincher Creek Alberta
      presents Traveling Gavel to WBro Glenn Sawyers WM (20) 9th May 1996

The Perfection Lodge No 9 Travelling Gavel was presented by the Senior Warden,
Calgary Lodge No 23 (WM and seven brethren in attendance). We drew Lodge No 127.
02 October 1996:-The WM, WBro Kim Greenizan, RWBro W.C. (Bill) Johnston,
RWBro Vic Ramsbottom, WBro Jack Hildebrandt, WBro Jim Stephens and Bro Paul
Hagger (SD) travelled to Granite Lodge No 127 and presented the Perfection Lodge No
9 Travelling Gavel as directed.

                  Freemasons Hall, Calgary, Alberta, 05th July 1995

RW.Bro Gerry Webber, Grand Secretary, receives the Canada Travelling Gavel No 9
(crafted by W.Bro Rick Howes, Wyong Lodge Tuggerah Lakes No 247 NSW) from
WBro Ian Vaughan (247), who was the courier from Australia to Calgary. RW.Bro
Donald B Russell (123) Dinosaur District looks on. Un-engraved, its first visit was to
Rockyford Lodge N0 123 and presented to Carstairs Lodge No 20, 12th October 1995.
Carstairs Lodge No 20 took it to Strathmore Lodge No 53 on 05th December 1995 at
their “Annual Game Dinner”. W.Bro Al Woelk, of Rockyford Lodge No 123, presented
Canada Gavel No 9, to Carstairs Lodge No 20. It should be noted that the first time this
Gavel came to Carstairs Lodge No 20 it came in a blue bag. Today you see a “Hard
Case” which was made by WBro Jack Hildebrandt before it went to the next Lodge.
Initial engraving was completed by Carstairs Lodge No 20.

The MWBro Ross Castle, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan carried it
on his entire visits during his term, 2001-2002. Saskatchewan Craft Lodges number 84,
with a membership of 5,312 in 2000. One of the Gavels many stops was the
International Peace Gardens Lodge of Freemasons.

This Gavel has been presented into approximately 30 Lodges in Saskatchewan alone!

It is being sent back to NSW Australia. It has been presented into approximately 70
Lodges throughout Canada. Unfortunately it was returned without the “Box” made by
W. Bro J.C. (Jack) Hildebrandt.
              Grand Marais Lodge No 322, Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

This gavel began its journey in 1966 from Grand Marais Minnesota. A “Log Book” is
contained therein to record its visits. On the 15th September 1990, some Austrian
brethren coming to visit Commercial Lodge No 180, Edmonton, Alberta brought the
gavel presenting same to No 180. It was then passed to RWBro Norman Senn WM, of
Fiat Lux Lodge of Research No 1980, 03 October 1992. At the Phoenix district meeting,
21st November 1992, RWBro Norman Senn presented the gavel to RWBro Vic
Ramsbottom (20), who would be traveling “Down Under” in early 1993, and was
directed to deliver it to another continent. To make use of the time prior to Bro
Ramsbottom’s departure, it was presented to WBro Glen Sollid WM, Carstairs Lodge
No 20, 10th December 1992, then on to Hussar Lodge No 130, 14th December 1992. The
gavel, having passed through nine (9) Lodge Installations, was returned to Carstairs
Lodge No 20 on 14th January 1993. WBro Sollid then returned the gavel to Bro
Ramsbottom for its journey “Down Under”. RWBro Gerald T Webber, Grand
Secretary, made it very easy for RWBro Ramsbottom to visit in New Zealand, by
sending a letter to the Grand Lodge of New Zealand, informing them of the Grand
Marais Gavel with its pending journey. WBro Reg Davey, Lodge Nau Mai No 177,
Taumarunui, New Zealand had visited Carstairs Lodge in 1987 and 1992. Therefore the
brethren suggested that this gavel be presented to Lodge Nau Mai No 177 at
Taumarunui, New Zealand. The Gavel made eight (8) visits on the South and North
Island prior to its presentation at No 177. The “Garden City” of Christchurch became
its first stop which was Lodge Gothic No 388, 25th January 1993. Lodge Nau Mai No
177 was visited on 3rd March 1993. On entering the lodge room Bro Ramsbottom’s
eyes came to focus on the Altar. Written in large print was “Fiat Lux” (Let there be
Light) - how appropriate, as the gavel came from Fiat Lux Lodge No 1980 in Alberta.
The Grand Marais Lodge No 322 A.F. & A.M, Travelling Gavel was then presented to
WBro Peter M Wilton, WM. It will now travel in the Southern hemisphere.

                  The Ivory Gavels, Grand Lodge of New Zealand.

The Assistant Grand Secretary, WBro Kevin Nelson, was most helpful in attaining the
history of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand, which related to the Klondyke “Gold

28th September 1933:-RWBro Col George Barclay, PDGM, Grand Secretary, gave some
information to the Grand Lodge of New Zealand about the “Ivory Gavels”, the property
of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand. They were the gift of the late Bro Frederick James
Browne, of Lodge Otaki No 72 and were presented to the Grand Lodge at the Annual
Communication on 10th May 1905. In the unavoidable absence of MWBro R.J.Seddon,
PGM, who had undertaken at the special request of the donor to hand over the Gavels
on his behalf, the duty was carried out by MWBro H.J. Williams.

Bro Browne was initiated in Lodge Otaki, No 72, 9th August 1895. He was one to
whom Freemasonry had evidently made an immense appeal, and he became very
enthusiastic in the Craft showing a keen desire for Masonic knowledge.

Some eighteen months after his initiation, Bro Browne was attracted by the Gold lure to
the far North of the Alaskan Territory. In a letter written to the New Zealand Craftsman,
3rd April 1905 from Trail Gulch Bonanza Creek, Bro Browne sets out the reasons which
actuated him in deciding to make this valuable presentation. The letter was as follows:-

“It may interest some of your readers to know how I came to present the Grand Lodge
of New Zealand with a set of Gavels made from the mammoth tusk. The history is brief
and points to the value of Freemasonry, and is as follows:-

In the year 1897, news arrived in New Zealand of the great gold strike made in the
Klondyke, and, amongst many others, I at once started on the long stampede to this
wonderful country. When I landed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, it was August
and I learned with regret that it was considered practically useless to try to get into the
Klondyke at that season of the year, for the hard winter being close at hand, would
effectually prevent anyone using the Yukon river as a means of transportation. I decided
therefore to defer my journey until the early spring of 1898. In the city of Victoria, I
received a truly Masonic welcome from the brethren residents there. This proclaimed
the fact that Masons have friends and good friends even amongst these supposed
strangers, and impressed very firmly upon my mind that here was absolute proof of
Masonic teachings, and served to show me the duty we all owe to the fraternity.
Amongst the brethren who treated me so kindly and whose kindness I feel I must
acknowledge, I would mention the name of WBro Farquhar McCrae, (PM St Andrews
Lodge No 3 Auckland New Zealand, and an old headmaster of the high school there)
and Bro Harry Sheppard, head of the Victoria Police. These two gentlemen were
unremitting in their attentions during my stay in the city and I may say that, from all the
Masonic fraternity, including the Royal Arch Chapter, I received nothing but kindness
and best treatment, which I deeply appreciated at the time, and do not forget today. I
was then a young Mason, and to see the beautiful teachings learnt in my mother Lodge
(Otaki) so practically exemplified in my case, decided me that I could not do too much
for such a fraternity, and out of this grew the idea which resulted in my present to the
Grand Lodge, the set of Gavels

    This is a letter from Gerry Webber, Grand Secretary of Alberta
               to the NSW Grand Secretary I. R. McCulloch

                                GRAND LODGE Of ALBERTA
                                   ANCIENT, FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS

                                 FREEMASON HALL: 330 -12th AVENUE S.W.
                                  CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA T2R OH2
                                TELEPHONE: (403) 262-1149 FAX: (403) 290-0671

                                                                    February 11, 1997
I.R. McCulloch
The Masonic Centre
279 Castlereagh Street
 Box A259
Sydney South, N.S.W. 2000

Dear Bro. McCulloch:

I am writing in follow up to correspondence regarding the "Travelling Gavel". Our RW.
Bro Vic Ramsbottom has been very active in following this Gavel as has your WBro
Rick Howes of Lodge Wyong No. 247 NSW, Australia.
   We are most appreciative of the time and effort put forth by the above mentioned
Brothers. Enclosed is correspondence in regards to the Travelling Gavel which I would
ask that you forward to Bro. Howes.
I hope the enclosed information is helpful to Bro. Howes.
As always, my best personal regards to you
                                                 Gerald T Webber ~ Grand Secretary
                     PEACE KEEPING SERVICE MEDAL

                    MWBro Gerald T Webber Grand Master

                       Presents “Peace Keeping Medal’s “to

                WBro Laurie Dirks and RWBro Vic Ramsbottom

WBro Laurie Dirks WM, WBro Andy Bogle, (118) President 264 Legion Calgary, Grand
      Master, WBro Robert Carver (Sr) IPM, RWBro Vic Ramsbottom Tyler

                                    The year 2000

                                       3rd move
                       Strathmore Lodge No. 53
                                  Meets 1st Monday
The Gavel was presented to their W/Master, W.Bro. J. W. Kopp, 0n the 4th of December
1995, his address is: 104 Park Road, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1H7, Ph; 403 934 2493

                           Strathmore Masonic Hall
                          (Temp=Irricana Lodge hall
                                 Masonic hall
                         302 2nd Avenue, Strathmore
                       Meets 3rd Monday of each month

                      Photographs Courtesy of MW Bro. Bob Costigan

                     Looking to the east        Looking to the west

DINOSAUR DISTRICT was founded as District 14 on 11 June 1919 and incorporates
District 15, which was founded on 8 June 1921 and most of District 16, which was
founded on 12 June 1929.

  A little information on where Strathmore is situated in Alberta, canada

Strathmore; is a town which is located along the Trans Canadian Highway in Southern
Alberta, 40 klms east of the city of Calgary, midst the Wheatfield County, which is in
the Province of Alberta

In 1007 the population was 11, 102. Today, the town is an important agricultural
community. Oil and gas exploration is also a growing interest in the area. Many
commute daily from Strathmore to Calgary. Over the past three years the town has seen
a major growth in commercial development.

           The next participating Lodge to receive this Travelling Gavel was;
        Irricanna Lodge No. 137 ~ A.F. & A.M., Grand Register of Alberta

                            IRRICANNA LODGE No. 137
                                   A.F. & A.M.
                             Grand Register of Alberta

                              Rt. Wor. Bro. Keith Rowley
                                    19th March 1996
                         Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month

                                                                               May 5, 1996.
Dear Sir & Brother:
You are hereby summoned to attend the regular communication of Irricana Lodge #137
AF & AM, GRA, to be held in the Lodge Hall at Irricanna, AB, on
Tuesday, May 21, 1996 at 7:30
pm. Education presentation from Hussar Lodge and second degree.
Sec/Treas       Master
W. Bro. Dave Boone RW Bro. D Keith Rowley Box 17, Site 25,RR2 245 Harvest Hills
Calgary, AB Calgary, AB
T2P 2G5         T3K 4H7
686-0295 Res 226-1112 Res
750-2540 Bus 239-0030 Bus
                                      Second Degree
If present and proficient, Bro. Uffelman will be passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft.
                                        May, 1996.

The Travelling Gavel from Wyong Lodge .No. 247, 'United Grand- Lodge of New South Wales,
Australia was discussed at our April meeting and the members present agreed to pass it on to
Crossfiefd Lodge No. 48. We plan to present it to Crossfield at their regular meeting on May 14th I
would appreciate it if the officers and as many other members as possible would accompany me to
Crossfield to present it. (The Lodge will tyle at 7:00 p.m. Please join me in showing our
appreciation to Crossfield for the many visits they have made to Irricana.

We hope to complete a second degree in May if the candidate is in attendance and is prepared to
prove up. I 'will be in touch with the Officers and Past Masters to again line up the work, once
contact has been made with the candidate, and will- confirm that the work is on.

Sincerely Fraternally,
R.W.Bro.Keith Rowley, WM.
245 Harvest Hills Drive, Calgary ~ T3K 4H7 ~ Phone: 403 226 1112
Irricana is a town in southern Alberta, Canada. It is located in the wide-open spaces of
the Canadian prairies, 53 kilometers (33 mi) northeast of Calgary, and west of the
Drumheller badlands off Highway 9. In 2006 Irricanna had a population of 1,243

The name of the town is an acronym of "irrigation canals, which are found around the
Irricanna area. The closest neighbouring village is Beiseker. Irricanna is surrounded by
the Municipal District of Rocky View.

Like3 a lot of towns around the world, Irracanna is well known for it’s beautiful town

                                Irracanna’s Motto

  We welcome you to Irricanna where you can enjoy affordable housing, small town
                         atmosphere and country lifestyle.

                              Irricana Masonic Hall

DINOSAUR DISTRICT was founded as District 14 on 11 June 1919 and incorporates
District 15, which was founded on 8 June 1921 and most of District 16, which was
founded on 12 June 1929.

The next Lodge to receive this Gavel was;

H. John Clay               Box 70038 Bowness Postal outlet              D. Keith Rowley
Pontentate                 Calgary, Alberta, T3B 5K3                    Recorder
236 3656                   Phone; (403) 239 0030                        226-1112
Cell; 554 9200             Fax; (403) 239 4334

Lodge Wyong No. 247, N. S. W.,
W. Bro, Rick Howes, Worshipful Master, 6 George St., Wyong 2259,
N. S. W., Australia
                                                                          May 15,1996

Dear W. Bro. Rick,
I expect that you may have already received a letter from the Irricana Lodge Secretary
regarding No. 9 Gavel, Alberta, Canada. However, I did want to add my own notes to
whatever you have received from us.

The original presentation, to start it on it's journey, was made to the Grand Secretary,
then to the District Deputy Grand Master of the Dinosaur District and on to Phoenix
District, back to Dinosaur District and now to Phoenix District The Gavel was presented
to Irricana Lodge No. 137, the undersigned the Worshipful Master, on March 19,1996,
from Strathmore Lodge No, 53. Both Lodges listed are within the Dinosaur District of
the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful the Grand Lodge of Alberta.

Irricana Lodge has had a long and on going fellowship with Crossfield Lodge and
including many joint social activities. After discussion in Lodge, the members accepted
that it would be our honor to pas the Gavel on to Crossfield and so we did on May 14,
1995. Crossfield Lodge had scheduled a 3rd. Degree and three candidates and there
were many visitors in attendance, the count being some 60 visitors and 20 members or
so in attendance. It was a very worthwhile evening for the presentation as many
members had the opportunity to review the Gavel and it's intent

Enclosed for your reference and file, a copy of the May communications from both
Lodges. In regard to some background, I started my Masonic career in Greenfield Park
Lodge No. 133, G.R.Q., A. F. & A. M.. the Province of Quebec, Canada, which is some
3,700 klm east of Alberta. I was Master in 1981 and in 1983 was elected as District
Representative and in 1994 as District Deputy Grand Master of the St Lawrence
District, G. R. Q. I was also very involved with the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
and the Shrine Organization. At retirement in 1988, my wife and I moved to Alberta, a
variety of personal reasons and we liked the area. On arrival I did visit a number of
Lodges and finally affiliated with Irricana Lodge. The Lodge saw fit to elect me as Jr.
and Sr. Warden and in December 1995 as Worshipful Master. I have continued my
involvement in Concordant Bodies and was just elected as the 2nd. General of the Rose
Croix Charter, A. & A. S. R. and from letterhead I am and have been for five years, the
Recorder of the Shrine Temple in Calgary, Alberta.

I, as a personal note, did think that your Traveling Gavel idea as a terrific one. In my
District in Quebec (I did retain my membership in Greenfield Park Lodge) there is a
Traveling Gavel and V. S. L and it moves,
each year, from Lodge to Lodge within the district. The D. D. G. M., as his first
function after installation, starts each year's cycle by presentation, the Gavel and V. S.
L, to a Lodge in the District and as his almost last function receives it from the last
Lodge, to complete his year.

I am sure that you will continue to receive many notes from Lodges as No. 9 travels this
jurisdiction. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this area, please do be in contact..

My wish to you, your Officers and members, best good wishes for continued success in
Lodge and in general

Fraternally yours,

D.Keith Rowley, Worshipful Master
Irricana Lodge No. 137 and Recorder
Al Azhar temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.

As a foot note, for information, a few pamphlets on the Shrine Organization.

Who are the Shriners and what is the Shrine
Shrine Temples Directory
Shrine card and Hospitals information


The 33rd Degree for Freemasons is the level where a Mason becomes a Shriner in the
Scottish Rite. In the York Rite, the Shriner Degree comes after the Thirteenth
Degree, also known as the Knights of Templar Degree.

As we’ll see, Freemasonry incorporates a philosophy that’s based on eastern mysticism.
For starters, take a look at the full name for the Masonic Shrine – “Ancient Arabic
Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine”.


The public view of the 33rd Degree for Freemasons, or Shriners, is actually quite
comical. They’re the old guys in parades with the tasselled, red “fezzes” in little go-
carts. They show up at football games and horse shows for fundraising. They’ve even
been made light of in the Austin Powers’ movie, “The Spy That Shagged Me”.

They also have children’s hospitals and burn centres for children. Many U.S.
presidents have been Shriners, such as Franklin Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, and Harry

                    Shriners Hospital for Children

Shriners of North America is an international fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the
Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. There are approximately 375,000
members from 191 temples (chapters) in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Republic of

Shriners of North America support Shriners Hospitals for Children, a one-of-a-kind
international health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of
children by providing specialty pediatric care, innovative research and outstanding
teaching programs. Since 1922, Shriners Hospitals for Children have significantly
improved the lives of more than 865,000 children.

If you hold the title of Master Mason in Freemasonry, you qualify and are invited to join
the Shriners.

                Orthopaedic and Burn Care
                             Given without charge to children for over
                                            75 years!

                            As one Shriner put it, "We can't put a price on what we do
                            for these children so we do it for free!"

                            For those living in Mexico, the US or Canadian, these
                            hospitals are pretty well known. What is not always known
                            is that all Shriners are Masons! There are 22 hospitals
                            throughout the United States: three for treatment of burns
                            and 19 which address crippled children's medical problems.

                           The first Shriners Hospital opened in Shreveport, Louisiana
                           in 1922 and the first Burns Institute opened in Galveston,
                           Texas in 1966. To date, the Shriners have spent over $3
                           billion dollars on hospital operating costs and over $7
million on construction and renovation.

The number of children helped to date is nearing 550,000 and all care is free! The one
department which is never found in a Shrine Hospital is a billing department. Funds for
this come from gifts, bequests, income from the endowment fund, hospital fund-raising
events, and the annual hospital assessment paid by every Shriner (of which there are
approximately 600,000).

In their zeal to collect money for Shrine Hospitals, some Shrine local groups during the
1980's did not clearly identify when a fund-raiser was for local use versus for the
hospitals directly. When it was realized that some confusion existed in the public's
mind, a policy was immediately put into place to ensure that the public is never mislead
relative to Shrine fundraising events.

If you'd like to find out more about the Shriners Hospitals, you can also go to the
Shrine Hospitals web site
Some of the Medical speciality Hospitals that are run by the North American Shriners

Burns Care ~ Spinal Chord Injury Rehabilitation ~ Orthopaedic Care ~ Cleft
Lip and Palate ~ Pediatric Specialty Care ~ Orthopaedics

When lodges don’t send back a letter to explain about their particular lodge, it is
extremely hard to work out just when they received this Gavel. Even when I was
working, which was every day of the week including Saturday and Sunday, I always
found the time to write many hundreds of letters to lodges all over the world. All I
asked for from each lodge was just a very small letter, which in a lot of cases, various
lodges just couldn’t find the time, it’s no wonder that this Fraternity of Freemasonry is
in a bad way.

At the end of every year, we hear the same old story, of how many lodges that had
handed in their Charters and of the declining numbers of members. As I write to around
thirty (30) countries around the world on a regular basis, these are the stories that I hear
about often. The late, MW. Bro. Gerald Webber, once quoted to me the following:
In thirty or so years from now, which was 1995, we will be extremely lucky to find
enough Masons to form a Lodge.

This is how I see it, we might not want to believe that our famous Fraternity is coming
to an end. For a Fraternity that’s been around for thousands of years, it would seem a
near impossibility. We here in New South Wales, especially where we are, in what is
called the Central Coast of New South Wales,. We get new youngish Masons join up,
but we can’t keep them, they only come a few times, and then we never see them again.
I have heard statements like this from all over the world.

For those Lodges around the world, and yes, there are some, they boast of the growing
numbers in their Lodges, some well over 200, and yes again, they are joining up new
young Masons, and yes again, they are keeping them, for this, they are extremely lucky,
what is their secret.!!

