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500 secrets about girls every guy should know Dating

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									                              500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

500 Secrets About Girls
Every Guy Should Know!
                       By Cucan Pemo

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                                        500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

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                                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

                                          Table of Contents

Introduction .........................................................................................................4
How to Meet a Great Girl and Get Her to Start Dating You..............................6
What to Do on Your First Date .........................................................................12
Relationship 101 ...............................................................................................17
  Top 50 Female Relationship Wants and Needs (yes there are at least 50!):
What Girls Really Mean When They Say…. ....................................................25
Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? ...................................................................28
  Why Do Women Go For “Bad Boys”? .........................................................26
  How to be a Good “Bad Boy”.......................................................................29
Romance: Making Women’s Fantasies Come True ......................................31
   25 Romantic Phrases ……………………………………….……………...……31
   50 Romantic Date Ideas With Her …………………………….………………..32
   50 Romantic Gestures You Can Do At Home ………………….…………….35
   25 Romantic Gestures for her when You’re Out in Public ..…….………..38
Sex: What Turns Women On?..........................................................................40
  Answers to common questions men ask about women’s sexuality.........40
  The Art of Seduction: 30 Things You Need to Know..................................41
  50 Ways to Spice Up a Dull Sex Life............................................................43
  What To Do After Sex....................................................................................44
Marriage: What Women Expect and How to Keep Things Interesting .........46
  What Women Expect From Marriage ...........................................................46
  30 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Interesting................................................48
Common Relationships Problems and How to Deal With Them...................52
20 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Girl ...................................................55
30 Things You Don’t Generally Say—But That She Wants to Hear ..............57
50 Surprising Secrets about Girls That You May Not Know .........................59
BONUS SECTION! 264 More Things Girls Want Guys To Know
All her secret fantasies, hidden fears, what’s she thinking, why is she
feeling this way, the dreams she has of the man she will love, all her
innermost desires, likes and dislikes...…………………………………………..62
Conclusion ........................................................................................................96
Resources .........................................................................................................97

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                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!


       Here’s a question for all the guys out there: How many times have you
looked at your girlfriend, sister, mother or any other woman and wondered, “What
is going on inside her head?!”

       It’s no secret that women have a way of confounding men with their
mysterious behavior. I’m a woman, and I’d be the first to admit this! Often,
women will say things that may be completely unintelligible to guys. Or they’ll be
thinking something and expecting their guy to just read their minds. We all know
what that leads to, right?

       Men and women sometimes seem to be speaking two different
languages—and just like with any other language barrier, sometimes you need a
translator to step in and help out. Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to do.
Dozens—maybe hundreds—of books have already been written on the question
of how men and women can learn to communicate better, but none of them tell
you all the secrets I am going to give you here.

        This is a very unusual and much needed book, because it contains
hundreds of specific and proven tips about how to make your relationship with
the special woman in your life a healthy, long-lasting and happy one. Most
relationship books contain lots of abstract theories about what makes a good
relationship. They give you exercises to perform with your partner. But that’s all
baloney! Exercises don’t work and theories can’t help you out when all you really
need to know is: what is the woman in my life thinking right now? How can I
learn to understand her and her feelings?

        You need specific advice, and that’s why I have written this book. I have
been through it all—all the uncertainty, the fights, the break-ups, the singles
scene—and now I’m in a committed and very satisfying relationship with the love
of my life. I give advice to thousands of people about how to improve their
relationships and become closer to their loved ones. I know firsthand what works
between men and women, and I want to pass all that knowledge over to you.

        If you’re a single guy and you just can’t understand how to get a date with
a great girl, then this book is for you. I will reveal dozens of secrets about what
girls are looking for when they are out with their friends and on the singles scene,
and what causes them to give a guy a second look—or even a phone number. I’ll
give you advice about how to ask a girl out on a date in a way that will make her

       If you’ve already landed a great girl and you want to know how to keep her
interested in you, I’ve got you covered! I remember exactly what it was like to be

                       Published by 500SecretsAboutGirls.com                    4
                                All Rights Reserved
                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

at the beginning of my relationship with my boyfriend, and I am going to tell you
everything you need to know in order to make your gal feel loved, respected and

        This book contains tips about what kinds of dates she will like, what kinds
of gifts you may want to get her, how to know what she means when she says
things like, “So, you’re going out with the guys again, huh?” and “Oh, we don’t
have to do something for Valentine’s Day.”

      I also remember all those not-so-great guys and how they treated me
when we started dating, so I’m going to make sure you don’t repeat their

       And if you’ve been dating the same girl for a while and are thinking about
how to take the next step, look no further than this book! I’m going to tell you
everything you need to know about what she’s probably feeling and how to get
her to commit to you. I’ll explain how to tell if she’s getting antsy about getting a
ring, and I’ll give you advice about proposals she will absolutely love and
remember fondly forever.

       If you have questions about pick-up lines, dating, romance, sex,
commitment or marriage, this book has all your answers—500 of them, in fact!
This is required reading for every guy who loves a girl, so read on if you want to
learn everything about girls a guy could hope to know!

Love and Joy,
Cucan Pemo

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                                 All Rights Reserved
                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

How to Meet a Great Girl and Get Her to Start Dating You
       I talk to a lot of men who really want to meet a great girl and set off on a
rewarding relationship, but they don’t know where to start. I see dozens of
sweet, nice, lovely men who have so much energy and affection to give, but they
don’t know how to find a girlfriend in the first place. In this section I’m going to
give you twenty-five secrets and “instructions” that are guaranteed to help you
find a wonderful girl who is just right for you.

   1) Exude confidence.

   Women immediately go for men who appear independent and self-confident.
   Men who are secure about who they are look instantly appealing to a single
   gal. Even if you don’t feel that confident, fake it! Once you see the responses
   you start getting, you’ll feel as confident as you appear!

   2) Be well-groomed.

   Women get really turned off by men who are sloppy, messy or dirty. That
   shows a lack of self-respect and a lack of self-confidence. Get a haircut,
   shave, brush your teeth, use floss and mouthwash, and slap on that
   deodorant after you shower!

   3) Women tend to be very aroused by pleasant scents, so wear a nice

   If you want a woman to lean in close to you and lay her hand on your, you’d
   better smell nice! Women have a very sensitive sense of smell, so go out and
   get a subtle cologne. Don’t douse yourself in it, though! Remember,
   moderation is key. You want to smell good, not like a perfume factory.

   4) Dress well.

   Now, I’m not saying that you have to wear expensive clothes. I’m just saying
   that women tend to like clothing and fashion, and we’re going to notice what
   you have on. If you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed, if you’re wearing
   torn jeans and a threadbare tee-shirt, that’s not going to impress us. Iron your
   shirt, wear a nice pair of shoes, and please don’t wear white socks with black

   5) If you’re no Brad Pitt, don’t worry!

   Did you know that women are more interested in a man’s sense of confidence
   than they are in his looks or even his money? Just make sure that you are
   dressed neatly and are well-groomed, and that you exude charisma and

                       Published by 500SecretsAboutGirls.com                     6
                                All Rights Reserved
                                500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

confidence. You don’t have to be the most handsome man in the room as
long as you feel sure of yourself.

6) Don’t set your sights on a woman who is probably not going to be
   interested in you.

This is where you have to be realistic. Like I said, women aren’t necessarily
attracted to a man based on how handsome he is, but women, like men, are
usually attracted to “types”—for example, the tall, dark and handsome type, or
the blonde, athletic type. If you are a short, dark-haired man and you see a
woman who is surrounded by tall, blonde men, the chances are that you are
just not her type.

7) Don’t sit in a corner and expect the women to come to you.

Most men I talk to are afraid of getting rejected—well, don’t be! Women are
often really flattered when men come up to them and express interest. But
the key here is to be respectful and not to use a cheesy pick-up line (more on
this later). The bottom line is, go out and give it a shot. Go talk to a woman
who looks appealing to you. Chances are she’ll be glad you came over to
chat. And if she isn’t, or if she says no, what have you lost? Not a thing!
Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

8) Show that you are polite and thoughtful.

If you’re at a bar, offer to buy the girl a drink. If you’re at a singles mixer event
where there’s food, offer to go over to the food table and get her a snack. If
you are online at the supermarket, offer to let her go ahead of you, or help her
carry her groceries to her car. Do whatever is appropriate to indicate that
you’re a nice, gentlemanly guy.

9) Laugh!

Don’t take the whole singles scene so seriously. If you sit in a corner brooding
over your next move or worrying about what to say, you’ll come across as
unhappy and kind of creepy. Women want to talk to men who look like they
are enjoying themselves and have a fun life. Laugh and show those pearly

10) Don’t be too aggressive, because this will turn a woman off.

There is a fine line between “confident man” and “jerk.” Women like it when
you are sure of yourself, but we hate it when men act like they are God’s gift.
Don’t act too macho or too cocky.

                     Published by 500SecretsAboutGirls.com                       7
                              All Rights Reserved
                               500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

11) Steer clear of those cheesy pickup lines.

A lot of men tell me that they resort to pickup lines because they just don’t
know what else to say to a woman they have just met. Well, if you use a
pickup line, chances are that the woman you’re talking to will think that you
are unoriginal and a little silly. We would much rather here you say something
honest and sincere than resort to a line that’s been used a million times
before. A simple, “Hi, I’m John,” or whatever your name is, will go a lot farther
towards impressing a girl than, “Hey baby, heaven must be missing an angel.”

12) Don’t be uncouth.

Some guys seem to think it’s hilarious to belch loudly in a restaurant or bar or
to talk about bodily functions in public. That is NOT something you should be
doing in front of a girl you’ve just met for the first time. Be on your best
behavior—women know that boys will be boys, but we’re much more likely to
go over and talk to a guy who seems mature.

13) Be a good conversational partner.

Women want to know that you are listening to them and paying attention to
what they are saying. Trust me on this! If your eyes glaze over or you turn
and look at the leggy beauty who’s standing behind the woman you’re talking
to, you’ve just blown your chances. Pay attention and stay engaged in the
conversation. Ask questions and respond to any questions she asks you.

14) Awkward pauses at this stage spell disaster.

After you’ve gotten to know someone well, a silence can be a nice thing to
share. But when you’ve just met a women, standing there tongue-tied without
anything to say can be embarrassing and a big turn-off. A woman will find it
unattractive if you appear awkward and tongue-tied. Keep the conversation
going by always having a “safety” question to ask. Make it something simple
and nonspecific, such as “Where did you go to school?,” “Where do you
work?,” “Are you here with friends?,” or even “Did you see that new movie,
[some recent flick]?” Just have some comment in your back pocket that you
can pull out if you are in dire need for something to say.

15) Give out sincere compliments.

Once you have met a girl and you’re engaged in a conversation, talk about
some aspect of her that you find attractive. Of course, be tasteful! Don’t
compliment her “rack” or her “booty.” Women love it when you compliment us
on our hair, our smiles, our sense of humor, and so on. Be sincere—don’t
compliment something that you don’t really find attractive, or the woman

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                               500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

you’re talking to will be able to tell that you’re lying just to snag her phone

16) Use her first name.

You know what gets really old? Being called “chick” or “honey” or “sweet lips”
or whatever. When you meet a girl, make it a point to listen to her name
when she introduces herself, and COMMIT IT TO MEMORY! Then, when
you’re talking to her, use her name wherever is appropriate: “So, Jane, can I
buy you another drink?” “Wow, you’ve had such an interesting life, Sharon!”
This is a really simple and effective way to impress the girl you’re with.

17) Get out of the bar and have fun doing your own hobbies.

If the bar or pickup scene has not been working for you, or if that’s just not
your cup of tea, one of the best ways to meet a great gal is simply to enjoy
some of the activities you love. Do you love to read? Go to a book reading at
your local bookstore. Enjoy coffee? Get a cappuccino and sit and read the
Sunday paper at your favorite local café. Do you love baseball? Go to a
sporting event with your buddies. This is a great way to meet people who you
know like some of the same things as you—you already have something in
common. And you know what? Women will probably respond to you better in
these scenarios than in a bar because they won’t feel like they’re in a meat

18) Don’t stare at the woman you want to talk to.

If you see a woman you find attractive, don’t ogle her! That will only creep her
out. Instead, one of the most seductive things you can do is glance at her just
for a second or two, then look away. Wait a little bit, then glance over at her
again. She will probably catch your eye at some point; if she smiles, go over
and say hello. This kind of playful eye contact is much more fun and effective
than staring.

19) Women respect men who are honest.

If you just want a one-night stand, it might be wise to get this out in the open
before you wind up hurting anyone’s feelings. It’s never a good idea to string
a woman along and then drop her later; you’ve got to be upfront and honest
from the start.

                    Published by 500SecretsAboutGirls.com                         9
                             All Rights Reserved
                               500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

20) Don’t lie in order to get a girl to like you or agree to go on a date
    with you.

If a woman says something that you really disagree with, don’t just nod along
because she’s hot or you want to get her phone number. Ultimately, you’ll just
ruin things when she finds out you’re not the guy she thought you were. Be
honest from the beginning and you’ll assure yourself that you only end up with
women who are right for you. That will save you a lot of trouble in the end.

21) Don’t invade a woman’s personal space.

If you want to meet a woman you’ve seen from afar, or if you’ve actually
managed to engage her in conversation, the last thing you want to do is get
too close and make her feel physically uncomfortable. Some guys think it is
sweet or affectionate to rub the arm of a woman they’ve just met, or to stroke
their hair or cheek. Well, let me tell you that women don’t respond well to
being touched in intimate ways by men they have just met! Be respectful if
you want to have a chance with this girl!

22) Women will walk away from a man who is too threatening or

Make it your goal in the meet-and-greet phase to come across as non-
threatening and casual. This is because women immediately get turned off by
men who seem to be too pushy or aggressive in trying to get a phone number
or asking a girl out on a date. Instead of just rushing in and demanding a
woman’s digits, take the time to get to know her. Talk to her for a bit before
you ask for her number or email. That will make you seem much more
interested and

23) The reason women hesitate to give out their phone numbers is
    because that would mean giving up control over whether or not you

If she doesn’t really want to give out her personal information but seems
interested in you, give her your number or email address. Women love to feel
that they have control over the situation, and having your contact information
gives them that control.

24) Don’t approach every woman as though she has to be “the one.”

Don’t take it all so seriously! Just have fun, and look at the singles scene as
a chance to meet some great people who have lots of things in common with
you. Looking at it from this perspective will make dating a heck of a lot more

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                             All Rights Reserved
                               500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

fun for you, and as I’ve already said, it’s fun, confident, self-assured men who
attract the most women!

25) Most women who are looking for a good, healthy relationship aren’t
    going to go home and sleep with a guy they’ve just met.

Lots of men have this fantasy of meeting a woman in a bar and having sex
with her that very night. Well, get with the reality of the situation! Women
want to get to know a man before they get serious, so respect that and don’t
force anything.

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                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

What to Do on Your First Date
       So you’ve met a great girl and you have her number (or maybe she has
yours). You think this is going to be a great relationship—the trick is how to get it
started on the right foot. The first date counts for a lot, so make sure you make a
strong effort to show your date just how much you want to make it a pleasant
experience. The following twenty-five tips will help you do just that!

   26) If a woman is interested in you and has given you her phone
       number, she is going to be very eager for your call—so don’t make
       her wait!

   You’ve probably heard girls joke about “waiting by the phone” for a guy to call.
   Well, obviously women have their own lives and don’t spend all their time
   sitting around waiting for a man to pick up the phone! But it is true that
   women tend to devote a lot of energy to thinking about when a man will call or
   why he hasn’t already called. If you’ve gotten a woman’s number and have
   told her that you will call, call within a few days at most. Don’t make her wait
   for weeks and weeks.

   27) Your date will know by your date invitation whether or not you paid
       attention to what she said she likes.

   Let’s say that when you first met this girl at a bar, she spent an half-hour
   talking about how much she loves films. It would be a great idea for you to
   ask her out to the movies for your first date. If she told you she likes classics,
   look through your local newspapers to see if there are any revivals playing
   nearby. By paying attention to what she tells you, you can easily figure out
   what would make a great and memorable first date.

   28) Know that your date will be checking out your appearance, so put
       some effort into it.

   Unless your first date is taking place in a barn—and I hope it’s not—don’t
   show up in a tee-shirt and grimy old cut-off jeans. Put some thought into your
   appearance, and pick out a nice outfit that you feel comfortable in. A nice shirt
   and tie and a clean, pressed pair of pants are a good bet for a casual dinner.
   If you are in doubt, ask a female friend for advice. Girls have a tendency to
   scan for information about your character based on the way you dress and
   how you carry yourself! Yes! Their brains are constantly working that hard
   during her date with you. So, be sure to make use of her strength to your
   advantage if you want to capture her heart.

                       Published by 500SecretsAboutGirls.com                      12
                                All Rights Reserved
                               500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

29) Grooming is important, too!

Not only is your date going to be checking out your clothes, but she’s going to
be paying attention to your grooming, too. Cut your nails, shave, brush your
teeth, and put on some nice cologne before you head out the door.

30) Pick her up, or at least offer to.

It’s a nice, romantic gesture to offer to pick your date up from her home. She’ll
be impressed if you ask.

31) Girls take longer than guys to get ready, so be prepared for a little

If you arrive at your date’s house and she’s still getting ready, just go with the
flow. Girls generally tend to take longer to get ready to go out than their male
counterparts, so don’t be rude or impatient. Just try and take it in stride. Don’t
yell at her to hurry up. If you are really pressed for time, gently remind her that
you have reservations, and then offer to call to push them back. She’ll get the
hint, and you’ll come off looking like a gentleman.

32) Women tend to be self-conscious about how they look, so
    compliment her on her appearance.

Now that you know that women tend to spend a longer time than you getting
ready, you probably understand that it’s important to compliment your date
on how she looks. Pick a feature that she seems proud of or that you really
think is attractive, and then say something nice about it: “Your hair really
looks beautiful” or “You look fantastic in that dress.” Or, just a simple “You
look wonderful tonight” will do the trick nicely.

33) Girls love flowers!

A lot of guys don’t do this anymore, but it’s sweet gesture that will really make
your date think you’re a gentleman.

34) Regardless of what you may have heard, chivalry is not dead!

Women still expect and like it when you are romantic and respectful, at least
on the first few dates. Opening doors, offering to pick up the check, and
pulling out her chair at dinner are all little ways you can show that you’re a
real gentleman.

                    Published by 500SecretsAboutGirls.com                      13
                             All Rights Reserved
                                500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

35) Don’t monopolize the conversation

Don’t do all the talking! Make sure you ask questions and let your date get in
on the conversation.

36) Women don’t like hearing you talk about your ex.

Nothing is less of a new relationship killer than talking constantly about your
ex-girlfriend. Your date doesn’t want to hear all about your last relationship;
she wants you to focus on this one! If things get serious, you’ll probably end
up discussing past relationships later on, but your first date is NOT the time or

37) Steer clear of any discussions that could make your date feel

Now may not be the time to go on a rant about religion or politics, even if you
feel really passionate about those topics. Unless you have a specific rule, like
you don’t want to date someone outside your own religion or with a different
political affiliation, these are topics best left for another time.

38) Women are very observant, and they will notice if you aren’t paying
    full attention to them.

