For clear and easy breathing catarrh by mikeholy


									          OLBas prOduct range
          Olbas Oil: 10ml and 25ml economy sized bottles, each with
                     a special dropper to avoid mess or waste.

          Olbas stick Inhaler: handy to carry, handy to use.

          Olbas pastilles: carton containing a 50g pouch.

              •	always read the label                                    For clear and
              •	use only as directed
              •	consult a healthcare professional if symptoms persist   easy breathing

                      ® Olbas is a registered trademark of
                         g r Lane Health products Ltd,
                    sisson road, gLOucester. gL2 0gr, uK

                         distributed in australia by:-

                               Melrose Health
                               4 redland drive
                              Mitcham, Vic 3132

 FOr tHe reLIeF OF cOLds, catarrH, sInuses, rHeuMatIc             OLBas InHaLer
                     & MuscuLar paIn                              the essential Olbas Oils are also available in a convenient
When a cold or catarrh leaves you feeling blocked up and          presentation suitable for use “on the move”. the Olbas
unable to breathe comfortably, there is a natural remedy that     inhalant stick is easy to use and can be carried in a pocket
will provide immediate relief - Olbas Oil.                        or handbag.
the penetrating vapours of Olbas Oil rapidly relieve catarrhal    always there to ease the misery of colds and catarrh, the
congestion in the nasal and bronchial passages. Hay fever         stick is small, lightweight and cannot break, yet it offers
sufferers will find Olbas Oil helps to clear any congestion as    the full power of Olbas anywhere, any time.
a result of repeated sneezing and sinusitis.                      Ingredients: cajuput     Oil,   eucalyptus   Oil,   Menthol,
                                                                  peppermint Oil.
reLIeF FrOM rHeuMatIc and MuscuLar paIn                                      OLBas pastILLes OrIgInaL -
Olbas oil is easily absorbed when applied to the skin, bringing     tHe naturaL reMedy FOr rOugH, sOre tHrOats
a feeling of comfortable warmth which, combined with
its counter-irritant reflex action, brings rapid relief from      the unique power of Olbas Oil is also available as an extra
rheumatic and muscular aches and pains as well as lumbago.        strong and penetrating pastille which contains many of
                                                                  the active Olbas ingredients to soothe the throat. as they
Ingredients: cajuput Oil, clove Bud Oil, eucalyptus Oil, Methyl   dissolve, they relieve soreness and release the powerful
salicylate, Mint Oil, turpentine Oil.                             vapours which clear the head and relieve congestion. a
Olbas Oil is NOT for oral consumption                             gelatin-free formulation means Olbas pastilles are ideal for
                                                                  vegetarians and vegans.
                                                                  Ingredients: Juniper Berry Oil, peppermint Oil, eucalyptus
                                                                  Oil, clove Bud Oil, Methyl salicylate, Menthol.

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