Now when it comes down to letter writing the next two lodges didn’t write back to me

Camrose Lodge # 37 Received this Travelling Gavel 13th Feb. 1996

The next Lodge to receive this Gavel was;
                      Forestburg – Alliance No. 128
                                   Foreseburg, Alberta

The W.Master to receive the Travelling Gavel was
Wor. Bro. I.G.Oberg                                                      on the 24th July 1996

The next Lodge to receive this Travelling Gavel was Camrose Lodge No. 37 in the
town of Camrose. The Worshipful Master to receive it was;
W. Bro. Arden Olsen ~ 5816, 39 Av Close ~ Camrose, Alberta, T4V 3Z7
Phone: 672 8454

                                                            Date: 13th February 1997

                           CAMROSE Lodge No. 37

             From the East                                 From the West

                 Camrose Lodge # 37 ~ Masonic Hall, Camrose ~
                        Meets 2nd Thursday each month
                                     Masonic Hall
                        4021 48 Street ~ Camrose, TV4 1L9

                Photographs courtesy of VW Bro. Darrell Peterson

The Wor. Master of Camrose Lodge on the 13th February 1997, was;
Wor. Bro. Arden Olsen, 5816 - 39 Av Close, Camrose Alberta, T4V 3Z7
Phone: 672 8454

    BATTLE RIVER District was founded as District 5 on 27 May 1908 and now
incorporates part of District 9, founded on 31 May 1911 and part of District 17, founded
  on 12 June 1929. It covers an area east of Edmonton and currently is comprised of 9

                         Camrose County No. 22.
Camrose, which was first established in the 1900’s,
is situated about 90 kilometers (56 mi) from
Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. It is a small
Canadian city, is situated in Central Alberta, amidst
some of the richest farmland in the prairies. It is a
relatively small city which originally grew up along a
railroad and now grows along Highway 13 Camrose
is a scenic city with many parks, leading to its moniker "The Rose City". Camrose
offers a relaxed lifestyle with a large population of retirees. Camrose has a population of
around 16,543, Camrose has a large area of parkland which is covered with wild roses.

                           Britannia Lodge No. 18

                                                            Robert E. Appraisals Inc.
                                                                 RR2, Site 2, Box 13
                                                    PONOKA, Alberta, Canada T4J 1R2
                                                               Phone: 403 783 6231
                                                                  Fax: 403 783 2752

WB. Rick Howes,

                                                                           24th June 1997

Vic Ramsbottom passed your request to me and I’m glad he did.

Britannia Lodge #18 GRA received #9 from Camrose Lodge on 4th June 1997 on their
100th Birthday. W. Bro. Dick Cameron will be writing to you soon

                                                     Bob Ross; DDGM Central District

This is the information that was placed in the little book that travel with the Gavel

     W. Bro. C. Cutforth ~ Address: 5119 _ 60 Avenue, Ponoka, Alberta, Ph:783 1572
                                                                     4th June 1997

                              Britannia Lodge No. 18

                                        Masonic Hall
                                      5115 60 Avenue
                                   Ponoka ~ Alberta
                                   Phone: (403) 783-1572

                            Photograph courtesy of RW Bro. Russ Fisher

                      Meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month

CENTRAL DISTRICT was founded as District 4 on 27 May 1908 and incorporates
part of District 9, which was founded on 31 May 1911. As its name implies, it covers
part of the area of Alberta known as "central" which is a bit of a misnomer as it is far
from the centre of Alberta but it is central between the two major cities. Currently, there
are ten Lodges in this District.

                                       Britannia Lodge No. 18
                                          Ancient Free & Accepted Masons
                                       5115 60 Avenue, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1E9

Officers of the Lodge
Master;                       Lodge Wyong No.247                     Charles (Dick) Cameron
M.H. (Dick) Cameron
Senior Warden:                U. G, L of N.S.W                              5204-56 Avenue
Bro. Brian Lloyd              Bro. Rick Howes S/D                  Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1G8
Junior Warden:                6 George Street                                (403) 783 5206
Bro. Richard Duncan           Wyong 2259 N.S.W                                      Canada
Wor. Ken McLean
M14-59 St,
Ponoka. Alberta
T4.1 1L5
Phone: 783-3575
Senior Deacon: Bro. N. (Dean) Khan
Junior Deacon: Bro. John Jardine
Director of Ceremonies: R. Wor, Bro.Ernie Hickmore
Steward; Bro. Tim Croft Bro, Ainsley Shepherd
Chaplain: Bro. Perry Garret
                                                                      5th October. 1997
Dear Bro. Howes,
The Travelling gavel was received at Britannia Lodge # 18 Wednesday 4th June 1997

                                     "Canada # 9"

Interesting note: Presented to Wor. Bro. Charlie Cutforth on Installation Night, after
Gavel was presented & was Installed, as Master of the Lodge, Wor Bro. Mordoch
In attendance were; Most Wor. Master of Alberta, Ray Burton And R/W Bro. Gerald
Webber, Grand Secretary G.R.A.. The original recipent of the Gavel in Calgary
The gavel has since been to R. W. Bro. Vern Otto, Master of Eureka Lodge # 10
G.L.A ( Lacombe Alberta) 4th Oct. 1997
The occasion of their 100th anniversary.

Wes Jackson, Past District Deputy Grand Master is a member of this Lodge and he is
Grand Lodge Representative for New South Wales, - coincidence, you should receive a
full write up from them.
I've enclosed a map of Alberta with the gavel travel locations marked, (for your
It's been a pleasure being associated with this project.
                                                                            Best Regards
                                                         Murdoch (Dick) Cameron W.M.

P. S. We stand down for July and August yearly (reason for delay in Presentation)

                 A Brief History of Britannia #18
                              formerly #98 G.R.M.

In the beginning...
The Masons in Ponoka had a difficult time getting their Lodge under way. They needed
seven Charter members and were able to muster six. A bank manager, Lumber
merchant, lawyer and several hunters and traders are included in their list. The problem
was that the hunters and traders were itinerant and could not be relied upon to remain in
the town for any length of time. It was discovered that the Ponoka lawyer (*see below)
was an Entered Apprentice Mason. The Brethren appealed to Eureka Lodge No. 65
G.R.M. to help them pass and raise the valuable Entered Apprentice. It was then that
Eureka Lodge was able to sponsor the establishment of a lodge in Ponoka which was to
be called Britannia. The dispensation arrived in due course and Britannia Lodge was
instituted on December 31, 1904.

Fire of Premises
While the Lodge was under dispensation a disastrous fire destroyed all possessions of
the Lodge. Such was the enthusiasm that it took but four days for the Ponoka Masons
to find new quarters and recommence their preparations for consecration. The Charter
for Britannia Lodge No. 98 G.R.M. was issued on June 15, 1905 by the Grand Lodge
of Manitoba. Despite their need for new members the Brethren did not allow a desire to
grow overshadow the quality required for Masonic initiation. An early record states
that "the Brethren were very careful with the ballot."
Outstanding Visitation Meeting
80 visitors, in 16 automobiles, journeyed from Edmonton Lodge No. 7, on Saturday
November 8, 1929, for a special meeting to exemplify the Master Mason degree.

Britannia’s Third Degree Team
Until 1958, the Britannia members of their Degree Team ‘cast’ wore business suits. At
that time Britannia Lodge purchased special regalia from Edmonton No. 7 (for
$900.00). From that time onward, Ponoka’s Degree Team was costumed. In one 11
year period, this Degree Team performed the drama of Hiram’s Legend on 56

Overseas and other Road Trips
In 1983, 48 members of Britannia Lodge, and their wives, made an overseas trip to
Scotland, for the primary purpose of visiting five Lodges in Scotland, and exemplifying
the 2nd section of the Third Degree.

In 1984 the degree team journey to Prince of Wales Lodge No. 100 G.L.B& Y in
Vancouver B.C. and exemplified the 3rd Degree and visited the Lodge at White Rock.

In 1985, after a lot of work by Brother John Low, a Charter tour of Germany by 88
Ponoka Masons, wives and Masonic friends, was made for the primary purpose of
exemplifying our Third Degree to West Germany’s Britannia Lodge No. 843. In
November that same year, the team bussed to Athabasca to raise a Brother of
Tawatinaw Lodge No.71.

The Third Degree team continued to travel: Eastgate No. 192 (1986); Lloydminister,
Saskatchewan, to emulate the 3rd degree to Britannia No. 23 G.L.S. (1987); Forestburg
No. 128 and Lockern No. 151 at Rocky Mountain House (1988); St. Johns No. 25 in
Vegreville and Bowden No. 42 (1990); Ionic – Landmark No. 45 (1992); Wetaskiwin
No. 15 (1995); Edmonton No. 7 and Meridian No. 129 in Stony Plain (1996); an Open
Air Lodge at Bassano No. 55 (1998); Crossfield No. 48 to raise 7 members of the
newly formed Airdrie Wild Rose Lodge No.2001 (2001); and Camrose No.35 (2003).

The Degree team has changed many times over the years with long time head RWBro.
Ernie Hickmore passing the chair of King Solomon on to WBro.Charlie Cutforth. The
2005 Third Degree schedule will again be busy with two outings already booked.

          Britannia celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 15, 2005.

This event was one of the most successful, if not the most successful, in Britannia's
history. The Brethren of Britannia thank all of those who attended to make this such a
memorable event...see you in another hundred?

 *NOTE: This newly raised Master Mason was John A. Jackson, Ponoka’s 1st lawyer,
             who became, in 1914, Alberta’s youngest Grand Master.

              Thanks to WBro. Blake Ross for putting together this history.

 As Britannia Lodge is in Ponoka, Alberta, it would be right that I include some
information of where it is situated in Canada, plus a few items of interest
Ponoka, with a population of 6,576 (2006), is a town in the province of Alberta.
Canada,It is situated in the south/central parkland region of rolling hills. Industries are
agriculture (grain and cattle production), also oil and gas production. Ponoka is located
at the junction of Highway 2A and Highway 53, 59 klm (37 mi) north of the city of Red
Deer and 95 klm (59 mi) south of Edmonton
In 2006, Ponoka County had a population of 8,640
.The town has a land area of 13.05 km² (5 sq mi)

Ponoka County is a relatively new county, formed in Central Alberta Regan, Canada.
It covers 721,396 acres (2,919 km²) and it claims to "embody the essence of rural

 Now if you are into a bit of rough horse play, so to speak, Ponoka is the undisputed
home of Canada’s largest six-day rodeo, the world famous Ponoka Stampede, which is
staged each year during the July 1st, Canada Day weekend. Six full days of rodeo action
attracts the best two and four-legged rodeo athletes in the world.

                        Wetaskiwin Lodge No. 15
                                                                          17th April 1997
The next Lodge to receive this Travelling Gavel was Wetaskiwin Lodge # 15 on the
17th April 1996; they meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Masonic Hall at
Wetaskiwin. The Travelling Gavel was presented to their Worshipful Master;
Wor. Bro. Dennis leicht ~ Address; 4406-46 Avenue, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, T9A 2S2
Phone: 403 352 6313

Ponoka is home to the beautiful Wolf Creek Trail which starts at its southern end near
the Ponoka Community Golf Course and travels northwards, randomly ending in the
middle of a field. The trail follows the Battle River for several kilometers. Along the
trail are several descriptions of various local wild animals and historical tidbits. Also
along the trail system are several baseball diamonds, benches, and picnic tables.

                   Here’s a few ststistics about Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin; is a small city in the Province of Alberta, and is located 70 klm (43 mi)
south of the Provincial Capital of Edmonton, and 232 klm North of Calgary. The City
has, of 2006, a population of 11,673

There must be a lot of car enthusiasts in this part of the world, as Wetaskiwin has the
distinction of having the most car sales per capita in Canada. This City is known to be
one of the oldest cities in the Province of Alberta, founded in 1892

Every time that these Travelling Gavels get represented into the next lodge, usually a
Fraternal from a lodge, journey’s to the next lodge of their choice for this presentation.

This Gavel having been presented into Wetaskiwin Lodge # 15, it was time again for it
to move to the next location. A Fraternal of Masons journeyed to a place called
Crossfield and represented this Gavel into;

                         Crossfield Lodge No. 48,
                               Masonic Hall, Crossfield
                        Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month

                                                    Interior of the Lodge looking to the East

                        Photograph Courtesy of MW Bro. Bob Costigan

The Masonic Carpet on the floor of the Lodge has been with Crossfield Lodge since its
inception 90 years ago and was a gift from Bow River #1 in Calgary.

The current lodge hall was designed to fit the dimensions of the carpet.

Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and the carpet was removed in 2001, below is how
the Lodge looks today.

                              Crossfield Lodge No. 48
                                   A.F. & A.M. G.R.A.
                                    1102 Olser Avenue
                                CROSSFIELD ~ ALBERTA

    on the 14th May 1996 Crossfield Lodge No.48, received this Travelling Gavel
    their Worshipful Master was: . Bro. Bob McNevin ~ 96 Big Springs Drive ~
                  Airdrie, Alta. T4A 1K2       Phone: 948-4690

                                    Crossfield Secretary;
                                  Wor. Bro. Moray Mytroen
                              Box 3216 Airdrie, Alberta T4B 2B5
                                       Phone; 948-5159

Crossfield Lodge Officers for 1996
Worshipful Master;.................. W. Bro. Bob McNivin
Immediate Past Master;........ ....W. Bro. Greg Rockafellow
Senior Warden;............................... Bro. Robin McKinnon
Junior Warden;............................... .Bro. Ian Ross
Secretary;.............................. ....W.. Bro. Moray Mytroen
Chaplin;........................................... Bro. Rob Fox
Senior Deacon;................................ Bro. Ross Mann
Junior Deacon;................................. Bro. Jack Beddoes
Director of Ceremonies;........ V. W. Bro. Robbie Ross
Senior Steward;................................ Bro. Rod Morison
Junior Steward;................................ Bro. Mark Baecker
Organist;............................... Rt. W. Bro. Jim Forsyth
Registrar;.................................... W. Bro. Harry Levick
Tyler;...........................................W. Bro. GrantFletcher

PHOENIX DISTRICT was founded as District No. 18. on the 9th of June 1948. It
covers Calgary Lodges and rural Lodges to the north of the city. Currently, there are ten
Lodges in this district. **
Three Generations of the Morrison family of Crossfield Lodge No. 48
                                                            On January 11th 2000, W Bro. Rob
                                                            Morrison was installed as the 80th
                                                            Worshipful Master of Crossfield
                                                            Lodge No. 48. His father, W Bro. W.
                                                            A. (Bill) Morrison was the
                                                            Worshipful Master in 1981 and his
                                                            Grandfather, Bro. Peter Morrison has
                                                            been an active member of Crossfield
                                                            Lodge since 1964. The Morrison
                                                            Family reside on their family ranch
west of Airdrie
The picture taken on this occasion shows (left to right) WBro W.A. (Bill) Morrison
WBro. Rod Morrison, Bro. Peter Morrison and Rt. W. Bro. Gerry Webber DGM
Also a member of Crossfield Lodge

Items about Crossfield in general

Crossfield is a reasonably small town with a population of 2,648, (2006) which is
located 43 klm. (27mi) north of the City of Calgary,it is north of the City of Airdrie, and
has a railway station on the Calgary to Edmonton line of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
The town itself has a land area of 4.80 sq. klm. Or 1.9 sq mi.

From Crossfield, one gets very good views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains


As I didn’t receive a letter form Crossfield Lodge, I have no idea which member of the
Lodge presented this Gavel to the next Lodge, which was;

                            Eureka Lodge No. 10
A fraternal from Crossfield Lodge journeyed to Lacombe and presented the Travelling
Gavel to Eureka Lodge No. 10 on the                               4th October 1997

Wor. Bro.Verne Otto ~ 4722 – 49 B Ave. Lacombe, Alberta, Phone: 403 782 3988

Eureka Masonic                                                           Hall Meets on
the 4th Tuesday                                                          of each month

    CENTRAL DISTRICT was founded as District 4 on 27 May 1908 and incorporates
    part of District 9, which was founded on 31 May 1911. As its name implies, it covers
     part of the area of Alberta known as"central" which is a bit of a misnomer as it is far
      from the centre of Alberta but it is central between the two major cities. Currently,
                          there are ten Lodges in this District. AAA11

                   Eureka #10

              "At Eureka Visitors are always Welcome"

               Welcome to our Masonic Cyber Home
On the register of The Grand Lodge of Alberta, A.F. & A.M. Central

Lodge Tyles at 8 PM on the 4th Tuesday of each month, (except July
                           and August)
                    Lacombe's Freemason Hall
                         4722 - 49B Ave
                   Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

                       Eureka Lodge #10
                        AF & AM GRA

Lacombe is a town in central Alberta, Canada. It is located north of Red Deer, the
nearest city, and south of Edmonton, the nearest metropolitan area. The town is set in
the rolling parkland of central Alberta, between the Rocky Mountains foothills to the
west, and the flatter Alberta prairie to the east, and has of 2006, a population of 10,
742, its has a total land area of,18.24 km² (7 sq mi .

Lacombe is a rich agriculture area and also has a gas and oil Industry

I don’t quite know what to make of our world of Freemasons, you’d be quite surprised
to learn that out of the last ten (10) Lodges that held this Travelling Gavel, there were
only about two of them that wrote back to me. Brethren, when I started putting this
book together, it is extremely hard to work out which lodge held it in what order, so if
I’ve made a mistake or two, by placing a lodge in the wrong place, it’s not really my
fault. I have been chasing these 12 International Travelling Gavels all around the world
since 1993. I will never understand why a Secretary of a lodge, can’t write just a few
lines back to us, telling us a bit about their Lodge, and some information of where they
are situated in our vast world.

Now that I’ve said all that, it’ time to get on to those lodges that have had the
opportunity of being presented with this Travelling Gavel, maybe I might happen to
find a letter or two from their Lodge Secretaries, one can only hope.

The next Lodge to receive this Travelling Gavel was;

                 Drayton Valley Lodge No. 182
   Meets in the Drayton Valley Masonic Hall on the 2nd Thursday of each month

YELLOWHEAD DISTRICT was founded as District No. 3 at the Constitution of The
Grand Lodge of Alberta on the 12th October, 1905. It covers Lodges in Edmonton and
     to the west as far as Jasper. Currently there are nine Lodges in this District.

 The Gavel was presented to their Worshipful Master on the         12th February 1998

to W. Bro. Sheldon Fuson, (Fire Chief), 5213 – 45 Avenue, Drayton valley, Alberta,
T7A 1A1     Ph; 403 542 5866

Their Secretary; was Bro. Chris Ellard, ~ Box 663, Drayton Valley, Alberta, T7A 1S1
Phone; 403 542 7201

  Drayton Valley, with a population of 6,893, (2006), is a town in central Alberta,
  Canada, with a total land area of 12.27 sq. Klm, (4,27 sq mi. It is located 133 klm
 (83 mi) south-west of Edmonton. It is part of the Brazeau County, Alberta, is placed
 along the Cowboy Trail and is part of the oil region. Drayton Valley is a town in the
 province of Alberta. It is on a plateau between the North Saskatchewan and Pembina
Moving along, still not receiving letters back from the lodges, this Gavel arrived at;

                       Meridian Lodge No. 129

                                   Meets in this Hall

            Masonic Hall ~ 4914 50th Avenue ~ Stony Plain T7Z 1S9
           There regular meeting is on the 2nd Wednesday of each month

                                   WELCOME to
                           Meridian Lodge #129 A.F. & A.M!

The Travelling Gavel was presented to the Worshipful Master; Wor. Bro. Phil Astle on
the 8th April 1998, his address is: 4 Walnut Street ~ Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada
Phone; 962 4818

               The Lodge meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month

YELLOWHEAD DISTRICT was founded as District No. 3 at the Constitution of The
Grand Lodge of Alberta on the 12th October, 1905. It covers Lodges in Edmonton and
to the west as far as Jasper. Currently there are nine Lodges in this District.
Since 1921, Meridian Lodge has been an active member of
the community with activities such as Food Banks, Santa
Anonymons, Garage Sales and family events such as
Barbeques, Ladies Nights or Robbie Burns Night. We are
proud of our history in the community based on the
priciples upon which the Masonic Order was founded,
brotherly love, relief and truth.
Meridian Lodge has regular meetings on the second
Wednesday of each month, except July and August. The
meetings are held at the Freemasons Hall, 4914 - 50th
Avenue, Stony Plain, Alberta, T7Z 1X7, at 7.30 P.M.

                             Fraternal greetings from the
                      Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Javier Sarango
                       and the officers of Meridian Lodge #129

                        STONY PLAIN, ALBERTA

 In the 1800s all the land west of the city of Edmonton was unofficially called "Stoney
Plain" having received its name from the early inhabitants who lived in the surrounding
                                 area, the Stoney Indians.

In 1905 the Canadian Northern Railway was constructed from Edmonton to the present
  site of the town of Stony Plain where a railway station was built. In 1908 the Grand
    Trunk Pacific Railway Company commenced construction of their railway from
Edmonton to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, passing through the town of Stony Plain.

   With a population of about 500 people there were a number of Freemasons in and
around the town of Stony Plain who belonged to various Lodges in different parts of the
  world. Much of the early history of Meridian Masonic Lodge Number 129 in Stony
   Plain starts with Pryce Jones, who joined Meridian Masonic Lodge Number 83 in
             Macklin Saskatchewan in 1911 prior to moving to Stony Plain.

 Upon his arrival in Stony Plain, Brother Jones immediately affiliated with Strathcona
 Lodge Number 77 in Edmonton, the closest Lodge. With a keen interest in forming a
 new Lodge meetings were held and an application was made to the Grand Lodge of
   Alberta for dispensation, with Strathcona Lodge Number 77 as its mother Lodge

     On 15 July 1921 an institutional meeting was held and Meridian Lodge had its
beginning with 52 members and visitors present to witness the grand occasion. It wasn't
until 09 September 1953 that the Lodge was able to hold their first meeting in their own

Some of the furniture of the Lodge has been donated from other Lodges and has added
greatly to the uniqueness of Meridian. As an example the two ashlars were presented to
Meridian Lodge and are of the same material that was being used in the construction of
                       the Edmonton Masonic Hall in 1930.

Meridian Lodge is the mother Lodge of Onoway Number 138, Drayton Valley Number
                   182 and Baseline Number 198 in Spruce Grove.
As in every organisation it is the people that make the difference and Meridian Lodge is
no exception. A prime example of this quality is reflected when in 1932 Thomas Graden
Sr. became a member of Meridian Lodge followed through the years by four of his sons
                                    and one grandson.

     Meridian Lodge has provided an educational scholarship award to a student of
            Memorial Composite High School in Stony Plain since 1985.