Now don’t freak out your date by constantly staring at her, but don’t look down
into your food the whole time or gaze around at all the hot women walking by.
Maintain good eye contact with your date to show that you are really into her.

39) Women will pick up on your body language, so watch how you sit
    and behave.

Glancing at your watch, crossing your arms or fidgeting all give off the sign
that you are not into your date and just want to get the heck out of there!
Well, if that’s really the case, fine; but if you like this girl, be careful not to
accidentally give off physical signs that you just aren’t that into her!
Remember, women are very observant and will notice things like this!

40) Women get turned off really quickly when you talk—or even joke—
    about things that they find offensive.

Don’t talk about your stash of dope or that time you hit a cat with your car. If
you offend her on the first date, you can bet that there won’t be a second

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                                500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

41) Don’t get too physical right away.

If you’re at a movie or walking through the park, and you feel comfortable with
your date, it may be nice to take her hand gently. But don’t grope her bottom
or try to jam your tongue in her mouth on a first date! Women hate that kind of
brute forwardness, so keep it buttoned up!

42) Women hate posturing and phoniness.

Don’t project an aura of something you are not. If you’re a nice guy, don’t try
to act like a macho dude, even if you think that’s what girls want. You’ll just
come across as a phony.

43) Show her that you care—women like to be asked questions that
    pertain to their interests and lives.

For instance, ask her about a book she’s been reading recently. Ask what her
favorite hobbies are. Ask what kinds of food she likes, or what her favorite
movie is. If you are stumped for conversation, a good fail-safe is to ask about
her family, where she grew up or where she went to school.

44) Regardless of what you may have heard, women still expect you to
    pay for dinner—or at least offer to pay.

I know that a lot of women these days proclaim to be feminists and don’t like
to be treated differently, but when it comes to dating, women tend to be a little
old-fashioned sometimes. At least offer to pay, and then see how your date
reacts. If she stubbornly refuses to let you pay for her, offer to split the bill. If
she seems to be okay with you paying, pick up the tab. It makes you look
chivalrous and makes her feel taken care of.

45) Women pay attention to what you do (or don’t do) at the end of the
    date, too.

It’s not just first impressions that count. What you do at the end of the date is
going to leave a lasting impression as well as what you did at the beginning.
When you get up to leave—whether you’re at a restaurant or a movie or
whatever—try and be chivalrous. Get up and help her out of her chair, get her
coat and help her into it, open the door on the way out, and so on. Your date
will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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46) If the date went well—and if it did, you’ll feel it—your girl is
    probably going to want a goodnight kiss.

Yes, the first-date goodnight kiss can be a nice way to end things, but you
need to make sure that’s what she wants. If she lingers at her door or touches
your arm or smiles at you while staring into your eyes, you’re good to go! Just
make it a nice sweet kiss and not a full-on tongue-swapping session.

47) If it doesn’t seem like she wants a kiss, don’t force it.

Sometimes girls are shy, or maybe the date just wasn’t that great and she
doesn’t want a kiss. If this is the case, you’re better off just avoiding the issue,
otherwise she might get annoyed. If she’s not smiling or not making any
physical contact, or if she seems eager to get back home and is checking her
watch, just let things alone and don’t try to force a kiss.

48) Don’t expect sex.

Most women won’t want to sleep with you on the first date. Don’t get your
hopes up. Enough said.

49) If you say you will call, don’t take your sweet time.

Women tend to run home from a date and check their messages to see if
you’ve called or emailed. Now, I’m not saying you should call right after you
leave the restaurant; but if you like the women and you want to keep seeing
her, don’t play it cool. Call the next day to say how much you enjoyed the time
you spent together. Don’t wait a week to show how “macho” you are, because
that will just make your date incredibly angry and hurt.

50) Women are just as eager to get things going as men.

Know that when you call after the first date, she will probably be expecting
you to ask her out on another date, so be prepared and have a few options in

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

Relationship 101

       Now that we’ve talked about meeting a girl and what to do (and what to
avoid) on the first date, it’s time to talk about what to expect from your fledgling

       Once things get off the ground and you go on your second, third, and
fourth dates, you can consider yourself “in a relationship.” But, as you probably
know, women and men tend to have very different ideas about what constitutes a
relationship. That can lead to a lot of potential disagreement—and who wants

       Moreover, women have a lot of misconceptions about what men want, and
men have a lot of misconceptions about what they think women want. This
section is meant to clear up a lot of that confusion!

       Remember, guys tend to be a lot more easy-going, but women scrutinize
every little detail. Therefore, if you want things to go along smoothly, it’s
important to be sensitive to what she wants in a relationship. Read on to learn
what women want—and need!

Top 50 Female Relationship Wants and Needs (yes there are at least 50!):

   51) Women want someone who is a good listener.

   This is perhaps one of the most important needs a women has when she gets
   into a relationship. If a man does not want to listen to her or does not seem
   interested in what she has to say, the relationship is not going to be a healthy
   or happy one.

   52) Women want a man who will listen and respond without the woman
       having to ask for him to listen and respond.

   Now this goes along with the previous “want.” Not only do women like it when
   a man take the time to really listen to her, but they love it when a man does
   so without being asked. So next time it seems like your girlfriend or spouse is
   troubled or wants to have a conversation, don’t wait until she sits you down
   for a talk. Go to her and ask her if she needs to get anything off her chest.

   53) Women want someone who is a good conversationalist.

   It’s important that you don’t just sit there and let your girlfriend or wife talk AT
   you. You’ve got to respond, nod, offer your opinion, and show that you are

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                              500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

actively listening and considering what she is saying. Remember, a
conversation involves two people who participate in equal measure.

54) Women want someone who is open when it comes to his feelings
    and emotions.

Women themselves tend to be in touch with their emotions, and they want
men who are able to do the same. Don’t be afraid to show her your true inner
feelings, even if you aren’t used to doing so.

55) Women want someone who is honest.

Lying is a real turn-off, from small lies like how much money you make at
work to big lies like adultery or how many times you’ve already been married.
Just be honest, guys; your girl will respect you for it.

56) Women want someone to share their dreams and hopes with.

Women love being able to talk about what they want in life, and it is important
to them to be in a relationship with someone who is able to share those
ambitions. Be a supporter of your girlfriend’s or wife’s dreams.

57) A woman wants a man who has his own hopes and dreams.

Attractive men are the ones who have ambitions in life and are working to
attain them.

58) Women want someone to discuss their fears with.

Women often see men as protectors, and they like to know that their man is
someone who can help them overcome their fears.

59) Women want a man who is willing to talk about problems in order to
    solve them.

Women know that problems don’t solve themselves; you’ve got to address
them. Therefore, they want to be in relationships with men who share a
similar view and who understand that sometimes it is necessary to talk things
out rather than ignoring them.

60) Women want men who are willing to say they are wrong.

Men tend to refuse to take blame for anything and may deny that they are
wrong, even when the evidence is right there for all to see. That is so

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                              500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

frustrating to women. Just fess up—everyone, even men, makes mistakes
from time to time!

61) Women want a man who demonstrates his commitment to the

Men shouldn’t have to give up their own lives, but they should be willing to
stay home some Friday nights to spend time with their girlfriend or wife
instead of going out with the guys all the time. Women need men to
demonstrate their commitment to the relationship and who aren’t always out
doing other things.

62) Women want someone who is willing to be monogamous.

At the very beginning of a relationship, both women and men may not yet be
ready to stop seeing other people. But as the relationship progresses step by
step, women start wanting monogamy, so you’ve got to make sure you’re
both on the same page. If she thinks you’re being monogamous and then
finds out that you’re dating three other women, there will be hell to pay!

63) Women want a man who values fidelity and loyalty.

Again, women tend to view men as protectors, and so they want a man who
will make them feel secure. A man who is disloyal or who cheats destroys that
sense of trust and security.

64) Women want men who are moral and ethical.

A man who does things that are illegal or borderline inappropriate is not a
good candidate for a lasting relationship.

65) Women want someone who thinks beyond today and has hopes
    about the future of the relationship.

A man who never plans ahead and won’t commit to a weekend away or a
standing Saturday night date is not a good candidate for a long-term
relationship. If a women feels that a man does not want to think about their
future together, she will likely want to get out of the relationship.

66) Women want someone who is honest with himself and who is

If a man is constantly questioning himself or worried about who he is or
whether he’s good enough, that’s a real turn-off. Remember, one of the
number-one qualities of attractive men is confidence!

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67) A woman wants a man who is able to focus completely on her at
    important moments.

That means turning off the TV during sex and not looking around at other
women when you’re out at dinner.

68) Women like men who can be fun and playful, and who aren’t just
    serious and businesslike all the time.

Don’t be afraid to be silly and show her how fun and creative you are.

69) Women like men who show their affection.

Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” or to hold her hand in public.

70) Women want someone who is ambitious and going somewhere in
    his career.

That doesn’t mean you have to be rich or a CEO. All it means is that you
should have career goals and be actively working to attain them. Men who
don’t know what they want out of their lives or careers are not very attractive
to most women.

71) Women want to be financially secure.

Again, this doesn’t mean you need to be a millionaire. But you do need to be
financially secure yourself and not overwhelmed by debt or an extravagant
buyer who spends more than he earns.

72) Women want a man who is generous, but not a spendthrift.

Women love to get gifts from time to time, and they enjoy being with a man
who is able to appreciate the finer things in life. At the same time, they don’t
want a man to throw away his money on useless things.

73) Women don’t want men who are unnecessarily tight-fisted.

Women don’t like men who are cheap. They want a man who knows when to
spend and when to save.

74) Women want men who are sometimes impulsive and surprising.

A man who plans everything out is a dull husband or boyfriend. A man who
surprises his girl from time to time with gifts, a fun date, or even by bringing
home a rented video unexpectedly, is considered a great catch.

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75) Women want men who have their own lives, too.

Contrary to what you may think, women like to have some time alone, and
they value men who have their own friends and have a life outside the
relationship, too.

76) Women need men who are responsible.

A man who behaves more like a child is not good husband or boyfriend

77) Women want men who they can trust.

Guys who constantly betray trust or who lie, even about small things, are not
the kind of guys who make it in long-term relationships with great women.

78) Women want men who are on the same page in terms of what they
    want in their common future.

For example, if you want children and she doesn’t, that’s a problem. Women
like to know that their man has similar hopes and dreams.

79) Women don’t want men who are dependent or needy.

Show that you have your own interests, hobbies and friends, and pursue
them actively.

80) Women want someone is good to their friends and family.

Women love it when a guy is polite to strangers, nice to their friends, and
makes an effort to be courteous and respectful of their family.

81) Women need men who show them they are special.

Little things count: bringing home a single rose for no particular reason,
cooking dinner for her one night, or just telling her how great she is all show
her how much you care and value the relationship.

82) Women want romance, not just sex.

Men sometimes think sex equals romance, but women need to be wooed a
little bit more. Men who light candles, buy roses, or start things off with a lot of
gentle kissing are more likely to win over a girl’s heart.

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83) Women love it when men help out around the house.

Guys who pitch in to clean up, do the dishes, and help with the laundry are
considered great catches.

84) Women like it when guys take an equal role in planning out dates
    and special occasions.

Why should women have to be the ones to say they want to go out for
Valentine’s Day or to go away for a romantic weekend? Women love it when
their guys make the suggestions.

85) Women want men who share some interests.

You don’t have to have everything in common, but show your woman that you
appreciate what she is into. For example, if she likes museums, ask her to go
with you to a museum one weekend.

86) Women want men who speak up if they are upset.

Men have a reputation for being stoic and silent, and women really find it
touching when a man speaks up about his feelings.

87) Women love witty men.

Laughing is an aphrodisiac, so it’s no wonder women need to be in
relationships with men who make them laugh.

88) Women want men who can appreciate their creativity and

Women love to create something out of nothing! It is a wonderful ability given
to them by nature. Give your woman the opportunity to do up the house,
decorate a room, recycle unused or old items, or plan an exciting holiday. If
you can learn to appreciate her creativity, intelligence and imagination and
find ways to make it known to her, she’ll love you for it! The same old thing
gets tiring. Men who can come up with new ways to surprise their lovers are,
too, greatly appreciated by their women.

89) Women want men who present themselves well.

Appearance isn’t everything, but a relationship goes much more smoothly
when a women isn’t constantly criticizing a man about what he’s wearing or
how he looks.

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90) Women really love men who remember anniversaries, birthdays,

Men tend not to be so good with remembering special occasions, but these
kinds of dates are important to women.

91) Women need men who are willing to spend time with their friends
    and family.

You may not want to hang out with your girlfriend’s pals or with her parents,
but it’s important to her that you get to know the people that are important to

92) Women want men who share the remote control.

It may sound funny, but it’s true—women need to be in relationship with men
who are willing to share things around the house.

93) Women want men who remember to put the toilet seat down.

Enough said!

94) Women want a man who will do thoughtful things without being

She’ll love it if you help her put the groceries away or put gas in the car
without having to be reminded.

95) Every woman wants a man who laughs at her jokes.

Show her how funny you think she is!

96) A woman wants a man who takes care of himself.

Go to the gym, shave, eat well, and show that you respect your body and
mind just as much as you respect your girl!

97) Women want men who behave themselves in public.

That means not belching, scratching yourself, or getting drunk every time you
go out for a nice dinner.

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98) Women need men who show how much they care and think about

Stay in contact even when you are apart by sending emails or making phone

99) Women want men who like to just be at home together, but who
    also enjoy a fun night out.

It’s important to feel comfortable hanging out together indoors when no one
else is around and out in public.

100) Women need men who really and truly care about them.

If you don’t love the woman you’re with, you’re not doing anyone any favors!
Your woman craves more for your time and presence than for your expensive
gifts, especially during those special days or events!

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What Women Really Mean When They Say….

      You probably know that women aren’t 100% truthful 100% of the time.
Okay, but do you know how to tell when your girlfriend or spouse is telling the
truth—and when she’s fibbing?

        Sometimes it can be hard to tell, usually because your girl is probably
lying in order to be nice to you. It’s not like she’s telling you a falsehood in order
to put one over on you or to trick you; most of the time, women tell little white lies
that are meant to make you feel better or to prevent a big argument.

      That said, don’t you want to know the truth? After all, one of the easiest
and quickest ways to show your girl that you really care is to demonstrate that
you understand her needs, even when she’s not telling you directly what they

       In this section we’ll go over some common lies that women tell men, and
what they really mean. Once you understand the real meaning, you can prove to
your girl that you know what she really needs and wants, even if she doesn’t say
it—or even if she says the exact opposite! And that, my friends, is going to really
win her over!

   100)   Okay, I’m wrong, you’re right.

   A lot of times women will just get exhausted by their boyfriend or husband’s
   stubbornness, and they’ll just say this to avoid further confrontation. She
   probably still thinks that she’s right and you’re the one who’s wrong—and
   maybe she has a point. Would it kill you to listen to her? Probably not.
   Remember, a happy relationship is all about compromise. Both of you can’t
   win all the time, but you should always make an effort to at least listen to the
   other’s point of view.

   101) I’m a sports nut.

   Okay, some women do love sports, but they are few and far between. If your
   woman says this to you, she’s probably being nice so you’ll bring her along
   for guys’ night at the local sports bar or so she can spend more time with you
   on the couch watching the baseball game. Realize that she’s probably
   exaggerating in order to keep you interested in her, and don’t push her to
   spend all your free time doing sports-related activities.

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                                500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

102)   Don’t worry, I don’t mind cleaning the house.

One of the oldest female stereotypes is that women are supposed to do the
housework. Wrong! Women don’t like cleaning up after you, and your
girlfriend or wife isn’t your mother. She may be telling you she doesn’t mind in
order to avoid a fight or because she’s just super nice, but I can promise you
she also wouldn’t mind if it you pitched in and helped her out!

103) Oh yeah, I really enjoy spending time with your friends.

Whether or not she likes your friends, she probably doesn’t want to spend a
ton of time with them. Let’s face it, she’d rather have you all to herself, and if
you’re like most guys, you probably act differently when you’re with the guys
than you act when you’re with her. Don’t force her to hang out with your
friends all the time, and respect that she’s not “one of the guys.” So respect
her feelings and don’t bring the guys over to your place all the time.

104) Do you think that girl over there is pretty? If you say yes, I
     won’t get angry.

Don’t fall for it! This is a line girls use to try and get you to tell them how pretty
they are. So the only acceptable answer to this is: “No one is as beautiful to
me as you.”

105)   Your family is great! Sure, we can go to their house again next

Maybe your girlfriend really does like your family, but that doesn’t mean she
wants to spend all her time with them. Learn to separate your relationship
from your family life. Compromise so that you spend some family holidays
with her family, and some with yours.

106) I love you just the way you are and wouldn’t change you a bit!

Let’s face it: most women are nurturers, and they like giving you advice and
helping you change in a positive direction. They enjoy helping you shop for
new clothes and might even get offended if you do something drastic, like
shave your head, without talking to them about it first.

107)   I want your honest opinion: do I look bad in this outfit?

Again, it’s a trap! She’s just asking for your reassurance, so give it to her. If,
however, you REALLY think a particular outfit is unflattering, tell her she looks
great, but you think she would look even better in something else—and then
ask her to wear that little black dress of hers that drives you wild.

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108)   Let’s be friends first.

If a woman tells you this, she doesn’t feel attracted to you in a sexual way, but
she probably really likes you and thinks you’re a good person. It can’t hurt to
be her friend, as many great relationships grow out of friendships. Sexual
attraction IS something that can develop over time.

109)   I want us to stay friends.

If you’re breaking up and she tells you she wants to stay friends, it’s probably
her way of easing the blow and letting you know that, although things didn’t
work out, she thinks you’re a great guy.

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Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?
       One of the most common questions I hear from guys is, “Why do women
like bad boys so much?”

      Well, I hate to tell you this, but there IS something very attractive about
those macho bad boys. Even the smartest, most self-confident women may find
themselves getting a little hot under the collar when they see a brawny guy on
the back of a motorcycle dressed in black leather.

    Or maybe the “bad boy” in question looks like your average nice guy, but he
happens to be the kind of person who likes random “hook-ups,” doesn’t call
women back, hits on your best friend and leaves town without so much as a note
or a good-bye.

   Given how these bad boys act, why is it that women still find them attractive?

   This section should give all the guys out there some clues into this mysterious
aspect of women’s behavior!

Why Do Women Go For “Bad Boys”?

   110)   Women don’t feel as bad cheating on or lying to a guy who is
          probably cheating on them in the first place.

   111)   Women tend to enjoy complaining about them to their girlfriends.

   112)   Women who have low self-esteem may gravitate to bad boys because
          they treat her the way she feels she deserves to be treated.

   113)   It’s hard to feel really emotionally invested in a guy you know is a jerk,
          so you won’t feel as bad when he dumps you—and you know he’s
          going to dump you if you don’t do it first.

   114)   Bad boys are confident—and remember, confidence is the number-one
          reason why women are attracted to men!

   115)   Bad boys tend to be really exciting in bed.

   116)   If a bad boy likes you, it raises your self-esteem.

   117)   Women like “the chase,” and bad boys are rather elusive.

