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					50 Ways to Use Your Laser
 By Diane Bosworth, Access Business Solutions, Inc.
In 2002 I wrote an article         3) Using the UID data matrix       contractor's tools with
titled: "50 Ways to Use Your       system, indelibly mark a           identifying data to discourage
Laser." Six years later, I'm       small quantity of stainless        theft.
revisiting the concept             steel components with FAA          14) Laser cut and engrave
because of the fact that           required statistics for a          magnetic signs for a local
today's laser-engraving            factory that builds custom air-    company's vehicles.
equipment is more versatile        plane motors.                      15) Laser cut a small
than ever. In addition, manu-      4) Create several rubber           quantity of appliqués for a
facturers of laserable materi-     stamps for a local credit          local embroidery business.
als continue to make new           union.                             16) Laser engrave a
and innovative products for        5) Laser cut coloured acrylic      company logo on denim
lasers. This has opened up         letters for a local sign shop.     jackets and hats for a local
even more opportunities for
                                   6) Laser engrave custom            business.
engravers. The markets for
                                   designs for a local artisan        17) Cut model railroad parts
laser engraving continue to
                                   who makes leather purses.          out of balsa wood for a local
be diverse as well:
advertising specialties,           7) Cut out and engrave             model railroad enthusiast.
architectural models and           large quantity of ADA-com-         18) Laser cut sandblast
miniatures, awards,                pliant architectural signs for a   resists for a glass-etching
incentives and promotions,         new hospital in town.              business.
arts and crafts, executive gift    8) Laser engrave several           19) Using a flexible brass
items, funeral, furniture, gift-   anodized aluminum pet tags         type of material, engrave eye
ware, housewares, industrial-      for local veterinarians.           catching business cards for a
and medical-parts marking,         9) Engrave an outdoor sign         local design firm.
office supplies, rubber            for a local architect looking      20) Engrave custom designs
stamps, photography,               to gain recognition for a          on formica for a local home
signage, sporting goods,           recent project.                    builder.
toys, wildlife and                 10) Engrave quantity of            21) Laser engrave batch and
woodworking.                       poker chips with logo for          date identification tags for an
Here are some of the com-          local bar and grill that uses      electrical contractor.
mon (and not so common)            them as free drink vouchers        22) Vector cut and engrave
applications:                      for regular customers.             an acrylic display case for a
1) Laser etch a glass picture      11) Laser cut out decals for       local optometrist.
frame with a photo of the          an area motorcycle shop.           23) Laser cut various custom
bride and groom for a              12) Vector cut delrin molds        designs into matboard for a
unique wedding present.            for a local jewellery              framing business.
2) Use your laser to 3D            manufacturer.                      24) Engrave a quantity of
carve a photograph of a new        13) Using metal marking            miniature hockey sticks for an
building for a large               solution, laser etch a local       upcoming youth hockey tournament.
corporate client.
25) Personalise corporate         36) Laser engrave plates to      47) Laser etch glass windows
clocks for top executives for     be used by local artists to      and doors for a local cabinet
the upcoming board of             identify works of art at an      maker.
directors meeting.                upcoming art show.               48) Laser cut stencils for a
26) Cut out a quantity of         37) Using metal marking          local sign shop.
rubber foam packaging             spray, customise a quantity of   49) Make custom art stamps
inserts for a local               Italian charm bracelets for a    for a local designer.
manufacturer.                     local jeweller.                  50) Engrave photos on
27) Manufacture hot stamp         38) Engrave cork coasters        various substrates for local
dyes for a local embosser.        for an area home furnishings     photographers.
28) Vector cut various            business.
                                                                   Diane Bosworth owns and
scrapbook designs for a local     39) Cut out and engrave          operates Access Business
scrap-booking business.           plastic on/off switches for a    Solutions, Inc., a company
29) Laser etch a granite          local equipment                  that specialises in the sale of
plaque for the local VFW          manufacturer.                    quality used laser engraving
chapter with names of local       40) Laser engrave and paint      equipment and laser
soldiers who have served in       individual river rock with       consultation services. For
Iraq.                             plant names for garden           more information, call Diane
30) Cut out, engrave and          markers for an area              at 715/386-8021.
assemble a large quantity of      greenhouse.                      E-mail:
name tags for a local volunteer   41) Engrave flexographic         dianec@usedlasers.com
group.                            plates for a large printing      This article is reprinted with
31) Customise wooden pens         house.                           permission from Recognition
with a corporate logo for an      42) Laser engrave leather        Review, the official magazine
area insurance agent to hand      check book covers for a          of the The Awards and
out to potential customers.       community bank.                  Recognition Association
32) Engrave gunstocks for         43) Engrave oak urns with        (ARA), based in Glenview,
the silent auction at the local   inspirational messages for an    Illinois, U.S.A. ARA is a
upcoming Ducks Unlimited          area funeral home.               membership organisation of
banquet.                          44) Vector cut intricate         3,400 retailer and supplier
33) Laser engrave wildlife        designs into card stock for      companies dedicated to
scenes on custom birch wood       personalised greeting cards      increasing the professional-
products for a local artisan.     for a local artisan.             ism of recognition specialists,
34) Engrave wine glasses          45) Engrave medical alert        and advancing the awards
with custom logos for a new       tags for an area medical         and engraving industry. For
restaurant in town.               supply business.                 more information, visit the
                                                                   website: www.ara.org.
35) Vector cut inlays out of      46) Laser engrave intricate
various wood pieces to be         designs on custom wood
used by a local woodworker        pieces for an area furniture
for inlays.                       manufacturer.