  In the fall of 1937 the members of Meridian Lodge were instrumental in procuring a
  railway car load of vegetables and sending them to the people of southern Alberta to
 provide relief to those who had suffered crop losses due to the severe drought that had

Stony Plain, which has a population of 12,363, (2006) is a large town in rural Alberta,
Canada, just 17 klm west of Edmonton of Highway 16A.Stony Plain is a rapidly
growing town with strong historical roots. It is located west of Spruce Grove and
surrounded by Parkland County. The region is dominated by agricultural and other
resource-based industry. The proximity of Stony Plain to Edmonton makes it attractive
for commuters—servicing a surrounding population of over 60,000 people. Around the
town, like many towns scatted around Canada, there are approximately 26 colourful
murals that depict important figures and events of local history. These murals have
earned it the nickname "The Town with the Painted Past." The land area of Stony Plain
is 35.61 sq klm.

   We would like to provide as much information and support as we can and therefore,
to you.Again as previous Lodges, Officers from meridian Lodge No. 129, journeyed to
a town called Jasper, and presented this much travelled Gavel the Worshipful Master of;

                      Jasper Park Lodge No. 143
                                  A.F. & A.M. GR.A.
                                  Jasper ~Alberta
                Instuted April 23, 1925 * Constituted June, 14 1926

                    Regular Meeting ~ 3rd Thursday at 7.30 pm.
                             Jasper Masonic Hall
                                   622 Connaught Dr.
                                     Jasper, Alberta

                         NORTHERN LIGHTS DISTRICT

was founded as District No. 12 on 30th May 1917. It covers a huge geographical area -
all the way from Edmonton to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. Currently, there are
      twelve Lodges in the District including the two in the Northwest Territories.
W. Bro. Rick Howes, P.M,
Lodge Wyong Tuggerah Lakes No. 247

6 George St., Wyong 2259, N.S.W., Aust.
Dear Wor. Bro. Rick                                                    16th.August 1998

I received your letter of concern regarding the Travelling Gavel. I am very disappointed
that none have sent news of their progress. We suggested to Whitecourt Lodge where to
deliver the gavel, but apparently did not like our idea, so we are not sure where it is at
the moment. I will endeavor to track it down in September.

My name has been included as a candidate for election as D.D.G.A. for Yellowhead
District, which has 11 Lodges including including ours, 5 in Edmonton and 5 along
Highway 16 towards Jasper. Edmonton is 230 miles from Jasper. Should I be successful
in my bid for the office, I will be able to follow the gavel travel better

I have beeb remiss in sending along the info as promised in my last letter. It has been
sitting by my desk awaiting our next notice which I hope to inc. Also, I have included a
souvenir coin from Jasper. The design is of the osprey which was done from my design.

It will be the 75th anniversary of Jasper Park Lodge next year and probably some sort of
celebration will be planned. I will keep you informed on the details and perhaps you
could plan a trip to Canada to coincide with the event and check up on the gavel! A
souvenir pin will also be issued to coincide with the occasion.
    I will be in touch.
Fraternal Greetings from the Wor. Master and members of Jasper Park Lodge No.143
Yours Sincerely
H.A. (Sandy) Robinson , Secretary
PO. Box 460
Jasper, Alberta, Canada

The Travelling Gavel was presented to their Worshipful Master,
                                                             on 17th September1998
W. Bro. Doug Chambers,
Address: Box 460 Jasper Alberta, Canada, T0E 1E0
Phone: 403 802 4527

Lodge Jasper’s Worshipful Master that received this Travelling gavel was;
W. Bro. Doug Chambers
Address as above:


Worshipful Master………...W Bro. D W Chambers
Immediate Past Master…....W Bro. T P Morrow
Senior Warden………………....Bro D T Reid
Junior Warden ....... . ...............Bro. J.E. Merrill
Secretary…………………..V W Bro. H.A Robinson
Treasurer………………….…W Bro K.J Merrill
Director of Ceremonies ……W.Bro. D.L. Seeley
Senior Deacon…………………..Bro G K Gilmer
Junior Deacon…………………..Bro. R T Sinclair
Inner Guard…………………….Bro R W Carver
Tyler ……………………….W Bro W R Taylor
Senior Steward,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bro. R.J.T.Weatherill
Junior Steward…………………Bro C.N.Wilson
Chaplain ………………………..Bro.D H Portman
Historian ………………………..Bro. H R.J Home
Registrar……………………. W Bro„ H.J. Penner
Piper………………………….W Bro D.J.Anderson
Organist…………………………Bro. T.A. Rice

            V.W. Bro. H.A.(Sandy)Robinson, Grand Pursuivant 1990-1991
                 P.O. Box 640, Jasper, Alberta, Canada, TOE 1E0 -

W. Bro. Rick Howes
Wyong Lodge No. 247, A.F. & A.M.
Wyong, N.S.W.
Dear Bro. Rick                                                      24th February 1998

On behalf of the Lodges who have been the happy holders of Travelling Gavel No. 9, I
am happy to report its travels to date as follows:
Grand Lodge of Alberta, .January 6th, 1995-Irricana Lodge No. 137, March 19th, 1996
Crossfield Lodge No. 48, May 14th, 1996-Forestburg-Alliance No.128, July 24th, 1996
Camrose Lodge No.37, Februaryl3th,1997-Wetaskiwin Lodge No. 15 April 17th, 1997
Brittania Lodge No. 18, June 4th, 1997 -Eureka Lodge No. 10, October 4th, 1997
Drayton Valley No. 182, February 12, 1998- Meridian Lodge No 129, April 8th, 1998
Jasper Park Lg. No.143, Sept. 17th, 1998- Whitecourt Lodge No. 153, Feb. 6th, 1999

Jasper Park Lodge No. 143 was happy to pass on the Gavel to Whitecourt Lodge No.
153 on February 6th, 1999. We apologize for the delay in delivery, but with Christmas
holidays and extreme winter driving conditions, we have had to postpone our trip twice.
We are enjoying(?) our biggest snowfall in this area in half a century! At this writing l
am not sure where the Gavel is to go next.
Under separate cover l am sending an information packet about Jasper National Park,
the town and our Masonic Lodge. I will also include the list of Lodge Secretaries for
I have been corresponding with a Bro. Mason in Flensburg, Germany for about 13 years
and passed along the news of your Travelling Gavel. He enquired if there was one in
Europe that their Lodge might be able to receive it.
Perhaps one day we will visit Australia and your Lodge. Kind regards and much success
to the Officers and Brethren of Wyong Lodge No. 247 from the members of all the
Lodges listed.

Fraternally Yours,
V.W. Bro. H.A.(Sandy)Robinson Secretary, Jasper Park Lodge No. 143 P.O. Box 460
Jasper, Alberta,
Canada, TOE 1E0
                     Here are a few statistics about Jasper

Jasper, which as of 2006 has a
population of 4,265, which is spread over
an area of 925, 43 sq klm., or (357, 31 sq
mi) It is a specialized municipality in
western Alberta, Canada. Jasper national
Park is the largest National Park in the
Canadian Rockies. It has a land area of
10,878 sq klm and is located in the
Province of Alberta It is the commercial
center of Jasper National Park, located in
the Canadian Rockies in the Athabasca
River valley.              Mount Robson is
the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies                      Mount Robson

Jasper is 362 klm (225 mi), west of Edmonton. Jasper is 290 klm (180 mi) north of
Banff, Alberta, with the Ice-fields Parkway which is in the northern end of Jasper
connecting the Jasper town-site to Lake Louise in Banff National Park.


                         FREEMASONS HALL: 330-12TH AVENUE S.W.
                               CALGARY, ALBERTA T2R 0H2
                               TELEPHONE: (403 290 0671
                                                                          March 8, 1998
Gerald T Webber

Rick Howes, PM
6 George Street
Wyong 2259
NSW Australia

Dear Worshipful Sir and Brother:
Thank you for your letter dated January 29, 1999 and the very interesting pieces of
correspondence. I found the "Travelling Gavel" correspondence to be excellent reading.

Then , I would like to thank you for making the Travelling Gavels and the time you
have taken to present them around the world for the purpose of Promoting and Uniting
Masons. The world is moving as such a fast pace that is hard for each of us to
comprehend the changes that are taking place in it. The ups and downs of an erratic
stock market, retirement accounts, financial planners and balanced portfolios have been
the byword of leaders in every industry. The importance of a world economy instead of
a local or national one has been a major paradigm shift. Everyone is on the move double
income families taking kids to hockey games, swimming lessons, school functions and
whatever else kids want to. So when time is so important to the young man (family)..
The question that has to be asked: "How can we [Brethren] attract young men to spend
some time with Freemasonry?

Theron the other side of the coin, if we don't attract the young men to our organization,
where will it be by the year 2025,? The future of our Fraternity will be determined by
men like yourself who can visualize the future and create a plan to improve the
fraternity. Thank you for looking into the future for our organization and then
developing a plan and more importantly by taking action. Keep up the good work!

ps: I am pleased to enclose
Grand Lodge of Alberta Proceedings Grand Lodge Bulletins
Western Conference Proceedings
V.W. Bro. H.A.(Sandy)Robinson of jasper Lodge mentioned corresponding with a
Brother in Germany, by the name of Gerhard Irrittje, however I started writing to this
Bro. also, here are two letters that he had sent to me;

                               Two letters from Germany
Gerhard Irrittje 52 Twtiter Feld
24944 Flensburg, 03.05.99 Germany

Rick Howes, Esq,
Wyong Lodge No. 247
6 George Street
Wyong 2259
New South Wales
                                The.Travelling Gavel

Dear Brother Rick,
from a very dear friend and Brother I have heard about said gavel! !
Is there a chance to have such a gavel sent here, to Germany?! If so, what would we
have to do, to "pass such a gavel"?

Mind you, I am a Brother of "Lodge Wilhelm zur nordischen Trave", the "Christian side
of the business". Would it not be a miracle, to have such a gavel passed here, too! ?

The most Sincere and Fraternal best wishes and regards to you and your beloved ones
and the Brethren of your Mother Lodge


Gerhard Irrittje

                                      2nd letter
Gerhard Irrittje
52 Twedter Feld
24944 Flensburg, 07.06.00

Rick Howes Esq.
George Street
Wyong 2259 N.S.W.

Dear Bro. Rick,
Thank you for your very informative letter, dated 5th April 001. However, as far as the
Travelling Gavel is concerned, well, I have informed our WM. About it. However, there
has been no reaction so far!
    Obviously there is little understanding for a thing / undertaking like that present!
And so, write to the following brethren, here in Germany, to present your initiative.
Hopefully you will have better luck with them! Bro. Muller is a free-lance journalist
who has to ear his money that way for a living, and so, he is/has to be very busy to go
for the bucks.
Mr. Rosler
Peter-lenne-Str. 1/3
14195 Berlin

He is the Grand Secretary of the Great Land Lodge of Germany < the "Christian side of
the business"›. You could tell him, for example, about the Gavel-thing!
But when writing to him, do not forget to tell him that you got this address from me!
This being so, Masonic Protocol has it so, that "an ordinary Mason" must not write to
Grand Lodge Officers!
Hans-Jorg Werth, Esq.
 Emser Str. 12-13
10719 Berlin

He is the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of Germany, I do not know him,
we have never met/been introduced to each other. And so, in this case, you will have to
use Official Masonic Channels to write to him in order to present your case.
I am almost sure you will be getting answers from both of them!.
I have been an interpreter for English for the German Military for nearly 30 years, and
                                      04 61 / 3 44 12
June et, 00 was "the day of days" for me, because on that day I officially / legally
became a retiree!,

At the age of 60. This gives the missus and me plenty of time to attend our hobby:
Gardening. And here I would very much to ask you to do me a favour in sending me an
assortment of Australian vegetable seeds. What I am interested most is a pack of
Australian tomato Seeds. The outdoor variety, that is.

Masonic-wise I, personally, am a bit on "Masonic Recess" for known reasons. It is no
good to try to chip away at the Rough Ashler knowing, the missus has not been doing
well in the past! Come time, I am almost sure, I will start up again, trying to grab a
chisel !!!

All the most Sincere and Fraternal best wishes and greetings to you and your beloved
ones and the Brethren of Lodge Wyong.

Your Brother
(Gerhard Irrittje)

19th June 00 17.00 hrs "Tropical heat" here in FLENSBURG; 32 degrees centigrade!
So we need not come down to N.S.W., rather we will be waiting until another event
loike that!

2oth June 00
As of this date, I am a "full retiree"! This being so, as today I took the notice out of the
letter box that also the retirement pay from my time in the Public Service will start
"flowing" as of June 1st 00 you know, we, here in Germany have two different
retirement systems;
( 1)
The "Legal" retirement system into which all employees have to pay in during their time
of employment
The retirement system for employees in the Public Government Service. And having
retired at the age of 60, I will be receiving two retirement pays, one pay from the "Legal
System" and one pay from my time in 2), having been in that system for nearly 30

As this Travelling Gavel moves along, we come upon yet another Canadian Lodge
where they didn’t write back to us, it puts me in mind of what the Grand Secretary of
Alberta stated in the letter above. It’s not only the fact that most lodges throughout the
world can’t get younger members into their lodges, I think in a lot of cases, it’s the lack
of communication that a lot of lodges have adopted, that is crippling our Fraternity. We
are finding out at a rapid rate, that as the oldish Masons pass to that Grand Lodge above,
we find large diminishing numbers falling from our long standing Fraternity.

The next Lodge to receive the Travelling Gavel was;

                        Whitecourt Lodge No. 153
                               A.F. & A. M. G.R.A.
                          Forest Interpretive Centre,
                                Whitecourt ~ Alberta

                       They meet 1st Thursday of the month

                         NORTHERN LIGHTS DISTRICT
was founded as District No. 12 on 30th May 1917. It covers a huge geographical area -
all the way from Edmonton to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. Currently, there are
      twelve Lodges in the District including the two in the Northwest Territories.

The Worshipful Master to receive the Gavel on behalf of Whitecourt Lodge was;
W. Bro. ken Ferguson of Whitecourt, Alberta on the               4th February, 1998

                                                                4718 Sakwatamau Drive,
                                                            Whitecourt Alberta., T7S 1E1
W. Bro. Rick Howes
N.S.W. Australia

Dear W. Bro. Howes                                               2nd September 1999

Sincere fraternal greetings from myself and the officers and brethren of Whitecourt
Lodge No. 153.
I am happy to report the travelling Gavel was presented to us by Jasper Park Lodge
No. 143 on February 04, 1999. The brethren were very impressed with the design and
craftsmanship of the gavel, and thought it was a great idea.
The gavel was presented by our W.M., W. Bro. Ken Ferguson, to Kitchener Lodge No.
95 on May 11, 1999. Kitchener Lodge is located in Rimbey, Alberta. The secretary is:

U. J. Keith
Box 475
Rimbey, Alberta., Canada TOC 2J0
                           A few statistics about Whitecourt
Whitecourt is a town of 8,971 people located 175 kilometers northwest of Edmonton,
Alberta., We are in a forested area. The town is supported by logging and pulp and
paper mills and an active oil and gas industry.

Our winters are long and cold, with temperatures well down to -40 or -50 degrees. Our
summers are short, but we enjoy nice weather for 4 or 5 months.

The lodge here is in its seventieth year and is active
with 42 members. We do have problems attracting
younger members, hut seem to hold our own. We
have several activities in a year, including a ball
tournament, golf tournament, Ladies' Night, and
sometimes a fishing derby or turkey shoot.
Once again, thanks for allowing us to participate in
        the Travelling Gavel collection.
                                               A typical Whitecourt snowmobile outing
                               Whitecourt is called the Snowmobile Capital of Alberta
Warmest fraternal regards from Whitecourt Dodge No.153, and best of luck in the

V. W. Bro. Don Hands ~ Secretary

Once again, it’s time for this Travelling Gavel to be presented into another Lodge, so
the W/Master gathered up a few of his Merry Men (Masons) and journeyed

            Kitchener Masonic Lodge, # 95
                                  G.R.A. AF & AM
                                   Central District

                                     11th May 1999

                               MASONIC HALL
                           ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION

                  Photograph courtesy of RW Bro. Russ Fisher Masonic Hall
                        Kitchener Lodge meets in this Hall
             Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month, Except July & August
                              Lodge Tyles at 7.30 pm

                               DINOSAUR DISTRICT
 was founded as District 14 on 11 June 1919 and incorporates District 15, which was
founded on 8 June 1921 and most of District 16, which was founded on 12 June 1929.

                           Kitchener Lodge A.F. & A. M.
                                  No. 95 G.R.A.
                                                                            8th August 1999
W. Bro. Rick Howes
NSW. Australia

Dear Bro. Rick
Received your letter today that was written on August 12 concerning the Travelling
Gavel that is currently in our possession. First an explanation is in order, Kitchener
Lodge # 95 received the Gavel in April of this year, coming to us from Whitecourt
Lodge. It was decided at a subsequent meeting that we would present the Gavel at
Millenium Lodge # 2000 in Ft. McMurray, Alberta. Our new Master was installed in the
month of June and the majority of Alberta lodges recess during the months of July and
August therefore it was decided at that time that we would deliver the Gavel to the new
Lodge in September. This plan will come to fruition on September 4th and will coincide
with the consecration of Millenium Lodge # 2000 on that date. The Grand Master of the
Grand Lodge of Alberta A.F A.M. and several of his officers will be present at this
consecration ceremony. There will be eight members of our lodge in attendance, at this
ceremony as well a number of our wives will be travelling with us as the new lodge is
planning tours and entertainment. Fort McMurray is a city in northern Alberta that
was spawned by Oil companies that have put in Mega Plants to recover oil from the
huge deposits of tar sands. In your letter you mentioned the decline in our numbers and
you are quite right, our Grand Lodge keeps trying programs to encourage members to
join and to stay once in the Craft however the success rate is rather dismal. The Masons
in Ft McMurray on the other hand seem to be prospering as there is talk of instituting a
third lodge, perhaps after our visit up there we will come back with new ideas and
renewed enthusiasm. In your P.S. you describe yourself as a simple Mason, I would
have to disagree -with you on that point as I see you as a very dedicated Mason. In
closing I send Fraternal greetings to yourself and members of Lodge Wyong Tuggerah
Lakes # 247 N.S.W. from Kitchener Lodge # 95 A.F. & A.M. in Rimbey, Alberta. I
will write again to let you know how our trip was and fill you in as to the names and
addresses of the Masons in Ft. McMurray

R.W. Brother Herbert.J.Keith
Secretary Treasurer
Kitchener Lodge # 95 A.F. & A.M.

The Worshipful Master to receive this Travelling Gavel was;
W. Bro. Geo. Arnshaw
5235- 52 Street T4L 1H8
Lacombe, Alberta
Phone: (403) 782 6159
                                                                 On the 13th April 1999

                        Here’s a few statistics on Rimbey
Rimbey enjoys the best of all worlds by maintaining its small town friendly lifestyle
and still has access to three major cities: It is located 62 klm (39 mi) northwest of Red
Deer, it is located 207 klm. (129 mi) north of Calgary and 145 klm. (90 mi) southwest
of Edmonton. All are located less than 2 hours from town. Our community is nestled in
the scenic Blindman River Valley amongst the rolling hills which border the Rocky
Mountains and its many parks and facilities.

The Town of Rimbey has a population of 2,252. .

                       Province of Alberta

              Rimbey         *

                        Rimbey is marked by a star

  You will also find other towns on this map where the Travelling Gavel has also
                                  been presented.

                    Central Alberta Raceways
The Kinsmen Club of Rimbey is currently in the process of developing a motor sports
park in Rimbey named Central Alberta Raceways

Upon completion, the motor sports park will include a 1/4 mile drag strip, a 600m paved
oval, a 500m dirt oval, a bike oval, demolition derby, motocross track and a mud bog.

 Don't forget to visit the Town of Rimbey - The Friendly International Town
The next Lodge to receive this Gavel was;

                              Millennium No. 2000
                                         AF&AM GRA
                      Meetings- 7:30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of the Month
                                            at the
                Fort McMurray Seniors Activity Centre
                        10111 Main Street, Fort McMurray
                            (July, August excepted)

         Millenium #2000 [2nd Thursday] Aurora Borealis UD [2nd Monday]

                             ATHABASCA DISTRICT
 was founded ad District No. 19 on the 11th of June 1953. It contains some Edmonton
Lodges and some Lodges to the North and East of the city including the Fort McMurray
              Lodges. Currently there are eleven Lodges in this District

The next letter is from;
R.W. Bro. Vic Ramsbottom
Grand Historian
8 Gladstone Gardens South West
Calgary, Alberta, T3E 7E4
                        This is the letter from Millennium Lodge

Bro Rick Howes
Lodge Wyong No 247

Canada Gavel No 9 vas presented to Millennium Lodge No 2000 At Fort McMurray
Alberta on Saturday 4th September 1999 by R.W.Brother Herbert Keith Secretary
Kitchen Lodge No 95 Rimbev Alberta. It will be no doubt passed on to Fort McMurray
Lodge No 195 very soon. The Gavel is still in excellent shape as it is kept in a beautiful
oak carrying case made by W.Bro Jack Hildebrandt, Carstairs Lodge No 20.

From Gavel" ( with NO Inscription-No Case) which was presented to R. W.Bro Gerry
Webber (Grand Secretary) in 1995, its a 1ery attractive well traveled Gavel now.
Millennium Lodge No 2000, was consecrated by M.W.Bro J Arthur Jones, Grand
Master, and the Grand Lodge Officers on September 4th 1999, at Fort McMurray
There were forty-two- (42) Grand Lodge Officers and One Hundred and Ten (110)
others representing sixty-one (61) Lodges from all four (4) corners of the province.

