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					    Rabbi Robert A Jacobs                                                  Rabbi Emeritus Hillel Avidan
                                                                                                                                            Bet David Sisterhood
                                                                                                          Sisterhood Monthly Meeting: November meeting Wednesday 17th, 10.00 in the
                                                                                                          Sisterhood Cottage. New members are most welcome. For information please contact Jo
                                                                                                          Norris, Chair, 0832666425.
                                Bet David Weekly News                                                     Sisterhood Kitchen: Order Neria‘s Blintzes, Kichel and Herring to enjoy at home and
                                        Ad Kan                                                            support our Sisterhood! Blintzes R60/doz; Kichel R20. Phone Sharon 011-783 7117.
      3 Middle Road Morningside / P O Box 78189 Sandton 2146 Tel: +27 11 783-7117 Fax: +27 11 883-8991    Feeding Schemes: Sunday 28th November—Next Food Collection for Sisterhood‟s
                                         Office hours 9 am – 2 pm                                         feeding schemes in Alexandra, 9am–1pm at Pick n Pay South Road and Hyde Park. Please
     Email:, Website:                 think about this, perhaps you can help us for 1 hour! Call Lesley Rosenberg 083-236-6823.
                        SAUPJ: WUPJ:                                      Also assist by bringing non-perishable grocery items to services.
      SA Union of Temple Sisterhoods:; SAJBD:
                                                                                                          Sisterhood Shop: Gift presentations, Jewellery imported from Israel; ―Shabbat on the
                    CSO – 086 18 000 Call in emergencies or suspicious activity
                                                                                                          Move‖ travelling boxes, Judaica & gifts, personalised towels, baby blankets, Turkish
                                   Shabbat Vayetsei
                                                                                                          Delight. Proceeds support Sisterhood projects; Items on view in the display cabinet in
                          13th November 2010 – 6th Kislev 5771
                                                                                                          the shul foyer. Purchases may be made via Sharon in the office 011-7837117.
                                 SHABBAT SERVICES
                                                                                                                                              Community Events
FRIDAY EVENING 18:00 Kabbalat Shabbat Service/Children‘s Service 3-7 yrs
                                                                                                          Sunday 14th November 19.30 RCHCC (RABBI CYRIL HARRIS COMMUNITY CENTRE):
SATURDAY MORNING: 8:30 Religion School [Weekly until 27th November], Torah
                                                                                                          Award winning documentary „Homage to Chagall, the colours of love‟, R50.00 (including
Breakfast 2nd & 4th weeks of month—next: 13th & 27th November.
                                                                                                          refreshments) Glenhove Rd & 4th Street Houghton, RSVP Hazel or René (011 728
SATURDAY MORNING 10:00 Shabbat Shacharit Service Followed by B‘rachah
                                                                                                          8088/8378) email:
BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS: Last Friday evening of each month. Next: 26th November.
                                                                                                          Wednesday 17th November 2010, 19.30—The Seventh Franz Auerbach Interfaith
                           Calendar of Congregational Events                                              Memorial Lecture, Beit Emanuel, 38 Oxford Road, Parktown (Oxford Rd/Third Avenue)
Friday 12th November 18.00 Kabbalat Shabbat. Private copies of Mishkan T‘filah can                        Prof. Raymond Auerbach (Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth) and Christina
be collected before the service or from the office during regular office hours.                           Auerbach. The golden thread in Kabbalah, Vedanta and Plato. Light refreshments after
Saturday 13th November 08.30 Religion School 08.30 Torah Breakfast—meet Mishkan                           the lecture. RSVP 011 646 6170
T‟filah, our new Siddur. Tour Guide: Rabbi Jacobs. Refreshments sponsored by Desmond
& Ashley Sweke. 10.00 Shabbat Service followed by a Bracha sponsored by Len & Sandy
                                                                                                                              Machaneh Z'richa 2010 December 13th - 26th
Bruhns in honour of the naming of their daughter Emma Julia.
                                                                                                          Netzer's Machaneh is a fantastic opportunity for the youth of our community to explore
                       International Mitzvah Day at Bet David                                             their Judaism, develop a meaningful connection to their heritage, and form life-long
                     Sunday 21st November 2010, 14.00-16.30                                               bonds with fellow participants in a fun and educational environment.
