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					           Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Guild
                                                                    Meeting Date Apr. 13, 2010
                                                                                   7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
                                                                    First United Church
                                                                    William & King Sts., Waterloo
                                          Newsletter                A Year of Lace With Amy
 April, 2010                                                  Kate Seely, Editor
KWKG Executive 2009-2010                              A Word from the President
These are the people who volunteer their time to
make your Guild the best it can be.
                                                          I know that everyone will have enjoyed the
President: Karen Austen, 519-888-1898
                                                   weather last week. There were four days in a row
                                                   that the sun shone. The temperature rose to 10 C.
Vice President: Anne Blayney, 519-884-9488
                                                   and the flowers started to peek above the ground. I
                                                   love the awakening of the Spring. It seems to give
Past President: Cari Angold, 519-883-1992
                                                   you that needed bit of energy that's been lacking in
                                                   the cold dreary days of winter.
Membership: Karen Crouch, 519-662-9916
                                                          I housecleaned my stash and renewed the
                                                   dreams of projects to make. If only I could knit all
Treasurer: Debbie Olheiser,
                                                   day long but I can't so I'll only make a small dent in
Secretary: Suzanne Carter-Jackson
                                                   the many balls I have stashed.
                                                           It's officially Spring and I'm delighted to be a
Programme: Lynne Sosnowski
                                                   first time Grandma. My granddaughter was born on
                                                   March 18. She is just a wee little peanut at 5
Goodwill: Mary Kanters, 519-634-8262
                                                   pounds, 2 ounces but she is very feisty. Her name is
Library: Selina Siu,
                                                   Blyth Isla Grace Austen. It is amazing how much
Promotion: Wendy Hood-Morris, 519-658-1071
                                                   time you can spend just watching a baby's actions.
                                                   Sounds like I'm very proud and I am pleased that
Volunteer Co-Ordinator:
                                                   Spring awakening has come to my home. I'm
        Bev Mawdsley, 519-634-8615
                                                   attaching her day 1 picture.
Knitters’ Fair Organizer:
                                                           I hope your projects for the Adjudicated Show
       Louise Krmpotic, 519-744-6700
                                                   are well on the way. Now I have a real reason to
Adjudicated Show: Janelle Martin
                                                   make something lacy for the show.
                                                           Happy Knitting
Raffle Table: Alfie Galda, Marilyn Everingham
Yarn Table: Dee-Ann Shillinglaw
Web Site Co-Ordinator: Ashley Reid                           Karen A.
Newsletter: Kate Seely, 519-578-3468
       Snail Mail Wizard: Shelagh Hitchens
       E-Goddess: Teresa Cornwell
       Web Angel:Lina Forner
Newsletter deadline for items or articles:
     20th of each month
                                                        Amy is a designer of knit lace, sweaters and
                                                        accessories which you can see at and in
                                                        a number of editions. Amy and her
                                                        partner Sandra used to own Make One Yarn Studio
                                                        in Calgary, prior to their move to Toronto. They
                                                        now operate A Year of Lace - a lace pattern and
                 Sally Melville Award                   yarn club that offers exclusive designs to its
                                                        subscribers. The gorgeous designs from past years
When Sally Melville started this Guild in 1986, one     are an inspiration, and show some of the breadth
of the things she also started was the Sally Melville   and depth of style that lace knitting can incorporate.
Award. Even though Sally has moved to Ottawa,           After our "Year of Living Lace-ily", we really have
the Guild has decided to continue the practice of       a foundation to take on any lace project - or even
giving out the Sally Melville Award each year.          design our own!
There’s no application, there’s no test, there’s no
judging. It is awarded by secret ballot of all the      Amy will share her experiences in working with so
Guild members. It honours the person who most           many notable and new designers in selecting
inspired the membership during the past year.           projects and yarn for , and will talk
                                                        to us about lace designs in general. In addition,
This could, of course, be a fabulous knitter, but it    Amy will have some of her patterns available for
might be the person in the next chair at the meeting,   sale, so make sure you throw your wallet in your
who helped you with a problem. It may be someone        project bag when you come to the meeting.
who showed their ‘Show and Tell’ and made you
think “I can do that!”
                                                        Looking Ahead to May
Think about who inspired you in the last year and       Start looking through your best casserole and
write that name down on the ballot you will be          potluck recipes! Our May 11th meeting will be a
given at April’s meeting. Show your gratitude to the    great social evening, and is always such a feast of
person who most inspired you!                           everyone's finest foods. Your Guild executive will
                                                        provide soft drinks, tea and coffee. You provide the
                                                        entrees, salads and sweets. Please remember to
                                                        bring your own cutlery, plate and mug to use and
                                                        then take home to clean, so that we can cut down on
                                                        the waste we produce.

