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                       MINUTES OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                      GREENLAND PASSAGE (1996) LIMITED
        Present    :     Bob Muid                    Chairman
                         Christen Hoegsberg          Director
                         Nick Argles                 Director
                         Stan Koura                  Director
                         Anthony Wilson              Director
                         Nigel Spalding              Director
                         Marcie Battersby            Director

                               Matthew Kirk                          Rendall and Rittner Limited
                               Duncan Rendall                        Rendall and Rittner Limited

        Apologies      :       John O’Kelly                          Director
                               Nick Argles                           Director
                               Jeremy Elliott                        Director


1.      Introduction

BM welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised that he would be leaving at 8pm on a personal
matter so it would be beneficial to speak about the main issues first. He also confirmed the content
of Lionel Green’s e-mail advising that he had now officially resigned from the Board of GP ’96.

2.      Rodney Woodley

BM/MK explained the current situation in relation to Rodney Woodley and his unauthorised
alterations to his flats at the top of KFT. MK advised that he had spoken with Southwark Council
Building Control who had confirmed that they had stopped the works on the grounds that the
alterations were unauthorised (in terms of planning consent) and also because of the nature of the
works (although they had pointed out that the works were not a threat to structure of the building).
Building Control had advised that they were now waiting for Woodley’s plans before retrospective
consent could be considered.

The action against Woodley from a legal point of view has been passed to R&R’s solicitors Lake
Jackson. BM confirmed that Woodley had breached the lease 15 times and that GP ‘96’s aims here
are to ensure that no further damage is caused to the building in general, that Woodley repair all
damage caused so far, that unauthorised alterations be reinstated, and that necessary access be
provided to the roof in terms of maintenance works and the fire escape.
BM mentioned that if it did prove necessary to install an access hatch, this cost was to be borne by
Woodley and that Roger Fowles is to grant consent prior to installation. He also confirmed that
while these issues are resolved, the internal redecoration for KFT had been placed on hold.

DR confirmed that R&R would work with Lake Jackson to ensure that proceedings were served at
the earliest opportunity.
                                                                 Action R&R/Lake Jackson

     3.      External Redecoration & General Issues

BM confirmed the complaint that had been received from the resident at 43 QDC concerning the
behaviour of the painters towards his wife. BM/MK confirmed that LPC were aware of the incident
and are to apologise to the resident in writing.

MK confirmed that the access letters were ready to go out to the residents of Prince’s Court and that
work should commence there within the next two weeks.
                                                                                         Action MK
AW mentioned that he was impressed with the cleaning that had been carried out to the columns and
the steps around the development. All agreed.

Concrete columns – DR mentioned that R&R had invited a contractor to provide a survey and
quotation on the repairs needed to the concrete columns at the property. BM confirmed that as the
quote for these works was around £20Kish and that the damage was superficial and not a problem
with the supporting rods, this matter was to be placed on hold for the moment.
CH mentioned that the metal window frames in his flat (facing the river) were allowing water to
enter his flat. He advised that there was a similar problem in 35, 36 & 53. MK to arrange for these
to be inspected.
                                                                                         Action MK
Window caps – This issue was discussed with MK confirming that the window cleaners had
estimated that both PC & QDC require 3000 caps each. It was agreed that 1000 further caps were to
be ordered with CH to be provided with a sample in order to search for a cheaper supplier.
                                                                                    Action MK/CH
Insurance – BM/DR confirmed that the insurance premium had been slightly higher than originally
hoped because of the claims history but that R&R had still secured the annual policy for around
£7,000 less than the policy proposed by R Fowles.

NB. BM left meeting at 20.10hrs

KFT Roof works – MK provided an update on the works to the Tower roof. He advised that the
items remaining meant that the works should be completed in around 2 weeks. MB suggested a
meeting for everyone at KFT in order to discuss the Woodley issue and any other problems related
to the various major works. DR advised that it would be better to do this once the legal action had

4.        Financial/Arrears
MK tabled the reports on the level of funds in each property centre of the estate, the cashbook
reconciliation and the arrears list.

DR confirmed that Woodley was not being sued for his service charge arrears as the legal action
against him was based on the premise that he is in breach of his lease.

CH asked if there were any extra costs involved for GP with several lessees taking advantage of the
option (authorised by the Board) of allowing charges to be paid by instalment (direct debit). DR
advised that the only drawback of the system was that it was more work for R&R staff, but that there
was no difference as far as GP was concerned. CH disagreed suggesting that R&R’s extra costs
were passed to GP and that the lessees involved were gaining monies in interest and that lessees that
paid up front were being ‘ripped-off’. DR advised that he did not see that this was the case and
pointed out that if CH wanted to pay by DD also he could.

AW/NS commented that they were happy that the DD system was working well and confirmed that
the arrears situation was subsequently an improvement on the past.

5.     Any Other Business

Gates for QDC & PC – NS/AW spoke about the possibility of installing gates around the entrances
to QDC & PC. MK/DR advised that it would be possible to obtain quotations for this but for
efficiency, R&R would require a specification. To be discussed with BM.
                                                                               Action MK/BM

Tide Gauge House – MK confirmed the progress on TGH. The work to the door and windows is
currently in progress with the redecoration to follow. MK to progress.
                                                                             Action MK

Charing Cross Pier – SK asked about progress on this issue – nothing further to report at this stage.

Pits by dock – AW asked if it was possible to clean out the pits by the river side. MK agreed that
while it was Southwark’s responsibility, he would arrange for the cleaners to address these.
                                                                                         Action MK

Bubble Barrier – NS advised that there had been a marginal improvement.

AGM – AW raised the issue of the AGM. DR advised that R&R needed to put together the
accounts, and relevant notices but that mid-late October was a realistic aim. R&R to arrange.
                                                                                       Action R&R

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.45pm.