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					                                 December 2007

   We seek to develop people, especially unemployed people, socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

   Against the odds!
   Ncebakazi’s began life with the                   immediately that I had found my second
   odds stacked against her. She was                 chance.” ncebakazi felt drawn to do the
   just a child when her mother left                 Graphic Design course because she had
   her and her siblings with a sister-               achieved a 96% average for Computer
   in-law and disappeared leaving no                 Skills at school.This smart student’s school
   contact details.                                  subjects were Maths, physics, economics
                                                     and Biology with the languages english,
   ncebakazi was sexually abused by her              afrikaans and Xhosa. “I was always top of
   father when she was nine years old. Once          my economics class”, says ncebakazi with
   she had laid a charge of rape against him,        a proud sparkle in her eyes.
   conflict arose between her relatives.
   Despite being acquitted of the charges,           after graduating from her Computer
   he committed suicide shortly after the            Skills course, she worked on different
   trial. her aunt became abusive towards            Zakhele beading projects in the Business          ncebakazi Vokwana                    age: 22
   Ncebakazi and she fled to relatives.              Resource Centre.                                    “...I want to provide for my children
                                                                                                             and give them a bright future.”
   She fell pregnant with her second child           On the 18th of October, SaFM
   in Grade 12. “I was unable to write my            requested a telephonic interview                  offered her a casual position in his
   final exams because my school fees were           with one of lte’s graduates and the               company as the Office Administrator
   unpaid. The principal literally chased me         pR Manager, Candice Collins asked                 citing her good communication skills as
   off the school property after I begged to         ncebakazi to talk about her experiences           his reason for doing so. ncebakazi has
   be allowed to write and the stress caused         on radio. “I knew that ncebakazi’s life           been working part-time for Mr naidoo
   me to go in to early labour”.                     story would resonate with many young              and on Zakhele contracts and says that
                                                     women in Sa today and her warmth                  she is learning so much. “I still dream of
   ncebakazi moved to Khayelitsha in 2006            and positive attitude to life just shone          writing my Matric and developing myself
   to look for work and lived with a kind            through in the interview” says Candice.           further but for now, I want to provide
   friend who supported them both on her             after hearing the interview, Mr naidoo            for my children and give them a bright
   domestic worker’s salary. ncebakazi says          of “Separate Trash and Recycle” called            future” says ncebakazi.
   “I spotted the lte sign one day and knew          ncebakazi to commend her and

                                                                          Hermanus Build Begins
                                                                          We are blessed to have received R3.1 million from
                                                                          petroSa toward our hermanus building fund. Based on current
                                                                          preliminary tenders submitted to lte’s management, it is
                                                                          clear that we still need at least R3 million more to meet
                                                                          building costs. This is a clear indication of rising building
                                                                          industry costs and so, our fundraising activities for this building
                                                                          project continue.

                                                                          please contact Charles Grey:
                                                                          for more information.

Features    InDlala IphelIle      poverty is over!   p.2    BRC - ZaKhele        Well Travelled.....   p.4    STaFF neWS      Retreats and plans.     p.7

    Indlala Iphelile - poverty is over!
having lost her parents at a very early age, Vuyelwa was unable to continue her
schooling past primary school level as she had no financial support. Her lack of
education has not afforded Vuyelwa many job opportunities. She worked as a
domestic for one day a week until her employer encouraged her to register with
lte. Despite struggling in the beginning and considering dropping out, Vuyelwa
completed lte’s sewing course. She also attended literacy lessons to help her with
Xhosa literacy. “My self esteem was very low when I came to lte but I attended the
Life Skills program. I now have confidence and self esteem’’. Vuyelwa intends opening
her own business in the eastern Cape after graduating on the 4th December 2007.
                                                                                          Vuyelwa ntwangu                 age: 22
                                                                                          hermanus Graduate
                                                                                          Married with one child