Bet David, together with Beit Emanuel & Temple Israel, will be hosting a concert and tea                           Many children in our community are keen to experience the magic of camp, yet
to honour parents and grandparents. Please join us for this event! RSVP for catering                      are unable to do so for financial reasons. We are raising funds to subsidise Machaneh
purposes to synagogue office 011-783-7117 or                                         experiences. Netzer offers these services: Babysitting - Birthday parties (for ages 6-
Sponsor a “goodie bag” for our guests by donating R100. Contact Jo Norris 083 266                         12) - Hebrew lessons (basic level, all ages) Jackie on 082 855 5199 can arrange services
6425 or the shul office. For more information about this international effort at tikkun                   to meet your needs. Any donations will be welcomed.
olam, visit ―Our mission is to fight poverty, to help our                                               Visitors‟ Day Invitation to Machaneh Z‟richa
environment and to bring a little joy where it is needed – through social projects rather                 You are invited to experience a taste of Netzer at machaneh on Tuesday December 21 st
than fundraising.‖ Thanks to „Goodie Bag‟ sponsors (to date): Desmond & Ashley Sweke,                     at 17:30 for 18:00 on site in Glen Cairn. This will be a fun and memorable evening where
Phil Rosenberg, Pam Birch, Jaci Schultz, Bron Schultz, Ron Klipin, George Levin, Trevor &                 you, as our community get to see exactly what it is we do on Netzer Machaneh! Venue:
Mimi Egnal, Barry Berold, Robert Capper, Yael Turis, Nadav Turis, Adele and Daniel                        Rotary Camp site, Glen Road, Glen Cairn. Time: 17:30 – 20:30. A dinner will be served at
Bloom, Cheyney Travis, Chaim Travis, Monica Solomon, Joe Steven, Myrna Margo, Rabbi                       R35 (adults) & R25 (children). Please R.S.V.P to for catering
Robert Jacobs, Lynton Travis, Gary Meyers & Shannon Frost, Roger Scheublé, Penny                          purposes. We look forward to seeing you there! Hayley Kornblum, Rosh Machaneh
Satikge, Steven Solomon, Susan & Michael Tucker, Molly Kretzmer, Maddie Rose, Evelyn
Herzfeld, Carol & Peter Alexander, Gail Scheublé, Dr David & Cindy Lurie, Arnold
                                                                                                                Ad Kan is emailed on Thursdays. Deadline is noon on Tuesday each week.
Mendelowitz, Marion Hassall, Sandy Levenberg, Giddy Lief, Rhona Lief, Eileen Mills.
                                    Weekly Yahrzeits                                                                             Mishkan T‟filah
Harry Cohen remembered by Pat Van Flymen, Jack Plimsoll remembered by Pam Sher,              New Siddurim are at Bet David. Personal copies can be picked up this Friday prior to
Philip Kupowitz remembered by Rebecca (Bucca) Jankes, Louis Goldman remembered by            services or during regular office hours. Our first service is planned for 13th November,
Jaye Groneman, Abraham Gordon remembered by Kenneth David Gordon, Annie Jankes               using the new book. Chanukat haSiddur—Consecration of the Siddur is planned for early
remembered by Jack Jankes, Yetta Barwin remembered by Sylvia Borstein, Fred Sinek            2011 at Bet David. See upcoming issues of Adkan for more details.
remembered by Michael Sinek.
                          Speedy Recovery-Refuah Shleimah                                                                          Torah Comment
                  Sue Randall, Sid Nomis, Pat van Flymen, Judith Goldin                      Vayetsei Year I, Genesis 28:10-30:13 (Plaut p. 195; Hertz p. 106)
Please notify the office should you or any member of your family experience ill health. In   Haftarah Hosea 12:13-14:10 (Plaut p. 214; Hertz p. 118)
event of family emergency call Rabbi Jacobs at the earliest possible time.                            Jacob moves into centre stage of the narrative of Genesis as he makes his way
                                         Welcome                                             from Gerar to Haran. He has little with him, except for the all-important blessing of
 Nathanel Gozlan, our Shaliach, who arrived safely from Israel on Monday 8th. Nathanel       Isaac and the right to be b‘chor—first born—transferred from his twin, Esau. The
 will continue the good work of Netzer and the Israel Centre. Candice Frank who recently     journey begins with a night of fitful sleep and passionate dreams connecting Jacob to the
   joined our congregation. Rabbi Jacobs has returned from the ordination of the first       heavens with a ladder crowded with ascending and descending angels.
                   woman rabbi in Europe by the Abraham Geiger College.                               As Abraham‘s grandson, and as Rebecca‘s favoured son, Jacob journeys across
                                        Mazal Tov                                            the Fertile Crescent in search of an appropriate mate and to reconnect with his roots.