Best Wishes to .Bro Terry Wand- We wish him well on his upcoming Installation.
Bro Vic
                           MILLENNIUM LODGE OFFICERS
Worshipful Master……………….R W Bro.. Brian Shimmons *
Hon. Past faster………………….V.W.Bro. Stewart. Thornhil l*
Senior Warden………………………......Bro. Charlie Gallacher *
Junior Warden………………………....Bro. Jim Little *
Secretary……………............................W.Bro Don Denney *
Treasurer……………………………….Bro. Jim Maxwell *
Senior Deacon..........................................Bro. Roger King *
Junior Deacon…………………………..Bro. Peter Fisher *
Inner Guard……….................................Bro. Darcy Williams
T y l e r … … … … … … … … … … … . W.Bro Jim Slater *
Chaplain………………………………...Bro. Ken Erskine *
Senior Steward………………………….Bro. Colin Mansfield *
Junior Steward………………………….Bro. Ron Rosser*
Dir. of Ceremonies…………………V.W.Bro. Wayne Grainger *
Historian………………………………...Bro. Bruce Predham *
Registrar………………………………...Bro. Jeff Young *
Almoner………………………………….Bro. Tom Stratton *
Organist……………………………….…Bro. Jim Moore *
                                  * Denotes Founding Member

November 2nd 1999, Left to right, R.W. Bro. Brian Shimmons presenting the Gavel (Canada No. 9) and
  instructions to the W. Master of Fort McMurray Lodge No. 195, A.F.& A.M. W. Bro. David Crowe

Secretary                                                                              Master
Don Denney                                                         Wor. Bro. Charlie Gallacher
152 Brosseau Cres,                                                            105 Sibley Road
Fort McMurray, Alberta T9K 2G7                                               Fort McMurray
Millennium Nos 2000                                                          Alberta T8H 3S7
A.F. & A.M. G.R.A.
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

                                                                            October 15, 1999
W.Bro. Rick Howes,
Wyong N.S.W.
Dear W.Bro. Rick,

The Gavel has been presented to
R.W. Bro. Brian Shimmons
101 Silver Springs Drive
Fort McMurray
Alberta T9H 3S7
Phone: 780 791 0199                                               on 4th September 1999

On approximately 4th September 1999
The Gavel (Canada #9) and instructions have been passed on to:
W.Bro. David Crowe, Worshipful Master of Fort McMurray Lodge No. 195
Address: 367 Cornwall Drive, Fort McMurray, Alberta T9K 1G7
Phone: 1-780-791-6592.

A Past Master from Fort McMurray No.195 is planning a visit to Ontario in a couple
weeks and it is his intention to deliver the Gavel to a Lodge in Ontario (Grand Lodge of
Canada in the Province of Ontario). Naturally, we will communicate details to you.
Attached for your use is information about Fort McMurray and Freemasonry in Fort

R.W. Bro. Brian Shimmons

Master of Millennium No. 2000 1998/99
Deputy District Grand Master of the Athabasca District of the Grand Lodge of

                          "Helping to Grow Freemasonry"
 Millennium No. 2000 is one of Alberta's newest Masonic Lodges. It was instituted in
September 1998 and Constituted and Consecrated on Saturday September 4, 1999. The
Lodge has grown from 35 members to about 100 in its short existence. Millennium No.
2000 is a strong contributor to the Masonic Higher Education Bursary Fund having won
  the award for the highest per capita contribution in 2000 and 2001. Millennium No.
2000 has adopted a casual, friendly atmosphere both in Lodge and at the Festive Board.
                                    We love visitors!

The Worshipful Master of this Lodge presented the Travelling Gavel to:-

           Fort McMurray Lodge No. 195
                Meetings- 7:30 pm on the 1st Tuesday of the Month
                           at the Alglican Church Hall
                      9902 Manning Street, Fort McMurray
                               (July, August excepted

              Freemasonry is alive and flourishing in Fort McMurray

Date 4th January 2000
WBro. Rick Howes 6 George Street
WYONG 2259

Dear Bro Rick
Many thanks for your letter which came in mid December 1999. Let me extend warm
fraternal greetings and very best wishes for the new millennium on behalf of all the
brethren of Fort McMurray Lodge # 195 to you and all Masons in sunny Australia. Lets
hope that Masonry thrives in the new millennium.

The Gavel
Our District Deputy Grand Master, R. W.Bro Brian Shimmons, presented the
magnificent Gavel to our Lodge at our regular meeting in November 1999. The gavel
was greatly admired by all in attendance that evening for its very fine workmanship and
for its noble purpose. After the presentation one of our Past Masters WBro David Allan
who was leaving the very next day to visit his mother in Burlington, Ontario offered to
present it to Brant Lodge in Burlington. The gavel was duly presented on November 16
1999 to W.Bro Dean Smith of Brant Lodge #663. In WBro David's words the gavel was
received with the same appreciation and awe as it was received in our lodge.
W.Bro. Dean Smith resides at
 43 Rouse Avenue
Ontario N1R 4M6
Phone 1-519-624-4395
The following is the pictures of the presentations and some brief information on the
City of Fort McMurray and Fort McMurray Lodge #195.

Fraternally yours

David Crowe
IPM Fort McMurray Lodge #195

The Worshipful to receive this Gavel was;
W. Bro. David Crowe
Fort McMurray, Alberta
Phone: 780 791 n6592
                                                              On the 5th October 1999

                             ATHABASCA DISTRICT
 was founded ad District No. 19 on the 11th of June 1953. It contains some Edmonton
Lodges and some Lodges to the North and East of the city including the Fort McMurray
             Lodges. Currently there are eleven Lodges in this District

                  Fort McMurray and Fort McMurray Lodge # 195,

The City of Fort McMurray

The city of Fort McMurray is a vibrant community situated in northeastern Alberta, 450
kilometers north of the Provincial capital Edmonton. It presently has a population of
approximately 40,000 people with an average age of about 33 years.
Fort McMurray first came into being as a Hudson Bay Trading Post in the 1700's. It is
situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Athabasca and Clearwater and it was an
ideal stopping off point for the early explorers and fur traders on their way north to Fort
Chipewyan. Fort Chipewyan was at that time one of the main trading posts for beaver
pelts in western Canada.

The industry today however, is not fur trading, it is the mining and processing of
tarsand into synthetic crude oil. Presently we have two companies mining and
processing the tarsand, Suncor Energy Inc. and Syncrude Canada Ltd. In the next
several years we will likely have Shell Canada and maybe some others setting up
business. Tarsand is as the name implies a tarry sandy substance. The early explorers
described it as being used by the local Indians to repair their canoes. Today it is open pit
mined and processed into synthetic crude oil. It is also now known as oilsands for
obvious reasons. Both plants provide approximately 15% of Canada's oil needs. It is
interesting to note that Suncor Energy has a project in Australia to mine oilshale to also
produce synthetic crude oil.

Because we are so far north our temperature varies slightly from those in sunny
Australia! Our winter temperatures can fall to minus 40°C, the average November
through to March being approximately minus 20°C. In fact Roy, when your letter came
we were experiencing some minus 30°C temperatures and quite heavy snowfall. We
look forward, as you can imagine to our summer when temperatures can get quite
warm, some times as high as plus 35°C.

As I said it is a vibrant community, we have three golf courses, three ice hockey rinks,
numerous soccer fields and baseball diamonds. In the winter approximately 1000 kids
ranging in age from five to 18 years play ice hockey, in summer the same amount play
soccer and baseball. Because of our location we also have lots of fishing and hunting.
Fort McMurray has only one road in and out; in fact you can drive almost 200
kilometers without a left or right turn! Even this isolation does not prevent us from
visiting other lodges in the jurisdiction.

Fort McMurray Lodge #195,
Fort McMurray Lodge #195 was formed in 1968 with 33 members. At the end of this
year our membership will stand at 170. Of the 170, 115 are resident in Fort McMurray
and 55 are nonresident. Being non-resident just means they have moved because of
retirement, job relocation etc. We expect our membership to grow to 180 with ten new
members in the year 2000. We have approximately a 30% attendance rate at our
meetings and we meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, the exception
being the months of July and August. We do not have a permanent Lodge Hall as yet;
we rent space in a local Church basement. Ten years ago we set up an organization
called the Ashlar Club, with a purpose to raise monies to build a community hall that
will have space for a permanent lodge hall. Hopefully, in the next few years our dream
of having a permanent home for our lodge will come into fruition. Masonry in Fort
McMurray is alive and well but our challenges are no different from other jurisdictions
through out the world. Though we have had no problems over the past thirty years in
attracting new members to our fraternity we still have an enormous challenge to keep
them motivated, involved and active. Our community is a young one, lots of our
members have young families, most members work at the plants so shift work takes its
toll, winter temperatures are frigid, who wants to leave the warmth of the home to
attend a lodge meeting?

The key for Fort McMurray Lodge is to be innovative to think differently to challenge
the norm without losing sight of what Masonry is and what it stands for. In late August
we had a meeting with our past masters and the 1999 lodge officers to look at what we
need to do to remain vibrant and strong an to continue to grow strong in the new
millennium. Bringing together of the past masters and the new lodge officers afforded
an opportunity to bring out new ideas and present day concerns. From this meeting we
improved by reiterating the responsibilities of sponsors the investigation of new
candidates. To keep people involved and active we will in the year 2000 establish
degree teams formed from newly raised candidates. For example those candidates who
where initiated and raised in my year as Worshipful Master will in the year 2000 put on
a 2nd degree and one festive board. This will not only keep new members active it will
alleviate some of the junior warden's workload and introduce new and fresh ideas for
the festive board and lodge social functions.
Fort McMurray Lodge is one of two lodges in the City of Fort McMurray, the other
Lodge is called Millennium Lodge 2000 and was only constituted in September of this
year. In our jurisdiction, which is called Athabasca District there are a total of 12
lodges. The nearest lodge is approximately 250 kilometers south of Fort McMurray, the
furthest being 650 kilometers southwest. Even though we have great distances to travel
on sometimes cold and treacherous highways a fair amount of visiting is still conducted.
The warm fellowship after a long and sometimes dangerous drive is enormously
welcoming and the people you meet make it all worthwhile.

                  Fort McMurray & Freemasonry in Fort McMurray
Fort McMurray is located in the province of Alberta. Alberta is one of Canada's ten
provinces and is located in Canada's West. Alberta is home to 2.7 million people. Over
7 5 % of Alberta's population is centered around the Edmonton and Calgary
metropolitan areas with each one approaching 1 million inhabitances. The remainder of
the population is scattered in various cities and towns largely throughout the southern
part of the province. In the south, Alberta's topography ranges from "prairie" in the east
to "mountains" in the west. In the north, it ranges from "boreal forest" in the east to
"foothills" in the west. Alberta's economy is fuelled by four sectors: oil (St
gas/petrochemicals, agriculture, tourism and forestry.

The Grand Lodge of Alberta was formed in 1905 shortly after Alberta was made a
province. It was formed by 18 Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of
Manitoba and the Territories. At the time of it's formation, the G.L.A. had
approximately 1500 members. Today, the G.L.A. has almost 150 Lodges and over 9000
members. The Grand Lodge of Alberta permits the use of both the "Canadian" and
"Ancient York" rites. The "Canadian" rite has the "Emulation" rite of the UGLE as its
root while the "Antient York" rite has the "American/Webb" rite as it's root.
Fort McMurray is a city of 40,000 located in the extreme north-east corner of Alberta. It
is about 300 miles north of Edmonton and would be considered very isolated. Our "land
connection" to the south is a single 2-lane highway with no population centres of
consequence between Fort McMurray and Edmonton. In fact, the highway is bordered
by only "boreal forest" for the final 120 miles. Fort McMurray is not the end of the
world but... you can see it from here!

Fort McMurray was originally founded as a Hudson's Bay trading post in 1870 and has
endured a number of "boom and bust" cycles before stability and growth arrived in the

Prior to 1960, Fort McMurray was a small "trading post". The total population was
about 3,500. Ail that changed in the mid-1960s when the process for converting
"oilsand" to synthetic crude oil was proven commercially viable. Today, Fort
McMurray is a thriving, growing city with two massive "oilsands" plants. One plant is
operated by Syncrude Canada and employs almost 3,500 people while the other is
operated by Suncor Energy and employs almost 2,000 people. These plants produce
about 350,000 barrels/day of crude from the rich oilsand deposit in this part of Alberta.
The first attempt
The first recorded meeting of the Craft in Fort McMurray took place on February 15,
1926 at the home of R.W.Bro. Robert MacLeod and was attended by 9 Freemasons. The
purpose of the meeting was to establish a Masonic Lodge in the isolated town of Fort
McMurray which had a population of about 300. A second meeting was held one week
later where the members decided upon the Rite to be practiced. However, with the
closure of the local salt mine, which was the major employer, no further meetings
occurred as the Brethren moved away to seek employment elsewhere.
The next attempts
Again in 1946, another attempt at establishing a Masonic Lodge was launched. A
number of meetings were held at the home of local Brethren. Unfortunately, the failure
and closing of the local bitumen plant ended this attempt. Another attempt was made
about 10 years later but ended with the same result.
Success at last
In the fall of 1966, the 4th attempt was launched. About 20 local Brethren met at the
Peter Pond Hotel and formed the Ashlar Club with the purpose of establishing a
Masonic Lodge. The construction and start-up of the Great Canadian Oilsands Plant
aided their efforts and, by 1968, the Ashlar Club, which had a stable membership of 32
Brethren, submitted their Petition to the Grand Lodge of Alberta. The Petition was
approved and, on August 23, 1968, the Grand Lodge granted Dispensation for Fort
McMurray #195. The Lodge was consecrated on September 20, 1969.
Fort McMurray Lodge #195 is one of Alberta's largest Lodges. It was instituted in 1968
with 30 members and has grown to 180. Fort McMurray Lodge meets twice per month
and the second meeting is dedicated to Degree Work. The Lodge initiates about 10 men
each year.
Still growing
Today, the strength of the "Masonic Family" is approaching 200. In addition to
involvement in Fort McMurray #195, Masons have created the following additional
venues for involvement.
Fort McMurray Chapter #137 of the Order of the Eastern Star (1975) The Fort
McMurray Shrine Club of AI Shamal Shriners (1976)

                 The Fort McMurray Ashlar Building Club (1989)

In December 1997, 7 local Masons formed the Millennium Club for the purpose of
forming a second Masonic Lodge in Fort McMurray. The Millennium Club grew to 37
members and submitted their Petition to the Grand Master on April 28, 1998. The
Grand Master signed the Petition on May l6th in Edmonton and Meeting of Institution
was held on September 5, 1998 in Fort McMurray. The Meeting of Institution was
attended by 120 Masons from all over Alberta.

Millennium Lodge U.D. grew to over 50 members and received it's Charter as
Millennium No. 2000 in June 1999. It's Constituting and Consecration was held in Fort
McMurray on September 4, 1999 and was witnessed by 134 Masons representing 47

There is now a strong movement afoot to form a Royal Arch Chapter in Fort
McMurray. Fort McMurray has almost 40 "resident" Royal Arch Masons and could
certainly support a Chapter. Incidentally, there is already talk of forming a third
Masonic Lodge in 2-3 years.

Fort McMurray No. 195 and Millennium No. 2000 can be referred to as one of the
"Coldest Lodges in the World" because of our extreme Winter weather. It is not
uncommon for us to have an outside temperature of -30 to -40 degrees on our Lodge
nights in the December to February period. Trust me, it's cold enough to freeze the
"jewels" off the hardiest man!

The "Masonic Family" in Fort McMurray is the third most northerly in Canada. The
other northerly ones being in Yellowknife and Whitehorse. The "Masonic Family" has
an international flavour to its Most of the population of Fort McMurray has come here
from somewhere else and, therefore, our we have members with "roots" in Europe,
Africa, India and North America. I'm sure on many occasions, visitors to Fort
McMurray or Millennium Lodge must initially feel like they are in a foreign country
when the Work is delivered by brethren with strong English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch and
German accents. (The Work practiced by Fort McMurray and Millennium Lodge is the
"Canadian" rite.)

The highlights of our social calendar are our Installation Banquets (to celebrate the
Installation of our Officers), our Family Christmas Party, Pasta Night, Robbie Burns
Night, St. David's Night, St. Patrick's Night, Ladies Night, Oktoberfest, St. George's
Night, Curry Nights, Canada Night and Pioneers Night.

Freemasonry is alive and well in Fort McMurray, Alberta in spite of our cold winters.
There is a Webpage "Freemasonry in Fort McMurray" at
http://www.telusplanet.netipublicibvshim/fm_mason.htm This website might work for
some, but as for myself, I can’t open it
 which you are welcome to visit.

                  Some interesting Fort McMurray Masonic trivia:

In the "early days", the Installation was called from labour to refreshment for the space
of 1 hour to permit us to go to the airport to pick-up Grand Lodge Officers. You see, in
those days, the road to Edmonton was a poorly maintained gravel road and the trip to
Edmonton could take a full day or longer. It was more convenient for visitors to fly in.

In February 1989, the Lodge held art Emergent Meeting in Fort Chipewyan. Fort
Chipewyan is located 200 miles north of Fort McMurray and is only accessible by a
winter road. The trip took almost 9 hours. The purpose of the Emergent Meeting was to
retrieve "red granite" from a small quarry which was fashioned into our Rough and
Perfect Ashlars.

                         "All for the Kids"

    The Fort McMurray Shrine Club operates under the authourity of the Al Shamal
 Shriners and enthusiatically supports and promotes the World's greatest philanthropy in
the Wood Buffalo region. Over $100,000 was raised in 2006 to support Shrine Hospitals
                  and sick children's needs.Thank you Fort McMurray!
                 The Club boasts a Clown Unit and a Motorcycle Unit.

 The Shrine's official philanthropy is Shriners Hospitals for Children, a network of 22
hospitals that provide expert, no-cost orthopaedic and burn care to children under 18. If
 you know a child that Shriners Hospitals might be able to help, call toll-free at 1-800-

               Shriners help kids get back on their feet

          Here’s a few pictures of & around Fort McMurray

                         Athabasca Sand Dunes in Summer
                           About 150 km North of Fort McMurray

                               Athabasca River at -35C
                              Just North of Fort McMurray

      Athabasca River Valley                        Athabasca River in Spring
       In Fort McMurray                         In Spring just after the ice break-up

               A little bit of interesting points about Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, is located in the north eastern region of Alberta, approximately 450
km (280 mi) from Edmonton. Sometimes referred to as 'Alberta's Northern Light', it is
here that visitors can experience some of the most exceptional views of the Aurora
Borealis—a solar wind that colours the winter night sky in astonishing shades of green,
red, yellow and purple. The Oil Sands have lead to a huge population boom in Fort
McMurray, and these profitable resources can be explored on one of several tours of the
energy mine sites. Due to its northern location, Fort McMurray sees a lot of snow,
making for a fun winter getaway that can involve a number of activities, including
snowmobiling, dog sledding, and horse-drawn sleigh ride tours. In the summer, visitors
can enjoy a round of golf or spend the day boating and fishing on one of the nearby
lakes or rivers

This Travelling Gavel, in which I had named “The Alberta Travelling Gavel” was first
presented into Alberta Grand Lodge in July of 1995. For four years it had been
presented into Lodges through-out the Province of Alberta, till October 1999.
A past Master of Fort McMurray Lodge # 195, W. Bro. David Allan, was travelling to
Ontario on a visitation and decided to hop over a few Provinces with this Gavel in hand.
On arriving at Ontario, he then presented this much travelled Gavel into;

                           Brant Lodge No. 663
                                   450 Brant Street
                             Burlington, Ontario, L7R 2G4

It was presented to their then Worshipful Master;
W. Bro. Dean T. Smith
459 Brant Street
Burlington , Ontario
                                                            On the 15th November 1999

                                                                  December 19th , 1999
Bro. Rick Howes
Wyong 2259

Dear Bro. Howes:

On November 15 we became the proud and honoured custodians of your “Travelling
Gavel". The presentation was made at a Regularly Held. Assembled and Properly
Dedicated meeting of Brant Lodge No, 663 on G.R.C. It was presented by W. Bro.
David Allan, representing the W. Master of Fort McMurray Lodge 195, of Fort
McMurray, Alberta, Canada to our W. Master Bro. Dean T. Smith. It was a very
auspicious event, as this year we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary. On November
15th . we had a number of distinguished visitors from Grand Lodge in Attendance.

We confirm that with the Cavel we have received all the instructions,

I am enclosing two photos of the presentation the one showing W. Bro. Allan presenting
the Gavel to our W. Master Bro. Dean T. Smith and the other with all our guests from
Grand Lodge. I also including our commemorative brochure that was presented to all
the guests who attended our Celebration Dinner. The brochure includes a history of our
namesake. W, Bro. Joseph Brant, and a history of our Lodge.

I assure you that we shall be of worth of the trust given us and will look after the Gavel
with all its due.
We shall advise you when we pass the Gavel on to the next Lodge and the and the
designation and address of the New Custodian

Fraternal Regards

Joseph Aghion
Brant Lodge No 663 G.R C
E-mail Address:

   W. Bro. Allan of Fort McMurray                 Visiting Members Grand Lodge
       Presenting the Gavel to
       W. Bro. Dean T. Smith
    Brant Lodge No. 663 of Ontario

                                  BRANT LODGE 663
It is my greatest privilege and appreciation to serve you in this the Jubilee year of the
Institution of Brant Lodge No. 663. To all of you, that have come to participate in the
Celebration of our 50 Years of continuing tradition, I and the members of Brant Lodge
No. 663 welcome you and thank you for sharing our special evening.
        The Foundations of an Organization, arc the members who tirelessly dedicate
themselves to the preservation of traditional and moral values that reinforce the support
of ethical and social commitment to family and friends. To those who had the foresight
and vision in 1949 to form and found his Masonic Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons we shall remain grateful.
I, am also greatly indebted to the committee members who have worked diligently to
put together this event which has brought here to jointly celebrate the Lodge's Jubilee.
We are fortunate to be living in a time and country that value freedom and the right to
free speech and as Canadians, to exercise that right and we acknowledge that privilege.
The presence of family and friends, this evening, are imponant to us in making this an
enjoyable and memorable Celebration of 50 years as Brant Lodge No. 663.
Thank you for coming and joining with us in our Celebration.