                                             nophelo did domestic work until a graduate told her about lte’s sewing course and
                                             she decided to stop working and to register for the course. her husband supported
                                             their family while she trained at lte. nophelo completed her training in July 2007 and
                                             already has a sewing business where she specializes in traditional wear and offers
                                             an alterations service. “I do not regret the decision I made because I can run my
                                             business while I take care of my two year old son at home” says nophelo. She says that
                                             she enjoyed the worship services at lte because they taught her to understand her
                                             relationship with God. Business is booming as community members begin placing their
    nophelo nthsele                age: 27   clothing orders for the traditional ceremonies held during the December holidays.
    hermanus Graduate
    Married with two children

anna has not had formal employment since her wedding in 1980. as a “makoti” (newly
married Xhosa woman), anna ran a small sewing business from home. Being unable to
supplement her husband’s income adequately, she visited the local library to source
new baking recipes. her love for baking grew and in 2004, anna completed a baking
course with LtE. Muffins and plain doughnuts are her most popular goods and she
regularly receives orders from the community and supplies a local school daily. anna
occasionally caters for lte’s Odd Cup Coffee Shop as well. “My life is so much easier
now that I can bake. On some days when the cupboards are bare, I quickly whip up
a dozen muffins, take to the streets and sell them all. On that evening, my
husband and I will have supper on our table.” says anna.                                  anna Smous                      age: 52
                                                                                          Khayelitsha Graduate

                                             The festive holidays and 2008 are looking especially promising for
                                             these five Woodwork students. During their recent work-shadow
                                             placements at local furniture-making businesses, they were offered employment
                                             following the completion of their training at lte. By the time our readers receive
                                             this newsletter, they should be happily earning an income after an intensive 15 weeks
                                             of theoretical and practical training with us. “These guys have demonstrated
                                             positive attitudes and a willingness to learn both in the classroom and in the
                                             workplace. Their efforts have been rewarded and I am very pleased.” says leslie
                                             Grimwood (Woodwork School Instructor).
    l-R: Thobani Dudumashe, Mbulelo
    ntwanambi, phumlani Mqwebedu,
    Chumani Booi and Simosakhe Mvandaba

2                                         SeRVInG the unemployed for 18 years                                        December 2007

The LtE
The association encompasses autonomous groups,                         prospect of having access to a resource pool of individuals
organisations and individuals desiring to replicate the lte            who will have a holistic, quality grounding
model within their communities with our assistance. This               before stepping into employment.
replication takes a similar, however reactive approach to the
business franchise model and involves a participative,                 The association has a further four
grassroots level community analysis. Institutional landscaping,        organisations      from      north     West
business surveying and action-learning focus group sessions are        province, Kwazulu-natal, Free State and
facilitated, after which the research findings are interpreted and     Gauteng who are in the process of signing
interventions planned accordingly.                                     their respective Memoranda of Understanding and with
                                                                       whom we will be conducting community analyses next
We are currently conducting community research                         year. not all of these organisations are working within a
in the langa community for our first official association              specific geographic community but more with an urban
member: phambili nge Themba. This exercise serves to                   people group. For example, one of the communities has
market and raise funds for phambili nge Themba while                   formed based on profession, as opposed to location. This poses
developing networks with langa’s surrounding business                  an interesting challenge for the association to adapt its model
sector. It also provides a clear indication of the temperature         and community research.
on the ground with regard to issues of development and
poverty etc.                                                           Due to the rapid increase of organisations making a decision to
                                                                       join the association and the significant increase in enquiries, the
The response of businesses has been diverse; one business              association needs to formalise and structure itself to manage
matter of factly told us that they “have absolutely no                 this growth and demand, while finding ways to sustain itself.
interest or involvement in community development” while the
business next door to them is extensively involved in                  For more information please contact Keri Delport on
numerous charities in and around their community.             or +27 (0)21 685-0540.
Furthermore, some businesses refused to speak to us at
all while others welcomed us and were excited at the                                 phambili nge Themba Reasearch Team

    l-R: Keri (lte), loyiso, nomonde, Unathi, nomonde, nontsikelelo, Tracey-anne, Keenen, Thembinkosi, nicole-Jane, neil, andrea, Xolani,
          Monique, Safaa, Zukisa,Vumile, Thokozile, Ongama, abongile, Tim (phambili nge Themba), Zelekazi, Thembisa, noloyiso, Zine.

December 2007                                paRTneRS for a BeTTeR future.                                                                  3