   118)   A bad boy may bring out a woman’s nurturing tendency. She might
          want to “mother” him because his life seems chaotic.

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                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

   119)   Being with a bad boy fulfills a fantasy that most women have at some
          point in their lives.

   120)   A woman who has problems with intimacy may be with a bad boy so
          she won’t have to get close to him.

   121)   If a guy who doesn’t seem to be that romantic does something
          romantic, it’s even more special than if a sweet, loving, caring guy does

   122)   Bad boys are impulsive, and that is exciting.

   123)   A bad boy won’t be needy or dependent on you.

   124)   Some women like to try and “rescue” bad boys.

   125)   The relationship is often purely physical, and that can be fun for a

   126)   It may be appealing NOT to be emotionally attached to someone, for

   127)   Since lots of women seem to like bad boys, a woman may date one as
          a way to show off.

   128)   If a women is scared of being monogamous or getting married, dating
          someone who is “ungettable” is an easy way out.

   129)   Some women think nice guys are boring because they aren’t impulsive
          and don’t have any surprises up their sleeves (of course this isn’t

   And now here are some great ways to show a woman that, even though
you’re a nice guy, you’ve got some exciting “bad boy” qualities, too!

How to be a Good “Bad Boy”

   130)   Be impulsive. Do things that she isn’t expecting.

   131)   Don’t suffocate her by always being around or sending 20 emails a

   132)   Enact role-playing games where you talk to her as though you were
          a “bad boy.”

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                               500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

133)   Spice things up in bed—do things you don’t usually do.

134)   Rent or borrow a motorcycle and go for a ride.

135)   Make a “booty call”—call her up at night and ask if you can come over
       for some fun. (Make sure she knows you’re not being a jerk, though—
       tell her what you’re up to if you think she might misinterpret your

136)   Don’t let your girlfriend or wife walk all over you. Stand up for yourself.

137)   Be assertive. Demonstrate that you know what you want.

138)   Do something daring and out of character—go rock-climbing or scuba-
       diving, for instance.

139)   Don’t act like a door-mat. If your girl is always making you do things
       for her, without doing anything in return, say no.

140)   Don’t act needy and dependent. Go out and do your own things with
       other friends from time to time.

141)   Shake things up by wearing something out of the ordinary. If your girl
       makes fun of your khaki pants, try showing up in leather pants!

142)   Ask your girl to please YOU in bed.

143)   Ask your girl to do favors for you in return for the favors you do for her.

144)   Don’t be afraid to speak your mind without worrying about what she’ll

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

Romance: Making Women’s Fantasies Come True

       One of the biggest questions men have is why women are so into
romance and what sorts of romantic things they can to do show their significant
others that they care. Well, this section is all about the little details that can bring
romance into your love life on a daily basis, as well as grand gestures that will
make your wife or girlfriend swoon with happiness! Here are 150 romantic
gestures, ideas, moments and phrases that women love to see, do and hear!

25 Romantic Phrases:

   145)       “You make me so happy.”

   146)       “I want to spend my life with you.”

   147)       “You are incredibly beautiful.”

   148)       “I love spending time with you.”

   149)       “The moment I met you was the best moment of my life.”

   150)       “I feel so good when I’m around you.”

   151)       “Making you happy is the most important thing to me.”

   152)       “When you smile it warms me up.”

   153)       “You’re such a fun person to be with.”

   154)       “You light up the room when you walk in.”

   155)       “I don’t want to be with anyone except you.”

   156)       “You have changed my life.”

   157)       “You are my angel.”

   158)       “I dream about you all the time.”

   159)       “You are so special to me.”

   160)       “I care so much about you.”

   161)       “You make me a better person.”

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                                 500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

   162)     “I need you in my life.”

   163)     “I just want to keep you safe.”

   164)     “Every other woman I see pales in comparison to you.”

   165)     “I want to grow old with you.”

   166)     “You opened up a new world to me.”

   167)     “There is no one else but you.”

   168)     “You are my heart and soul.”

   169)     “I love you.”

50 Romantic Date Ideas With Her:

   170)     Pack a picnic lunch and eat it in the park.

   171)     Take a walk down the main street of your town or city.

   172)     Spend a day at the beach.

   173)     Drive to a nice hotel for the night.

   174)     Camp out in the backyard in the summer.

   175)     Have a movie marathon: rent several movies with a “theme” and
            make popcorn.

   176)     Draw a bath and have a soapy indoor date!

   177)     Have an Italian themed dinner in your home. Order pizza or make
            spaghetti, play romantic Italian music and serve a nice red wine.

   178)     Go on a hot-air balloon ride.

   179)     Take a weekend in the country.

   180)     Have a Japanese dinner theme night. Buy some paper lanterns,
            make a seating area on the floor and serve sushi and sake.

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                           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

181)   Plan a romantic dinner, then go shopping. It can actually be fun and
       quite romantic if you do it together!

182)   Get dressed up and go dancing—the old-fashioned kind of dancing!

183)   If you live near a body of water, go on a boat ride.

184)   Park the car in a darkened lot and act like teenagers again!

185)   Go to the top of a tall building and look out and enjoy the view

186)   Take a short train ride to one of the surrounding towns and explore
       it together.

187)   Go to an open-air food market and taste the delicacies together.

188)   If you’re both athletic, plan a bike ride through scenic countryside.

189)   Go to a local amusement park and act like kids again—eat cotton
       candy, play arcade games, and scream on the roller coasters.

190)   Go to an art museum and hold hands as you stroll through the

191)   Get in the car and drive for an hour in any direction, without
       consulting a map. Then, wherever you end up, get out and explore.

192)   Go to a baseball game and cheer loudly for your favorite team.

193)   Buy tickets to see her favorite musician in concert.

194)   See if your local coffee house has any musical events, and stop by
       after dinner one night.

195)   Go to the park and play Frisbee or catch.

196)   Rent a limo and take a romantic tour en route to dinner—or just
       drive around for an hour!

197)   If you or she has a dog, go for a long, romantic walk with Fido.

198)   When the circus comes to town, take advantage of it. It will be a
       night to remember, and you’ll both be energized when you get

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199)   Go to a beach—at night!

200)   Go to a retro soda-hop joint and enjoy milkshakes and old-
       fashioned burgers.

201)   “Kidnap” your lover as she is leaving work and whisk her off for the
       night or weekend. Make sure to have some of her clothes and
       personal things packed so she doesn’t need to go home first.

202)   Go to a kiddie establishment (like an arcade, a low-key pizza parlor
       or Chuck E. Cheese) and enjoy the fun and silly atmosphere.

203)   Take a romantic horse and carriage ride, and bring a bottle of
       champagne to open during the ride.

204)   Go miniature golfing. It’s fun and low-key, so you’ll both laugh a lot,
       and that’s a big

205)   If you’re both interested in real estate, or if you’re thinking about
       buying a house in the near future, go to open houses together.

206)   Take your lover to a beautiful flower shop and tell her to pick out
       whatever she wants.

207)   After it rains and the sun comes out, take your lover outside and tell
       her to help you find a rainbow.

208)   Get your camera out and spend the day taking pictures of the two
       of you kissing in various locations.

209)   Go to a pet store and either play with the cuddly creatures or even
       bring one home!

210)   Gather up some old bread and go to the duck pond to feed the

211)   Sit outside and watch the sun go down.

212)   Visit your lover’s childhood home and town.

213)   Go apple-picking and make your own cider together.

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  214)     Sing your favorite romantic songs to each other at a karaoke bar.

  215)     Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter together.

  216)     Ask her to be your date to your best friend’s wedding.

  217)     Decorate your Christmas tree together, or put up decorations for
           any other holiday—Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, even

  218)     Read the Sunday newspaper together in your pajamas and over
           two cups of coffee, and do the crossword puzzle.

  219)     Build a roaring fire and watch it together.

50 Romantic Gestures You Can Do At Home:

  220)     Make breakfast in bed.

  221)     Bring home a single rose.

  222)     Leave a note on your lover’s pillow in the morning before you go to

  223)     Draw a bath and light candles, then invite your lover into the bath.

  224)     Sneak up, give her a kiss, and whisk her off to the bedroom when
           she’s doing something mundane, like cooking, washing the dishes,
           or vacuuming.

  225)     If your lover is going away on a business trip, write a little note for
           her to read on the plane.

  226)     Give her a nice, long massage.

  227)     Cook dinner as a surprise for your lover.

  228)     After dinner, take your coffee or wine outside, under the stars.

  229)     Write a poem for your lover. Even if it’s cheesy, she’ll appreciate
           the effort and sentiment.

  230)     Put together a book of photos from trips you have taken.

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231)   Pick a TV show and make it “your” show. Make a point to watch it
       together every week.

232)   If you have a digitial camera and digital photos, consider making a
       “couple’s website” that features pictures of the two of you for all the
       world to see!

233)   Make chocolate covered strawberries together in the afternoon, let
       them chill in the fridge and then eat them together later!

234)   Set up a little karaoke studio in your own home—play some favorite
       tunes and sing along!

235)   Write “I love you” on a fogged up bathroom mirror; she’ll see it next
       time she gets out of the shower.

236)   What’s your lover’s favorite board game? After you find out, buy it
       or get it out of the closet and make a night of it.

237)   Get out your camera and have fun taking playing photographer.
       Take fun and sexy pictures of each other. Use a digital camera if
       you have one so you can see the results immediately.

238)   After dinner, make her go and relax somewhere else while you
       clean up in the kitchen. Then deliver a handwritten invitation asking
       her to come down to the living room for coffee and dessert.

239)   Learn how to say “I love you” in another language.

240)   Even if you live with your lover, send her Valentine’s Day card or
       birthday cards through the postal system. It will be a nice surprise
       when she goes to get the mail.

241)   Spend a whole morning snuggling under the covers. Don’t get up to
       answer the phone or watch TV!

242)   Get a little silly! Thumb-wrestle or tickle her.

243)   Have a dinner party with some close friends, and when they leave
       you’ll be especially glad to be alone with her.

244)   Bake cookies or a cake together.

245)   Put on some romantic music and slow-dance.

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246)   Launder the sheets and pillows, make the bed, and then mess it up!

247)   Read through some trashy magazines and laugh over them

248)   Make a picnic on the living room floor. Spread out a blanket, lay out
       plates and food, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy!

249)   Ask her to pick out a couple of her favorite CDs. Then listen to them

250)   Get out a book of poetry and read your favorites aloud.

251)   Get dressed up in fancy attire for a candlelight dinner in your own

252)   Take out the garbage—before she asks you to! Trust me, it’s

253)   Watch the nightly news together.

254)   Rake the leaves, and then take turns jumping in the piles like kids.

255)   Get out your camcorder and make fun home video.

256)   Call your girlfriend or wife’s parents or grandparents on the phone
       just to say hello and tell them how much she means to you.

257)   Roast marshmallows in your fireplace.

258)   Make ice cream sundaes—and don’t forget to have lots of whipped
       cream on hand for later!

259)   Take a nap together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

260)   Mail her a romantic card for no special reason—just because.

261)   If she’s in her own apartment, or even just in another part of the
       house, call her just to tell her that you miss her and are thinking
       about her.

262)   Make a fun event out of doing the laundry or washes the dishes
       together. Turn the radio on really loud, and dance around and sing
       while you clean.

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   263)     If it’s snowing, make a snowman, complete with a carrot nose and a
            scarf, or make snow angels. Afterwards, get out of those wet
            clothes and make her a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

   264)     Play card games together.

   265)     Go for a walk together at night, in the dark.

   266)     Do a jigsaw puzzle together and promise each other you won’t quit
            until the whole thing’s done.

   267)     Give her a foot rub.

   268)     Have a pillow fight.

   269)     Make it a point to go to sleep early one night—turn off the TV,
            unplug the phone, and turn off your email. Just focus on each
            other and hold her while you drift off.

25 Romantic Gestures for her when You’re Out in Public:

   270)     When you’re alone in an elevator, sneak a long, passionate kiss.

   271)     Hold her hand when you’re crossing the street.

   272)     Stroke her hair.

   273)     If you’re in a CD or record store, ask the store manager to play your
            special song over the music system.

   274)     Open the door for her.

   275)     Buy her a rose at a flower shop.

   276)     When you’re in the middle of a crowded store or standing on the
            sidewalk waiting for the light to change, whisper into her ear:
            “You’re beautiful.”

   277)     Sit down on a bench together and watch the passersby.

   278)     Sneak little kisses when she’s not expecting it.

   279)     Rub her neck.

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280)   If you’re sitting down in a restaurant, pull out her chair for her.

281)   If she says she’s thirsty, slip off to a convenience store without
       telling her what you’re doing and buy her a bottle of water.

282)   Help her into her coat.

283)   Give her a bite of your dinner off of your own fork.

284)   Ask her to taste your wine, and then hold your wine glass to her

285)   If you hear a romantic song playing over the sound system in a
       store or other public place, stop and ask her to listen to it with you.
       You could even start dancing to it!

286)   Give her a hug.

287)   Let her pick the movie, and don’t complain about it being a “chic

288)   If you’re browsing in a bookstore, pick out a book of romantic
       poems and show her one that says how you feel about her.

289)   Offer to hold her bag if she goes off to the ladies’ room.

290)   If you’re in a car, lean over and give her a long kiss at every

291)   Carve your initials into a bench or tree.

292)   Put your arm around her shoulders as you’re walking side by side.

293)   If you bump into someone you know, introduce your lover as “My
       beautiful girlfriend” or “My beautiful wife.”

294)   Don’t be afraid to tell her that you love her in public; if someone
       overhears you, they’ll probably think it’s very sweet.

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Sex: What Turns Women On?

        One of the biggest differences between men and women is how they feel
about sex, and how they actually go about the love-making process. For men,
sex is typically quick and all about penetration and orgasm, while women need
more cuddling and foreplay before actual intercourse. To use a particularly apt
metaphor, men are like microwaves and women are like ovens. An oven has to
warm up gradually, and a microwave can zap something from cold to hot in a few

       If you really want to make your over happy and satisfied, it’s time to learn
about what women really think, feel and expect from love-making. It’s also time to
put your own satisfaction second, at least some of the time, and to make sure
that your lover is getting what she wants and needs.

        Remember, sex is a very important part of any relationships. It’s a chance
for the two of you to connect closely on a physical level, and if you can’t, then
you can bet that your emotional connection is going to suffer. So read through
this section carefully—it will teach you everything you need to know about what
turns women on, and what turns them off.

Answers to common questions men ask about women’s sexuality:

   295)      Yes, some women are turned on by pornography, but generally not
             as many nor as much as men. The reason for this is that men are
             stimulated by visuals, while women are generally stimulated more
             by other senses.

   296)      Yes, women masturbate—but not as frequently as men.

   297)      Yes, women have sexual fantasies. But whereas men tend to
             fantasize about other women, including strangers, women tend to
             fantasize about people they know, especially their current sexual

   298)      Yes, women enjoy being adventurous in bed, too. Society used to
             repress women’s sexual creativity, but thankfully that is coming to
             an end.

   299)      No, women don’t stop wanting sex after they get married or get into
             a deeply committed relationship. In fact, a woman’s sex drive
             increases as she gets older and she becomes better educated
             about her body’s needs.

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The Art of Seduction: 20 Things You Need to Know

  300)     Women tend to wait for the man to make the first move. If she’s not
           starting something up, it’s not necessarily that she doesn’t want to
           get physical. She’s probably just not as comfortable being the first
           one to act.

  301)     Women will generally speak up if they don’t want you to get
           physical. If you make your move and she responds by pressing up
           to you and doesn’t say no, you’re good to go. But if she stiffens or
           says she wants you to stop, stop right away!

  302)     On a similar note, some women may consent to sex before they are
           ready, because they are scared the man will leave if they don’t. If
           you feel any resistant, don’t push her. It will make the sex better
           when she’s really ready for it.

  303)     Before a sexual encounter, make sure you are clean, well-groomed
           and neatly dressed. Chances are a woman will not be as attracted
           to you if you look sloppy.

  304)     Women do not equate sex with love the same way men tend to. If
           she doesn’t want to have sex with you right away, it’s NOT a
           rejection of you. It’s just that she does not feel ready to move on to
           that step right now.

  305)     Set the mood earlier in the day by sending her an email or making
           a phone call telling her what you want to do to her later that night. It
           will get her thinking about it all day.

  306)     As I said before, women may not respond as immediately to
           pornography as men, because they are less visually stimulated
           than men. But watching an erotic movie or reading an erotic book
           just may do the trick.

  307)     Women love a long hot bath, and it will be even more erotic if you
           soap her up and wash her hair.

  308)     Women need affection before sex—start by showing her that you
           like her before you make love to her.

  309)     Try eating some foods that are known to have aphrodisiac qualities.
           For instance, serve oysters, food that’s spiced with cayenne
           pepper, celery, or a sweet, juicy peach.

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   310)       Chocolate is also a very romantic food. Start off the night with a
              sensual pot of chocolate fondue—and as things get more intense,
              you can even dribble some on yourself!

   311)       Don’t just let her feed herself—hold a strawberry to her mouth and
              let her chew, dribbling the juice all over your fingers. Then let her
              lick it off.

   312)       Women need to be kissed and hugged before you start getting
              more physically serious. Always start off a love-making session
              with “making out.”

   313)       Women crave intimacy as part of sex—make her feel close to you
              by talking to her, touching her, and sharing your thoughts.

   314)       Giving your lover a long, relaxing massage can be a great prelude
              to sex because it shows that your focus is on her.

   315)       Women actually get sexually aroused as a result of displays of
              affection and intimacy, and not as much from actual physical

   316)       Women also need some foreplay before intercourse begins. Don’t
              get right to the main event; lead up to it slowly.

   317)       Setting the scene can help make things progress more smoothly. If
              you try to make love in a dirty room with all the lights on, that can
              be a turn-off. Before the big night, clean up, vacuum, light some
              scented candles, dim the lights, and play some soft music.

   318)       Pretend you’re both back in high school and spend an hour
              “necking” in the back of your car when you get home from dinner
              before heading into the house.

   319)       Bring her flowers. You could even sprinkle flower petals on the bed
              for an extra-special touch. Never underestimate the power of
              romantic gestures.

    So now you’ve set the scene and it’s time for the main event. But what if your
sex life has been rather unfulfilling of late? Well, don’t fret. There are plenty of
things you can do to bring the spark back into your love-making.

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30 Ways to Spice Up a Dull Sex Life

        Men tend to have a lot of sexual fantasies that women don’t generally
share. For example, women tend not to want to have sex on the hood of a car or
to get it on with their best friends! So don’t push your girlfriend or wife into trying
something she really has no interest in or that is purely appealing to you and not
to her. The following is a list of passionate tips that she will surely appreciate!

   320)       One of the best ways to seduce a woman is to think about having
              sex—without having sex. Spend a whole night doing things that
              lead up to sex, but don’t actual progress to intercourse. It will drive
              her wild!

   321)       Try “talking dirty.” Women tend to be very stimulated by the spoken
              word, so this is often very effective. The best way to do this is to
              just tell her what you want to do to her, and tell her what you want
              her to do to you. Be creative and don’t hold back!

   322)       Touch parts of her body where she’s not used to being touched in a
              sexual way. The novelty of it will drive her crazy. Touch the palm of
              her hands, the backs of her knees, the soles of her feet, and
              anything else you can think of.

