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					Varnicoat plant list

About the CompAny
A powerful gravure production plant in the uK, polestar Varnicoat specialises in time sensitive magazines,
newspaper supplements, and catalogues for leading publishers.

 Four high speed Gravure presses – including the UK’s first 3.52 metre press  – ensure the company has 
the firepower in the pressroom that allows high  volume publications to be manufactured in the shortest 
possible time.

 Stitching and finishing operations can be carried out in-line using  modern, high-speed stitchers and rotary 
trimmers, adding value and  further time savings to schedules by providing press-finished products.  Two 
presses are also equipped with inkjet numbering facilities.

Polestar Varnicoat has the flexibility to deliver anything from A5 tabloid  in section sizes from 32 pages to 
224 pages.  

Varnicoat’s presses are fed by its state of the art data processing and  cylinder manufacturing facility, 
which has the capacity to handle and  produce 200 cylinders a week. Data can be received via a variety 
of  platforms from anywhere in the world, and with the ability to engrave  cylinders in 30 minutes, the 
speed and flexibility of this service facilitates  the incorporation of any last minute changes or corrections 
from customers.

FSC and peFC accredited

 Roto gRavuRe pResses                     units    a4 pages *                   Notes

1 x KBA TR5B                              8        84, 72, 64, 60, 56, 48,      Each press is equipped with one 5/5 folder In-line stitching and trimming. 
                                                   40, 36, 32, 28, 24,          Max web width 2144mm
                                                   20, 16

1 x Cerutti                               8        120, 108, 96, 84, 80, 72,    In-line stitching and trimming and ink jet numbering, with 5/5 and 7/7 folders. 
                                                   64, 60, 56, 48, 40, 36,      Max web width 2450mm
                                                   32, 28, 24, 20, 16

3 x Cerutti 335R                          8        144, 132, 120, 108, 96,      In-line stitching and trimming with twin folders. Max web width 3520mm
                                                   88, 84, 80, 72, 64, 60, 
                                                   56, 48, 44, 40, 36,32, 
                                                   28, 24, 20, 16

saddle stitchiNg                                   stations                     Notes

3 x SHT Ferag gatherer/stitching system            5                            4 section feeders, 1 WMK card gluer, up to 5 loose inserts. SNT Trimmer, ETR insert stations, 
                                                                                cross strapping, heat shrink wrapping.   WS Mini Disc Station

1 x Muller Martini 301 gatherer/stitching system   7                            1Robatech card glueing system. 4 loose inserts. Cross strapping. Heat shrink wrapping. 
                                                                                Max size 300mm x 235mm. Min size 148mm x 105mm

2 x Ferag ‘Off line’ inserting systems                                          WS/WUS winding/unwinding stations. 4 loose inserts. Cross strapping. Heat shrink wrapping