                Worshipful Master Dean T. Smith and the Members

This was written by a proud Mason and Worshipful Master of Brant Lodge No. 663
                              Joseph Aghion letter

                                                                            June 7, 2000.
Wor. M. Rick Howes
Lodge Wyong 2259
6 George Street
Wyong 2259
North South Wales Australia

Dear Wor. Brother Rick:
    I arrived back in Ontario a week ago, and finally I was given you letter and its
content. I thank most sincerely for the Map of your country and the notation showing
the location of Wyong Lodge.
Now to answer you inquiry about the beautiful and finely crafted Traveling Gavel. The
Gavel remained in the possession of Brant Lodge No. 663 on the G.R.C. where it was
kept on exhibit for our Brethren to view and admire until the end of February.
Thereafter it was taken and presented to the Master of Parkdale Lodge No.510 on the
G.R.C. in Toronto, Ontario for the months of March, April and May. The
Traveling Gavel is back at Brant Lodge. We have ordered the stampings for Brant
Lodge No. 663 and Parkdale Lodge No. 510, which should soon be affixed to the
Traveling gavel, whence it will be taken to and presented to the Wor. Master Scott
Howarth of the Brandon Lodge, in Brandon, Manitoba. After a three month stay at
the Brandon Lodge, we shall Endeavour to have it presented to a Lodge in one of the
Eastern Provinces. I shall try and keep you posted and updated as to the whereabouts of
the Traveling Gavel.

You can now add the above information to your historical data on the movement of the
Traveling Gavel No. 9 to Canada

I hope that the above information is helpful, but in the event you need additional
accounting, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.
Yours Sincerely and Fraternally
Joseph Aghion
Historian Brant Ledge No. 663 on the R, C.

The members of Brant Lodge No. 663, would indeed like to know the Gavel’s history
and tribulations since it left our Lodge. I, on behalf, would therefire humbly ask if you
would keep us posted on the Travelling Gavels progress

Joseph Aghion ( Brant Lodge Historian and Archivist )
2390 Lyford Lane ~ Burlington ~ Ontario ~ Canada

                   HISTORY of BRANT LODGE No. 663 G.R.C.

On April 16. 1949 a number of Past Masters and Brethren of Burlington lodge No. 165
realized a need for another Lodge in Burlington. A petitioned for dispensation to form
Brant Lodge was sent to Grand lodge. in turn issued a dispensation. on September 19th,
1949. The installation took place. with R.W. Bro. W. L. Somerville as Installing Master,
who installed W. Bro. R. M. Lindey as Worshipful Master of Brant Lodge No.663.

R.W.Bro. was assisted by Past and Present Grand Lodge officers at the Installation
Ceremony. V.Wor. Bro. Patterson read the dispensation of Brant Lodge and the
following Officers were Appointed,

W. Bro. R. M. Lindey ........W.M.                      Bro.W.A. Vansicle J.D
W. Bro. W.H. Vickers.........I.P.M                   W.Bro. F.W. Howel......D of C.
Bro. F. Petrie………………S.W                                Bro. F. Dale..............Organist
Bro. W.J. Smith……………J.W                                Bro. W.T. Davidson S.S.
Bro. H.G. Strath……………Chaplain                          Bro. C.M. Sprung…..J.S.
W. Bro. W.J.B. Kay .............Secretary        .     Bro. H.B. Ward..........I.G.
W. Bro. F.M. Smith ………Treasurer                        Bro. A. Klainka……..Tyler
Bro. 1).K. Wright…………..S.D                             Bro. G.H. Thorpe…...Asst. S
                                                       Bro. R.A. Rensaw…..Asst S

These officers remained in office until December 1950 when the elections of officers.
were held and the regular Officers were advanced to a senior position.

On September 21st 1950 Most W. Bro. T.H. Simpson, Past Grand Master of the Grand
Lodge of Canada. assisted by Grand Lodge Officers constituted Brant Lodge A.F and
A.M. No. 663 .

Due to the zeal of the Charter Members and the good management of the officers, the
lodge has prospered and the work has been well and faithfully carried out. By the end of
the year there were 53 members.

In 1950 M. W, Bro. James Patterson Maher was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
Canada in the Province of Ontario.

In 1950, 8 Masons received the William Mercer Medal. That year also saw the birth of
the Veteran Jubilee Medal. (50 Years Past Master) was born.

n 1950 the Masters and Wardens Association was formed. In May 1950 Grand Lodge
membership was 120,136. consisting of 580 Lodges. That year there were 5,464
In 1953 a program of reconstruction at a cost of $47, 297.00 and the Burlington
Masonic Temple Association was formed. While work was in progress Brant Lodge
used the facilities of Beach Lodge which had been formed in 1924.

The dedication of the new lodge room on Monday May 10, 1954 was a notable
occasion. M.W. Bro. J.A.. Hearn, Grand Master, attended and 218 Masons 74 of them
visitors from a the lodge is joined with their Brethren of Brant and Burlington Lodge in
celebration of the event.

On February 18, 1952 a memorial service was conducted by W. Bro. H. J. Lowry for
M. Wor. Master King George VI who had passed to the Grand Lodge above.

In 1951 Brant Lodge No. 663 and Brant Lodge No. 45, Brantford started fraternal visits
to each lodge. Brant No. 45 coming to Burlington one-year and Brant No. 663 visiting
Brantford the next year.

In 1958 Brant Lodge No. 663 started fraternal visits with Niagara-River Lodge No. 785
in Niagara Falls, New York. These visits have done a great deal to cement the
fellowship of the members of the lodges concerned.

In July 1958 Rt. W. Bro. D.K. Wright was elected D.D.G.M. of Hamilton District A. He
appointed W. Bro. W.J.B. Kay as Secretary. A very pleasant year 1958-59 was spent in
visiting the different lodges. In July 1959 Grand Lodge made W. Bro. W.J.B. Kay a
Grand Steward with the title of Very Worshipful

On February 18, 1963 Bro. T.S. Little was presented with his Jubilee Medal by Rt. W.
Bro. D.K. Wright, on being a Mason for the past 50 years.

On January 21,1963 Bro. G. Murray was presented with his Jubilee Medal by Rt. W.
Bro. D.K. Wright on being a Mason for the past 50 years.

Each year the District Masonic Education night was held in a different lodge in
Hamilton 'District A. Brant Lodge was post on several occasions and R. W.Bro.W.J.
Sommerville has been District Supervisor for many years.

In 1964 Brant Lodge presented Gold Working Tools to Burlington Lodge No.165 on the
occasion of their 110th anniversary. The members of Brant Lodge joined with the
members of their Mother Lodge in celebrating the Centennial.


The original Officer's pictures and two Wands were presented by the Past Master
The Master's Gavel was made and presented by the first Chaplain, Bro. George Strath.
The V.O.T.S.L. was presented in 1957 by the Past Masters of 1947.
   The Senior and Junior Warden Gavels, (are to be past down to the newly invested
Warden at each Installation) and the Senior and Junior Deacons Wands were presented
by the Past Masters of 1946. .
   The Senior and Junior Warden Brass Pillars and Tracing Board were made and
presented by W. Bro. H.B. Ward.
   The Square and Compasses for the Bible were presented by W. Bro. F. Petrie. .
   The painting of Chief Joseph Brant was presented by W. Bro. W.A. Van Sickle in
   The Working Tools were donated by the original Officers of Brant Lodge in 1957.
   The Federal Craft charts and frame were donated to Brant Lodge and Burlington
Lodge by W. Bro. George Strath in 1963.
   Two flags, Red Ensign and the Union Jack polls etc. were donated by be the Senior
and Junior Wardens, Bro. D.R. Frost ;Ind Bro.D.J, McFadgen in 1963.
   The Lectern was built by Bro. Oscar Nadeau, which in turn was presented to Brant
Lodge No. 663 by V. Wor. Bro. Charles Brown in1987.

                                LODGE BRANT No 663 OFFICERS
                                                  1999- 2000

W.M. ........................................................W. Bro. Dean T. Smith
I.P.M.............................................W. Bro. William M. Schnaider
S.W..................................................................Bro. Peter Buchner
J.W............................................... ...............Bro. Richard Pollock
Chaplain....................................................Bro. Scott A. Lambert
Secretary...............................................W. Bro. Russell D. Dean
S.D................................................................Bro. Duane J. Bobyk
J.D...............................................................Bro. Grant M. Wright
D. of C...........................................................W. Bro. John Bobyk
I.G.....................................................Bro. Christopher J. Webster
Tyler......................................................W. Bro, Willard H. Price
S.S..................................................................Bro. Ian Mackenzie
J.S...........................................................Bro. Jeffrey L. Reynolds
Treasurer....................................................W. Bro. John Pollock
Asst Secretary..................................W. Bro. William J. Goddard
Historian........................................................Bro. Joseph Aghion
Trustee........................................................W. Bro. John Pollock
Trustee............................................W. Bro. Terrence J. Lamping
Trustee..........................................................W. Bro. John Bodyk
Trustee.........................................W. Bro. William M. Schnaider

                                            HAPPY TO MEET

                                             HAPPY TO PART

                                      HAPPY TO MEET AGAIN

     The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the
                Province of Ontario
is a Masonic Grand Lodge with jurisdiction over 578
Masonic lodges located in the province of Ontario. Its
 current Grand Master is M.W. Bro. Allan J. Petisor.
 (2008) The National Office of the Supreme Council
   33° of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of
  Freemasonry of Canada whose Grand Orient is in
Hamilton, Ontario, is located adjacent to this historic
                Scottish Rite building.

our Province the Governing body is called the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and
Accepted Masons of Canada In the Province of Ontario. It is under the leadership of
the Grand Master. He presides over the 53,000 Masons who belong to one or more of
the 587 lodges in our jurisdiction. Each of these lodges is under the direction of a
Worshipful Master.
Any man who becomes a Mason is taught a pattern for living; reverence - morality -
kindness - honesty - dependability and compassion. He must be prepared to honour his
country, uphold its laws and respect those in authority. He must be prepared to maintain
honourable relations with others and be willing to share in Masonic activities.
Freemasonry is a way of life.

           Here is some information about Brant, Ontario

Brant, has of (2006) a population of around 34,415, it is a situated in southern Ontario,
approximately 100 km south-west of Toronto. Brant is a small predominantly Rural
Municipality of 38.9/km² (100.8/sq mi).

                            The location of Brant in Ontario, Canada       *

                                                                  Joseph Brant

The Mohawk Indian chief Joseph Brant served as a spokesman
for his people, a Christian missionary of the Anglican church,
and a British military officer during the U.S. War of
Independence. He is remembered for his efforts in unifying
upper New York Indian tribes and leading them in terrorizing
raids against patriot communities in support of Great Britain’s
efforts to repress the rebellion. He is also credited for the
establishment of the Indian reservation on the Grand River in
Canada where the neighboring town of Brantford, Ontario, bears his name.

Now sometime after the Gavel was presented into Brant Lodge, it had a short stay over
             Parkdale Lodge No.510 G.R.C.
in Toronto, Ontario
     for the months of March, April and May . The Traveling Gavel then went back
to Brant Lodge No. 663, who then represented the Gavel to the next lodge

Once again this Travelling Gavel is on the move, after staying for a short time in
Ontario, it was time for it to move to another part of Canada, this time it was Manitoba.

Brother Murray of Brant Lodge No. 663 G.R.C. journeyed to Brandon and presented
this Gavel to the worshipful Master of;

                            Brandon Lodge No. 19
                                    G.R.M. A.F.& A.M.
                                        Instituted 1882
                   302 – 8th Street, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, R7A 3X4

                                                                            20 July 2000
W. Bro. Rick Howes
6 George Street
Wyong 2259
N.S.W. Australia

Dear W. Bro. Howes,

I am happy to report that the Australian Travelling Gavel No. 9 was duly presented to
Brandon Lodge No 19, Grand Registry of Manitoba, on the 7th July 2000. Brother
Murray Johnson traveled from Brant Lodge No. 663 Grand Registry of Canada in the
Province of Ontario to present it at a special held meeting on that date..26 Brethren
including Most Worshipful Brother Richard Porter, Grand Master of Manitoba were
present to witness the presentation.

I plan to present this gavel to the International Peace Gardens Lodge of Freemasons on
the 12th of August 2000. This lodge is located on the border between the United States
and Canada, and is chartered by the Grand Lodges of Manitoba (Canada) States). North
Dakota and Minnesota, (United States) The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan (Canada)
will be chartering this Lodge at the August 2000 meeting. An information letter about
this Lodge is included for your interest. I have also included a map of Manitoba. In the
bottom left hand corner of the map, I have highlighted the position of Brandon and the
International Peace Gardens.

As you will read in the letter, the Officers of this Lodge rotate among the chartering
jurisdictions. This year the Worshipful Master is M.W. Grand Master Richard Porter of
Manitoba, he has a plan to pass the Gavel on through several Lodges and have it in the
possession of a lodge in the Province of Saskatchewan before the end of the year. As he
is most prompt and punctional with his “paperwork”, I will leave it up to him to releal
his plans for you!

I have enclosed some other information in this package for your perusal. Included are
pamphlets about the City of Brandon, it’s people culture and events. There is also a
photograph of myself and Bro. Johnson at the official reception of the Gavel, and one of
the exterior of Brand Masonic Temple. Please note that although we normally wwear
formal dress for our meetings. I allowed and encouraged more casual attire for the
occasion. We are in the middle of summer here and are experiencing very high
temperatures and humidity. Our building is not air conditioned, and can become almost
unbearable at times! Other enclosures include a book entitled “masonry in Manitoba.
The First 125 years”, and a copy of the official summons for our 17th July Meeting.

At the social hour following the presentation, your Gavel was passed among the
Brethren for a closer look. Many were overheard praising it’s beauty and flawless
construction. I have taken several photographs of it which will remain on display in our
library, along with all the letters and information which you sent me earlier.

W. Bro. Howes, I am honoured that your Gavel has reached us, and I commend you for
your hard work and dedication to Freemasonry. I believe that the intent of your project-
to encourage “visitation” and communications among masons- is being well fulfilled.
Thank you for your outstanding efforts

Fraternal Regards

Scott Howarth
Worshipful Master
Brandon Lodge No. 19
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

The Worshipful of Brandon Lodge to receive the Travelling Gavel Was;

Wor. Bro. Scot Howarth
80 Waverly Drive
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. R7B 3K8
Phone: 204-726-5496
                                                                  On the 17th July 2000

W. Bro. Scott Howarth on the left                                                     of
Brandon Lodge No. 19

Receiving the Travelling Gavel No. 9
from W. Bro. Murray Johnson                                                           of
Brant Lodge No. 663

                    BRANDON LODGE NO. 19
                              G.R.M. A.F.& A.M.

                                   Instituted 1882

                              OFFICERS FOR 2000

     Meets: Second Tuesday of every month except July & August at 8:00 p.m.
              Masonic Centre, 8th Street & Lorne Avenue, Brandon

              Worshipful Master; W. Bro. S. R. (Scott Howarth (Heldi)
                    80 Waverly Drive, Brandon, MB. R7B 3X8
                       Res.: 728 4565       Bus, :726 5496

Senior Warden; W. Bro. C. D. (Chas.) Duguld       (Pat)
Jr. Warden;      W. Bro. C. D. (Cam) Moore         (Barbara)
Treasurer;      R.W.Bro. V, L. (Vern) Schneider (Carole))
Senior Deacon;    W. Bro. G. S. (George) Mann
Junior Deacon;     W. Bro. B. R. (Brent) Chamberlain
Chaplain;       V. W. Bro. P. J. (Jack) Webster     (Doreen)
D. of C.        V. W. Bro. W. J. (BIM Blair          (Marylin)
Senior Steward;       Bro. J. H. (Jim) Campbell      (Eva)
Junior Steward; R. W. Bro. D. E. (Derek) Kindrat      (Judy)
Inner Guard;       W. Bro. la J. (Glenn) Zegers       (Kim)
Tyler              W. Bro. R. R. (Roger) Reid         (Berenice)
Immediate Past Master; W. Bro. C. C. (Cliff) Hartmier (Deanna)
Secretary; M. W. Bro. R.A.(Rick) Porter                (Peggy)

Phone. 728-1341

                               10th July Lodge Meeting

              To receive a Travelling Gavel from Australia by way of
                           Brant Lodge No. 663 G.R.C.

These two Lodges in Quebec which I didn’t get any information from was missed out of
        the INDEX which follow Whitecourt Lodge in Alberta and just before
                             Brant Lodge in Ontario
                   Greenfield Park Lodge # 133          Greenfield;
                   La Loge Amitie # 143                 Greenfield;

Masonic Temple Brandon, Manitoba

                           MW. Bro. R.A. (Rick)Porter
                       Grand Master of Manitoba 1999-2000

                                        2000 – 2001
                              Rick Porters Masonic career
     R.W. Brother R.A. Rick Porter was Initiated into King Edward Lodge No.93 on
February 23, 1971. He served as Worshipful Master in 1979 and Secretary from 1980 to
 1983. He joined Brandon Lodge No.19 in 1983 and has been their Secretary ever since.
   He joined Wheat City Lodge in 1993 and served as Master in 1995. Rick served the
    Seventh Masonic District as D.D.G.M. in 1991 - 92. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on
  November 27, 1947, he attended schools in the St. James area. In September 1969, he
  married Peggy Freeth, and in 1973 they moved to Oakbank where their Son Jeff and
Daughter Lindsay were born. The Porter family moved to Brandon, Manitoba in 1983.
He has been in the Computer Business all of his working life, starting with James
Richardson & Sons Co. and in 1966 moving to Manitoba Pool Elevators, and
subsequently to Manitoba Liquor Commission, Canada Premier Life, Atomic Transport
and McKenzie Seeds. He is now self employed as a Computer Consutant. R.W. Brother
Porter will have the privilege of leading this Grand Lodge through the last half of 2000
and on into the new millennium, thus will be the beginning of the next 125 years, and

           History of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba
Representatives of three Lodges decided to accept the responsibility of forming the
Grand Lodge of Manitoba on May 12, 1875. The three Lodges were renumbered, as
follows: Prince Rupert's No. 1; Lisgar No. 2; Ancient Landmark No. 3. The jurisdiction
of the Grand Lodge of Manitoba besides Manitoba,included the North-West Territories,
afterwards known as Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Yukon. There were only three
lodges within the wide jurisdiction assumed by the young Grand Lodge and the
combined membership was less than 200. Four brethren organized the Grand Lodge of
Manitoba, William C. Clarke (First Grand Master in Manitoba), who had been initiated
in True Briton Lodge No. 14, Perth, Ontario; William N. Kennedy (First Deputy Grand
Master in Manitoba), who had been initiated in Corinthian Lodge No. 101,
Peterborough, Ontario, James Henderson, who had been initiated in Zetland Lodge No.
21 and John H. Bell, a native of London, Ontario who had been initiated in St. John’s
Lodge No. 20, London, Ontario.

A dispensation was issued to John’s Lodge No. 4 on July 7, 1875. St. John’s Lodge was
given dispensation due to many unaffiliated brethren hailing from the Maritime
Provinces, from Western Ontario and the United States who desired to do their
ceremonies in York Rite. August 17 hailed the first cornerstone lied in Manitoba of the
old City Hall and Market building.

In 1878 the 2nd Grand Lodge of Manitoba was formed. The trouble developed over
which ritual would be authorized, the Canadian work as practiced in Ontario, or the
"American Work" or commonly known as York Rite. Masons in Prince Albert,
Saskatchewan, North-West Territories wanted a dispensation to form Kinistino Lodge
but the existence of two Grand Lodges in Manitoba, the nearest Grand Jurisdiction,
causing doubt. they applied to the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.
The first meeting of this lodge was held on Friday, 3 October 1879, the first Worshipful
Master being Chas. F. Young. Kinistino Lodge was numbered 381 on the Grand
Registry of Canada. In 1882 arrangements were made with the Grand Lodge of Canada
in the Province of Ontario to transfer Kinistino Lodge to Grand Lodge of Manitoba,
becoming Kinistino Lodge became No. 16. Later becoming Kinistino Lodge No. 1
under the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan

In 1880 M. W. Bro. Rev. Canon S. P. Matheson was elected Grand Master of the
original Grand Lodge of Manitoba. After four months of being Grand Master permitted
the use of the two rituals in the jurisdiction, and allowing the lodges the option of

The first Lodge to receive dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Manitoba outside of
its geographical borders was Saskatchewan Lodge No. 17 in Edmonton, the second
being Pequonga No. 22, meeting at Rat Portage, in 1882.

                       History of Freemasons in Manitoba

The history of freemasonry in Manitoba began with Charles Curtis, a blacksmith, being
crowned "The Father of Manitoba Masonry", was the first Master Mason to reside in
Manitoba. He was initiated July 31, 1855; Passed 14 September; Raised 12 October; in
Collins Lodge, No. 215, meeting at Bryan, Ohio. He demitted from his Mother Lodge,
28 August 1857. Between the latter date and the date of his wedding in 1859, in St.
James Church, Manitoba, he had taken up permanent residence at Sturgeon Creek.
In 1861 Sir John Christian Schultz, who was later a Manitoba politician, part-owner of
the Nor'Wester newspaper, and a bitter opponent of the Hudson's Bay Company moved
to the Red River Colony.

A third Brother in the person of Matthew Connor was also at Red River.