                                                        We don't have a particular sign-up process for who
                                                        brings what kind of dish - it always seems to work
                                                        out that we have lots of hot dishes and a variety of
                                                        other things. And heck, who minds if there are too
                                                        many desserts!?! But I know there are a few
                                                        members who would appreciate that those who
                  Programme                             bring vegetarian (ok to use eggs, cheese, butter) or
                                                        vegan (none of those things, and please, no sneaky
Oh, The Places You Will Go ....                         chicken stock or oyster sauce or similar!) -friendly
                                                        dishes are welcome to label them as such.
My apologies to Dr. Seuss for appropriating his title   Also at the May meeting, it's time to drop off your
for one of my favourite books, but it seemed apt for    entries for the Adjudicated Show. I know I am the
this month's programme. At our April 13th meeting,      Queen of the Last Minute, but please remember -
we welcome Amy Swenson from a .
your item needs to be *DRY* when it is dropped
off. :)

Lynne Sosnowski, Programme Co-
ordinator                                                             Did you see it?
Jen Plaskett and Janelle Martin,
Programme Committee                                     During the Olympics in Vancouver, there were
                                                        shots of a woman sitting in front Of PM Stephen
                                                        Harper at the curling venue and she was
                                                        industriously sock knitting. It prompted this
                                                        comment in the Globe and Mail letters to the editor:

                                                        “Thank goodness Timothy Bunting is concerned
        Library                                         about Stephen Harper’s safety while in close
New books for March                                     proximity to a knitter (How Canadian Was That,
  Cardigans by Louisa harding, kindly donated by        Eh? – letter, March 2). Think of the damage that
Joanne Tate                                             spectator could have inflicted with those little
  Reversible Knitting by Lynne Barr                     pointy sticks – in comparison, say, to a pen.
  The New Stranded Colorwork by Mary Scott
Huff                                                    Avid knitters are able to knit automatically and pay
  A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd                           full attention to the event at hand. I knitted my way
  Itty Bitty Toys by Susan Anderson                     through 15 years of my children’s hockey,
  Magnificent Mittens & Socks by Anna Zilboorg          gymnastics, soccer and swimming lessons. Maybe
                                                        Mr. Bunting should give it a try. He may find it so
                                                        relaxing, he’ll stop worrying about silly things.”
Our books are listed on librarything.
New books coming in will be on display before the
meeting, and available for sign out during the break.
Remember to put down the next month as your due
date when you sign out books. Do bring your
borrowed books back the next meeting, or email me
to arrange a drop off if you can't make a meeting.
Some of our books, especially the new ones coming                              Workshops
in, have 1 or more people waiting for them.
                                                                KWKG WEEKEND WORKSHOPS
Happy Reading.                                                       with Amy Singer
                                                                     April 24/25, 2010
                                                        There are still spaces open in both classes
                                                        (Sunday is going fast!) and the event is now
                                                        being promoted outside our Guild. Cost for one
                                                        day's workshop is $75 for Guild members and
                                                        $90 for non-Guild members. A brief description
                                                        of each workshop is below. Please email
                                               to register, or

bring a cheque with you to the April meeting and
come see Lynne Sosnowski at the break.

