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...in the lead up to Christmas Maidenhead hosts a number of
exciting events for everybody to enjoy.
27 november        Christmas Lights Switch On                                                   st Ives Road, high street
                   spectacular switch on with live entertainment and fireworks.                      + nicholsons Centre
                   activities throughout the day at the nicholsons Centre including the chance to meet santa!

28 november        Meet Santa                                                                             nicholsons Centre
5 + 12 december    see santa for Free at the nicholsons Centre

1 december         One Snowy Night - A Tale from Percy's Park by Nick Butterworth norden Farm Centre
                   a spectacular Christmas show for all the family running 1st december – 2nd january           for the arts

11 december        Noisy Lantern Parade                                                 high street + nicholsons Centre
                   presented by norden Farm Centre for the arts – workshops start at midday with parade at 3pm

2 + 16 december    Maidenhead Produce Market                                                                    high street

12 december        Reindeer and Friends                                                                         high street

12 - 24 december   Christmas at the Nicholsons Centre                                                     nicholsons Centre
                   Get your gifts wrapped through our Charity gift wrap service,
                   enjoy our Carol singers... see www.nicholsonsshoppingcentre.co.uk for full details

12 december        Farmers’ Market                                                                      Grove Road Car park
                   10am – 1pm

23 december        Christmas Farmers’ Market                                                                    high street
                   Last chance to buy food and drink from the Farmers market ready for Christmas day

                   enjoY maIdenhead
                   for more information visit: www.enjoymaidenhead.com

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