   323)       Don’t rush things. That is the quickest way to kill the mood for a

   324)       Ask her to tell you what she wants you to do. That shows her you
              want to make her feel good.

   325)       Tie a blindfold over her eyes. This will increase the sensations.

   326)       Bring food into the bedroom. Feeding her juicy fruits or putting
              whipped cream on her body will really fire things up.

   327)       Do some role-playing. Pretend to be strangers in a bar, or pretend
              that you’re the handyman and she’s the lonely wife. Have fun
              creating different scenarios.

   328)       Try different positions. If you’re used to being on top, ask her to try
               it for a change. Just feeling the difference can be a huge turn-on
               for both of you.

   329)       Try having sex in new locations within your house: the shower, the
              kitchen table, the living room floor….

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   330)       Experiment with having sex outdoors (discreetly, of course)! For
              example, if you have a secluded deck, spread out a blanket there.
              If you both enjoy camping, try making love out under the stars.
              Women usually find this very romantic.

   331)       Ask her to take the lead. Tell her she can do whatever she wants to
              turn you on.

   332)       Consider purchasing a vibrator for her. A lot of men are threatened
              by this, but it’s a simple tool that can make sex a lot more enjoyable
              for both of you!

   333)       Run a bath for two, filling it with scented oil or bath suds. Light
              candles and place them around the tub. Kissing and touching each
              other in the bath can be very sensual.

   334)       Keep your eyes open while kissing and making love. Staring deep
              into her eyes will make the emotional connection that much more

   335)       Take a long time to undress her. Start with her shoes and socks,
              then slowly unbutton her shirt, and so on. Don’t rush it.

   336)       Play energetic music while you’re getting hot and heavy. Having a
              steady rhythm in the background can help you two stay in sync.

   337)       Encourage her to moan and be as loud as she wants. Letting go
              vocally can help you let go of all your other inhibitions, too.

   338)       If she’s not really in the mood, hold off for a few days and don’t
              force her. Waiting makes it even more intense when you do finally
              do it—it gives you both a sense of delayed gratification.

   339)        Tell her you’re not going to stop until she has an orgasm and is
               fully satisfied. Then ask her to help you get her to that point by
               giving you directions and showing you exactly what makes her feel

What To Do After Sex

         Now this is a big area of contention between men and women. Men tend
to fall asleep or just totally “crash” right after ejaculation, while women may feel
even more tender and connected to their man. If you turn away from your lover
and fall asleep right away, you can bet she’ll feel pretty rejected and lonely. So

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what to do to make the minutes after lovemaking just as sweet and fulfilling as
the deed itself?

   340)      Make it a point to spend a few minutes after sex cuddling your
             lover. Hold her and tell her how much she means to you and how
             wonderful it feels to make love with her.

   341)      Help her clean off by going to the bathroom and soaking a soft
             washcloth in warm water. Then lightly rub it over her body,
             concentrating on…well, you probably know where!

   342)      Sex is a real workout! Cool her down by getting her a cold glass of
             water from the kitchen.

   343)      If you’re both sleepy, rearrange the sheets and tuck her in beside
             you. Spoon her and hold her while you both drift off together.

   344)      If you’ve made love in the morning or afternoon, tell her to stay put
             and get her a morning cup of coffee or a midday snack of fruit or

   345)      Run a bath for the two of you so you can “decompress” in the warm

   346)      Kiss her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks and her forehead.

   347)      Go get her robe and help her into it.

   348)      Ask her if she wants another turn! Unlike men, women can have
             many orgasms in a row, and right after having sex is a time when
             she is already very turned on. Consider going down on her or
             helping her orgasm in another way.

   349)      Tell her again how much you love her!

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Marriage: What Women Expect and How to Keep Things

       If you’re in a long-term relationship or a marriage, chances are that things
have gotten a little routine. Well, it happens to us all, and don’t fret—there are
ways to bring the spark back into your relationship, whether you’re talking about
sex or dinner plans or weekends.
       First you’ve got to know what women expect out of their long-term
relationships. After all, what may seem “boring” to you might signal “stable” and
“secure” to her! So let’s begin by looking at some of the most important and
commonly held expectations women have when it comes to marriage and

What Women Expect From Marriage

   350)       Stability—women want someone they can count on to come home
              every night and who isn’t out gallivanting all over town. Crashing at
              your pal’s place without telling her is likely to really hurt her

   351)       Communication—women need a man who is willing to discuss
              marital problems openly and honestly and who won’t keep things all
              bottled up. They also want a man who takes the time to call home
              if he’s going to be late or send an email during the day just to say
              he’s thinking of her.

   352)       Presence—your being there when she needs you is a very
              important factor. If she’s upset or busy or things around the house
              are getting too hectic, it’s important for you to stick around and help
              her rather than going out to golf with the guys. Ignoring her
              problems or taking care of your own needs first all the time can
              lead to a lot of resentment—and hey, it’s your house and your
              relationship, too!

   353)       Help around the house—on a similar note, women shouldn’t have
              to do all the household work, even if society has typically said so.
              Your wife will be very grateful and appreciative if you help her out
              around the house without her having to ask you first. Take out the
              garbage, wash some dishes, run the vacuum cleaner in the living
              room, or give the kids a bath. Taking on some of the chores will
              show her how much you respect her and tell her that you don’t
              expect her to do everything for you.

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354)   Romance—yes, even in a long marriage, women expect romance!
       Don’t forget to do sweet things for her, like bringing home the
       occasional bunch of flowers, giving her cards on her birthday,
       taking her out for nice dinners once in a while, drawing her a
       bubble bath, and so on.

355)   A great sex life—that’s right, guys. Women don’t just stop wanting
       sex after they get married, contrary to popular belief. In fact,
       women’s libidos actually increase as they get toward middle age. A
       common reason why married couples stop having sex is that things
       get into a rut, and boring sex is not as appealing as hot sex. By
       following the rules above for spicing up your love life you can give
       your wife the exciting sex life she craves—and that’s good news for
       you, too! Also keep in mind that helping out with the chores is likely
       to get her “in the mood” because she’ll have more free time to
       spend with you….

356)   Support—women need a man who will patiently listen to and
       actively support their dreams. If you are constantly criticizing your
       wife’s ambitions or keeping her from pursuing her dreams, that
       creates a stress in the marriage that is hard to repair.

357)   Financial security—let’s face it: even women who aren’t
       necessarily concerned with “having it all” want men who are going
       to be good providers. Spending lots of money on unnecessary
       items or extravagant luxuries is not a good way to keep a marriage
       healthy and strong. Make your wife part of your financial
       considerations and decisions, and make sure that you are both on
       the same page when it comes to major purchases, or even minor
       daily expenses that accumulate over time. She will appreciate your
       taking her ideas and feelings about your family’s finances into

358)   Interest in her friends and family—if you are in it for the long
       haul, it’s inevitable that you are going to meet the other people in
       her life who are important to her. Make nice with her friends and
       family, even if you don’t really like them very much. These people
       are going to be around for a long time, and it’s worth your while to
       get on their good side.

359)   Time alone with you—if you’ve got kids or jobs or both, chances
       are you don’t have much quality time to devote just to each other.
       Make it a point on occasion to get a babysitter or come home from
       work early and have some “alone time.” Go to a hotel or get away

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             for the weekend. Go out to a nice dinner or to a movie. Go out on
             dates, even if you’re no longer dating!

   Now that you know what women want out of a long-term relationship, let’s talk
about some little ways you can meet those expectations on a daily basis. These
ideas include thoughtful gestures and sensual tips to ensure that your life
together is never dull or too predictable!

30 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Interesting

   360)      Start each morning with a twenty-second kiss—no exceptions!

   361)      Don’t fall into the “sex without kisses” trap. Make kissing part of
             your sexual routine.

   362)      Book a hotel room for one night, even if the hotel is located right in
             your home town. Driving someone else for the night and ordering
             room service will relax you both and inject some excitement into
             your ordinary daily routine.

   363)      Follow your instincts. If you’re driving down the highway at night
             and you both start feeling a little amorous, pull off the road into a
             rest stop and get busy in the backseat.

   364)      Decide to have a “naked” day where you do all your daily errands
             around the house in the buff. Chances are, you won’t get very
             many of those errands done!

   365)      If you both just don’t feel like cooking, don’t go through the motions
             of making a home-cooked meal. Order pizza or bring home
             Chinese takeout and sip some beers.

   366)      Don’t feel that every single sexual encounter has to be long, and
             romantic. Spicing things up with a quickie every now and then is
             the key to keeping your sex life exciting and variable.

   367)      You don’t have to have sex in the bedroom! Experiment with new
             locations. She’ll love the change of scenery.

   368)      If you’re in the habit of eating dinner out of Tupperware standing
             over the kitchen counter, change things up by having a formal
             dinner, even if you’re only serving leftovers! Light candles, set out
             the good china, use nice silverware and linen napkins—the whole
             nine yards.

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                           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

369)   Don’t buy household appliances for her birthday—unless she really
       wants them. Surprise her with thoughtful gifts like a certificate to a
       day spa or a luxurious present she will treasure for a long, long
       time, like a cashmere blanket. These gifts show her that you think it
       is important for her to pamper herself, just the way she has taken
       care of you.

370)   Don’t get locked into the habit of having sex at the same time every
       time you do it. If you’re used to making love after dinner, try having
       a sexy encounter in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

371)   Show her that you respect her emotions and pay attention to her
       feelings. If she is aggravated over something or is visibly upset,
       don’t ignore those emotions, even though you may want to.
       Approach her and ask if she wants to talk to you about what is
       bothering her.

372)   If she calls and says she’s going to be late for dinner, why not
       surprise her by having a meal ready for her by the time she gets
       home? You can either order takeout and put it out on nice plates or
       else cook a nice homey meal.

373)   Be considerate of her time. Don’t be late without calling, and if
       you’ve set aside time for a special date, don’t break that
       commitment if you can help it.

374)   Ask your wife where she fantasizes about vacationing, and for your
       next anniversary, plan a trip there.

375)   Too often, married couples stop laughing with each other as much
       as they used to. So bring the fun into your marriage in silly ways.
       Go to a goofball comedy movie. Buy tickets to the circus and buy
       cotton candy, then feed it to your wife. Play Twister or get out a
       water slide and set it up in your backyard. Act like a kid again, and
       you’ll rekindle all that energy and laughter you used to have in your

376)   Don’t wait for her to ask for your help. Most women are very good
       at multitasking and also shoulder a huge portion of the burden
       when it comes to the household. They can take on a lot of
       responsibility and get it all done without complaining outright, while
       men (sorry guys, but it’s true!) tend to be more single-minded and
       can’t juggle as many tasks at once. Well, make her life a little
       easier if you can by pitching in, even a little. Do it before she asks
       and she’ll be that much more appreciate and thrilled by your

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                           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

       actions. She’ll also be much more likely to have more free time to
       spend with you.

377)   Get the TV out of the bedroom. A TV can be deadly to a hot sex
       life and can get in the way of good conversation, too. If you have a
       TV, keep it in the living room or another public part of the house.

378)   Get genuinely interested in your wife’s hobbies and ask her if you
       can get involved in some of them. If she loves art, make a date with
       her to visit a local studio or art gallery. If she loves jogging, make it
       a morning ritual to go running with her. Show her that you are
       deeply interested in the things she loves to do.

379)   If you and your wife have kids or you’re both extremely busy, she
       may be feeling frustrated about not having enough time to spend
       on herself. If this is true, one of the nicest things you can do for her
       is to give her the gift of time. Take the kids away for a day or give
       her a weekend away at a nearby hotel. Even something as simple
       as offering to take care of things at home while she goes to get her
       hair done can show her how much you care about her.

380)   Try to avoid activities that involve both you being passive and
       facing in the same direction. For example, watching TV requires
       you to sit side by side, not facing one another, and doesn’t require
       any activity whatsoever. That means there’s no real opportunity for
       serious connection to take place. To keep your relationship
       interesting, take it out of the house and do activities that you can
       really engage in together. Play tennis or go bike-riding, perhaps.

381)   Both you and she need to maintain strong friendships outside the
       marriage. Having separate friends and separate interests helps you
       both retain a sense of self, and that individuality can really spark up
       your marriage.

382)   When you come home at the end of the day, set aside time—at
       least ten minutes if not longer—to just talk to each other and
       reconnect. If you’re tired and just want to relax, why not pour two
       glasses of wine and sit out on the porch or in your living room
       chatting instead of turning on the TV and zoning out?

383)   Don’t expect her to do all the housework. So many women feel
       taken advantage of because of the societal bias that says women
       should do the laundry, wash the dishes, wash the floors, etc. Help
       her out with the chores, guys—she’ll really notice this one!

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                           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

384)   If you have shared interests, use that to your advantage and make
       common activities out of them. For instance, if you’re both
       supporting the same political candidate, get involved in his
       campaign. You can go around your town knocking on doors
       together, for example. The shared challenge you both face will
       bring y you together.

385)   Understand that women are far more likely than men to feel
       responsible for the needs of everyone around them, from you to the
       kids to her parents to her work colleagues to her friends. Pitch in
       and help with the children as much as you can. Offer to help her
       out if she appears stressed out.

386)   Set up a weekly date night when the two of you can spend some
       quality time together, no fail, no excuses. Don’t schedule work
       appointments for this time, and don’t score tickets to the game with
       your buddies. Keep this time “sacred” and pick a new and fun date
       each week. This means you and she will always have something
       fun to look forward to.

387)   Get in touch with your senses by taking cooking classes together or
       going to a wine-tasting.

388)   Buy new sheets to make things more interesting in the bedroom.
       Then spoon her or cuddle her as you are both drifting off to sleep.

389)   No matter what else is going on in your life, spend time alone with
       each other whenever you can, and don’t forget to tell her that you
       love her.

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                              500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

Common Relationships Problems and How to Deal With

  390)   Problem: She feels she is doing the lion’s share of the housework.

         Solution: Set up a schedule or system so that each of you knows
         exactly what is expected of you in terms of household chores. For
         example, perhaps you’re in charge of collecting the recycling and
         taking out the garbage, and she is in charge of the laundry and the
         kitchen. If there really is just too much to do, it may be worth your
         while to pay for a maid service to come clean your house on a
         weekly or monthly basis.

  391)   Problem: She wants to get closer before you have sex, and you
         just want to get right into the deed.

         Solution: Women, as I’ve already said, tend to need intimacy as a
         way to get aroused, while men prefer to get straight to it. Well, one
         easy way to reconcile this difference is to talk to her about why you
         want to skip to the main course. If you’re like most men, sex is a
         way for you to feel close to your lover—intercourse itself is a very
         intimate act. Explain this to your girl. Chances are, merely opening
         up to her is going to get her to melt a little.

  392)   Problem: You want to hang out with your friends or go golfing, but
         she doesn’t want you to.

         Solution: Remember that having separate interests and friends is
         important to a healthy marriage. Encourage your wife to go out with
         her friends, too. Remind her that she should explore her interests
         and maintain her own hobbies. Be sure to tell her, also, that at the
         end of the day you don’t want to be with anyone but her. Make a
         promise to meet up at the end of the day to talk about what you’ve
         both been up to.

  393)   Problem: Your sex life is in a rut.

         Solution: Ignoring the problem or—even worse—seeking sex
         outside the marriage is not a way to fix it. You’ve got to talk about
         the routine you’ve gotten into and make a commitment to getting
         out of the rut. Use the sex tips in this guide to help spice things up.
         You’ll be feeling like teenagers in no time.

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                           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

394)   Problem: You know each other so well it’s gotten dull.

       Solution: Make it a point to explore outside interests separately, so
       that you both have lots to tell each other about when you’re
       together. Cultivating new hobbies together can also be a great way
       out of this problem, because you’ll both enjoy learning things

395)   Problem: You fight all the time.

       Solution: Take a deep breath and evaluate the sorts of things you
       are fighting about. If she’s made about a little details, like who left
       the sock on the floor or the dirty dish in the sink, try to remember
       that it doesn’t have to escalate into a huge blow-out. Apologize and
       then remember to clean up after yourself better in future. Or, you
       can gently remind her that a singe sock or dish is not worth getting
       so worked up over. Tell her that you want to take care of the rest of
       the cleaning and that you want her to go relax and take a bath.

       If you’re constantly having bigger fights about larger problems in
       the marriage—like lack of trust, communication, or intimacy—you
       might want to consider seeing a couples’ counselor. This will allow
       you to air your grievances in a safe way, with an objective third
       party who can help you assess precisely what is wrong and how to
       fix it.

396)   Problem: You don’t have enough time to spend with one another.

       Solution: If you are really committed, you need to make time, and
       it CAN be done. We all spend time doing things we don’t really
       need to do, and by identifying these unnecessary activities we can
       free up time for the more important things in life. For example, if
       you watch TV every weeknight for an hour, that’s five hours per
       week of wasted time. Turn off the TV and get your girl out of the
       house. Go for coffee and conversation, or take a walk around the
       block. Or maybe you spend a lot of time online, checking email and
       surfing the internet. Well, just turn off your computer and interact
       with her face-to-face!

397)   Problem: You don’t have much to say to one another.

       Solution: This is one of those subjects that inevitably comes up for
       most long-term relationships. What happens when you run out of
       things to talk about? Well, as long as you both pursue your own
       hobbies and interests you should always have plenty to discuss. So

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                           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

       go out, take part in fun activities—both as a couple and on your
       own—and stay active.

398)   Problem: She is not getting satisfied in the bedroom.

       Solution: Most of us know that it is biologically harder for a woman
       to reach sexual climax than it is for a man, and this is an often
       contentious part of long relationships—especially when the sex has
       gotten less exciting. But one of the huge benefits of being with
       someone for a long time is that you become very comfortable
       together, and you feel free to discuss things that might otherwise be
       embarrassing. Talk frankly with your lover about what feels good for
       her, and what you could do to make her feel even better. Read
       books on sexual techniques together and feel free to experiment.
       You could even set aside a night that is all about her—tell her
       you’re not interested in your own orgasm, you’re only interested in
       understanding what turns her on.

399)   Problem: You (or she) is feeling the seven-year itch—or seven-
       month itch, or seven-week itch….

       Solution: Oftentimes we start looking around at other people when
       we are dissatisfied with the quality of our own relationship. But
       remember, relationship problems can be fixed. And even more
       important, keep in mind that ALL relationships, even the best,
       strongest ones, have problems at some point. Try out the
       techniques in this book and give it all your best shot. When your
       own relationship kicks back into high gear, you’ll probably find
       yourself paying a lot more attention to your girl.

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                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

20 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Girl

      You probably know the feeling: a word or sentence has just come out of
your mouth and your girlfriend or wife is looking at you like you have three heads.
And you just know that no amount of apologizing is going to make up for it this

       Well, wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time what you should avoid
saying in order to keep her happy? This list of things you should never say to
your girl will help save you a lot of trouble by letting you know exactly what
phrases are bound to make her see red.

   400)      “It must be that time of the month.”

   401)      “Yes, that dress actually does make you look fat.”

   402)      “Your friend is so pretty!”

   403)      “You look tired.”