             Len & Sandy Bruhns on the naming of their daughter, Emma Julia.                 His wily ability to turn things in his favour will continue to play an important role in his
   Donald & Peggy Gordon on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Elliott Gordon, son of        biography. His promise of faith if he finds his way successfully, including sustenance and
             Graeme & Leanne Gordon and nephew of Hylton & Wendy Appelbaum                   clothing fit the pattern. In the end, we read that God does bless Jacob in all ways.
                                     Recent donations                                                 The experience of a life-journey retains potency within Jewish consciousness to
Yahrzeit donations: Norman Levy in memory of Robert Levy, Abe Brinkman in memory of          our times. After all, the entire Jewish communities on at least three continents arrived
Nathan Brinkman, Maurice Goldfain in memory of Isaac Goldfain, Martin & Sylvia Borstein      through immigration. The great changes in society in the 19th century saw Jews migrating
in memory of their parents Philip & Elsie Borstein and Benjamin & Yetta Barwin, Carol        from long established Jewish communities in Europe and Asia Minor, whether escaping
Kramer in memory of Joseph Sieff and Trevor Kramer.                                          persecution or seeking fortunes. Many arrived in places where Jews had not lived before,
B‟racha Sponsorship: Len & Sandy Bruhns                                                      or had disappeared from the population.
Sponsorship is always welcome for: Shabbat sweets & chocolates for the children;                      We continue to live in a time of human movement and transition. Whether we
Erev Shabbat L‟Chaim (drinks & snacks following Friday eve service); Shabbat early           think of immigration, emigration or—as some would style it—semigration, the processes
Morning Torah Breakfast; Shabbat Morning B‟racha to celebrate or commemorate any             of urbanization and resettlement in varied parts of every country are significant in
occasion. For further information on the above, please call Catering Convenor Cynthia        understanding the social setting in which we live.
Rosen 0835555755 or 011-783-7117.                                                                     For many migrants, the journey and arrival are marked by hardship, uncertainty
                           Bet David Rondavel Upgrades are planned!                          and economic dispossession. More significant, the social displacement and loss of identity
The Rondavel saw the birth of our congregation almost 40 years ago. It inspired the          make the migrant vulnerable. At the same time, the migrant populations make enormous
design of our current shul. Learning centre, Celebration venue and meeting room it has       contributions to their new places of residence as risk takers, entrepreneurs and as
hosted many congregants and visitors to our community with little update over the years.     catalysts for change.
This is a time of renewal for Bet David. We are excited to launch the refurbishment of                Jacob might have begun with little, but ended up with much. His initial equipage
our own heritage site. A rough costing of items includes:                                    grew and multiplied. He was sustained by his faith. What more does a migrant require to
      Toilets 20 000 Storeroom 7 000 Floors & Tiles 25 000 Ceilings 20 000                   succeed on life‘s grand journey?
    Stacking doors 80 000 Kitchen Fittings 60 000 Paint 10 000 Freezer/Fridge                         —Rabbi Jacobs
       12 000 Air-conditioning (2 X 30 thousand BTU) 20 000 Lighting 12 000                                             World Union for Progressive Judaism (WUPJ)
If you are able to help with any of the above or are able to contribute in any way please    The SAUPJ would be grateful for donations of Voyager Miles to help bolster attendance
contact the Bet David Sisterhood, MANCOM members or the shul office. Donations are           from South Africa at the next WUPJ international conference scheduled for February
gratefully welcomed. Bet David Sisterhood, Nedbank, Sandton, Account No:                     2011. Rabbi Jacobs has been asked to participate as a panel member on Conversion
1970476214, Branch Code: 197005. Reference: Your Surname and ‗Rondavel‘                      Issues.

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