In the summer of 1863, Hatch’s Independent Battalion of Cavalry, Minnesota
Volunteers, was organized and sent to the International border and located at Pembina
in Dakota Territory to assist in the Dakota War of 1862 who had been in revolt. Among
the troops were a number of Freemasons and under the leadership of C. W. Nash, who
became the Worshipful Master, a dispensation was obtained from the Grand Lodge of
Minnesota to open Northern Light Lodge at Pembina. Worshipful Master C. W. Nash

“The prayer of the petition was granted; the Grand Master remarking that by this step
the brethren of Fort Garry would be able to secure, what for long time had been their
desire. That it would open the door to those who were worthy and well qualified. That it
was hoped and expected that there would be a sufficient number apply for the degrees
who were permanent residents of Fort Garry and vicinity to warrant the planting of a
Lodge there, whenever the troops were moved away. If this should be the case the
brethren upon a proper petition were to have a petition issued.”

In January 1864, using the officer quarters, the original Northern Light Lodge held its
inaugural meeting with John C. Schultz occuping the Junior Deacon’s chair. The
Secretary of the Lodge, William Coldwell, a recent arrival from Ireland and the editor
for Red River’s first paper The Nor’Wester[1] writes:

“A party from this Settlement proceeded to Pembina a few weeks since to join the
Masonic Order, through the Lodge established there. They took the necessary degrees to
qualify them to open a Lodge here, which it is their intention to do on receipt of a
dispensation from the Grand Lodge, application for which has already been made. We
will be glad to see Masonry fully established in our midst, for in its organization and
teachings it is admirably adapted to do good in every community, irrespective of class,
creed or nationality. It has its secrets — the secrets of ages — and what others have
been so well kept? Pretended revelations have been made by those who know the public
was always eager to find out a secret, and would be willing to pay well to satisfy its
curiosity; but they knew little, for the working of the order is as much a mystery to
outsiders now as it was in the far distant past from whence it dates its origin."

Lower Fort Garry, ca.1949Four new members received all three degrees at the one
meeting, a procedure was not uncommon a century ago, were Andrew Graham
Ballenden Bannatyne, a prominent businessmen and a later supporter of Louis Riel,
William Inkster, a Public Surveyor, William Benjamin “Billy ” Hall, an excellent
nurseryman and farmer, Robert Morgan and William Coldwell.

A petition was drawn up on April 27, 1864 to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota:

“The undersigned petitioners being Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, having the
prosperity of the fraternity at heart, and willing to exert their best endeavours to
promote and diffuse the genuine principles of Masonry, respectfully represent that they
are desirous of forming a new Lodge in the Red River Settlement, Rupert's Land, to be
named Northern Light Lodge; they further pray for letters of dispensation, or a warrant
of constitution, to empower them to assemble as a legal lodge to discharge the duties of
Masonry in a regular and constitutional manner, according to the original forms of the
order, and the regulations of the Grand Lodge. They have nominated and recommend
Brother John Schultz, to be the first Master, Andrew G. B. Bannatyne, to be the first
Senior Warden, and William Inkster, to be the first Junior Warden of said Lodge. If the
prayer of the petition is granted, they promise a strict conformity to the constitution,
laws and regulations, of the Grand Lodge. Andrew G. B. Bannatyne, William Inkster,
Charles Curtis, W. B. Hall, Robert Morgan, William Coldwell, John Schultz, Matthew
Connor Assiniboia, British America, 27 April 1864."

On May 8, 1864, the soldiers were moved to Fort Abercrombie, and all the papers,
records, petitions and documents along with the dispensation were returned to the Grand
Lodge of Minnesota.

On May 20, 1864, the dispensation was issued at St. Paul, Minnesota, under Grand
Master A.T.C. Pierson with the response:

“During the year, I renewed the dispensation of Northern Light Lodge removing it to
the Red River Settlement”

The first meeting of the newly inaugural Northern Light Lodge was held in the lodge
room over the store of Andrew G. B. Bannatyne on November 8, 1864.

Between the years of 1868 and 1870, Norther Light Lodge ceases all activity due in part
to the Red River Rebellion.

                                         Grand Lodge of


                   Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

                                                                         March 16, 2001
Bro. Rick Howes
6 George Street Wyong 2259
N.S.W, Australia

Dear Worshipful Sir and Brother:

R. W. Bro. Scott Howarth, the Master of Brandon Lodge No. 19 presented the gavel to
me, as Master of the international Peace Garden Lodge of Freemasons on Saturday,
August 12, 2000. We were very fortunate that day to have R. W. Bro, Ross Castle,
Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, in attendance and since the
gavel had not been to a lodge in Saskatchewan I presented the gavel to R. W. Bro.
Castle and asked him to give it to the Master of his lodge, Victory No. 144 in
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and asked him to see that it travelled around his jurisdiction.
I will send Ross a copy of this letter and urge him to see that his lodges write to you as
soon as possible.
I am sending you a ropy of the history of the second fifty years of the Grand Lodge of
Manitoba. I hope you will enjoy it
I look for and to your next letter detailing the travels of the gavel.
Yours fraternally,

Rick Porter
Rick Porter, Grand Master 2000-2001
Riverheights Drive, Brandon MB R7B 2Y1 (204) 728 130

Manitoba’s Capital is Winnipeg and has a population of 633,451

 is in a province in Canada, with a population of
1,196,291 (2008). It was officially recognized by the
Federal Government in 1870 as separate from the
Northwest Territories, and became the first province
created from the territories. It is the easternmost of the
three Prairie Provinces. named the Province of "Manitoba," in the Red River area,
contained the first western colony and settlement area of Canada. Manitoba is the only
Canadian Province with an Arctic deep water sea port, at Churchill, along Hudson Bay.
Manitoba's northern sea port is the only link along the shortest shipping route between
Canada and Asia.

Sneak a peak at our polar whites
Churchill, Manitoba, a two-and-a-half hour
flight north of Winnipeg, Manitoba's capital
city, is known around the world as polar bear
central. Venture out over the tundra in
specially designed vehicles for safely viewing
the bears. Photographers and wildlife
enthusiasts so inclined can even eat, sleep and
rise right out on the capes, in the midst of the
glorious bears, as hundreds of them roam the
coastline every October and November
awaiting the freeze of the Hudson Bay.

The Government of Manitoba hereby grants the following permission:
"Any user of this website may, without charge or request for further permission, reproduce and distribute the
Information, or portions of it, for non-profit educational purposes only, provided that the Manitoba government is
acknowledged as the source on all reproductions and copies of the Information, and all reproductions and copies
contain the Disclaimer Notification and Copyright Notice."

                     Here’s a few statistics about Brandon in general

Brandon is a city in southwestern Manitoba, Canada. The surrounding area is often
referred to as "Westman".

The city started as a major junction on the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the
Assiniboine River and was then incorporated in 1882.

Brandon, the second largest city and service centre in Manitoba after Winnipeg, is a
major hub for the surrounding agricultural area. The population of its trading area is
between 70,000 and 100,000 people, and the city proper has a population of 41,511.
Brandon's industry reflects its agricultural history; its major industries are related to
agriculture and include fertilizer and hog processing plants, as well as retail and
government services for the surrounding area of Westman. Brandon is also home to
Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College.

Brandon's Army Reserve unit is 26th Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian
Artillery and the Canadian warship HMCS Brandon was named after the city.
Moving along the Travelling Gavel is presented into the;


          International Peace Garden Lodge Of

                         CANADA AND AMERICA

The International Peace Garden is 2,339 acres situated on the border between Manitoba
and North Dakota, on the longest north-south road in the world and almost at the
geographic centre of North America. It was dedicated on July 14, 1932 and has become
a living monument symbolizing that two nations can live in harmony along the longest
unfortified boundary in the world. The Garden is a. non-profit organization which is
supported by, among others, several fraternal organizations ~ Freemasons; Order of
Eastern Star; Odd .fellows; Rebekahs; Daughters of the British Empire
(IODE); and Knights of Columbus.

The International Peace Garden Lodge of Freemasons was formed in 1993 with
Warrants granted by the Grand Lodges of Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota. Its
purpose is "to promote and enhance fraternal relations among Freemasons of North
America and to assist in the expansion and maintenance of the International Peace

Membership in the International Peace Garden Lodge of Freemasons is open to any
Mager Mason for a once-in-a-lifetime fee of $50.00, providing the Mason is, and
remains, in good standing in any jurisdiction in the world which is recognized by the
chartering grand jurisdictions, At the time of this writing, total membership stand at 595
with members from Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Norway, Australia and the
Bahamas. Membership fees are placed in trust and may not be used for any purpose
other than to generate interest which is used to defer operating expenses of the Lodge
and other such expenditures as may be approved at the annual communication.

Bulletined meetings are held at least once a year at the Peace Garden, usually in the
Burdick Center for the Performing Arts on the Saturday before the second Sunday in
August, with arrangements in charge of the Chartering Grand Lodges on a rotating
basis. Officers titles and positions as well as the customs correspond to those of the
Chartering Grand Lodge in charge of the arrangements in any given year. The tiled
meeting deals with regular business and includes an inspirational speaker. Following the
meeting, Masons and their ladies share an hour of entertainment and a banquet in the
Masonic Auditorium. There is a program for the ladies during the tiled meeting_

The $775,000.00 Masonic Auditorium was dedicated in 1981 as a centennial project of
the 20,000 Masons of Manitoba find North Dakota. It is built in the shape of the Square
and Compasses and has seating for about 2,000 It is the only building of its kind in the
   If you have any questions or which to join you may write to the International Peace
                Garden Lodge of Freemasons at the following addresses:
                 Canada: 63 Falcon Crescent, Brandon, MB R7B 3Z9
                      U.S.A: Box 67,         Dunseith, ND 58329

                The International Peace Garden

Devoted to World Peace, along the world’s longest unfortified border, lies a 2,339 acre
Botanical Garden. Reflecting pools and dazzling colorful floral displays of over 150,000
flowers splash across the grounds of the Formal Garden’s
terraced walkways.

The 14-bell chime echoes faintly, as the length of the
formal garden area is viewed from the upper terrace. In the
distance, the 120-foot concrete Peace Tower, and the Peace
Chapel can be seen at the end of the formal garden.
Tourists ponder the beauty of the two floral displays of the
American and Canadian Flags, the only two floral designs
that remain the same each year. Presented to the Garden by
the Japanese Government, seven Peace Poles in which,
“May Peace Prevail” is written in twenty-eight different
languages. Steel girders transported from the New York
World Trade Center lie at rest at the 911 Memorial. Several
buildings accommodate; conventions, bus tours, weddings,
receptions, reunions, and socials of all types. Campgrounds
for campers and RV’s are set among Aspen and Oak Trees.

                                   Maps & Directions

It is not necessary to go through customs to access the park; however, the port is open 24
hours a day for through traffic. You will need to report back to your country's customs upon
exiting the park

                GPS Coordinates for International Peace Garden Entrance
              Latitude: 48° 59' 57" North / Longitude: 100° 3' 10" West


From Minot, North Dakota:
     East on Hwy 2 to Rugby (60 miles)
     North on Hwy 3 to Dunseith (30 miles)
     West on Hwy 5 to Hwy 3 (1 mile)
     North on Hwy 3 (15 miles)
     Total from Minot - 106 miles

From Grand Forks, North Dakota:
     West on Hwy 2 to Rugby (210 miles)
     North on Hwy 3 to Dunseith (30 miles)
     West on Hwy 5 to Hwy 3 (1 mile)
     North on Hwy 3 (15 miles)
      Total from Grand Forks - 256 miles

From Winnipeg, Manitoba:
    West on Trans Canada Hwy 1 to Brandon (133 miles, 214 km)
    South on Hwy 10 to Peace Garden (70 miles, 113 km)
    Total from Winnipeg - 203 miles (327 km)

From Regina, Saskatchewan:
    East on Trans Canada Hwy 1 to Brandon (224 miles, 361 km)
    South on Hwy 10 to Peace Garden (70 miles, 113 km)
    Total from Regina - 314 miles (474 km)

                    For further information please contact us at:

                              Toll Free: (888) 432-6733
                        United States: (701) 263-4390 E-Mail:

                    U.S. Customs & Immigration      (701) 263-4513

                 Canadian Customs & Immigration       (204) 534-6820

                     Saskatchewan Grand Lodge

                Presenting the Gavel to MW. Bro. Ross Castle

               MW. Bro. Stu MacLaughlan          ~   M.W. Bro. Ross Castle

          RW. Bro Jim McKay asked me to send you this picture of our Grand Master,
           M. W. Bro. Stu MacLaughlan, ~ Grand Master Saskatchewan
              Presenting on your behalf the Special "Grand Masters Gavel" to
                                 M. W. Bro. Ross Castle
            For his services in presenting the "Australian Travelling Gavel"
                         throughout the Saskatchewan Lodges
              The presentation event took place 24th October 2002

Rick Howes                                                                 Jim McKay
                                                         Wednesday, 25 September 2002

    Subject:      “Trophy Gavel”

Hi Rick- Well the masterpiece has
arrived, and you must be commended on
the work, it's beautiful, any one would
be honoured to receive such
workmanship. It arrived on Monday the
23rd, of September, my Brother Bill and
his wife were here from Prince Albert a City ninety miles to the north of Saskatoon,
When I unwrapped the Gavel. the first thing she asked what I was going to do with the
stamps, as the Eastern Star, The women's organization of the Masons, were collecting
stamps. so thats where they are now, and she thanks you for them. Yes I also received
all three Rituals that you sent me, I let another Past Grand Master (Don McDonald) see
them he has still got them, as he travels quite a bit giving Lodge of Instructions he
wants to refer to other Rituals, (I have them on floppy though, and will not part with
On presenting the gavel, Ross's Lodge meets the second Saturday of each month, but
the numbers are sometimes disappointing, but
there is what we call the Area meeting where
the Grand Master opens the lodge, and all the
Lodges in the district attend, (8) The new
Grand Master is also a personal friend of mine
(Stu McLaughlin) he lives in Regina, 160
miles to the south of here, If you agree I will
present it to Ross then , the area meeting will
be held on October 24th, 2002 12 days after
the lodge that Ross belongs to meets, and
there will be a full compliment of lodge
members to witness the presentation. I will
make on your behalf.
You mentioned going up North for a holiday
well Rick after all the work you have been doing, I don't know of anyone who deserves
a rest more than you so have a good one. More soon regards Jim.
                                                      Ross Castles “Trophy Gavel”
Larry Wong, W. Master of Asquith Lodge No. 146 Saskatoon
Email, wong@usask

                      A letter from MW. Bro. Ross Castle PGM

                                                                   Ross & Vivian Castle
                                                                    72 Deborah Crescent
                                                                         Canada S7J 2W8

Dear Rick & Mrs Howes, I'm alive & well!

The Travelling Gavel is in excellent condition — not the slightest scratch or mark or
I have given up waiting for the Secretaries Victorious to supply us with the History of
their Lodges. What I’m gathering is a Lodge notice for you — nice to compare with
yours — if you wouldn’t mind sending me one, it would give me a few ideas for my
                             Grand Masters Trophy Gavel
Words cannot express my gratitude , amazement, and appreciation for the beautiful —
hand — crafted (all 1906 pieces). It is beyond doubt — my greatest honour as a Grand
Master. Rick, I would love to come to your beautiful country, if it doesn't burn up, visit
you and your Lodge, hopefully in a couple of years we can afford it.
I'm sending my Email, it is in small case, easier to read this way;
All the best in the New Year, we'll pray for lots of rain. Fraternally,

Ron and Vivian Castle

These are the names of the Lodges in Saskatchewan in which MW.Bro. Ross Castle
                            took the Travelling Gavel

                            SASKATOON LODGES
                               February 2005

                        Victory Lodge # 144
                        Constituted: Victory No. 144, 1921
                               New Freemasons Hall
                           1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.
                                   District 5
            W. Master; J. Hean       ~     Secretary; A. Potter (2002)
        Regular meeting 2 Saturday 7.30 pm ( Recessed, July & August )
                   To conduct the regular business of the Lodge.
The second annual WILD GAME supper will be on Saturday February 26th. Admission is
            $12.50 For tickets and information contact V. W. Brad Gow

 Concord Lodge No. 124, Grand Lodge of Alberta joined in a meeting with Victoria
        Lodge No. 144 on September 8th 2001 in Saskatoon. Pictured are;
 MW. Bro. Ross Castle, W. Bro. Bob McDonald (Victoria 144) and W. Bro. Bert
                           Nicdao of Concord 124

 M.W. Bro. Ross Cast                                             ro. Bob McDonald

                Saskatchewan Lodge # 16
                             New Freemasons Hall
                           1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.

                                Instituted: 1904
                    Constituted: Saskatchewan No. 16, 1906

                                   District 5
             W. Master; R. Swick ~ Secretary; D. H. Wilson
       Regular meeting 1st Tuesday (7.30 pm) Recessed July & August
                To conduct the regular business of the Lodge.
The annual Forbes Pomeroy chilli cookoff will be a feature of the festive bopard.

                        Lodge Progress # 92
                      Constituted: Lodge Progress No. 92, 1913
                             New Freemasons Hall
                           1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.
                                   District 5
           W. Master; D. Skuce WM, Secretary; R. V. Culham
   Regular meeting 1st Thursday at 7:30 pm ( Recessed, June, July, August )
                 To conduct the regular business of the Lodge
   To receive reports of committees and if found favorable to ballot on them.
         2008 Secretary: Don Onclin Email:

                             Imperial Lodge # 60

                           Constituted: Imperial No. 60, 1910

                                  New Freemasons Hall
                                1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.
                                        District 5

                W.Master;R. Sherstobitoff, Secretary; E. Skaftfeld
              Regular meeting 2nd Wednesday February 9, 2005 at 7:30pm
                     To conduct the regular business of the Lodge
                To pass Bro. Graham Blake Snell to the second degree

                    Saskatoon Central Lodge # 217
                     Constituted: Saskatoon-Central No. 217, 1979
                                 New Freemasons Hall
                               1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.
                                Saskatoon     242-6505
                                        District 5
               W.Master; R. Farries,     Secretary; B. Farries (2002 ? )
         Regular meeting first Monday, at 7:30 p-m (Recessing, July & August
                     To conduct the regular business of the Lodge.
             To pass Bro. K. West and Bro. J. Munroe to the second degree
 To ballot on Bro. Gordon Panchuk for affiliation and Mr. Alexander Jan for Initiation.

                        Saskatoon Central Lodge No. 217

Headed up a fund raising drive to be able to donate two automatic external defibrillators
(AED) to the Saskatoon Police Service. The cost of each AED was approximately
$3,800. Thanks to the generosity of the Saskatoon and Area Masons the funds were
raised. At a Saskatoon City Council Meeting on December 18, 2006 MW Bro. Bill
Pizzey (GM) presented the two AES to Saskatoon Police Services Chief Clive Weighill.

The equipment will be installed in two front-line police
cars, making them the first cars with required defibrillators. Before the donation,
officers had the option of signing out one of the centrally held defibrillators, but it was
not mandatory.

The portable AEDs are used in the critical early minutes of a heart attack. Ambulance
personnel often cannot react quickly enough to cardiac arrests, which must be
defibrillated within three to five minutes. [ February, 2007]

         Rosthern Duck Lake Lodge. # 13

                           Instituted: 1899

                Constituted: Duck Lake No. 13, 1906

                 Amalgamated: Rosthern No. 22, 1948
               (New name: Rosthern-Duck Lake No. 13)

                      New Freemasons Hall
                    1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.

                            District 5
        W. Master; D. Turner WM        Secretary; R. Kondra
          Regular meeting 2nd Thursday., 2005 at 7:30 pm
           To conduct the regular business of the Lodge.
To pass      Bro. J. McComb and Bro. K. Bone to the second degree.

                   Elstow Lodge # 147

                  Constituted: Elstow No. 147, 1921
                Amalgamated: Aberdeen No. 205, 1997

                      New Freemasons Hall
                    1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.

                           District 5

         W. Master; G. Davey,         Secretary; L. Cole
     Regular meeting 2nd Tuesday February 8 2005 at 7:30 pm-
           To conduct the regular business of the Lodge.

             Mystic Tie Lodge # 213
                      New Freemasons Hall
                    1021 Saskatchewan Cr. W.
                        Saskatoon, Sask.
                           District 10
        W. Master P. Davis         Secretary; D. Mandeville
  Regular meeting 2nd Friday, at 7:30 pm (Dark in July and August)
                 R.W. Bro. David Mandeville  2007
        To pass Bro. J. Hartel to the second degree. (2002)

                     Officers - 2007
Master                          W. Bro. Dean Anderson
I.P.M                           W. Bro. Bob McGinnis
Senior Warden                   W. Bro. Chris Gakis
Junior Warden                   Bro. Jim Foskett
Secretary-Treasurer             R.W. Bro. David Mandeville
Chaplain                        Bro. John McPhail
Senior Deacon                   Bro. Kevin Lobzun
Junior Deacon                   Bro. Peter Derrick
Director of Ceremonies          R.W. Bro. Bob Foskett
Senior Steward                  t.b.a
Junior Steward                  Bro. Ian Hingley
Inner Guard                     Bro. David Schurr
Tyler                           W. Bro. Pat Davis

                         Tyler's Toast
                 Dear Brethren of the mystic tie
                    The night is waning fast
                 Our duty's done, the feast is o'er
                   This toast must be our last
                  Happy to meet sorry to part
                      Happy to meet again

                Good night Good night once more
               Once more repeat the farewell strain
                  Happy to meet, sorry to part
                      Happy to meet again

               To all poor and distressed Brethren
                   Wheresoever they may be
                        On land or on sea
                A speedy relief to their suffering
              And a safe return to their native lands.

                   Twin City Lodge # 89
                 Constituted: Twin City No. 89, 1912

                         Sutherland Hall
                                    1108 Central Ave.