Saturday, April 24: Plug-and-Play Shawl, Level 1
In this class, Amy will give you a simple plug-and-
play manual that well let you turn fingering or sport
weight yarn into something gorgeous to wrap
around your shoulders. Triangles and rectangular                Toot Your Own Horn
wrap options are offered, and the lace patterns are
guaranteed easy-but-beautiful. This class provides a    Wouldn’t you love to open a letter and see this in it?
basic template for designing your own simple lace
                                                        “As you know, your beautiful pair of socks will be
Sunday, April 25: Plug-and-Play Shawl Design,           in the Think Outside the Sox book—expected
Level 2                                                 delivery date around the first part of May. The
This class starts with the plug-and-play shawl          official book release will be at STITCHES South in
design principle and builds from there. We’ll           Atlanta on April 22. At STITCHES, we will have a
discuss a number of different shawl construction        display of all the socks in the book. How exciting if
methods, all about lace patterns, and typical           you could join us there and receive your
modifications to consider. We’ll also discuss things    congratulations in person!”
a designer should know, such as charts, originality,
the printed pattern, and photography. Students must     Lina Forner DID! Congratulations Lina, on your
bring at least one stitch pattern book (Barbara         beautiful Mosaic Socks. We can hardly wait for the
Walker’s First or Second Treasury of Knitting           book. Will we see the socks when they come home
Patterns, for example, or any book that includes        from Atlanta?
appealing lace patterns), and ideally will have done
some research prior to coming to class and have
some ideas of motifs or shapes they would like to

Lynne Sosnowski

                                                        2010 Adjudicated Show
                                                        Just a reminder that entries for the Adjudicated
                                                        Show are due at the May Guild meeting. A few
                 Retreat                                questions were asked at the last meeting and I felt
                                                        there were probably others who had similar ones.
                                                        So here are a few FAQs:
Good news! We have 2 openings for the Knitting
Retreat at Brentwood on the Beach. Please contact
                                                        1. Do I need a separate entry form for each item?
me if you wish to come.
                                                        Yes, for each item you enter you need to fill out a
Zona                                                    separate entry form.
(519)749-9762                                    2. May I enter multiple items in the same category?

3. May I enter something I made in 2003 if I haven't      The one day getaway to Toronto has not yet been
entered it in an adjudicated show before? No, items       published. Both tours will be published in our fall
entered must be knit after June 2008.                     and winter tour catalogue in early June.

4. What if I can't be at the May guild meeting, may       ( I have a .pdf of the flyer. If you want a copy,
I still enter? Yes, please email me (Janelle Martin,      please email me at
the email address is on the masthead) and we can
arrange a time/place to meet for you to drop off
your entry.

5. When will I get my item back? Everyone will
take their item home the night of the adjudicated

I am eager to see everyone's creative entries. Please
feel free to email me if you have any questions.
                                                           Sue Sturdy’s Bridge Project.
Janelle                                                   Knitted pieces of any size will be accepted, but at
                                                          the moment preference is for:
                                                              1. Pieces 21” x 27” (or as close as possible to
               Janelle                                            this) to cover the 267 handrails on the bridge
                                                              2. Pieces 6” or 8” wide by 50”-60” long to
                                                                  cover 303 handrail spaces
                                                              3. Pieces as long as you like that are 8”, 10” or
                                                                  22” wide
                                                              4. Pieces 30” wide, minimum 12” long,
                                                                  maximum 4 ft long to cover columns.
                                                          You may use any type of yarn, pattern, colour and
                                                          knitting technique you wish.
                                                          Please drop the pieces off at the front desk of the
                                                          Cambridge Centre for the Arts, 60 Dickson Street,
      Now that’s a Good Idea!                             Cambridge. The arts centre can be reached at 740-
                                                          4681 ext. 4376.
From Great Canadian Holidays:                             And please attach a piece of paper to the knitting
                                                          with your name, address, phone number and email.
I was referred to the K-W Knitter’s Guild by Dana
Gibbons, who initially suggested that we create a         Also: no special edge is required; blocking is nice
tour to Stitches East in Connecticut this fall, as well   but not essential; ends need not be woven in and
as a one day getaway to the Creative Needlework           Sue will pick up at Guild meetings.
Festival in Toronto in October.