   404)      “She’s a supermodel, of course she’s hot.”

   405)      “Hey, what about you, me, and your best girlfriend?”

   406)      “Don’t you have enough shoes?”

   407)      “You’re wrong.”

   408)      “You’re going shopping again?”

   409)      “You remind me of my mother.”

   410)      “I don’t like your friends.”

   411)      “I thought you already got a manicure last week.”

   412)      “I know you want to go out for a nice dinner, but I’d rather order
              pizza and watch the game with the guys.”

   413)      “I want to see other people.”

   414)      “We’re not lost, I know exactly where I am. Now what road is

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                            500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

415)   “That was such a chick flick.”

416)   “I don’t like your cooking.”

417)   “Well why can’t you just leave the toilet seat up when you’re done?”

418)   “Wanna watch some porn?”

419)   “Cleaning up is your job.”

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                              500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

30 Things You Don’t Generally Say—But That She
Wants to Hear

  420)   “Do you want to talk about it?”

  421)   “I’m going to the store—do you want anything?”

  422)   “You did the dishes last night—it’s my turn.”

  423)   “What turns you on?”

  424)   “What can I do to make our sex life better?”

  425)   “Here, you decide what to watch.”

  426)   “Do you want to go shopping this weekend?”

  427)   “You look beautiful.”

  428)   “I’m cooking tonight—what do you want for dinner?”

  429)   “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

  430)   “You’re my best friend.”

  431)   “I’m scared.”

  432)   “I think we should stop and get directions.”

  433)   “I know you said nothing’s wrong, but I can tell that something’s
          wrong. Can I help?”

  434)   “I’m sorry.”

  435)   “How would you like me to run you a nice, hot bubble bath?”

  436)   “Did you get a haircut? It looks great!”

  437)   “Cindy Crawford? She’s not as beautiful as you.”

  438)   “You’re going to be a great mother.”

  439)   “Let’s just concentrate on you tonight….”

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                            500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

440)   “Let’s go out dancing.”

441)   “I don’t want anybody else.”

442)   “I’m really looking forward to meeting your parents.”

443)   “Let’s cuddle.”

444)   “It’s my turn to take the garbage out.”

445)   “Do you ever think about our future?”

446)   “Do you want a massage?”

447)   “Happy anniversary” (bonus if you say it first)

448)   “You’re right.”

449)   “I love you.”

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                            500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

50 Surprising Secrets about Girls That You May Not

450)   Girls do enjoy sex just as much as guys.

451)   If we spend a lot of time getting ready it’s because we’re naturally

452)   We don’t like fighting either.

453)   Girls sometimes like porn.

454)   We like sports occasionally—just not every single night

455)   Girls talk to their friends about their boyfriends, but we don’t want
       you to talk to your friends about our intimate lives

456)   We know we’re mercurial—we just can’t help it

457)   Sometimes we like pizza and beer

458)   We consider it cheating if you do anything with another girl that you
       don’t feel comfortable talking about

459)   Girls flirt a lot, but for reasons other than getting laid. It’s just in our

460)   We like gifts, but we don’t want you to feel like you have to buy our

461)   We’re not always in control of our emotions

462)   Girls like surprises, but don’t whisk away for a romantic weekend
       without letting us pack a suitcase first

463)   We may not enjoy watching sports all the time, but we admire your

464)   We’re not all neat-freaks (we just may not be as comfortable with
       messiness as you are)

465)   We like to be alone with you, not with you and ten of your closest
       frat brothers

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                           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

466)   If we pick on you, it’s probably because we feel insecure ourselves

467)   We may cry more than you, but we’re strong emotionally when we
       need to be

468)   We gossips, but we don’t like it when guys gossip

469)   Not all girls automatically want to become wives and have babies

470)   You don’t have to be macho; just let us know that you want to
       protect us

471)   We get tired of shopping, too, sometimes

472)   We may buy a lot, but we’re really good at budgeting (well, most of
       us are)

473)   Anniversaries are a big deal to us

474)   We probably have more secrets than you

475)   We often turn up late, but if you make us wait we’ll go ballistic

476)   Girls love to see a guy who has a good relationship with his family

477)   We like men who groom themselves nicely

478)   When we’re really angry, sometimes all it takes to make it go away
       is a sincere apology

479)   We love to laugh; a relationship shouldn’t be all serious

480)   We may forgive, but we rarely forget

481)   We don’t criticize to be mean; it’s our way of showing that we care

482)   We actually don’t like cooking all the time

483)   Girls say they want macho men, but unless you’re sensitive, too,
       the relationship won’t last

484)   We think it’s sweet when men cry

485)   We don’t expect you to pay for everything

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                            500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

486)   We don’t mind hearing a little about your ex-girlfriend, so long as
       the story doesn’t make you look bad

487)   Money isn’t everything

488)   Size does matter, but not as much as what you do with it

489)   We like men who pay attention to how they are dressed

490)   We’d like to hold the remote control every now and then

491)   We like alone time with our friends, too

492)   Sometimes we cry just because it feels good, not because we’re

493)   If you blame our mood swings on PMS we’ll freak out, but yes,
       PMS is an emotional rollercoaster

494)   Sex makes us sleepy too

495)   Yes, we’re probably talking to our friends about you—but we
       usually don’t reveal all the juicy details

496)   Women don’t have pillow-fights in their underwear, so just let go of
       that fantasy, okay?

497)   Girls can have trouble committing to a relationship, too

498)   We want you to tell us if you’re upset about something

499)   We want to know that you need us just as much as we need you

500)   We are very good in transferring our feelings about external
       environment and objects to you! So if you dress smart, it tells us
       you can take care of yourself. If you are athletic, it tells us you have
       discipline and will likely be a disease-free husband! If you wash
       your own socks, it tells us you will likely be a responsible partner!

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

                        BONUS SECTION!
   264 More Things Girls Want Guys To Know – In a Nutshell, all her secret
   fantasies, hidden fears, what’s she thinking, why is she feeling this way,
   the dreams she has of the man she will love, all her innermost desires,
   likes and dislikes which she has been wanting to tell you so badly but
   doesn’t really know how to say it or when to say it, it’s all right here -
   unedited and uncensored!

1) “I want you to flirt with me and only me! Says things or do something which
tells me I am the only one you want in your heart!”

2) “If you spotted me wanting something I would love to have in the shop, I would
love you to treat me to that little gift even if I didn’t ask.”

3) “I get very pissed and turned off when my man doesn’t seem to want to talk! I
talk so as to feel close to my mate, and I like to talk about my feelings and
emotions. If he doesn’t know how to say the right thing it’s ok. I just wish he
would just simply listen, because if he does that I would feel he’s taking me more

4) “I am more emotional about everything, thus I want to discuss and talk about
my feelings and emotions. It may not solve the troubles and problems I feel I’m
facing, but, at least I can vent it off, and let go of the steam. I’m attracted to those
who can listen to me.”

5) “I like to hear my man say ‘I miss you’. I like to know he’s thinking of me all the
time, so a simple message, or a simple note like that would turn me on.”

6) “I don’t like him to be so mysterious and quiet when he looks troubled. I cannot
read his mind. It would be better if he can say something, I can share his

7) “I love you to remember all of our special days – first date, first kiss, wedding,
etc. etc. Tell me that you remember it all.”

8) “I love him to ask me what will make me happy now! It shows he cares, he’s
serious about me, and I’m wanted! I find him so cool and attractive when he’s
willing to do anything and everything that will make me happy now!”
#9 “I love to be touched. Every now and then give me a hug, and I’ll know that
you are here for me.”

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                                 All Rights Reserved
                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

9) “I feel close to him when he goes behind me, wraps his arms round me and
whispers into my ears, and then the kisses come. It sends a tingling up my
spines and I simply love that feeling!”

10) “My love for him grows when he does things that are so unexpected! Such as
taking over the little chores when I’m feeling unwell, sending my research books
back to the library when I forgot about it all, and buying home my favorite sweet
dessert when I didn’t ask for it!”

11) “It’s the little things that counts! I do not want him to plan any dates that are
too extravagant or give me gifts that are too expensive. I’m not really impressed
with all these. But I’m attracted to him when he can just put down his papers or
work just to be with me, be there for me or even listen to me. I want his heart, not
his person.”

12) “I want to be your special some one. Tell me and convince me that I am!”

13) “I want to feel I’m desired, and be wooed over and over again, no matter
where we are in this relationship. I love attention all the time, even if you don’t
feel like giving attention to me, do something, however small the gestures are, to
make me feel close to you.”

14) “When you worry about me and anything regarding my life, I know you have
me in your heart.”

15) “What girls really like, even after marriage, is romance!”

16) “Guys seem to resist talking about their feelings about the relationship. But
what I simply need to know is if you will only say ‘You are the only one in my
heart!’ That’s it. He doesn’t even have to think really hard what to say if he
doesn’t know or if he doesn’t want to, this is all I need to hear.”

17) “I think we girls emphasize a lot on timeline. I need commitment from you,
and I need to know that I’m right to have chosen you, I don’t want to waste time
with you if this relationship is not going to work out. So, please tell me first if you
are not serious into a long term commitment. Don’t waste my time and don’t
waste mine. Don’t keep me waiting for your answer, and don’t make me keep
guessing whether you are real”

18) “Tell me and do things which tell me I’m your Number One! - The loveliest,
sexiest, most capable, most attractive – I just need to know, don’t ask me why.
It’s what you do everyday and what you say every moment that counts, it need
not be exaggerated, even if I can get a hint that I’m on your most wanted list I’ll
feel satisfied!”

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                                 All Rights Reserved
                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

19) “My ideal man would be caring, honest, committed, and would love me till the
day I die.”

20) “I lose interest instantly when I start hearing from you how much money you
have earned, how much was spent on this and that, and so on. I’m uninterested
in your money, and I definitely won’t fall for some one who appears to be so
calculative! A man who is gentle with animals and children is a big turn-on. When
he’s willing to take time to pay attention to them, I’ll be there with him!”

21) “If I spotted my own photo in my man’s wallet, and he even made it into a
photo card with some cute designs round it, I would be secretly pleased and
flattered that I’ve a special place in his heart, even if I may never let him know!”

22) “Just because a guy captures my heart, he shouldn’t get so comfortable with
this relationship that he gives up dating and romancing me anymore! I would feel
like I’ve become a used book on his dusty bookshelf!”

23) “Today on my birthday I expected another hand-made card from him. But, to
my surprise he created a powerpoint with heart-warming music in the
background! It doesn’t cost a penny to do this, but it definitely is time consuming
to make all these! Wow, I just felt that I’m falling in love with him all over again.”

24) “I love to get surprises from him! Or anything that he does out of the

25) “I like the guy who will pamper me and only me forever!”

26) “I think he’s romantic when he gives me his precious time, time he would not
even give to his parents!”

27) “I’m attracted to him when he presented me with his artist’s sketch of me
using pencil. I’m thinking ‘well, no other men would waste time on this!’ It’s now
my treasured possession. He really put his whole heart into doing it.”

28) “I love hugs or simply a light touch, whether it’s to show his encouragement,
his affection, his support, or even his passion for me.”

29) “I cannot tolerate a guy who talks too much and does not know when and
how to stop, even when hints are given! If he’s more concerned with how he’s
doing than how I’m doing, it’s a big, big turnoff!”

30) “I’m turned off when a not-so-confident guy try to woo me. It will all show up
in his eyes, his manners, his speech, his attitude, his habits and his behaviors. I
prefer to be with a more cheery and confident guy, who knows what he wants
and what he’s doing. Such a guy has more magnetism than those who don’t!”

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

31) “I’m attracted to the guy who’s more daring, more adventurous – some one
who’s not afraid to try new things and challenges. A gentleman would be good,
but if he watches his manners and treats me too nicely and too extremely I’m not
attracted to him. Basically I’m a very quiet girl, and I think life would be very
boring and monotonous if my mate is also some one who is quiet and
unadventurous. There’s just something missing right here. So, that guy who can
simply stir my emotions and feelings, and challenges me to new ways of thinking
and doing things is likely the one who can win me over.”

32) “I like my mate to say exactly what he wants and mean it up front. If you are
not pleased nor if you are angry about something, don’t vent and expect me to
know what is wrong. I can’t do mind reading too!”

33) “I like my mate to call me his bribe even if we are married! I can just get this
feeling that he’s loving me every day!”

34) “He begins to expect me to give in to his demands and do whatever he wants
me to do after our marriage. I don’t like the idea that he’s now treating me like his
“wife”, I’m not proud of it anymore. It would be so nice if he can still treat me like
his girlfriend! You know, I simply like the feeling that he doesn’t really know
everything about me and he’s constantly wooing me.”

35) “If I seem quiet, not in my usual self, and with a little worry look on my face, I
would like you to come up and just ask me what is it all about and what you can
do, without even needing me to ask you to do it.”

36) “I’ll like my mate to praise me for something good I have done, whether it’s
the new dish I’m making, or whether it’s a bright idea I’ve some out with.”

37) “If you mean no, says no. Don’t beat about the bush, or try to please me by
saying things which you do not really mean. I can detect that in your voice, your
eyes, and your body language. I’m not impressed with that.”

38) “I love him to show me appreciation for what I have done for him. Even
better, compliment me whenever he can.”

39) “Don’t criticize me if I have done something wrong. Try to make me see your
point, or the benefits of doing things using other ways instead of mine. Don’t
make me do something just because you feel it’s the right way and the only way.
Many times I will not believe it’s the only way.”

40) “I don’t really understand him. He just keeps doing things which piss me. But
still, I want to be with him more than with other guys. I guessed it’s all because of
the challenges, the unpredictable attitude and behavior, and the desire to

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wanting to know him better, to crack the secret codes to get to know this person
thoroughly, that draws me to him. And, he doesn’t seem to care! It’s really weird,
the more he doesn’t seem to care, the more I want him to be around and to

41) “I like you to pamper me without my realizing that I’m too demanding.”

42) “I’m most turned off when you cannot decide what to do and where to go for
our date, or even appear indecisive! Come on, you are a man! I want to know I
can depend on you, that you can make the right and best decisions for all of us
here. But, you are the sweetest if you make your decisions only after finding out
what my needs are, what I like, and what turns me on. Yah I know you are not a
mind reader or a psychic, at least, you try and you make an effort!”

43) “When both us communicate, I want you to be involved as well. I don’t want
you to just consent with what I say just to please me. Please, if you do it I’ll feel
there’s something very wrong with me and I don’t like feeling that way! Cut all
those pretenses. If you are not happy, say so. If you are happy, let me know. I
prefer you to be honest, truthful and straightforward, with tact!”

44) “I am not a man, and I will never be! I will forever be different from you, and
think in a different way from you, and you will never be a woman too! If you want
me, accept me for who I am. If you desire to be with me, accept me for who I am!
It is your acceptance of me for who I am that I can and will do my very best to
make this relationship work. But if you cannot accept me for who I am, and
expect me to change (to what you want me to be), then sooner or later I will
break down, and our relationship will too break down!”

45) “Let me have a life of my own, and trust me! If I do not want to be with you I
will go away. So for as long as I am with you, trust me that I like you, that I too
want to be with you! Yes, I will be very playful outside at times, life is a long
journey with many experiences to be experienced and learnt. When I have learnt
all I can, when I have experienced enough, I will eventually come home.”

46) “I always believe in this saying ‘Absence makes the heart grows fonder.’ I will
miss you if you do not cling to me like a sticky glue!”

47) “I will never grow tired of hearing my man says ‘I love you!’ He’s best when
he can come out with many different, fun, and creative ways of telling me that he
loves me!”

48) “I like the way my man feed me with his stick of fish balls; I’ll have one piece,
and he’ll finish the other piece. There’s a message here. It tells me something,
that he’s interested in me!”

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49) “I like him to be a real man, one who is able to speak up for me when I’m
being bullied, protect me from dangers, save me from embarrassing situation,
and provide me shelters when I need it.”

50) “I’m attracted to the man who can also be a good father. Such a man needs
to be considerate, caring, and responsible.”

51) “I’m attracted to my man because of the way he treats his pet puppy. He
loves him, takes good care of him, walks him every day and gives him good food.
Doesn’t it say something about his character? He’s such a loving and caring
person. Well, such a man is hard to find!”

52) “I’m attracted to the man who can be sensitive to my needs. I’m a rather
sensitive and possessive person, so if he wants me he has to know that I need
him to call me every evening, even if it’s just to say hi. Don’t ask me why, but if
he wants me and loves me, he has to know my needs and wants. It just gives me
a peace of mind if he can just call, or even text a message. It’s not time
consuming or difficult isn’t it? If he has the heart he will do it.”

53) “I would fall in love with the man who is willing to share life together with me!”

54) “I love excitement, entertainment, and fun! So, share with me all the
challenges, excitement, gossips and changes that are occurring in your
workplace or your life. You need not have to tell me everything if you do not want
to. But I like to feel I’m involved, that you like me listening to you, that you tell me
because you value my opinions and feedback, and that you value my presence!

55) “Make me feel important. It’s actually easy to accomplish this if you want to
attract me. Ask me about my interests, my likes and dislikes. Ask me to
participate in your project. Ask me to give a little helping hand and show that you
trust me and have confidence in me. Pamper me at times. All these would make
me feel I’m the most important person in your life.”

56) “Who will I be attracted to if I’m in a room of many men? Well, it all depends.
If all men are fighting to talk loudly and noisily at the same time, I think I’ll be
attracted to the one man who sits quietly at a corner and deep in thought. Why?
Because he stands out. That’s why. Unknowingly, he has ignited in me a
curiosity about him, a need to kill my curiosity, a desire to know more about him.
I’ll have my attention on him instead.”

57) “I’m attracted to my man because he didn’t try so hard to woo me!”

58) “I think I will fall for you if you can just let me talk myself into liking you. You
cannot make another person like you, that’s one of the basic truth in life. But
basically, I’m attracted to the man who can still be himself, like an indestructible

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mountain, whether he knows I like him or not. For this person, there’s something
about him which other guys lack, a mystique, like an indestructible diamond.”

59) “I’m turned off instantly by the guy who loses all his confidence, becomes like
a cry baby, and even thinks that the world has come to the end, when I tell him I
do not like him. Come on, you are a guy, please. Surely you would not have
given up so easily!”

60) “I think the guy who woos me has to be very, very, very thick skinned if he
wants to win me over. Hey, I do not wish to appear I’m easily attainable too! That
would have given him an easy ride isn’t it?”

61) “My mum used to tell me that if there’s a guy interested in me I have to be
aware that I do not give in to him too easily. Too bad, guys, but you really have to
make a sincere effort and preserve to show me that you are the right man for me.
I always believe if any thing is too easily available and attainable, it’ll lose its
value instantly too! So, do not blame me if at times I sounded harsh, cold, and
unfeeling. As a girl, I want to make sure I take the right step in choosing you.”

62) “My man knows how I would like him to behave and he gives it to me! That
attracts me to him. I never know I’m so sensitive to touches and hugs until I meet
him. He knows I have a certain liking for him, and one day he just takes his
chances and gives me kisses from behind my back on my necks and ears. That
literally blows me away! There’s another guy who’s interested in me, but he’s
very reserved and too quiet, too gentlemanly. Indeed, I must say he’ll make a
good husband, but he doesn’t turn me on, and there’s really no chemistry. So to
this day, that first guy is still the one I want because he’s the only one who knows
what I want!”