                                   Branch Reports
Getting on with the job
On Wednesday, 17 October 2007, our new administrator,
Xolela Skali, started his time with us. I am sure that you will
learn more about Skali (as he is known) in future editions of this
newsletter but the significance of his arrival is that it ended a five
month period during which we had been without an incumbent
in that position.
                                                                                                   nandipha works on an abalone basket
all in all, we have been short-staffed during this year – both our
BRC Manager and our administrator left at the end of March,
we have been without a Discipleship trainer for some time and
our Director was on long leave for eight weeks. It has been a
challenging time for the staff at learn to earn and it has been
challenging for me to keep a finger on the pulse of the diverse
happenings in the life of learn to earn.
                                                                         I am pleased to report that eight of the nine students from our
                                                                         home Management course who graduated in July are employed
It is for this reason that I am always so pleased to see how the
                                                                         and are doing well in their new workplaces. With the help of
staff of learn to earn simply ‘get on with the job’. as I write,
                                                                         two Support Group members, Rochelle linney and alna Wolff,
Business Skills students are quietly being trained, as are 17
                                                                         we have started a Sewing project in Buffeljagsbaai, 30 km away
Sewing students – in a make-shift classroom while their
                                                                         from Gansbaai.This fishing community of fewer than 200 people
training room is being painted. Ten Woodwork students started
                                                                         faces issues of poverty, social ills and abalone poaching. There
their two week work-shadow placements today and five Basic
                                                                         has been renewed community interest in our sewing course, so
Computer Skills students completed their course last week.
                                                                         much so that we are offering a third course this year. previously
Our Business Skills trainer is back from training his second
                                                                         we struggled to fill two courses a year.
group of students at pollsmoor prison. Two weeks ago, our
Sewing Training Manager ran a customized workshop for three
                                                                         With the help and financial support of Anthony Heyns from
ladies from Craddock.
                                                                         Thoughtfully Yours, we have been able to re-start our language
                                                                         Skills training. We are working through one of the adult Basic
Well done to all the staff members who, like paul in the
                                                                         education Trust manuals which is also used by the Department
Scriptures, set an example by the work they do.
                                                                         of education.
                                                    Susan Wishart
                                                                         Zakhele projects & Job placements
                                                                         an abalone team member, ncedo, has been placed at an
                                                                         abalone farm and he is very relieved to have found a
                                                                         permanent job. Three newcomers have joined the abalone team
                                                                         and have been trained on all the manufacturing aspects of
                                                                         the project. Well done to the entire team, old and
                                                                         new, because the total turnover for September and October
                                                                         was just under R70 000. We currently do repair work
                                                                         on canvas products like tents, covers, umbrellas, bags and
                                                                         trampolines as well as manufacturing of bags for
                                                                         the abalone farms in our Sewing Zakhele. Two
                                                                         sewing graduates have been placed in permanent positions
                                                                         at Ilembu and Cotton Stories, respectively.

                                                                         We are grateful to Our God for his faithfulness.
                                                                         “Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous:
                                                                         The lord’s right hand has done mighty things!” ps 118:15
             learning new skills in the Woodwork class                                                                      Rina Maree

4                                 VIeW our products at                                           December 2007

          Business Resource Centre


                                                                                                                               KHAYELITSHA - NEW YO
           Few South africans would think
                                             of Khayelitsha as being a cosmo
           the products we produce for our                                    politan place but we can assure
                                              various clients are very well trav                                  you that
                                                                                 elled indeed!
           Over the past few months we
                                                have been involved in a num
          a beading project with nam                                              ber of income generating pro
                                            etag for drinks coasters that                                            jects:
          have worked with Tag Rugby                                             are being sent to new Yor
                                              promotions on tag rugby kits                                          k; we
          purposes for school children                                              that are sold for rugby trai
                                            and adults alike in the UK and                                            ning
          a client that are to be sent to Gap                                      we have made shopping bags
                                               stores in europe and the USa. We                                        for
          customized conference bags and                                              have also been involved in making
                                              folders for various organisatio
         attended by delegates from all                                           ns hosting conferences that will
                                            over the world. The bags are                                                be
         graduates and we know that the                                        sturdy and beautifully beaded
                                           y will be taken home and used for                                      by our
                                                                                some time to come.
         With this global reach, it is goo
                                           d to know that in the first five

                                                                                                                                                    RK - LONDON
         have been able to help our graduate                                months of our current financial
                                              s earn more than R105 000 in Kha                                   year, we
         opportunity to grow in confidence                                         yelitsha alone, while giving them
                                              and skills.                                                             the
         We thank all those who partne
                                       r with us to make this possible
         ongoing blessings we receive.                                 and we continue to be mindful
                                                                                                     of the

                                                                                                       Susan Wishart

   Zakhele: Build for yourself

December 2007                              paRTneRS for a BeTTeR future.                                                                                          5

Director’s note                                                Millennium Development Goals