                                         District 10
              W. Master; J. H. McKay          Secretary; D. Mandeville
             Regular meeting 2nd Monday February 14, 2005 at 7:30 pm
        in the Sutherland Hall - To conduct the regular business of the Lodge,

                     Asquith Lodge # 146 G.R.C.
                                      A.F. & A.M.
                               INSTITUTED June 9 1919
                                          District 5

W. Master; G. Hertzke
Secretary; W. Bro.Larry Wong
           1113 Macklem Drive
            Saskatoon, Saskatchewan            S7L 4R7
Phone:      382-792

      Regular meeting 3--d Tuesday February 15, 2005 at 8:00 pm in the Asquith
Masonic Hall To conduct the regular business of the Lodge .
                           To conduct the second degree

                                 OFFICERS FOR 2003

                     W. M. …………….…W. Bro. D. Ridler
                     I.P.M………………...W. Bro C. A. Havlicek
                     S.W. .................................Bro.R. J. Montague
                     J.W………………………Bro. G. A. Hertzke
                     SEC/TRES...................W.Bro. L. D. Wong
                     CHAPLAIN………V.W. Bro. Montague
                     S.D…………………….....Bro. R. McDougall
                     J.D……………………….Bro. C. McFadyn
                     D of C.......................R.W. Bro. R. Tinline
                     S.S. ………………………Bro. J. Hesketh-Jones
                     J.S. ……………………....Bro. Goldie Dewitt
                     I.G. …………… …V. W. Bro. F. Gow
                     TYLER……………V.W. Bro. C. Woodside
          Past Masters               1958 - W. Bro. D.K. McMillan
2006 - V.W. Bro. Murray Montague     1957 - W. Bro. W.H. Warren
2005 - W. Bro. Glen Hertzke          1956 - W. Bro. M. Noble
2004 - W. Bro. Robert Montague       1955 - W. Bro. Burnie Thue
2003 - W. Bro. D. Riddler            1954 - W. Bro. Jason Bradwell
2002 - W. Bro. C. Havlicek           1953 - W. Bro. Thos. D. Moore
2001 - W. Bro. L. Wong               1952 - W. Bro. W. Summach
2000 - W. Bro. K. Briant             1951 - W. Bro. John Bradwell
1999 - W. Bro. W. Hargarten          1950 - W. Bro. C.H. Mitchell
1998 - W. Bro. R. Gordon             1949 - W. Bro. N.A. Dingwall
1997 - W. Bro. G. McCorriston        1948 - W. Bro. G. Shiach
1996 - W.Bro. J.D.S. Tinline         1947 - W. Bro. N. Warren
1995 - V.W. Bro. D.J. Penner         1946 - W. Bro. B.N. Forsyth
1994 - V.W. Bro. H.F.M. Gow          1945 - W. Bro. A.M. McMillan
1993 - W. Bro. D. Mascho             1944 - W. Bro. James Smith
1992 - W. Bro. D. Mascho             1943 - W. Bro. Ben Hickman
1991 - V.W. Bro. J. Laing            1942 - W. Bro. J.F. Macsorley
1990 - W. Bro. D. Noga               1941 - W. Bro. A.T. Calder
1989 - R.W. Bro. R.D. Tinline        1940 - W. Bro. W.O. MacSorley
1988 - W. Bro. A.L. Potter           1939 - W. Bro. E.H. Trickey
1987 - W. Bro. A.L. Potter           1938 - W. Bro. S.M. Turiff
1986 - W. Bro. A. Dzubin             1937 - W. Bro. C. Wheatley
1985 - W. Bro. G.G. Panasiuk         1936 - W. Bro. R.B. Warren
1984 - W. Bro. J.F. Coghlan          1935 - W. Bro. F.G. Gregory
1983 - R.W. Bro. R.D. Tinline        1934 - W. Bro. V.W. Warren
1982 - W. Bro. G.R. Cooney           1933 - W. Bro. J.A. MacSorley
1981 - R.W. Bro. J.H. McKay          1932 - W. Bro. T.W.J. Mather
1980 - M.W. Bro. D.D. McDonald       1931 - W. Bro. F.E. Woodside
1979 - W. Bro. R.G. Morrison         1930 - W. Bro. H.C. Matheson
1978 - W. Bro. J. Shiffman           1929 - W. Bro. M.F. Little
1977 - R.W. Bro. H.D. Fraser         1928 - W. Bro. R.J. Green
1976 - V.W. Bro. T.S. Barrie         1927 - W. Bro. C.L. Allbon
1975 - V.W. Bro. D.M. Montague       1926 - W. Bro. C.L. Mather
1974 - R.W. Bro. R.L. Harwood        1925 - W. Bro. J.R. Atkinson
1973 - W. Bro. A.E. Smith            1924 - V.W. Bro. J.L. Millar
1972 - W. Bro. W.M. Alcorn           1923 - R.W. Bro. H.J. Baldwin
1971 - W. Bro. C.F. Woodside         1922 - W. Bro. J. Wright
1970 - W. Bro. B.D.Campbell          1921 - W. Bro. G.K. Stone
1969 - W. Bro. W.K. Alcorn           1919 - W. Bro. Chris Mather
1968 - W. Bro. W.K. Alcorn
1967 - W. Bro. N.L. Tayor
1966 - W. Bro. B.D. Campbell
1965 - W. Bro. E.E. Mcfadyen
1964 - W. Bro. Jas. A. Lake
1963 - W. Bro. J.A. Picketts
1962 - W. Bro. C.W. Richter
1961 - W. Bro. E.M. Hannam
1960 - W. Bro. E.H. Griffin
1959 - W. Bro. W.A. McMillan

    3rd Tuesday
      7:30 pm
   Asquith Lodge
    Asquith, SK
(Dark in July and August)

Contact Information
 V.W. Bro. Larry Wong

                                          Asquith Lodge

            Asquith Lodge was instituted on June 19th ,1919.

              Ten Master Masons
                  (Author unknown)

   Ten Master Masons, happy doing fine.
        Nine Master Masons, faithful never late
   One didn’t like the Master, then there were eight,
     Eight Master Masons, on their way to heaven
   One joined too many clubs, then there were seven.
   Seven Master Masons, life dealt some hard licks:
       One grew discouraged, then there were six.
        Six Master Masons, all very much alive.
       One lost his interest, then there were five.
    Five Master Masons, wishing there were more,
       Got into great dispute, then there were four
         Four Master Masons, busy as could be,
 One didn’t like the programme, then there were three
      Three Master Masons, was one of them you?
  One grew tired of all the work, then there were two.
    Two Master Masons, with so much to be done,
    One said, “What’s the use”, then there was one.
       One Master Mason, found a Brother- true!
     Brought him too Lodge, then there were two.
     Two Master Masons, didn’t find work a bore;
      Each brought another, then there were four.
    Four Master Masons, saved their Lodge’s fate,
   By showing others kindness, then there were eight
Eight Master Masons, loving their Lodge’s bright sheen;
  Talked so much about it, they soon counted sixteen
   Sixteen Master Masons, to their obligations true;
  Were pleased when their number went to thirty-two.
   So we can’t put our troubles at the Lodge’s door,
    It’s our fault, for harming the Lodge we adore.
          Don’t fuss about the programs, or the
                    Master in the east.
  Keep your obligation, by serving even the very least

                             Biggar Lodge # 100
      Constituted:   Biggar No. 100, 1913 ~ Amalgamated: Landis No. 115, 1999
                                   101 - ?th Ave East
                                      District 9
           W/Master; G. Devenny,        Secretary :R. Merman (2002)
          Regular meeting 2nd Tuesday, 8 pm (Recessed, July & August )
                  To conduct the regular business of the Lodge.

                            Harmony Lodge # 75
                          Constituted: Harmony No. 75, 1911

              Amalgamated: Evergreen No. 95 and Lakeview No. 173, 1974
                         (New name: Tessier-Harris No. 95)
                        Amalgamated: Tessier-Harris No. 95

                                       7th Street

                                      District 9
        W/Master; (Perdue) R. Lemon ,       Secretary; H. Steam ( 2005 )
       Regular meeting ls Thursday, at in the ( Recessed, September )
                             Harmony Lodge Hall.
                                    7th Street
                  To conduct the regular business of the Lodge.
                     Eat and ArgueMacDonald, J. H. Mckay
         Regular meeting 2 nd Tuesday February 8. 2005 at 12:00 noon
-      Discuss topics of Masonic interest over lunch. All Master masons welcome.

                      Dundurn Hanley Lodge # 117

                          Constituted: Dundurn No. 117, 1917

                          Amalgamated: Hanley No. 28, 1997
                         (New name: Dundurn-Hanley No. 117)

                                 Dundurn Town Hall
                                   300 - 3rd Ave.

                W/Master; D. Kimball,      Secretary; K. Lowther
Regular meeting 2 nd Thursday February 16, 2005 in Dundum Town Hall at 8:00 pm
              -       To conduct the regular business of the Lodge..

                           0 .E. S.

W/Master: Saskatoon # 4,   Secretary; J. Elliott Carole Hertzke .
   Regular meeting Monday February 21st., 2005 at 8:00 pm.
               Regular business of the Chapter.

                       Regal # 132

       W/Master; Mona Aaro,       Secretary; Carol Janzen
    Regular meeting 2nd Monday February 14. 2004 at 7:30 pm
                    Regular business of the Chapter .

          The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan
                               A.F. & A.M.

Past grand Masters of


                     2007 – 2008    F.Hester
                     2006 – 2007    W. Pizzey
                     2005 – 2006    W.Fitzsimmons
                     2004 - 2005    D. Finan
                     2003 – 2004    R. Moffatt
                     2002 – 2003    S. macLachlan
                     2001 - 2002    +Ross Castle

Ross Castle’s Life and

                     Masonic career

                                 About Ross Castle

M.W. Bro. Ross C. Castle was born 1939 in the city of Saskatoon. He received his
public and high school education in the city of Saskatoon and then joined the R.C.M.P.
In 1965 he joined the Saskatoon Fire Department and rose through the ranks until he
retired in 1999 as a Captain.
He has a daughter, Sandra Joan Boychuk (Ken), in Regina. He and Vivian are blessed
with seven grandchildren, four from her daughter Kathie and Rick Picard, and three
from Teresa and Doug Winter. Kevin, her son is single.

                                   Masonic Career

M.W. Bro.Castle's Masonic career began in
Plantagenet Lodge No. 65 in Vancouver in 1963. He
later affiliated with Victory Lodge No. 144 in
Saskatoon, where he served two years as Master. He
also affiliated with Lodge Progress No. 92 and served
as Master. Ross is an Honourary Member of Rosthern
D u c k L a k e L o d g e N o . 1 3 . H e served as
District Deputy Grand Master of District No. 5 in
1995-1996. Ross was elected as Grand Junior Warden
in 1998. In 2001 he became the Worshipful Master of
Solomon Lodge No. 5986

He is active in both the Scottish Rite and York Rite as
well as a member of
Wa Wa. Shrine, Ritualistic Unit and a member of the
Saskatoon Arab Patrol.
            M.W. Bro. Stu MacLaughlan
Presenting a “Special Trophy Gavel” to MW. Bro. Ross castle
The event took place at the Masonic Temple in Saskatoon on 24 Oct 2002

                  M.W. Bro. Francis W. Hester ~ 2007 - 2008

Most Worshipful Bro. Francis W. Hester was born in
 Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, to John and Dorothy
  Hester of Consul, Sask. Francis is the youngest of
   three children, and has an older sister, Dolores
  (Walburger), plus an older brother, John. Francis
       attended school in Consul, then went to
 Saskatchewan Technical Institute in Moose Jaw. In
  1964, he married Sharon Brekhus, from Robsart.
Francis and Sharon moved to Maple Creek that same
         year and still make their home there.

 Francis joined Maple Leaf Lodge No.9 on October
    27th 1966, advanced to the Second Degree on
December 22nd 1966, and was admitted to the Third
 Degree January 26th 1967. He is a Past Master and
Past Secretary of Maple Leaf Lodge No 9. In 1968-
69, he became a member of the Royal Arch Masons
Chapter No.26, Knights Templar No. 58, and the Wa
Wa Shrine. He is the immediate Past First Principal
of the Royal Arch Masons, Cypress Chapter No. 26,
  Maple Creek, and has taken The High Priesthood Degree. He has also served as the
               Grand Tyler of The Royal Arch Masons of Saskatchewan

M.W. Bro. Hester is a past President of the Cypress Shrine Club and has served as a
Director on Wa Wa Membership Committee for the Southwest District for five years.
Francis and Sharon joined the Order of the Eastern Star, in 1969. M.W. Bro. Hester is a
Past Associate Guardian of Bethel No.7 of the International Order of Job's Daughters.
He served the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan as an elected member of the Board of
Trustees (2004-2007), and as Grand Chaplain (2003-04). At the Grand Lodge
Communication at Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, in June 2004, Francis was elected Grand
Junior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan. Subsequently, he was Camp
Coordinator of the Masonic Youth Leadership Camp (2005) held at Wakaw
Saskatchewan. He joined the A&A Scottish Rite Valley of Saskatoon in 2006, and is a
32nd Degree Mason. Francis belongs to the Scottish Rite 24th Degree Team. He was
elected Vice-President of the Western Canadian Conference held in Canmore, Alberta,
in 2006 and will be the President of the Western Canadian Conference in 2008. On June
16, 2007, he was elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, A.F. &

Francis' wife, Sharon, is a Past Matron of the Order of the Easter Star, Maple Creek
Chapter No.80, Past Bethel Guardian of the International Order of Job's Daughters
Bethel No.7, Past Grand Guardian and Past Grand Bethel Guardian of Saskatchewan
International Order of Job's Daughters. She is also the Past President of the Cypress
Shrine Ladies, and was 2005 Queen of Anqet Temple No.123 Daughters of the Nile ,

Francis and Sharon have four grown children. Their oldest daughter Annette, is Past
Honored Queen of Bethel No.7 of the IOJD, Past Matron of the Edith Cavell Chapter of
the OES in Calgary Alberta, and a present member of the Daughters of the Nile in
Calgary. Annette is a Registered Nurse at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary Alberta.

Their second daughter, Amber, is a Past Honored Queen of Bethel No.7 and was also a
member of the Eastern Star. She is presently the Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator
in the North East School Division Central Office at Melfort, Saskatchewan.

The Hester's son, John-Paul, is a Past Master and Secretary of Foam Lake Lodge No.79.
He and his wife , Arlene, are presently members of the OES, Foam Lake Chapter
No.53. He is also Journeyman Auto Mechanics Technician and part owner of Foam
Lake Motors at Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. John-Paul is the Grand Senior Deacon of
The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan A.F.& A.M. for the 2007-2008 year.

Francis' and Sharon's daughter, Abbie, is a Past Honored Queen of Bethel No.7, IOJD,
Past Miss Congeniality, and Past Grand Bethel Honored Queen of the Grand Bethel of
Saskatchewan IOJD. She is presently a Registered Nurse at the Bassano Hospital at
Bassano Alberta, and also works at the Orchard Manor Nursing Home. She lives in
Brooks, Alberta

Francis is now retired, but his life's work included ranching, cattle buying, welding,
road construction, and truck-driving for John Deere Ltd. His wife Sharon, also recently
retired, was a teacher, a high school principal, and a curriculum writer for Saskatchewan
Learning. They have seven grandchildren who love to come and stay at the Hester's log
house at Maple Creek. This couple continues to forge Masonic relationships today, and
next to their own family in importance is their extended Masonic family which stretches
across this province

My symbol for the year 2007-2008 is the trowel. You will see it often, on lapels, on
golf shirts, on ball caps, and on correspondence. Many of you, like myself, will wear it
or display it.

         MW. Bro. Ross Castle’s “Special Trophy” is now the property of
                     MW. Bro. Francis Hester, as of 2008

                This “Trophy Gavel” is made up out of 2,500 pieces of
                        Australian Red Cedar and Radiata Pine

       Here’s a bit of information about and where Saskatchewan is
                             located in Canada

This is where the Province of Saskatchewan is situated inCanada
Capital City is Regina ~ Largest City is Saskatoon

Saskatchewan; has an area of 588,276.09 sq klm (227,134.67 sq mi) and a population
of 1,010,146 (2008), mostly living in the southern half of the province. Of these,
202,340 live in the province's largest city, Saskatoon which is a city located in central
Saskatchewan, Canada, on the South Saskatchewan River while 179,246 live in the
provincial capital, Regina

 Summers; can be very hot, with temperatures sometimes above 32 °C (90°F),
Winters; can be bitterly cold, with high temperatures not breaking −17 °C for weeks at
a time,

Early History

Saskatchewan was populated by various indigenous peoples of North America
including members of the Athabaskan, Algonquian, Atsina, Cree, Saulteaux and Sioux
tribes. The first European to enter Saskatchewan were fur traders in 1690, who travelled
up the Saskatchewan River in hopes of trading fur with the province's indigenous

                                 The City of Saskatoon

   Saskatoon which is a city located in central Saskatchewan, Canada, on the South
                                 Saskatchewan River

              This section is listed as a reprintable section of a website:
                       Northern Saskatchewan...
                      an adventure for any season

Calming landscapes, raging rapids, lakes, wildlife, parks, scenic golf courses, great
fishing, cultural events and friendly people - Do any of these words describe your next
great adventure? If so, Northern Saskatchewan is waiting for you. With over 200,000
square kilometers of space, the north is certainly big in size but even bigger on

With a park around every corner and just as many lakes, Northern Saskatchewan is the
ultimate summer vacation spot. Camping, canoeing, hiking, fishing, horseback riding or
golfing – your only worry this summer should be whether or not you will have the time
to fit it all in. So pack up the family and head north because the only thing you will hear
from them this summer is – “This is the best vacation ever!”

Winter is a season not to be missed either. Stay and play in Saskatchewan’s north –
explore the boreal forest by day on a snowmobile and then indulge in a cozy cabin with
a warm fire by night. From dog sledding to cross country skiing to ice fishing - your
snow covered destination awaits!

Just when you thought you had done everything there is to do in the north – there’s
always more to explore!

                           Saskatchewan Grand Lodge

                                Grand Lodge Office
                                   1930 Lorne Street
                                 Regina, Sask, S4P 2M1

                                 Phone: (306) 522-5686
                                Toll free: 1-877-661-2231
                                  Fax: (306) 522-5687

                                 A/Grand Secretary
                                  R.W. Bro. Jack Carey
                                    Grand Secretary

                                 V.W. Bro. Norm Roach
                                    GL Webmaster

                Co-Ed Masonic Youth Leadership Camp 2008

Welcome! Please come in, look around, and learn more about Freemasonry in
Saskatchewan. The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, established in 1906, comprises 63
Lodges and 3,800 Masons throughout the province. The "Blue Lodge" is the
cornerstone of Freemasonry, the world's largest and oldest fraternity. There are other
concordant bodies for Masons, their wives, sons and daughters. The relationship
between these bodies is depicted on the Masonic Structure diagram.

This camp is sponsored by the Masonic Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan Youth Programs
Committee, and staffed by dedicated volunteers experienced with the program. The
Camp is being held at the Green Grove Ukrainian Orthodox Church Camp, Wakaw
Lake, Saskatchewan, from July 27th to August 1st 2008.

All students and staff members stay in dormitories for the duration of the camp. Staff
members' duties are to guide the students through the learning material, supervise all
activities and help the students with any problems they may encounter either with the
learning material or of a personal nature.

WHO MAY ATTEND: Students entering grades 10, 11 or 12 in September, 2008. It is
not necessary that the applicant have a Masonic relative. A maximum of forty students
can be accommodated on a first come-first served basis, with preference given to first
time applicants if more than 40 applications are received. If required, a final selection
will be made by the committee.

CAMP OBJECTIVES: To promote and improve leadership skills of Saskatchewan's
youth by teaching the following: Leadership, Organizational Skills, Communication,
Responsibility, Self Esteem and Cooperation. The Camp is divided into four main areas:
lecture presentations (including films and guest speakers), classroom activity, a tour,
and a sports/social program. Campers are grouped into several chapters with an
appropriate mix of males and females of all ages from a variety of towns and cities. The
chapters are managed by the students with guidance from the staff.

On the first day, the program is explained to the students. After a thorough introduction,
the students elect a President and Vice President and any other officers the students feel
necessary to manage their Chapter. Once the officers are elected, the students, as
individuals and in their chapters, are responsible for their activity within the program.

Registration fees are $250.00 for the sponsoring Lodge and $100.00 for the applicant.
All forms of the application must be properly completed and returned to the sponsoring
Lodge along with the applicant's fee by June 15, for forwarding to the Grand Lodge
office. The registration fee is forfeited if the Camp Director is not notified of
cancellation prior to July 1st, 2008. Exceptions can be made for medical reasons
accompanied by a doctor's certificate or on compassionate grounds. Please make your
cheque payable to: The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan A.F. & A.M., and mail it and the
application forms to: the Secretary of your sponsoring Lodge.

For more information or to arrange for someone to speak at a Lodge meeting, please
contact your District Representative or phone me, directly.

R.W. Bro. Ernie Butz
Youth Programs Committee Chairman

Phone: 306-586-1388

                       These are articles from Stuart Anderson

Boaz, besides being the name of the male lead character in the story of Ruth in the
Bible, was the name of one of the pillars on the porch of the Temple of Solomon, and
Jachin was the name of the other pillar. There has at times been some conversation
about which pillar is the one on the right and which is on the left. Well in 2nd
Chronicles 3:17 it talks about the pillars on the porch of the temple. It's interesting to
note that in the King James,(Authorized Version,) it says the one on the "right hand is
Jachin, and the name of the one on the left Boaz." More than one Brother has asked, is
that the right facing as going into the temple or coming out? Well the answer is found
in the New International Version, (NIV,) of the Bible, where the very same text is
translated this way: "He erected the pillars in the front of the temple, one to the south
and one to the north. The one to the south he named Jakin and the one to the north
Boaz." So that translation should make it much easier for us to remember which pillar
is on which side. By the way the New Living Translation, (NLT,) also says north and
In Scotland, the operative Mason knew cowans to be ignorant builders who put stones
together without mortar. They piled rough fieldstones into a wall without hewing them
true, or squaring them. They masqueraded as Masters, but they did not have the Word.