63) “If I say I do not need help, what I really want is I need some help! The guy
who most attracts me is the guy who can help me solve my problems even
without my asking for it, and he is so cool he asks and expects nothing in return.
For such a guy, I would fall in love with him!”

64) “I hated it when my man just came home, dumped his laptop bag on the sofa,
and went into the room without even popping into the kitchen and asked me how
my day was, or gave a hug. Even if he’s dead tired he can just come in and say
hi, at least, he should care enough to let me know his presence!”

65) “Many times, I just want my man to listen to me and what I have to say. He
needs not have to understand what’s going on or providing any help if he’s
incapable of doing so. In many cases, I only love his being present, that’s all.
Sometimes he can get so caught up in trying to come out with a solution to my
troubles and problems that he irritates me without knowing and realizing it! He’ll
end up siding with the colleague whom I’m not on good terms with, making me

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feel as if I’m in the wrong or making the wrong judgment. Hey, I want you to
make me feel I’m right even if in reality it’s not! So, without knowing the truth in
reality, I would prefer you to just shut up and listen.”

66) “I like you to make me feel I’m making the right decisions, the right judgment,
having the right sentiments and feelings. In short, don’t make me look and feel
bad. Side with me, even if you feel like I’m in the wrong!”

67) “Sometimes I want you to help, sometimes I do not really want you to help,
as when you do you often end up saying the wrongs things, can’t get what I really
mean, or misinterpreted . If you are not sure, just appear interested, listen and
relax. This is all I ask of you”

68) “The guy who can attract me be some one who is too quiet and reserved.
Being quiet and nice will not make me fall for him, except that I will draw the
conclusion that he will be a nice guy, a nice friend, that’s all. It’s what he does
that tells me more of his character, and is more convincing. For example if he
keeps a pet and lovingly hugs his pet, I know he’s a caring and loving person. If
he brings me out sailing and shows me he loves the sun, water and sea, I know
he’s an outgoing person who is always cheery, and fun to be with! If he does
volunteer work and invites me to assist him in coaching some intellectually
disabled kids in swimming, I know he’s a compassionate man with a good heart!”

69) “I will be attracted to the guy who does things differently!”

70) “My man keeps putting romance off to the weekends. Every day for five days
of the week he just comes home, eat, and sleep, and shoot off for work early in
the morning the next day. Why can’t he be the way he is when he’s dating me? I
would love him to be romantic seven days a week! Is it a difficult thing to do?
What I want is only a few minutes of his attention!”

71) “I love your cuddling and snuggling! I like the feelings of closeness and
togetherness, but It’s not only about the feelings, it’s because you show that you
want it too and that you take time off your busy schedule for it. That’s important
to me!”

72) “I like him to talk to me at breakfast, not at me!”

73) “I lost confidence in him when he keeps forgetting our anniversaries and
even my birthday!”

74) “I do not need expensive gifts from you to make me happy. If you can just
text me or write me the following passionate words I’ll be on clouds nine! ‘You
are my soulmate!’, ‘You are the best.’, ‘Grow old with me.’”

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75) “I like the way he is so eager to see me, to hear from me, to touch me, to say
sweet words to me, during the time when he’s dating me. If only he will continue
to win my love and affection all over again and again even after we are married!
You know, I’ll never be tired of it!”

76) “For my man to keep me by his side, he needs to show me that he needs

77) “After a fight with my man, we stay away from each other to avoid further
fights and arguments. I may look cold, unfeeling, and arrogant, but secretly I still
care about him, I still miss him a lot, even if I do not show it on my face or even
say it out loud. I’m disappointed with myself too for failing to resolve any
misunderstandings we may have. I do feel bad about the fighting too.”

78) “I love the little gestures my husband give to show his consideration and care
for him, such as giving up his seat for him on the train, walking me home before
leaving for somewhere else). You know, such a man is so rare nowadays. Many
men just take women for granted after they won her over.”

79) “How to say it? I’m attracted to the guy who is strong willed, yet gentle and
considerate, at the same time. Such guys are hard to come by!”

80) “When a guy treats me like a lady, I cannot help but be attracted to him. It
turns me off when a guy is hesitant about opening the door for me or walking me
to the door. He’s the best when he makes an effort, and expects nothing in
return. How should I put it? This guy is not just trying to do something for me,
rather, he’s trying to be someone to me. He’s different from other guys, and I can
sense his inner strength. He’s mature and he’s unafraid.”

81) “All that I have found up to now is someone who did something for me just to
please me, in expectation of getting something in return, that I would return their
call, that I should show that I’m happy to be with them or see them. But this guy
(now her husband) is different! I turned him down a year ago. But he preserves,
and now I know that he’s the only one who truly loves me as he doesn’t want
anything from me!”

82) “I’ll turn him away if he’s rushing things and moving too fast. I like to go
slowly, checking him out, knowing more about him and his character before we
go steady. If he starts calling every day after our first date, he’ll make me think
that he’s desperate, or he has got nothing better to do! And I definitely wouldn’t
want to be with a desperate man.”

83) “If any guy wants to capture my heart he has to uncover me as I really am,
not as they merely believe or hope that I am.”

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84) “I rejected him because he tries too hard to please. The whole thing is just so
deliberate! “

85) “He doesn’t try to make an impression. He doesn’t want anything from me.
And thus I don’t feel to pressure to response or act in any deliberate way. It’s
comfortable being with him. He appears close to me, yet has an air of
detachment. He’s just so cool. I can’t help but fall for such a guy!”

86) “He has such an interesting life, is heavily involved in sports, and has a
strong belief in his passion. I’m attracted to him because I know that he’s
complete and he’s not demanding. He lives life to the fullness, and is free from
the need to control me and my life, yet at the same time he wants to be close to
me and takes time to share with me all the interesting things about him and his

87) “I’m not too crazy about skinny, tall, and gentlemanly guy. I don’t go after
guys with bulky muscles and big biceps too. But I’ll fall for the guy who
possesses physical strength, good determination and gentleness, all at the same

88) “It’s important that my man has good physical strength. No it doesn’t that he
has to have well defined and big muscles, but that he has to have all the good
virtues such as perseverance, strong willed and brave. I’ll feel safe with such a
guy as I know that he’ll protect me from dangers!”

89) “The guy I want mustn’t behave like a woman just to please me or attract

90) “What I like about my man is his I-don’t-care attitude! He seems to be able to
get away from every thing. The ironical part is, the more he doesn’t care, the
more I’m drawn to him!”

91) “There’s an air of detachment in him. He can keep his life and have a
relationship! I wish I have half of his attitude, I cannot help but put relationship
first! I hope, if he ever gets a chance to read this, that he’ll understand why I
crave for his attention and affection at those seemingly untimely hours.”

92) “My man doesn’t seem to care how other people would feel. But I care. And I
cannot stop caring and being aware of how other people feel.”

93) “Adventure racing is his passion. It’s just in his blood from his childhood. I fell
in love with him for what adventure racing has molded him and for the character
he is. But it’s his extreme involvement in that activity that is challenging our
relationship right now. He can just leave me and our children unsupported

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emotionally and financially and go for his races. He doesn’t seem to worry, and
he keeps it inside of him. One thing is for sure, I’m still attracted to him!”

94) “He’s the only one who will respect and love the people I love – my friends,
my family, my working colleagues, and even my pet!”

95) “I fall for him because of his character, and for who he is. He has such a
positive outlook in life, does what he feels is right without hesitation, and can just
dump things when he feels like it, with no cares, no worries, no further

96) “I find you so sweet when you give me that hand-made card decorated with
the flowers we planted in our garden! And, you gave it to me on the day when it
was no special occasion.”

97) “I fell in love with him when every time he sees me he says ‘Every time I see
you, I fall in love with you over and over again!’”

98) “He makes me feel so special when he makes it a point to spend time alone
with me, while our kids are with our parents.”

99) “The most special gift I receive is what he creates himself – a CD full of my
favorite songs! You know, I have the know-how to create it myself, but he moves
me because of the time and effort he puts into it.”

100) “I love it when you says you are receiving your bonus this week and you are
going to give both of us a treat!”

101) “Girly things or gifts are not out of date! I may show that I do not fancy
jewelries and pendant nowadays. But my heart is moved when he gives me a
beautiful heart pendant.”

102) “I would love to be with the guy who can keep his promise. My ex-
boyfriends are those types who keep their promises when they are wooing me,
and after we have gone steady they forget all about it. They start to treat me like
nothing, and they even thought I wouldn’t mind if they can just break a promise or
two. Please, if you break a promise once that’s it. It tells something about you,
that you are not really serious.”

103) “If he knows I’m sick and even takes leave from his work just to accompany
me to the clinic, I know I can’t help but fall for this man.”

104) “Even if we are married, I would like my man to ask me (without my asking
or reminding him) to go for a stroll hand-in-hand, whether it’s on the beach or in

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the garden (and just us alone!). It’s not boring for me. Girls like their guys to just
be around.”

105) “I’ll love my guy to hide love notes for me to discover – in my books, laptop,
inside the fridge, under my pillow, in my hands before I wake up!”

106) “If you are in debt or facing some problems, I would like you to know I’ll stick
with you all the way, and if there’s anything I can do to help please let me know.
You may be so engrossed in solving your own problems that many times I’ll feel
neglected, left out, unworthy, or even useless. Don’t forget we girls tend to feel
more, are emotional and sentimental. I’ll be even more moody, lethargic, and
miserable if you are unhappy. So, pushing me away is not for my own good if
that’s what you are thinking, nor are you saving me from any troubles or
problems. I want to be involved, and I want to share the burden with you! Make
me feel capable of doing it. Make me feel I’m not totally useless!”

107) “There are many things I can do to be involved. I’m not being bossy. But let
me do something for you, even if you feel you can handle it. I like to feel I’m
being appreciated. I like to know that you like me to be around for you.”

108) “Ask for my opinions. Ask for my help. Two brains are better than one. Don’t
keep to yourself, and don’t vent your anger and frustrations. I cannot read what is
going on in your mind. Even if I can’t do anything to help (if it’s beyond my
knowledge or means), I like to know that you appreciate my presence, my being
there for you. If not, you’ll make me feel I’m not needed or wanted. As a girl I
don’t like to feel this way!”

109) “I’m turned off by the guy who keeps saying he cannot make it in his job,
that he’s not good in anything, that he’s not earning enough. Please, that doesn’t
make you very modest. On the contrary it does show you haven’t learn to love
yourself, and one who doesn’t know how to love oneself cannot love others too!
Before I left him, I told him: ‘Learn to love yourself first, before trying to find a

110) “Don’t tell me that you want to be with me while at the same time you join a
dating service. That’s not a sensible thing to do. I know you may like to get to
know more friends and pals, but, it does tell other girls you are available, and, as
a girl myself, even though I do not mind you mixing around with other people, I
like to feel and know that I’m the most important person in your heart!”

111) “I like to be with the guy who will respect a woman, and who thinks we
women have equal rights. I find such a guy very attractive, one who believes in
women and what women can do, or even speak up for women!”

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112) “I like the fact that guys aren’t petty and even if they get mad with their male
friends, they’ll make up the next day and still remain buddies and best friends.
But, guys, we are not your buddies, we’ll stay mad with you forever if you’ll want
to make up without even apologizing. I think girls are more petty, and I definitely
am. If I feel that I’m right I want my love interest to acknowledge it, and even if
I’m wrong I don’t like my mate to make it so obvious that I’m wrong. As I have
just said, we are not guys and we cannot think and behave like guys do. So, to
please us and to pacify us you cannot behave as if nothing has gone wrong and
that everything that has happened can be forgotten easily. What you can best do,
I think, is acknowledge that something has gone wrong, don’t pretend that it can
be easily forgotten for we’ll get very hurt. Acknowledge girls’ feelings and ability
of being able to stay mad for as long as they want, and try to pacify them by
giving them what they want. It makes things worse when a guy just stays away
without even saying anything, as it’ll show that he does not care. It’s better if you
can just say: ‘Look, honey, I know you are mad with me, and you are still mad at
this moment. I’ll stay away from you for the next few days until you feel better.”

113) “I like the guy with an attitude, who looks and behaves very cool and coldly,
but whose heart is very warm, generous, and gracious! If such a guy comes
along I’ll definitely fall for him!”

114) “My guy is quite plump! Why do I fall for him? I guess he’s a lot more
honest, trustworthy, and caring than those handsome ones. Do you think I’ll feel
secure with those handsome guys? I wouldn’t! Such guys usually have a long
waiting list of girls waiting for them and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in the
queue. Security and commitment is very important to me. If you know you are not
going to be committed or serious about this relationship, stay away from me. I
don’t want to get dumped by you one day.”

115) “We girls tend to think a lot, a lot, unlike guys. We can’t help it. We often
think about how other people are looking at us, whether they like us doing things
in certain ways, whether they prefer us dressing in that way, and so on and so
forth. So, it would seem like we tend to question and nag a lot. So, please be
understanding and be patient with me if you want to be with me. Many times, I
would need a lot of confirmation and answers from you just to convince me.
You’ll have to bear with me, and accept me for the way I am if you want me to be
your mate!”

116) “As the guy I love has to constantly work overseas, I need him to give me a
call every evening. It’s not that I’m possessive, and I don’t want to admit I am!
But I need to feel secure, that he’s still there, remembering me and thinking
about me.”

117) “I like the fact that guys are not emotional. They don’t get jealous of other
men easily. And they don’t gossip about their male friends. But, women tend to

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get jealous very easily, and they love to gossip about other people to their female

118) “What I like most about my man is his self discipline to reach for his
personal goals no matter the difficulties or obstacles (whether it comes from
family or work), while at the same time he’s attentive, caring and kind to me and
our children.”

119) “I love hugs by a pair of strong arms and hands, it gives me a sense of
security and forever!”

120) “The man who can attract me will be the one who knows how to make me
happy. And he has to make the effort to find out, not what he thinks or believes
will make me happy, but what exactly will make me happy. It moves me when I
see him trying and failing, but keeps trying anyway simply because he believes
I’m the one he wants to be with all his life.”

121) “If you want me, stop talking about your past relationships. And don’t ever
give a hint of anything that has to do with your past relationships. I love to feel I’m
number one in your heart.”

122) “If you promise me a date tonight be sure you keep your promise unless it’s
really a life-and-death matter that you have to cancel the appointment. Perhaps
guys do not really feel there is anything wrong with canceling an appointment but
it matters a lot to girls, like me. If there is any reason that you need to cancel the
appointment or date, try to involve me. Say if your mother has a fall and you
need to rush back, ask me if I can come over to help, more often than not I’ll be
most willing to get myself involved! So don’t treat me as you would treat a guy,
I’m not a guy and certainly I cannot behave or think like one.”

123) “I’m turned off by the guy who turns up for our date not well groomed or
smelling good. So, please check yourself before you come!”

124) “If you stink, don’t ever think of coming near me.”

125) “The guy who can attract me is the one who knows how to make me feel
important about myself. Hey, doesn’t every one likes to feel important about
themselves? I may be very selfish here, but, if you can make me feel important I
would think you are some one special. However, if you keep talking about
yourself and your achievement, blah, blah, blah, I be turned off instantly.”

126) “It’s the thought that counts! My man baked a cake the other day and I was
thinking ‘wow, this can’t be happening. I mean, only women would do all these
kitchen things.’ And he was so sweet that he told me he did it for me! It was not
very tasty, but who cares! I just love his thoughtfulness.”

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127) “He doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s reading his papers. But in order
that I would not feel lonely or left out, he read his papers while curling up besides
me! I think that’s very thoughtful of him!”

128) “If you are too talkative, it shows you are arrogant.”

129) “I have chosen him because he’s with me and helps me not by doing
something, but by being someone.”

130) “If you show me that your interests are merely sexual, that you only care
about your needs and wants, especially the sexual ones, sorry, but I have to turn
you away.”

131) “What turns me on is that he makes the effort to try to get to know me, the
real me, and to get connected with me first, before he advances any further. This
is good, as it shows that he respects me, that he allows time for me to get to
know him first.”

132) “I like my man to stay fit and healthy, visit the gym often, and even
encourage me to exercise with him on a regular basis. It shows that he cares to
look good for me as well as for himself”

133) “He wrote me a love song, sang it into a cassette with his guitar, and though
it’s not very good, but I love the effort he’s making!”

134) “I do not like the macho guy without a heart!”

135) “Show me you are loving, compassionate, considerate, kind person, and
knows how to turn me on, and I’ll fall for you. What the point of having a
handsome face, beautiful body, well defined and bulky muscles, when you make
me cook your favorite dish even when I’m sick, or appears cold and uninterested
to what I’m saying.”

136) “I’m turned off when you are too easy to get. Come on, give me some
challenges, and let me know you are a treasure hard to come by, and you’ll have
my whole attention.”

137) “If you want to attract the love of your life, think of yourself as the product in
those brilliant sales copy, make yourself scarce, tell me what’s in it for me if I
choose you over hundreds and hundreds of others out there, find a way to tell me
that you are unique, that if I didn’t want you, some one else will, and I’ll be at the
losing end. There, if you can do it, you’ll capture my heart!”

138) “I’m turned off my guys who keep bragging about themselves.”

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139) “One guy caught my attention. After the party, he just grabbed a mop and
started to clean the floor! Tell me, which guys would even care to do that! I’m
secretly thinking to myself: ‘wow, this guy’s different. Any girl who has him is
indeed lucky!’”

140) “You cannot be too overly nice! There’s this guy who’s wooing me and he’s
too nice to me; I have a secret name for him - Mr Okay. He’s always doing things
my way, taking care not to offend me, so much so that I just get this gut feeling
that life would be very, very boring, monotonous, and unchallenging with him
around! In the end, I leave him.”

141) “Nowadays women are more independent. But, still, as a woman, I like
being chased, and I like to give you a hard time. I’m not trying to be funny,
difficult or what, but life’s exciting to get to know each other this way!”

142) “I get very nervous and anxious when I cannot get you on the phone,
especially when you are not available during the time when you have promised
you’ll call, so I will call and call until I can get through to you. If you want me,
you’ll have to accept me for who I am and what I’ll be going through for a simple
matter like this. Being able to get you is something I deem important.”

143) “I must confess, I’m someone who needs constant attention and
reassurance. If you want to capture my heart and win me over, you’ll have to
understand the kind of person I am, for I do not wish to hurt you, neither do I
want to get hurt.”

144) “I would love you to call me up and tell me that you love me whenever you
can. I’m literally jumping up and down for joy whenever the phone rings and I just
get this gut feeling that it’s you on the other line (even though you may not see
me and the joy and bliss on my face!). The sweetest words I love to hear from
you are ‘I miss you!’, and I would put down everything I’m doing just to be there
with you, for you, and talking to you for hours on the phone, with no other cares
and worries! Why? Because I put you first before anything else in my life! I love
you. I put my relationship with you my first priority in life ever since I get to know
you, ever since we fall in love!”