On the 17th October 2007, the International Day              president Thabo Mbeki addressed the delegates at the
for the eradication of poverty, staff and students           62nd session of the Un General assembly on the 25th
stood with millions worldwide to illustrate our              September 2007. he reminded them of their Millenium
commitment to the fight against poverty and inequality.      Declaration commitment in which they said:
This “Stand Up, Speak Out” campaign was arranged to
encourage the 189 world leaders who attended the
                                                                     We will spare no effort to free our fellow men, women
United nation’s Millennium Summit in 2000 to
honour their commitment. They had unanimously                                and children from the abject and dehumanizing
adopted a visionary document called the Millennium
                                                                       conditions of extreme poverty.We are committed to
Declaration and the overall goal is to “end poverty
by 2015.”                                                            making the right to development a reality for everyone
                                                                             and to freeing the entire human race from want.
This declaration is now known as the Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs). These goals are listed on
this page. however, halfway to 2015, we still have 1200      president Thabo Mbeki’s comments on it were to say: “Yet,
million people struggling to survive on less than one        the poor whose hopes have been raised many times as we
dollar a day; 50 000 people die every day of extreme         make declaration after declaration against poverty and under-
poverty; 113 million children do not have access to          development, and as we are doing today on climate
primary education; of every four children born - one will    change, can be forgiven for thinking that this important
not reach the age of five; more than 13 million children     global leadership many a time sounds like an empty
are orphaned due to hIV/aIDS and the gap between the         vessel… however, this organisation, which should
rich and the poor is getting wider.                          pride itself with visible actions and results in the fight
                                                             against climate change and poverty, would find it
It does raise a fundamental question of “how to..?”          difficult to demonstrate decisive progress in this regard.”
The “Stand Up, Speak Out” campaign on the 17th
October 2007 was the first time LtE was called on to         excerpts from new african                   magazine, Issue       468.
participate. Until then we have had no form of interaction
or input around these goals. To date, we have done
searches online and have tried in vain to make contact
with Trusts or Funds set up under this name.                   Millennium Development Goals
as much as it is my hope and prayer that these goals are
reached; this exercise again affirms for me that for some,                   eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
the reality of their world exists in the academic exercise
of their mind and not practically.
                                                                             achieve universal primary education
as we approach Christmas, I am mindful that the MDG
goals have in one way or another been a scriptural
challenge for us for centuries. It is my prayer that this                    promote gender equality and empower women
Christmas you will enjoy the blessings of Jesus Christ’s
birth and that we shall make a commitment in the new
year to continue with having a cause outside of ourselves                    Reduce child mortality
and our families. The learn to earn Team wishes you a
Merry Christmas and a blessed new Year.
                                                                             Improve maternal health
every Blessing

                                                                             Combat hIV/aIDS, malaria and other diseases

                                                                             ensure environmental sustainability
Roché van Wyk
Director, learn to earn
                                                                             Develop a Global partnership for Development
                                                             © UnDp Brazil

6                              FOR DOnaTIOnS please call +27 (0)21 685 0540                                         December 2007

       Staff news
                                                                 Staff Retreat 2007                - Time to receive
                                                                 “Oh lord, how manifold are they works! In wisdom hast thou
                                                                 made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.” ps 104: 24

                                                                 From the 2nd to the 5th of august 2007, the learn to earn staff
                                                                 enjoyed a tranquil retreat at “Carmel by the Sea” which is
                                                                 just outside of George. Scenic walks, delicious meals and fun
                                                                 group activities were on the programme while responsibility,
                                                                 consequences and perseverence were themes explored on
                                                                 the trip.

                                                                 We were thoroughly blessed and educated on this trip and we
                                                                 give God all the glory for the opportunity.

                                                                 plans for 2008 - Time to give
                                                                                       habitat for humanity South africa
                                                                                       is a non-profit, non-governmental
                                                                                       Christian housing organization dedicated
                                                                                       to the elimination of poverty housing in
                                                                                       South africa and committed to making
                                                                                       decent shelter a matter of conscience and
                                                                                       action. Their vision is to provide a
                                                                                       “a world in which every person has a
                                                                                       decent place to live”.