After carefully researching this, we have come up
with an affordable package that includes suite
accommodation, luxury motor coach transportation,
and even an optional (free) day excursion into New
York City.

                                                         Ashley Reid – Classic Elite fringed scarf, macro
                                                         lace cardigan
                                                         Catt Groen – forget me not shawl
                                                         Lynne Sosnowski – Charlotte’s Web shawl, clapotis
                                                         Ada Meyers – spring jacket
                                                         Alfie Galda – lime cotton cardigan, Fasset jacket
                                                         Suzanne – colourwork mittens
       Words from your LYS*                              Anne Blayney – Vancouver shawl – 1st handspun

* Local Yarn Store

We invite all knitters to visit Yarn Indulgences at
your Kitchener market, 5 days a week or visit our
website at
Carolyn Anstey’s Main St. Yarns is at
Alpaca Acres welcomes visitors to our farm and
store. Call 519-625-1064 or
All Strung Out, is at 7 Quebec
St., Guelph with Ashley Reid.                                               Raffle
Karen Crouch’s Shall We Knit? can be found at                                      Dorothy Fry – tub and yarn from SOAK
                                                         Frieda Steiger – stitch markers
Anne Featonby’s She Ewe Knits is at                      Aileen Kennedy – SOAK I've closed She Ewe Knits           Anne Haskett – stitch holders
as a yarn retailer. The web site will remain live and    Susan Caskey – SOAK
have info on any patterns that I have out there in the   Josy Doerr – SOAK
world, but that's it - no yarn any more.                 Heather McCullough – book
Anne                                                     Patti Wells – tape measure, snippit
                                                         Yvonne Miles – Bag and SOAK
                                                         Josephine O’Connor – antique needle holders
                                                         Marilyn Everingham – cards and scissors
                                                         Jo Ann Hayter – book
                                                         Selina Siu – stitch markers
                                                         Dorothy Chapman – bucket, SOAK and yarn
                                                         Melissa Dominguez – SOAK
                                                         Dee-Anne Shillinglaw – lace yarn
                                                         Trish Rubenstein – point protectors
                                                         Zona Endres – needle holders
                                                         Brianne Steinman – SOAK
              Show and Tell
As the Guild grows, the time for Show and Tell has
to be carefully watched. Please try to limit yourself
to two items.
Wendy Sloat & Bev Grabe – Braille needle gauge
Jo Adlington – Knitty fish hat, lobster claw mitts
Brenda Solanki – Mystery shawl to sweater, Sally
Melville top
                                                         information. The next meeting is scheduled for
                                                         April 6, 2010

                                                         Every time you turn in Zehr’s tapes to the raffle
                                                         table, you get a free raffle ticket.
                                                         Every time you send something to get printed in the
                                                         Newsletter, you get a chance to win a gift certificate
                                                         in May.
Well, this month the table got turned on me. In                                     ***
February’s Last Word I told you about the                                  Knit’n’Chat
scarves (8 at last count) that I knitted during the
winter and gave each away to the first person who
admired it. A number of people asked me where I          Monday
got the pattern and how it was made, which I shared      Cambridge Starbuck’s Knit & Chat starting 9ish in
freely and liberally. At Knit’n’Chat last week Jane      the a.m. at Hespeler Rd. and Sheldon Dr.
Britton came in sporting one of the scarves in lovely    Guelph Fibre Arts Club 7-9 p.m. at Studio 490, 490
colours. She asked me how I liked it, since she had      York Rd., Bldg 1 (upstairs).
followed my directions. I, of course, said I loved it,   Lily Lee’s Knit & Chat 7-9 p.m., 648 King St. E.,
and before I had a chance to draw a breath, she had      Cambridge.
whipped it off and dropped it in my lap saying
“Then it’s yours”. WOW! So that’s what the other
side of it feels like.                                   Tuesday
                                                          4th Tuesday evening of the month from 7:00 p.m. to
I was the giver and had become the receiver and          9:00 p.m. at the Region of Waterloo Public Health
liked both sides. I love my new scarf and I don’t        and Social Services Building in Room 210/211
care how many people admire it – it’s mine. I am no      located on the 2nd floor. Diehard chatters meet every
longer scarfless and I can use the knitting time to      week.
work on other projects. Thanks, Jane, I love my new      Knit Night at Chapters Waterloo, 2nd Tuesday of
scarf.                                                   each month in the store at Chapters.