145) “Like all girls, I put love first. To have an intimate and successful relationship
with the love of our life is our greatest, biggest, proudest achievements in life! If
my man loves me, I’ll be the envy of all of my girlfriends! As for men, I think we
are number 2, and their work and career is their number 1. Does this explain the
difference between men and women?”

146) “Whatever I do, whether I get frustrated, disappointment, confused,
angered, unreasonable, in your eyes, all I want is more connection and intimacy
with you.”

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147) “Even when I’m attending to our children at home, and busy with all the day
to day chores in the house, all of my thoughts and mind are constantly on you,
and wondering how you are doing outside, whether you are safe and happy in
whatever you are doing at that moment.”

148) “I found myself a wonderfully changed woman after I met the love of my life!
Before I met him, I was a totally independent person, doing things for myself, and
enjoying life for myself. Now that I’m sharing my life with another person, I found
that I have totally dumped ‘my-self’! I didn’t really understand why. Now that I
reflected on what’s happening, I felt I’m like living life for him; I’m always missing
him, wondering what’s he’s doing, how’s he’s doing, whether he’s missing me
and thinking about me, whether he’ll be happy to see me later, whether what I’m
wearing is going to please him - my whole consciousness is always on him!”

149) “When a woman falls in love with you, be aware that it’s in her nature to
keeping thinking about you, to keep missing you. She may not be aware of it; she
may not even know it’s going to happen within her before the relationship! And
perhaps you never know that you have so much power over a girl in a
relationship, but now you do. If a girl seriously falls in love with you, you are
going to live in her consciousness for the rest of her life with you. Literally every
tiniest, single part of her life has got something to do with you. A dress she spots
in the departmental store one day would remind her of her outing with you. A
cake given to her by a friend isn’t just a cake – it evokes deep feelings of love
and passion for you because you have gotten her a similar cake on her birthday
last year! A ring from the phone in her office is going to make her jump, as she
would be hoping that the call is from you – yes, that’s how much a girl can love
you – as deep as the ocean - her love and feelings for you can’t even be

150) “There’s really nothing wrong with a girl who seems to be so possessive
and obsessive about a relationship with you. It’s in her nature to love in this way,
and she needs not have to put in a great deal of effort or time to love you so
much. Don’t you feel that you are a lucky man, that you have a girl who truly,
seriously, sincerely love you, and not pretend or act as if she really loves you? If
she has to put in a great deal of time and effort to show her love for you, that’s
very unnatural!”

151) “I don’t think you should say that I love too much, it seems pretty natural for
me to love in this way as a woman. Do you call that ‘loving too much’? Then, how
much is not too much?”

152) “It’s not that I’m feeling insecure or needy or that I like to nag or whine. I
don’t. I’m not a naggy or whiney person, he knows this a long, long time ago
even before we go steady. It’s just that I need certain particular responses from

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him in order to feel that I’m loved. I need that reciprocation that’s all. Is it asking
too much? If he cannot attend to this inner needs of mine, he’s better off finding
other people who would be more suitable for him!

153) “I need to know that when you are reading your papers, I can come behind
your back and give you a kiss or a hug and you would respond, or even relate to
me in a romantic way. That’s the moment when I’m opening up my heart. It’s not
that I don’t believe in your love for me, or that I don’t believe that you love me. I
know you do, but when I’m trying to connect with you in an emotional way, and
you respond in a cold, distant way or manner, I would feel miserable and
frustrated. I just hope you would understand my needs at that moment, that all
I’m trying is to express my love for you, many times it’s out of the blue that I do it,
and I hope you would be able to switch into your love mode, and reciprocate,
even if it means only a few seconds, I’ll be satisfied and happy!”

154) “What does love mean to me as a girl? Perhaps I would put it this way, if I’m
unhappy with my work, or something bad happens in my workplace one
particular day, or if I’m unsuccessful in any projects I’m doing, I’ll recover pretty
fast and would be feeling great again if the man of my life just comes along to
lend me a shoulder to cry on, to talk to me, to accompany me, or even better to
cheer me up! That’s how important my relationship is in my life! But, if I feel my
man is not connecting with me in the way I want it, I would be miserable and hurt
all day long, even if on that day I receive news that I’m going to get a promotion
or a salary raise, I would not be happy. I just can’t!”

155) “My success in life is determined by how happy I’m with the love of my life!”

156) “I do not think that I’m too needy, desperate, or insecure; but once I have
accepted you and chosen you as my mate; it would mean I’m putting you first in
all areas of my life; to feel connected with you, and to express my love for you, I
will always want to invest time and energy into this relationship by planning and
creating special memories in advance. It’s as if when you are involved in a
project in your workplace, because you view it as something very important,
you’ll put your heart and soul into planning to ensure that it will be a success.
Similarly, I’ll want to plan special events and occasions, including our dates and
get-togethers in advance, and I’ll love to discuss with you about the plans so that
we can have a happy time together!”

157) “If I feel things are not going well in my relationship, I would feel very guilty,
hurt or even useless that I’m unable to make the relationship close, strong and
lasting! This is how important a happy and harmonious relationship with you is to

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158) “It would seem as like I’m really irritating and bossy when trying to get your
attention and time for myself. It’s not because I’m controlling or unreasonable,
but it’s all because I want and I need to feel connected to you.”

159) “Men can separate their life from their relationship, and most men know how
to get themselves emotionally charged for each of these two components on
separate occasions. They don’t seem to connect them together and view them as
separate areas. If it’s work they have to focus on now, they’ll give their 100%,
and concentrate on getting a good job done. If it’s a problem they have to think
about solving for their buddies, they’ll pour their whole heart and soul into
resolving the issue, so much so that other concerns (including love and romance)
have to step aside first. If it’s love they have to focus on during a particular
moment, they’ll also give their 100%, and they can be absolutely romantic! For
women it’s different. Once she has accepted a guy into her life, her relationship
literally becomes her life! She finds it difficult to separate these two. She’ll have
the man of her life in her mind throughout every single minutes of her day! Her
thoughts are filled with images of him, during work, during play, in the midst of
her meeting, and even during her leisure time!

160) “When we have gone into a relationship with you, whatever it is we do or we
say, what we are doing is not about showing you how much we love you, but that
you are already our first priority in life!”

161) “When you appear cold, unfeeling, and unresponsive to my trying to relate
to you in a loving, romantic, intimate way; my first interpretation would be to think
that you do not love me; my second interpretation would be you do not really love
me as much as I love you; my third interpretation would be you have some one
else in your heart. I have to draw all these conclusions because your pulling
away would convince me these are the most probable reasons why you are so
distant and cold suddenly. So, whatever my interpretation is, I’ll feel there is
something very wrong with me; or that I’m incapable of attracting you and making
you happy, and this makes me very frustrated, hurt, disappointment and
confused. I want you to be happy, that the last thing I want is to see you
frustrated and unhappy yourself too!”

162) “Guys, understand why girls are the way they are when once they have
accepted you as their mate or partner. Girls put love and romance first things in
their life!”

163) “I do not need your effort or energy to give me your attention. I just need to
know, in small gestures, that you appreciate me for who I am – that I’m a girl who
puts love first! It’s the little things that counts, and it doesn’t’ have to cost you
time, energy or money!”

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164) “If I detect that you are unhappy, and that there is a problem in our
relationship, understand that it’s difficult for me to just behave as if every thing is
all right. I will want to fix it, and see what both of us can do about it to create a
more harmonious relationship.”

165) “I will persist in trying to find out how you are feeling when I suspect that you
are not happy. It’s because I want to know if it is because I have done something
wrong, or that I have made you angry. Bear in mind, that I put my love first; this is
why I persist.”

166) “I’m concerned with the state of my relationship with my boyfriend, this is
why I often want to talk about feelings with him, it really has nothing to do with
being insecure or what.”

167) “He’s always complaining that I’m too controlling and always telling him how
to do things. It’s not fair to jump to conclusions about me in this way! What I only
need to hear from him are things like “Baby, you are so sweet to want to spend
time with me, but can you let me finish my report first? It’s very important to me.”

168) “If I ask my man what’s bothering him because he seems distant, cold, and
unresponsive, I would prefer him to let me know: “Honey, I’m thinking about a
project I’m going to do with a client soon. I’ll attend to you as soon as my mind is
clear okay?”

169) “When men are focused on something, it’s usually one thing at a time, and it
can be said that they are really living in another world while in a particular state of
mind. If he’s thinking about soccer, you can be sure that all he’s thinking about is
soccer for that period of time, and it would exclude you (as well as other women,
and this is good news!)”

170) “If I’m trying to get you to talk, to explain, to elaborate further, to make your
feelings known, it’s not because I’m bossy, or controlling, or restrictive, or trying
to change you, or trying to fix you, it’s because I’m concern that everything is

171) “If you feel that your guy is responding in an unloving, unromantic and
distant way, it’s useful to think that guys have an inner secret chamber where
once in a while they have to go in for their own retreat, to recharge, to live out
their own fantasies, or even their dreams. No one else is allowed inside, except

172) “I’m attracted to the guy who can tell me ‘Tell me, how can I be the Number
One boyfriend/husband to YOU?’”

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173) “Women focused on love and on life at the same time. Men focused on love
at one time, and the rest is focused on life – work, achievements, success,
career, sports.”

174) “When a girl faces problem, she’ll think of the guy she loves – missing him,
wishing he is there by her side, wishing he would give her the support she needs
right there and then, thinking his image and face would even uplift her! When a
guy faces a problem, he’ll think of the problem – the solutions, the people
involved, how it’ll affect him and his loved ones, what’s going to happen, etc, etc,

175) “When you ask me to focus on my work, my life, my projects, my interests,
and not to think of you so much, not to love you like the way I do; you are actually
wishing that I’m you! – that I can love you like a man. Guess what, I CAN’T. I’m a

176) “You know, my thoughtfulness, devotion, consistency, and routine, could
easily be mistaken by you are as being controlling, insecure, fearful, dependent,
and needy.”

177) “I like to feel that I’m able to contribute to creating a loving and passionate
relationship with you. This is why I need to feel that I’m doing something, and that
I’m doing my part to make things happen. You can say I get my sense of
achievement from all these doings, such as wanting to plan in advance for our
date this weekend, desiring to go into all the details into making a party a great
success, looking forward to discussing with you our trip this coming holiday, and
such likes. You get a sense of achievement and success from planning and
completing an important project in your work; in a similar fashion, I get my sense
of achievement and success if I can contribute to making my relationship with
you long lasting!”

178) “I met my boyfriend of 6 years at a friend’s party. He just came over to me
and say Hello, and that’s where our conversation started. He wasn’t any more
dashing or bold than other guys in the room, but he was very friendly, to me, as
well to other guests in the room. He just struck me as kind of different from the
rest, and that’s what I liked about him!”

179) “I like to play the hard-to-get game, well, you can say I’m a very cautious
and alert girl, but if you want to win me over, you have to play to win! And, it’s just
too bad if you give up too soon!”

180) “When a guy approached me, I’m secretly feeling impressed and happy!
But, I will not want to show it all on my face or from my body language! Yes, I’m
nervous too, just like him I guessed. If he came off as honest, sincere, and
friendly, I’ll be attracted to him!”

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181) “For me, there’s really no need to use any magical pickup lines. Just a
simple hi or hello, and an interest to know me as a person is sufficient to break
the ice. I prefer to be around with a guy who is relaxed, and who makes sure that
I’m relaxed too. It’s better if he’s not somebody trying to be anybody.”

182) “If you are friendly, easy-going, and approachable, you’ll make a lot of
friends! If you like a girl, it’s really unnecessary to do anything extra or be
somebody different, just be in your normal self – the friendly, easy-going, and
approachable person you are – and you start off by making friends with her, and
getting to know her better. No expectations from her, and no expectations from
yourself. And if she’s not responding, forget about her, she’s even not worth
being a friend!”

183) “I’m attracted to the guy who is beautiful on the inside; that is very important
to me. If he’s beautiful on the inside, he’s beautiful and attractive on the outside.
It just shines through – his attitude, his self esteem, his confidence!”

184) “It’s not necessary how he looks or what he is wearing, if he is comfortable
and relaxed with what’s he’s wearing, whether it’s a suit or a pair of shorts, he
radiates an air of cheerfulness, positiveness, and an irresistible magnetism!”

185) “I think when girls are attracted to his real person, his personality, the looks
become attractive! I guess this explains why some girls are attracted to other
girls! It’s definitely not because of the looks and physique alone, but it has got
something to do with their personality and character. Most of us are attracted to
those inner qualities which we wish we possess in ourselves!”

186) “Looks are important, but it’s definitely not the deciding factor for me when it
comes to choosing a mate. Years ago I fell in love with a man. There was
something in him which attracted me to him – his self confidence, independence,
sensitivity, and, his touch! When I did some self-reflection recently, I realized I’m
attracted to those inner qualities which he possessed; that which I wished I had
in myself. So, guys, do not lose heart if you do not have that handsome good
looks or macho body, your character counts! I’ve now been with my boyfriend for
3 years we currently have a great relationship; I must say I’m more attracted to
his attitude and how he carries himself.”

187) “Often if the guy who is interested in me preserve in his effort to capture my
heart, I tend to believe that he’s really sincere and trustworthy.”

188) “When I like a guy, I would rather he makes the first move, to come up and
talk, just being friendly. But, I would play it cool and not act too interested! So, it
doesn’t mean I don’t like you, or I’m not interested!”

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189) “The more I’m interested in you, the more I may pretend that I’m not, or that
I don’t really care! So, what I really want to see is that you preserve in your effort
in winning over my heart!”

190) “What turns me off on a first date is he just keeps talking about himself, his
life and his family!”

191) “I wish I didn’t go for our first date. He just smashed my good impression of
him. He’s handsome, but he stinks!”

192) “He talks too much of his feelings, and ends up interrupting me. He never
bothers to listen. I just can’t imagine going out with such a guy again.”

193) “I just cannot understand why he keeps talking himself and how he feels all
night during that dinner. I would rather he discusses a common interest BOTH of
us has, talking about a topic BOTH of us would grow and benefit from.”

194) “I’m turned off by the guy who exaggerated his achievements and who he
really was. And if he lied one time, that’s it. It would be the last time I would ever
go out with him again. To attract me he has got to be honest and true to himself.
If he lies one time, there’ll be a second time. And the last thing I want in a
relationship is being kept in the dark when he had another woman in his life.”

195) “If I find out something he said that was not true or even not quite right,
that’s it. He won’t get a second chance ever again.”

196) “If you realize that a girl puts love first, and how important you are to her,
you’ll understand why you’ll never be given a second thought if you lie to her just

197) “Any guy who is too full of himself and who brags about how many girls he
has successfully dated in the past, is an instant turnoff.”

198) “The guy who can attract me is the one who doesn’t have unhealthy lifestyle
or habits, such as drinking too much or smoking.”

199) “I would want my man to flirt with me and only me!”

200) “To attract me, you shouldn’t be talking about what you think or believe that
I want or like! If you are not sure, put on your thinking caps and find out what
your girl likes to do or likes to talk about!”

201) “The guy I dated is a bookworm, and there was one time when he asked me
if I could accompany him to the library as he was working on his research paper.
I suggested that both of us go for a movie I had been longing to see after visiting

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the library, and he agreed. I ended up helping him search for all the books he
wanted, and we spent some time in the library working on his paper. When it was
nearly time to go for the movie, he suggested going on next Friday’s night. It was
such a big disappointment for me. He got what he wanted and I had helped him.
From that day onwards, I never wanted to talk to him or go out with him again. I
just felt being cheated and lied to.”

202) “If you say you are going to call tonight, call me tonight!”

203) “On your dates with me, I would prefer you show genuine interest in me and
my life. Ask me questions and listen to my answers with a keen interest. There’s
really no need to offer solutions or your judgment regarding a certain topic. I like
having a nice and good conversation together, that’s all.”

204) “What makes me happy is you try to become the man who put in your heart
and soul to make me happy, and to let me know that I have your heart.”

205) “Try asking me about my day, before telling me about yours.”

206) “I’m attracted to the guy who is considerate, who makes sure I’m
comfortable and relaxed first before attending to his needs.”

207) “I’m completely turned off by the guy who asks me if he should open doors
for me! Oh gosh, there are certain things you need not have to ask, and I need
not have to tell you. Just do it if you feel it’s appropriate and right. You’ll attract
friends and girls if you are just being very polite and still able to be yourself!”

208) “I would love to secretly know that you have the date planned, and that you
sincerely want both of us to be happy! No point if you are only doing it to impress
me, I want you and myself to be happy too!”

209) “You need not have to sport a know-it-all attitude or to show off your money.
If you plan a creative and fun date for both of us I can tell if you are sincerely and
seriously interested in me. I’m interested in your effort and heart. Not your

210) “Any date is a nice date if both of us can enjoy ourselves and most
importantly, have fun!”

211) “I would be impressed if he does all that a real man does – opening doors
for me, pulling out the chair for me at the restaurant, helping me up some rocky
and dangerous walkway, picking up things which I have accidentally dropped
without me asking him to – in short, a very generous, caring and helpful guy
would make a very generous, caring and helpful husband! This is important to

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212) “If he cares to walk me to my door, it shows he’s a caring person.”

213) “All girls still love the simple, small romantic gestures. They are NOT
outdated, as what most guys believe:
      - Bring a flower
      - Give a handwritten card
      - Send a handwritten love letter
      - Give a handmade craft (girls love the challenge of trying to tell and
          know the person you are from the craft you make for her!)
      - Hold her hand

214) “If he’s just nice to me, and cruel to a dog, I’ll know that he will not always
be nice. And that’s it. He’ll have a lesser chance of winning over my heart.”

215) “I’ll be secretly jealous if he’s nice to another person, especially if it’s a girl;
while at the same time, I’ll be impressed and attracted to him, as I like being with
the guy who is caring, thoughtful and kind to the people around him!”

216) “I’ll like my mate to be a true gentleman – considerate, kind, thoughtful - not
just during our dates, but always and forever.”

217) “If you are punctual for our dates, it tells me that you are dependable, and
this is something important to me!”

218) “He doesn’t rush things. He’s patient, but affectionate at the same time.
He’s touchy, but respects me. He’s sensitive to my feelings, yet strong at the
same time. He’s just such a rare and unique guy who finds the right balance to
make me happy.”

219) “Being able to plan and create a romantic date for myself and for my love
interest makes me very happy!”

220) “My ex-boyfriend doesn’t like to make plans, not even for our trip for the
coming holidays. When I try to get him to discuss and talk about making plans for
the upcoming birthday treats for our parents, for a romantic getaway the coming
weekend, for a short trip overseas, or even a simple thing such as going out for a
movie and dinner the coming Friday, it always seems he doesn’t care a single bit.
He just refuses to talk, saying there is no need to think too much about it, and
complains that I’m being too inflexible and rigid.”

221) “It’s not because women are too controlling, manipulative or stubborn when
they desire to plan something in advance. Many times than not, women love
making plans and planning ahead because she cares to make certain events

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happen, and to make them an exciting and meaningful ones to make their loved
ones happy.”

222) “It frustrates me when my man doesn’t seem to take an interest in what I’m
planning for our dates together. It pains me when he breaks his promise and
chooses to stay home instead of going out with me. Guys, wake up, and realize
that girls take pride in planning ahead, and it’s a joy for her if you can spare some
time to participate in the discussion with her to make whatever she desires a

223) “It’s definitely not that I’m trying to control my man’s time, but I love the
feelings of having something good to look forward to.”