Now and again, today - fortunately not too often - we find a modern equivalent of the
operative impostor. One such is the Mason who manages a place in an officer's line
with little or no effect of his own to deserve it. With only that exertion that is
necessary to maintain his place, he continues to advance in line until he receives the
jewels and honors that he prizes so highly. But he does not know the Constitution, and
he does not understand the traditions and dignity of the Craft. As a presiding officer,
his vocal ability is more noteworthy than his executive ability; and when his term is
ended, he is seldom seen until another honour or prize appears to be within his grasp.

He is a contemporary builder who works without the benefit of the mortar of real
enthusiasm or accomplishments. His structure is likened unto the rough stone wall,
having little beauty of value. He is the cowan of modern speculative Masonry.

He is to be pitied, for he is a Masonic failure. His honours are shallow. Bringing no
interest to his position, he received little of the satisfaction and respect that belong to
the real Master.
Masonry has failed to reach him with a clear understanding of those marks of true
devotion which she has to offer. He never knows the opportunities that the Craft makes
available to those who diligently seek them. He misses the opportunities that the Craft
makes available to strive for a just and worthy cause. He misses the opportunity for
continuing fellowship and friendship. He misses the opportunity for loyalty and
devotion. He misses the opportunity for development of his executive, intellectual and
oratorical abilities. And most of all, he misses the opportunity for service - to God - to
his community - and to his fellow man.

                             The Masonic Career of
                        R.W. Bro. Stuart Anderson

R.W. Bro. Stuart Anderson received
    a “Special Trophy Gavel”, made
   for him, for his assistance with this
 Travelling Gavel in Saskatchewan, from
        V.W. Bro. Rick Howes in
       New South Wales, Australia

     R.W. Bro. Stuart Anderson’s
                           “Special Trophy Gavel”

       is made from 2183 pieces of Australian Red Cedar and Radiata Pine,

                        Stuart Anderson is a member of Doric/St. George Lodge No. 71
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.
He joined the Craft in 1979 and served as Worshipful Master in 1991 and 1995
V.W. Grand Steward 1998
T.W. District Deputy Grand Master 2003
Life member – Scottish Rite
Past President of the Past Masters Association
Moose Jaw Masonic Temple Manager
Past Patron, Order of the Eastern Star, thrice

             Stuart Anderson 2nd from left
                              The Masonic Career of
                        M.W. Bro. Don Finan PGM
                             Saskatchewan Grand Lodge

           Most Worshipful Brother Bro. Don Finan PGM 2004 – 2005

Don was born in Saskatoon on June 10, 1942, to George
and Edna Finan. The second of four boys, Don soon learned to
share with brothers Mel (deceased), Howard (Kinistino Lodge
No. 1), and Wayne. In 1961, Don graduated from the
Saskatoon Technical Institute and joined Bowman Brothers
(Acklands) as a machinist.
   In 1964, he moved to Moosomin to open a machine shop for
the company, and early the next year he married his high school
sweethear, Cathy Fiddler. They transferred to North Battleford
in 1967, where he took on the position of shop foreman. Several
years later, he went into the Life Insurance Business, but
returned to the world of machines in 1982 and became a shareholder and salesman for
Triod Supply (North Battleford).
   Cathy and Don were blessed with two sons, Darren (Shari) of Whitecourt, Alberta
and Michael (Cathy) of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The family was recently blessed
with the addition of two grandchildren, Jessica and April and Deelan in May. Don was
very involved with his sons while they were growing up; he worked with Cub Scouts, the
North Battleford Minor Hockey Association as a Coach and Director. He was honoured
in 1981 with the James Demers Trophy awarded to individuals that have made an
outstanding contribution to Minor Hockey.
   Don was initiated into Ionic Lodge No. 31 in April of 1970, passed in May and raised
on June 12 of the same year. He served as Worshipful Master of Ionic Lodge in 1976
and again in 1988. He served as secretary from 1980 to 1987 and has helped out in that
capacity whenever needed. He served as D.D.G.M. of District No. 7 in 1992-93. Don
joined Baftleford's Chapter No. 9 R.A.M. in 1975, serving as "Z" in 1991-95 and
again in 2002.
   He joined the Battlefords Perceptory No. 75 in 1976 and was the Presiding Perceptor
in 1993 and 1997. The same year he joined Wa Wa Temple and Battlefords Shrine Club
(1976). He was President of the Club in 1996. Don also belongs to Battlefords Chapter
No. 2 O.E.S. of which he served as Worthy Patron in 1974. Don was made Associate
Bethel Guardian for Bethel No. 6, 1.0.J.D. in 1991 and served in that capacity until 1999
after which he served as Associate Grand Guardian for Saskatchewan in 2000-01. Don is
a 32 degree Mason, belonging to the A & A Scottish Rite; Valley Saskatoon. He is also
a member of Solomon Lodge of Research and the Red Cross of Constantine.
In addition to his Masonic affiliations, he is also a member of the ACT/UCT and is Vice
President of the Northwest Bingo Association.
Don's belief is that the future of Masonry lies in the Masonic Family working together
and his theme for this year is JUST DO IT!!!

I presented a “Special Trophy Gavel” to MW. Bro. Don Finan, of Saskatchewan
Grand Lodge for his efforts in retrieving the Travelling Gavel and sending it back
to me in NSW. Australia. His Trophy Gavel was made up out of 2,500 pieces of
Australian Red Cedar and Radiata Pine
                                     York Rite
 The York Rite is one of the two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason
may proceed after he has completed the three degrees of Symbolic, Blue or Craft Lodge
         Masonry. There are a number of York Rite bodies in Saskatchewan.

    •   Royal Arch Chapter
    •   Council of Royal and Select Masters
    •   Commandery of Knights Templar
    •   York Rite Appendant Bodies

Scottish Rite
The Scottish Rite is one of the two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason
may proceed after he has completed the three degrees of Symbolic, Blue or Craft Lodge
Masonry. In Saskatchewan there are Scottish Rite Valleys in Regina, Moose Jaw, and
Saskatoon, however, members reside in many locations throughout the province.
Membership is available to all Master Masons in good standing.

    •   Lodge of Perfection
    •   Chapter of Rose Croix
    •   Consistory
    •   Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada

The Shrine
The Shrine is an international fraternity of approximately 500,000 members who belong
to Shrine Temples throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Panama. Founded
in New York City in 1872, membership in the Shrine is open to all Master Masons. The
Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America is the home
for all Shriners in North America. The Shrine is most well known for the network of 22
Shriner's Hospitals for Children.

There are approximately 1,400 Shriners in Saskatchewan who belong to the individual
clubs that are located in: Assiniboia, Indian Head, Moosomin, Kindersley, Yorkton,
Prince Albert, Estevan, Weyburn, Moose Jaw, Nipawin, North Battleford,
Lloydminster, Swift Current, Maple Creek, Wadena, Regina and Saskatoon.
Membership in the Shrine is open to any Master Mason in good standing.

    •   Wa-Wa Temple

   DeMolay is the premier youth organization dedicated to teaching young men to be
  better persons and leaders. Under the "advisorship" of adults; leadership skills, civic
 awareness, responsibility, and character development are learned through a variety of
self directed, real world applications and activities. DeMolay builds confidence; teaches
      responsibility, cooperation and community service; and fosters trust, respect,
                      fellowship, patriotism, reverence, and sharing.

    •   Canadian Demolay
    •   Demolay International
    •   Aurora Chapter Demolay (North Battleford)

                                   Job's Daughters
 Job's Daughters is an organization for young women. We can help you learn important
skills for life, such as leadership, organization, teamwork and self reliance. We work to
                                     help our community.

    •   International Order of Job's Daughters

                  The Grand Chapter Of Saskatchewan

                   Order Of The Eastern Star
                       Grand Secretary: Sister Janet Zondervan

Order of the Eastern Star
The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which
both men and women may belong. Worldwide, there are currently more than 1 million
members under the General Grand Chapter. Eastern Star is a social order comprised of
persons with spiritual values but it is not a religion. Its appeal rests in the true beauty of
the refreshing and character-building lessons that are so sincerely portrayed in its
ritualistic work. A deep fraternal bond exists between its members. It is the wholesome
relationship of sisterly and brotherly love brought about through high principles
exemplified in our lives which makes us near and dear to each other. While this is an
Order composed of people of deep spiritual convictions, it is open to all faiths, except
no faith. The personal welfare of our members is vital to all of those in the Eastern Star
and it is considered a privilege to help another member whenever we can.

                               Grand Chapter of Saskatchewan

                      General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star

                           This poem was sent to me by
              Worshipful Brother Keith Noble Defenders Lodge No. 590
                     Gloucester ~ (Ottawa) Ontario, Canada.

                       THE OLD MASTER






































































































































                  I presented this “Special Trophy Gavel” to
R.W. Bro. Vic Ramsbottom, Grand Historian of Alberta Grand Lodge for assisting
      with and making sure that the Alberta Travelling Gavel kept moving

                When Vic received his Gavel, he printed and added:-
Those who travel locally can obtain much pleasure from visitation – but when
overseas, the rewards of visitation can be enormous. To see other work performed;
to see customs that are different; to meet Brethren who become instant friends, are
just a few of the experiences.
   RW. Bro. Vic Ramsbottom took a travelling gavel on his journey to New
Zealand and Australia, and amongst the many Lodges he visited was Lodge
Wyong Tuggerah Lakes No. 247. On leaving this Lodge he was presented with this
wonderful gift.
   The Gavel is created from 2,124 pieces of Australian Red Cedar and Radiata
Pine obtained fro an old windowsill from a very old house, which over the years
was used in a motor garage, over the years it was oil soaked to ½ “ and was riddled
with 3inch nails.
   The Gavel and the supporting plaque were created by W. Bro. Rick Howes, who
presented it to Bro. Ramsbottom on January 1st 2000

         May it be a symbol to you, the reader of visitations yet to be made

                Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan,
                       Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
                       1930 Lorne St, Regina, SK. 306-522-5686
                                   Last updated: July 3, 2007

                                   Grand Secretary

                               Grand Lodge History

The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, A.F. & A.M. was established on August 9, 1906.
There were about 900 masons in 29 lodges. As of 2006 there were 3,800 masons
belonging to 63 different lodges.

It has always been a source of Masonic satisfaction that Freemasonry in the territory
now controlled by the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons, received its authority from two Canadian Grand Lodges. The formation of the
Lodges was made possible by the enthusiasm of the Brethren, their desire to have
fraternal relations and their belief that the Order would provide a real agency for good
in the new country where they were now making a home for themselves and their

In the year 1879, the brethren of Prince Albert caused the first Lodge in our area to be
instituted, under the authority of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons of Canada. This Grand Lodge later on in 1880 gave them a warrant, and on the
Grand Register there appeared Kinistino Lodge No. 381.

In 1882 Kinistino Lodge transferred its allegiance to the Grand Lodge of Manitoba.
From then on all of the Lodges, prior to the formation of the Grand Lodge of
Saskatchewan, bore true allegiance to the Grand Lodge of Manitoba and we have the
following sequence. Each of the first twenty-four lodges was in possession of a charter
but the last five were working under dispensation.

*First instituted 1886; surrendered charter 1901; reinstituted 1904

On the creation of the Province in 1905 there developed a desire for the formation of a
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan. The initatory move was taken by Wascana Lodge at
Regina on April 3rd, 1906. Kinistino, being the oldest Lodge, was asked to act and in
pursuance thereof a convention of representatives of the Masonic Lodges within the
boundaries of the Province of Saskatchewan was called to meet on May 25th, 1906, at
Prince Albert.
A delegation was named to wait upon the Grand Lodge of Manitoba for its consent and
in June of that year this was granted. On August 9th, 1906, the organization meeting
was held in Regina. There were now twenty-nine Lodges, of which twenty-one were
represented by their Officers and four by proxies. A Consitution, based on that of the
Grand Lodge of Manitoba, was adopted. The first Grand Master was M.W. Brother
H.H. Campkin; Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Brother C.O. Davidson; Grand Senior
Warden, R.W. Brother H. Jagger; Grand Junior Warden, R.W. Brother W.B. Tate, and
Grand Secretary, R.W. Bro. J.M. Shaw

                                  The Lodge Secretary
                                    Author Unknown

                          If a secretary writes a letter, it's too long
                               If he sends a memo, it's too short
                             If he doesn't send a notice, he's lazy
                  If he attends a committee meeting he's just butting in
                           If he stays home, he's shirking his duty
                        If he duns a member for dues, he's insulting
                           If he fails to collect dues, he's slipping
                            If he asks for advice he's incompetent
                                  If he doesn't, he's a bullhead
                           If he gives full reports, they're too long
                          If he condenses them, they're incomplete
                          If he speaks, he's trying to run the Lodge
                    If he keeps quiet, he's lost interest in the meetings.





This story as all stories, must come to an end. This Travelling Gavel which started its
journey in 1995, travelled through-out these Provinces in Canada.
             Alberta ~ Ontario ~ Quebec ~ Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
It was posted back to us in New South Wales, Australia November 2004 by MW. Bro.
Don Finan of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, Canada

   Following this Travelling Gavel around Canada was no easy task, it makes it
extremely hard when the Secretaries of the participating Lodges don’t write back to us
with the information which we asked for, to run this project, I am fully aware, that it
was my choice to run this 12 International Travelling Gavel Project, which doesn’t
force these Secretaries to send back this information, they are merely asked if they
would do it. Mind you, it would have made things a lot easier for me if they all did.

    Since I first started this International Project I have written many thousands of letters
to Brethren all over the world, sending them letters of information that I had received
back from the various participating Lodges, this enables Brethren from around the
world to learn the different techniques on how they do their work in their Lodges, also
what it like in their part of the world, this is why I can’t understand why the Lodge
Secretaries couldn’t jot down a little information on their Lodges and where they are
situated in the world, it certainly would have made writing this Gavel story much easier.

   Most Lodges and Brethren these days through-out the world have computers, it
certainly is much faster to send an email than post a letter. Most Lodges have a website,
which is usually filled with all sorts of information about their Lodges. However, this
also is a big problem, for if you are in a Lodge in Canada, you have to log in a password
to get into these websites. When it comes to a Brother where-ever he is in the world, he
can’t log into these websites, for this I find it very discouraging and distressing, and if
you are lucky enough to get into these websites, there is another problem, if you want to
copy some of the literature, you can’t, “WHY” because there is a copyright on it all.
Brethren, what’s Freemasonry coming to, when we can’t share what we write with
Masons from around the world, after all, these websites aren’t full of Masonic secrets,
only information on a particular Lodge. If a Mason puts pen to paper and puts it in a
website, he should be proud of his achievement and he should, if he is a proud Mason,
be willing to share it with others.

Whatever I write, and you can be assured, I write to many hundreds of Lodges all over
the world spreading the good word of Freemasonry. My twelve (12) International
Travelling Gavels have and are still doing a splendid job, Spreading Peace, Goodwill
and Good Fellowship, and most of all, making newfound friends wherever they go.
There has never been and there will never be any “copyright” on whatever I print. I am
very proud of my achievement with my International Travelling Gavel Project. If you
want to use anything in what I have put together, feel free to do so, which includes my
website, , which was put together by W. Bro. Colin Taylor
of “The Combermere Lodge of Union No. 295”. of Macclesfield, England

Brethren have made books and calendars and whatever from what I’ve sent to them
about where these Gavels have been to around the world, Brethren, be proud in what
you write and please share it with other Masons all over the world.
I think that I can honestly say, that I have written more letters to Brethren than the
average Mason all over the world . I have written many times to each of the 700 odd
Lodges and Grand Lodges all over the Globe, and still doing so.

Why is Freemasonry so secret among Masons where-ever they are situated in the world,
I think that every Mason should have the right to contact other Lodges and Masons in
general, from all walks of the Globe. I, myself find it extremely interesting to learn
about world Lodges, a terrific amount of Lodges that have websites around the world.
are hidden from all those outside their country.
My question is, “WHY”. If at any time that a Mason from around the world, wanted to
visit a province in Canada, how can he find out information on these Lodges if he can’t
get into their websites. Masons should be proud to talk about their Lodges, and they
should be open to all Masons to look at and read. Be proud of your Lodge and that of
our precious Craft

   Going back in time, it was forbidden to talk much about Freemasonry outside of a
Lodge, however, here we are in 2008, things aren’t as bad as they used to be, it is talked
about more amongst the general public these days, Masons parade in the streets of their
towns all over the world dressed in their fabulous regalia, to show the people of the
world, that they are proud to be a Mason.

   Masons, world wide are diminishing at a rapid rate, as our Late MW. Bro. Gerry
Webber, PGM. of Alberta Grand Lodge once said to me back in around 1996, we will
be extremely lucky to find enough Masons to form a Lodge, in around thirty years, if
things don’t change for the better.

Old age would have to be the biggest factor of our diminishing Brethren, however I
think that there’s another reason for the loss of Brethren, and that would be, animosity
among Brethren in our world of Lodges, I have only been a mason since January 1990,
yet in that short time, I’ve become aware, that there are some masons world wide that
group together, and do their own little thing, not involving other members of their
lodges to join in what-ever they do. Brethren, we were all taught to join the Craft the
same way, by meeting on the Level and parting on the square. Some countries call this
animosity, a “Click”. I do believe strongly, that it should be stamped out, if we are to
continue Freemasonry. I would like to see every Mason, especially those with higher
Rank, to be all equal, none should feel or act any different that of his or any Masonic
Brother. A Grand Lodge Officer, usually is attached to his Grand Lodge, to take a part
in the general running of the Grand Lodge, it shouldn’t make him any more special
than a Master Mason, or for that matter, an entered Apprentice Mason, it is only merely
a higher Rank.

   As I write to over thirty countries on a regular basis, most Lodges seem to have the
same problem in holding their membership together, this would be the fact that when
the youngish men join the Craft, for some reason the Lodges can’t seem to hang onto
them, maybe, it’s not what they expected, but, I have seen on numerous occasions, that
when a young person joins the Lodge, he appears to be left out of things, where they
soon become discouraged and leave, never to be seen again, we have to encourage these
new Masons to get involved in the proceedings of the running of their Lodge
   There are some Lodges in and around Canada that have over 200 members.
My Lodge, Lodge Wyong Tuggerah Lakes No. 247, in 1990, that’s when I first joined
the Craft, we had 125 members, here we are in 2008,
we are down to around 95. that’s not too bad of a
loss, however in that eighteen years, we have lost two
Lodges, a daylight Lodge and a night Lodge also.
                          ( Wyong Masonic Centre )

Three Lodges meet here;

Lodge Wyong Tuggerah Lakes No. 247 ,

Secretary: W. Bro. Terry Wand.........

Lodge Lakehaven Daylight No. 1017

Secretary: V.W. Bro. Wal

Erina Royal Arch Chapter, No. 91

Secretary: W. Bro.Stuart Gibson,.........................Email:...

We have as August 2008 the following Craft Lodges in our
                       District 18;

(1) Lodge Wyong Tuggerah Lakes No.


( Secretary as of September 2008, W. Bro.Terry Wand

(2) Lodge Morning Star No.410

Secretary; Neal Norman,........................................... Email;

(3) Lodge Toukley No. 933,

Secretary, John Jenkins, ........................................... Email;

(4) Lodge Saratoga No. 937,

Secretary, Ian Griffith, ............................................... Email;

(5) Lodge James Kibble Daylight No,985

Secretary, Alan Harford, ........................................ Email:..

(6) Lodge Lakehaven Daylight No. 1017 ,

Secretary, Wal Billington,....................................... Email;

(7) The Central Coast Lodge No. 2000,

Secretary, Ron Elshaw .................................................Email;
Lodge 2000, Website;

This concludes the story of the Alberta Travelling Gavel. This Travelling Gavel was to
be presented into 56 Lodges through-out Canada, however, there are only 22 Lodges
engraved on the base of the Gavel. I am to believe that it should have another 18 names
on the base, which haven’t been printed, which makes it that it was presented into at
least 40 of the 56 Lodges that it was supposed to be presented into. It was also presented
into the five Grand Lodges of;

       Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and


I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the Grand Lodges for allowing this
Australian Travelling Gavel to be presented into their Lodges in their Provinces, also to
thank all the Lodges that took a part in this Travelling Gavel Project, from Australia,
and especially to thank the Secretaries of the Lodges that took the time to write back to
me with the information which was asked for, it was most appreciated.

I truly hope and trust that you all managed to make a few new friends while you held
this Gavel for a short time and when you represented it into the next participating

The most rewarding thing about my twelve (12) International Travelling Gavels is,
Being told of the many hundreds of newly found Friends that Brethren have made while
they have had these Travelling Gavels in their Lodges for a short time, world wide

As of August 2008, these 12 International Travelling Gavels, have been presented into
approximately 700 Lodges and Grand Lodges through-out 30 countries. It’s all been a
very tiring task chasing these Gavels around the world, but you can believe one thing
that has come out of it all, it has all been worth the effort, even though it almost sent me

To all the participating Lodges, I wish you all Sincere good luck and fortune in your
future years, I hope and trust that you will learn a little about Canada from this
 Alberta Travelling Gavel book, as I have.

 This Gavel is made up out of 28,830 pieces of Australian Red Cedar and Radiata Pine

Thank you

  Happy to meet

   Happy to part

Happy to meet again

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