                                                         Open. None scheduled at this time.

                                                         All Strung Out in Guelph in the evening.
                                                         Informal meetings 6-9 in various Uptown Waterloo
                                                         locations. Currently at the Duke of Wellington Pub.
                 Other Stuff                             Greenwood Quiltery 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the
                                                         month, upstairs.
Ever wonder what goes on at an Executive meeting?
Thought about volunteering, but don’t know what’s
involved? As a Guild member, you have the right to       Friday
attend Executive meetings, albeit without a vote. If     Shall We Knit? From early afternoon til closing in
you’d like to sit in, get in touch with Karen at         New Hamburg., or 519-888-1898 for                 Cambridge Starbuck’s Knit & Chat starting 9ish in
                                                         the a.m. at Hespeler Rd. and Sheldon Dr.
Creative Sewing Centre in the HiWay Plaza,
Kitchener, alternate Friday evenings from 6-8 p.m.
Yarn Indulgences, Kitchener Market,1-4:30 Friday

All Strung Out in Guelph 1-3 p.m.
Yarn Indulgences, Kitchener Market,1-3:30
Saturday afternoons.

This is the basic info only. Full information will be
going up on the website soon.
        Knitting 911, Knitting 411
Kate Seely is usually at Starbucks in Waterloo
Chapters from 10 to 11 a.m. on any given
Wednesday. I can answer questions or tell you who
can, or I can calm your panic attack with laughter
and caffeine.

Call Mary Kanters at 519-634-8262 if you know
  of a Guild member who needs sympathy or
   congratulations. We like to look after our
members, but need to have the info to do that so
          that Mary can send a card.

                                                                    2010 Adjudicated Show
                                                                        Theme: Lace
Submission Deadline: May Guild Meeting, May 11, 2010.


Phone Number and eMail:

(Please fold back at this line and safety pin the entry form to the back of your item with category showing)

Adjudicated Show Categories:

        □ From a Pattern (Made from a pattern with no essential changes other than colour.)
        □ Lace Shawl or Stole from a pattern (please select a sub-category)
              □ Made of fine (Cobweb, Laceweight, fingering or sport) yarn
              □ Made of DK or heavier yarn
        □ My First Lace Project
        □ Original Lace Design (please select a sub-category)
              □ General         □ Guru*
        □ Anything but a Sweater (please select a sub-category)
              □ General         □ Guru*         □ Concept Knitting, Textile Art, etc.
        □ Non-Traditional Lace (please select a sub-category)
              Ex: Lace edgings added to garments, lace using non-traditional fibers, lace “jewelry”, lace pieces used in combination with
              sewn garments, etc.
                    □ General                     □ Guru*
        □ Machine Knit Lace **
        □ Adapted from or Inspired by an Item or Pattern (inspired by another knit garment without a pattern or made using an
        existing pattern but making an essential change to the pattern)

        □ Not for Adjudication, display only ***

Notes about inspiration or yarn (please use the back of this sheet if additional room is needed):

  “Guru” is used for the category known as “professional knitters.” The intention is to expand the scope to include those whose work is regularly recognized through
awards, those who earn some income through teaching knitting, pattern design, and/or those who are regularly recognized as expert knitters. The Adjudicated Show
committee reserves the right to reassign entries to the “guru” category if they deem the entry is of appropriate caliber/technical level.
     Machine knitting is welcome in any category; however, this category is designed to specifically showcase the craft.
      Items entered in this category are ineligible for prizes.