224) “Most guys usually don’t have the urge to ask for help or advice or even
seek ways to improve on things, so one day there’s this guy coming along and
we have a very nice conversation together. He shows an interest in me. He asks
me for my opinions and feedback, and I’m there thinking, ‘wow, this guy is so
different from the rest of the guys who are only thinking for themselves!’. He’s the
only guy who gets my attention.”

225) “My husband often views my offer to help as being very intrusive and
controlling, and many times he hurt my feelings without even realizing it. So,
guys, if you want to attract a girl, change your perception and change your ways
of looking at things. Many times it’s not that we are controlling or critical, it’s just
that we want to be there for you, to be useful, and to help. We are concerned,
and we’ll like to know how we can help, that’s all. If you are that rare guy who
understands why girls are the ways they are, and can readily accept her offers of
help or is all ears to her opinions and feedback, you’ll be able to get her
interested in you with effortless effort!”

226) “Women are born to be nurturing and creative beings, which is why they are
very sensitive to the feelings of other people. Whatever they do, they do not
intend to disapprove of you or your behaviors, they just need to know that you
appreciate their being there for you. Try the following. It could help you win over
the woman of your dreams, helps you improve on your relationship with a
woman, or even save a failing relationship.
       - Realize that women love to plan, create, and improve on things.
       - Allow her the space and freedom to contribute her opinions and
          feedback. Ask “So, what do you think?”, “Any ideas I can make it
          better?”, “Do you think this is nice?”, “What can we do to solve this
       - She’ll be motivated to elaborate more and put on her thinking caps. Do
          not worry whether she has the time to share your burden or whether
          you’ll offend her if you don’t accept her suggestions or opinions.
          Remember that she’ll always find it a JOY to contribute her part! All

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

           she needs to know is that you appreciate her being around to help and
       -   If you know this secret of women, you’ll be tapping into her nurturing
           potential, and if you can react and response in an appropriate way that
           is comfortable to both of you, you’ll make her fall in love with you!

227) “I’ve been hurt and upset by many, many past relationships. And they all
display the same patterns. After I’ve put in all the effort, time, and energy into a
plan or project or purpose for myself and for my mate, he always reacts with the
same annoyance, impatience, and even irritation. Well, it’s fine if he’s not happy
with all the arrangements and plans I have made, but he can just let me know,
discuss with me, and I can make all the necessary adjustments and changes so
that he’ll be happy. There’s really no need to kick up a big fuss over it, or even
show your annoyance and expecting me to know what’s wrong. So, nowadays,
whenever my female friend come along and ask me of my opinions of a guy she
is interested in, I’ll ask her to check with him if he holds this type of confusing
attitude. If he is a man who cannot appreciates why a girl is the way she is, why a
girl does things the ways she does, and if he never bothers to understand girls,
then, she might as well dump him.”

228) “I think if you really see me as controlling, then I’ll be controlling. If you see
me as being commanding and bossy, then I’ll be commanding and bossy. If you
see me as being pushy, then I’ll be pushy. There’s really nothing I can do about
it. All of these are dependent upon your mind, your interpretation. They do not
come from outside; from others. They are created by you, by your own mind.
And, it leads to the same result : a ruined relationship.”

229) “What I would like my man to know is that when I plan or suggest something
for our relationship, I’m not trying to control him or ordering him to do things my
ways (which he often interprets as such!), all I’m trying to is to come out with
better ways of doing things, which is why I offer my suggestions and solutions. If
he doesn’t like them, it’s fine with me, he can just tell me, and discuss with me,
and I’ll respect his decision. But he shouldn’t accuse me of being controlling or
commanding when I’m not! It’s NOT even in my consciousness to tell him what to
do or demanding him to listen to me. If this goes on, I might as well shut up and
be the dumb person in the house. Does he like this to happen?”

230) “To choose a guy over another one, I observe how he reacts and interacts
with other people, especially how he treats his parents, his family, the people
around me, my pet for example; in this way I get to know his character. If he
treats his parents like crap, he’s probably going to treat me in the same way
sooner or later, even though he’s very nice to me at this moment.”

231) “What if she rejects you? You’ll have no problem with it if you have trained
yourself well to be able to think on a newer and higher level, to change your

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

values and viewpoints to every undesirable event that occur in your life. If she
rejects you and it hurts, I assure you it is not the bare fact of that rejection that
hurts. The disappointment comes when your mind which adds something to that
fact. It itself has not power whatsoever to hurt you in any way; it’s your mental
addition that does the hurting. What does your mind add to it? It could be that
you might think she looks down on you. It could be that you might think yourself
as unattractive and lousy. Or you might think that here is just another instance
how unlucky and unwanted you are. So, try this method: see the bare fact, don’t
add to it. When your insight has grown, you’ll banish all your shyness and
dissolve every disappointments or rejections by not mentally adding to your daily
events. One day you’ll come to realize, there are, in fact, no disappointments in
life, only events.

232) “Woman loves the attention from the one they love. Most men nowadays
are impatient to give them the attention their women are yearning for. You need
not have to crack your brains how to give your woman the attention she wants.
Just listening to her and her stories is one of the best approaches to grow her
love for you. If you are wooing this woman, encourage her to tell you of her
hopes and dreams. There is no need to decide whether she is right or wrong in
whatever she has to tell you. Just listen. If you are the only man whom can really
listen to her and understand her, she’ll want you to be her man!”

233) “What attracts him to me? It’s not easy to make the right choice. All girls
dream of getting the guy that they desire. I have to make my choice amongst a
few of them! All of them are equally good, handsome looking, having a good
career, possessing good habits. It was really hard to choose. Then one day, he
(now my husband) popped up at my house with a big surprise for me and my
beloved pet dog! He had planned a birthday bash for Milo that night! He is the
only one I know who has ever done this for Milo; none of my close friends or
family members even bothers about it. I choose him eventually. It’s sweet of him
to be so thoughtful and kind. If he’s thoughtful and kind towards my dog, I know
he will do the same towards me!” So guys, be nice to her family, friends,
neighbors, and even her pets! It makes a big difference in how your girl thinks of

234) “Never keep her waiting for you for whatever reasons. Plan in advance so
you’ll not be late. Being early tells her that the occasion is important to you, and
that you take her seriously. It will tell your woman that her appointment is the
number one thing in your mind no matter how busy or occupied you are.”

235) “Some of the best attraction techniques are made on the spur of the
moment. So learn to be spontaneous, be generous in giving sincere hugs or
physical touches at the right moment. This is what you do, do things which tells
her that she is wanted, but do not advance any further than what is necessary.
Show her respects, keep an appropriate distance – not too close, and yet not too

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

far away; while at the same time give her cues that she is desired. Many girls
love it, and most girls are hooked when they met their right guy who can do this
with tact!”

236) “If you are fearful of her rejection during your dates with her, or scared of
being hurt, just be mindful that women are just as fearful and nervous as you are!
After all, women are not angels. If at times your woman seems to be cold,
unfeeling, or distancing herself from you, be aware that at times they do certain
puzzling things (which most men do not really understand, such as giving cold
shoulders, etc.) to protect themselves from being hurt, or even from being
rejected by you!

237) “I like to do character reading from the day I know him. It’s not really an
intentional act, but I will just make a mental note of his attitudes, how he treats
other people, how he behaves when certain things happen. I’ll look into the little
things he does and reading bigger things into them, such as if someone
accidentally pours a cup of coffee on him I’ll observe how he will react to that little
accident. If he’s forgiving towards that person, I’ll know that he’ll make a forgiving
husband. If he’s walking on a narrow lane behind a slow moving old lady, I’ll
observe if he’s patient enough to follow behind the old woman, or he’ll push her
aside and rush in front of her instead. We are going to live under the same roof
for the rest of our lives you see. Being having to see each other every day for the
rest of our life, I want to know if one day I make a little mistake would he be
forgiving, understanding and patient towards me? Or he would be harsh on me?”

238) “If it gets too cold in the movie theatre, he’ll take off his jacket and give it to
me. Even if I’m already wearing one, he’ll ask me to cover my legs with it. If I’m
hungry, he’ll sneak in some food for me into the movie theatre. I’m thinking
‘That’s very thoughtful of him!’ It’s his thoughtfulness which makes me fall in love
with him!”

239) “What girls really want is romance! If you want this girl, give her what she
wants. Some guys would freak out whenever they hear this word ‘romance’. You
really need not have to crack your brains really hard or spend too much energy,
time or money to know what you are doing is right. Many times, being romantic
often means giving her the attention she wants. She just needs to feel that she is
the number one woman, the sweetest, sexiest, prettiest, most wonderful woman
in your heart. If you can find ways to continuously reinforce her beliefs, not only
will you be able to attract her, but you’ll be able to keep her by your side for as
long as you want! Does it cost a lot to be romantic? Not really:
    1) Ask her how her day is
    2) Tuck a friendly or love note using different methods and in different ways,
        telling her she is on your mind.
    3) If she has offered her help in any of your projects, send her a note saying
        “You are the best!”

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

   4) If she has made you some home made chicken soup, find ways to let her
      know “You are a wonderful person!”

240) “I have a friend whose boyfriend of 3 years was trying very hard to get her
on a date with him, but didn’t really know whether she had any feelings for him or
how to ask her out. One day, she received a very unique and pretty photo sticker
from him in the letterbox. He had squeezed into a photo booth and captured a
silly photo of himself with a dummy doll made out of a piece of cardboard besides
him. On the top of the sticker near to the doll’s head he had had drawn an arrow
and scribbled in his own handwriting: “Wish you were here with me! Free to come
out for dinner tomorrow?” She couldn’t help laughing, but she was hooked, and
accepted the date. Today, she still kept that photo sticker. It was her treasured
possession. They had been friends for a year and had gotten to know each other
in the same church. She never really noticed him much, until that special day
when she received the photo sticker.”

241) “A guy I just got to know recently made a ceramic plate for me and it just
warmed my heart! He loved pottery and made 3 unique plates with the words
“You are special today!”, “Want to go out? Call me ___”, “I like being with you!”.
And on certain days he just sent these plates over to me with some home cooked
food. When I almost finished eating, the hidden messages appeared! I was really
thrilled the first time I received these. I mean, no one really bothers to go this far
to make me happy!”

242) “My boyfriend of 5 years knows that I’m a sporty person, and one day he
has a t-shirt custom made for me with a picture of 2 cartoon figures playing
tennis and these words are embroidered - “You are special!”, with a note asking
me out for a tennis date. I never stop loving him as I think he’s very special too!
One, he does not give me what he thinks I like; he knows that I like tennis. Two,
those words meant a lot to me! It gives me an idea how important I am in his life,
and I love knowing it!”

243) “From young I have been observing how unkind and impatient my father is
towards my mother. And I remember telling myself I’m not going to be with a guy
who is impatient and hot tempered. If you want to attract me, I have to know that
you are a very patient, loving and kind person.”

244) “Shows her that you care! For examples:
       - Teach her how to write a webpage for her favorite pet.
       - Teach her how to program the VCR.
       - Teach her how to fish.
       - Teach her to cook your secret recipe.
In short, don’t just offer the solutions. Teach her the solutions, even if it’s not
easy to teach. Many other people are too impatient to teach or even show her

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

how to do it; most just want to get it over and done with. You can win over her
heart if you can be that some one different and special.

245) “If you take other people for granted after 2 hours, what’s is going to happen
to me if I’m married to you after 3 years?”

246) “I think we girls like hand-made things, especially if you have made them
yourself, I’ll appreciate them! Try to create a simple custom-made puzzle
yourself, and hide these messages inside: ‘Ten Things I like about you.’ Give it to
the girl you like on her graduation day, and let her piece the puzzles together that
night! She’ll squeak with delight when she sees the hidden messages inside!”

247) “Most women are attracted to men who are strong but gentle. By strong I do
not necessary mean physical strength, though it still plays an important part.
Women love you to be self-reliant, independent, successful in whatever you have
set your mind to do, confident of yourself, good self-esteem, with an air of I-don’t-
really-care attitude, thus being in control of most situations and events in your
life. In short, you are a manly man. It’s an irony, but the above qualities are what
make most men appear cold, unfeeling, insensitive, and distanced. So, if you
realize that most women love the gentle giant, that is, a manly man who is gentle,
sensitive, and knowing how to pamper his woman and make her happy, you’ll
know how to create your successful wooing strategy to win over the woman of
your dreams.”

248) “Women love men who seem detached and attached at the same time. You
seem to be living in a world of your own, and women admire you for your ability
to keep your lives AND have a relationship at the same time. You don’t worry
much; and seem to keep your feelings inside of you. To become such a ‘man’,
you have to be complete in your body, mind and soul. You know how to have a
divine life and keep a blissful relationship at the same time. All of these can be
achieved if you would learn how to increase and cultivate your magnetic power
and never ‘lose’ this important power whilst going into a relationship. If you can
preserve your individuality, no matters what happens, you’ll find yourself able to
attract and keep a true love, with effortless effort!”

249) “Learn the art and science of character reading, or tarot card reading. Strike
up a conversation with the girl of your dreams in this topic. You’ll be surprised to
find that most girls are interested in this area. In fact, many girls tend to believe in
destiny and fate, and they are often interested to know who their soul mates are,
how he will look like, what is his character, their compatibility with the type of
guys they like, etc. They may not believe in these arts, but, it does not mean they
are not interested to know more (about their future) if someone can give them
‘expert’ guidance and insight!”

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                                   500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

250) “The more seriously a girl wants you, the more you’ll have to wait until after
marriage to have sex. Every girl likes her guy to be committed to her, and only
her. It’s like a kind of agreement before she will have sex with you. You have to
agree not to get intimate with other girls or date other people.”

251) “I’m turned off by the guy who wants sex right away. If I read that kind of
intention right from the start during our dates, I’ll run away. I believe that the guy
who can wait is the only one who can give true love and create a long lasting
relationship with me.”

252) “I like to know that I’m secure, that the man of my dreams is not dating other
girls behind my back. I want to feel proud of him, that he is a committed and
responsible guy. If he is, I’ll be the envy of all my lady friends!”

253) “Don’t pester me about sex before I’m emotionally ready. If you really want
me, and if you really want a honest relationship with me, you have to learn to wait
and respect me!”

254) “Girls often want more commitment than what their guys are willing to give.
Actually, it’s all about their definition of commitment. For girls, the ways you talk
and behave give them important cues whether you are committed to them or not.
Don’t ask why. Women put love first. This is what made them women. And don’t
forget, they need reassurance every now and then. Many times, it will suffice just
to tell them “I love you. You will always be my one and only.” Just saying this
simple sentence will put most of them at ease, and stop their probing further or
questioning you whether you truly and really love them.”

255) “I usually fight with my boyfriend about commitment. I hate it when he
seems to be unusually quiet and withdrawn, and only knows how to say ‘There’s
nothing wrong.’, when obviously I can sense that something is very wrong.
Whenever he’s like that, I’ll feel very remorseful and frustrated, because it’s my
belief that if he’s committed to me he’ll care enough to let me know what’s going
on, and why is he like that, and I didn’t like to feel that I’m at fault that he’s
behaving in such a cold and distanced manner. It’ll be good if he can tell me
something like “Baby, I’m not in a very good mood now. But it has nothing to do
with you. Give me some time and after I’ve settled my own issue I’ll come and
talk to you ok.” Now, isn’t this better?”

256) “If I’m really serious to go into a relationship or even marriage, I’ll be
constantly on the lookout for signs whether my partner is committed to me, or
whether he lies.”

257) “Sometimes I wonder what’s the real secret behind those blissfully and
happily married couples who can stay with each other for such a long, long time.
It’s not easy. But recently I just read about one such couples and their story

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                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

moved me. One was a famous artist paralyzed from the waist down, and the
other one was a woman ten years younger than him. They met when she worked
as a volunteer and they fell in love. She knew they would never have children.
But she fell in love with him anyway, and they had been together for more than
ten years. Now, what is their secret? The answer is simply this. He is still the
same artist who is passionate about what he is doing for his life. And she is still
the same thoughtful, caring and heart warming lady who volunteer to help those
in need. They decided they didn’t need a man or woman in their lives to make
themselves happy!”

258) “If you want me, ask me how you can commit to me in the way I want it. If
you ask me, it shows that you are willing to try, to put in the effort.”

259) “You should be yourself right from the start, and be absolutely clear what
you are getting yourself into! Know and understand how girls think and behave,
and why they think and behave in the ways they often do. There’s a reason. It’s
not accidental, and many times it’s not because they are manipulative or
controlling. If you are going to marry a girl, know what you are getting yourself
into. To become attached to another person, you have the responsibility to make
this relationship with your girl work for both of you. If you give a girl all of your
attention and affection during your dates with her, know that she’ll expect you to
continue doing the same just as when you are dating and wooing her, even after
marriage, because this is what she understands she is going to get from you right
from the start.”

260) “If you want a long lasting and blissful relationship with your girl, don’t stop
wooing and courting her even after going steady, or marriage. Think that you can
only have her for today, and you’ll instantly feel that you have to treasure her and
win her over and over again to keep her by your side!”

261) “I’m happily married to my husband of 18 years. Our secrets? Finding and
engaging in a meaningful purpose for our life, never stop pursuing our passions.
He told me he never saw himself as being attached to me because of our
marriage; instead he kept wooing me each and every day, and every time he saw
me he’ll find all ways and means to win me over!”

262) “I will want to be with the guy who is sensitive to who I am and what I like. I
do not really fancy flowers, but I’ll be impressed if he gives me a bunch of roses
just for once in my life!”

263) “A hidden note, a surprise home cooked favorite food or dessert brought all
the way from home, a surprise visit; these are what will move my heart! It’s not so
much of the objects, but that it lets me know that he’s thinking about me, and
what I like! It’s his thoughtfulness that counts. This is one of my most memorable.

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                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!

He sent me a bunch of flowers to my office, with a special note scribbled in tiny
hand writing on the stems!!!”

264) “Girl’s definition of time is very, very different from guys. Usually girls keep
very good track of time; so if you are going to promise her something, and it has
to relate to time, make sure you know what you are saying or promising! She
takes what you say very seriously. If you say you are going to call in an hour’s
time, make sure you don’t call after a couple of hours! If you say you are going to
bring the family out on a fishing trip 3 weeks later, make sure you plan and are
sincere about making the trip happen! Always bear in mind that her definition of
time is very different from yours. You do not see it a big deal if you call a couple
of hours later, but to her, it’s a big deal!”

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                                  500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!


       My aim in this book has been to give all you guys out there some much-
needed insight into the way girls think and behave. We’re not really from
different planets after all—we just have different ways of looking at the world and
approaching the opposite gender. But once you start to see things from the
female perspective, it gets easier and easier to learn how to embark on strong,
healthy, lasting relationships.

     I hope you use these tips wisely and well to meet the woman of your
dreams—and keep her around for a long, happy time.

       And if you’ve already met the woman of your dreams, I hope you take
these secrets and suggestions and turn your relationship into something even
more special, resilient, and long-lasting than it was before.

      I wish you luck and love!

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           500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know!


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