                                                                          Historically, only the staff benefit from our
Charles Amos, a LtE board member for five years has been                 retreats. next year, I would like to extend an
led by God to donate a collection of his own paintings to lte.           invitation to our board members, supporter
These paintings are displayed at our Head Office                        network and their families as well as our staff’s
in Rondebosch.
                                                                              families to build a house under the
Charles writes: “The painting in the boardroom depicts a poor            auspices of habitat for humanity, says Roché.
rural worker leaving the farm to go to the big city to find a
better life. Often these people are not skilled and find
themselves in dire straits. here is the value of lte to these    The proposed building of a house in Mfuleni, Western Cape will
people in giving them a chance to equip themselves to            take place on the 8th to the 12th September 2008. learn to
build a better life. The others are imaginary landscapes. The    earn has two targets for the build: we need to raise R68 000 and
viewer is invited to create their own understanding of the       also provide at least 15 people per day for the five days.
image. here again is the importance of lte in broadening
peoples’ understanding of themselves and the world we live in.   Should you wish to be involved and/or make a donation, please
Without imagination vision fails.”                               deposit into learn to earn’s bank account (supplied on back
                                                                 page of this newsletter) with ref: hBMBld. please contact
Thank you Charles for your generosity!                           Candice Collins on for more info.

December 2007        FOR DOnaTIOnS please email                                                    7

    BRC Partners
                                                                            S.a. OFFICe COnTaCT
It has been a good year for the Business Resource Centre with               Tel: (021) 361 5972
                                                                            Fax: (021) 361 5957
our products being marketed and sold from four new retail                   email:
outlets and one existing organisation. lte appreciates these      
                                                                            See our website for additional information and back issues of the
partnerships that have resulted in numerous orders and job                  newsletter.
opportunities for our graduates.
                                                                            S.a. SUppORTeRS
                                                                            please send your donation to:
                                                                            learn to earn, p.O. Box 18123, Wynberg, 7824 South africa.
                                                                            Tel: (021) 685 0540
               ww                                                           Fax: (021) 685 0544
                 w                                                          email:
                                        The Good Shop is an online          (all donations received from Sa tax-payers are tax deductible under

                                        shop which selects its products     Section 18a of the Income Tax act)

                                        from causes that promote skills     n.p.O. no.: 005-073
                                                                            VaT Reg. number: 4210 172 468
                                        development and self-reliance,
                                        giving people practical skills to   S.a. Bank Details
                                                                            account: learn to earn Bank: aBSa, Main Road, Wynberg
                                        help them secure a sustainable      Branch no.: 50 53 09 Current acc. no.: 450 151 424

                za                      income.
               ww                                                           IRelanD SUppORTeRS
                 w                                                          please send your donations to:
                                                                            learn to earn c/o Don and Janet Casey

                                        The love project is situated on     Brides Glen,

                                        Kloof Street in Cape Town City      Co. Dublin 18
                                        Bowl and is a “shop making a

                                        difference”.                        Contact person in Ireland:
                                                                            Don and Janet Casey
                za                                                          Tel. (353 1) 2822765

                                                                            Fax: (353 1) 2826696
                                                                            (all gifts are tax recoverable under

                                                                            Gift aid Scheme).

                                        Babazeka is “an online store that
                                                                            U.K. SUppORTeRS                                  U.S.a. SUppORTeRS
                                        is socially aware”.                 please send your donations to:                   please send your donations to:
                                                                            Stewardship Services                             african leadership
                                                                            FReepOST (eDO 5086),                             p.O. Box 682 444,
                 m                                                          loughton, essex, IG10 3BR                        Franklin, Tn 37068-2444
                                                                            Clearly indicate that your gift is               Clearly indicate that it is for
                                                                            for learn to earn                                learn To earn – South africa
               ww                                                           (all gifts of £30.00 or more are tax             (all donations tax deductible)
                                                                            recoverable under Gift aid Scheme).

                                                                            (Reference no.: 77579)

                                        Sibanye economic empowerment        Contact person in the UK:                        Contact person in USa:

                                        “is a township-based, non profit,   Susan Sochart                                    Bruce Otto
                                                                            Tel: +44 (0) 79587 749296                        Tel: +1 (312) 642 7515
                                        craft marketing body” and is a      email:           email:
                                        partner for three years now.

                                        eKasiKrafts is based in Bayside

                                        Mall in Tableview. Their aim is        Learn to Earn/ Maserati Golf Day 2008

                                                                               Date:            Thursday 20th March 2008
                                        to bring crafts manufactured in

                                                                               Venue:           De Zalze Golf Club
                                        the townships to South africans        Time:            11h30
                                        by setting up kiosks in major
                                        shopping centres.                      Businessman’s Feedback Breakfast

                                                                               Date:            Thursday 10th april 2008
                                                                               Venue:           learn to earn, Khayelitsha
                                                                               Time:            07h30

8                                                                                                                 December 2007

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