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   Fanzine                                                                Issue 13   July 2009

How is your summer going? How do you like the new titles above? After no deliberation with
anyone in the UAE CSC, I have made changes! If there are any objections, please write to me
and tell me what would be better. Enough of that and on to more important matters – a big thank
you to all the contributors this month, and if you (yes YOU reading this…………) want to add
your opinion, please email me now – I WILL publish it all – my job is to simply collate your views.

So, Ancelotti is safely in, and as I write the 2009/10 team is about to kick off in their first friendly
tour match in the USA. If anyone knows of ANY TV station that may be showing any of the
games (or if they can be seen online), please email me (or better still Lee Sporle) so he can
pass the good news on. All I can find is that all the games are supposed to be on Aljazeera
Sport 1 but is that true? And what are the UAE kick off times?

So, no really big signings and by that I mean in name not money (apart from the apparent tax
‘fiddle’ of bringing someone from one of Red Rom’s clubs to the other more illustrious one – see
later), and the news that JT is staying. Not that I ever thought it was in doubt. With John
approaching 28, in reality this is his best chance (and maybe last?) of winning the World Cup for
Chelsea (as the majority of the team will be from glorious West London, what with Lumpy and
the two Coles) – one more that when Bobby Moore (et al) ‘won’ the Cup for WHam in 1966, and
how could Terry be prepared without playing in the top flight of the Champions League by
trotting out for Mabu Dhabi City? Even Capello has ‘hinted’ he won’t pick players not playing at
the ‘top’. Don’t forget, unlike most finals, the weather in South Africa will be like Spring in
England so no Dubai weather and humidity to worry about after a gruelling season!

I know we all want new players paraded so we can get all excited, but whoever we buy HAS to
be better than what we have, and who is there (that we would really want)? The players that
have done best for Chelsea have usually joined from a ‘lower’ side – it is a step up in their
career and they are hungry wanting to prove something. Others, for a last pay day, have come
to us to do a job but have hardly set the world alight (Petit, Weah, etc). So apart from finding
replacements for older players with equally good younger prospects (and do we really need
them when we have great talent bubbling under – Di Santo, Stoch, etc?), I think if we get one
really good footballer, we may have to settle for that (Ribery?). For the sake of our Secretary
Lee, I hope we keep Malouda as under Guus, he started to play like the player we thought we
had bought from Lyon, and I hope the new manager can keep the same spirit going. Notice how
much better we did without Mikel? I know he got better last term, but does he really merit more
than a place on the bench at best?.

Win or lose, Up the Blues!


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   UAE CSC     Newsletter                                             Issue 11   May 2009


By Lee Sporle – UAE CSC Secretary




Home Premiership Matches - Silver and Gold Members Only

Date            Match                     Order Period             Box date
Sat Aug 15      Hull City                 13/07/09 -16/07/09       20/07/09
Sat Aug 29      Burnley                   27/07/09 -30/07/09       03/08/09
Sun Sept 20     Tottenham Hotspur         17/08/09 -20/08/09       24/08/09
Sun Oct 4       Liverpool                 31/08/09 -03/09/09       07/09/09
Sat Oct 24      Blackburn Rover           21/09/09 -24/09/09       28/09/09
Sun Nov 8       Manchester United         05/10/09 -08/10/09       12/10/09
Sat Nov 21      Wolves                    19/10/09 -22/10/09       26/10/09
Sat Dec 12      Everton                   09/11/09 -12/11/09       16/11/09
Wed Dec 16 Portsmouth                     09/11/09 - 13/11/09      18/11/09
Mon Dec 28 Fulham                         23/11/09 - 26/11/09      30/11/09
Sat Jan 16      Sunderland                14/12/09 - 17/12/09      21/12/09
Wed Jan 27      Birmingham City           21/12/09 - 24/12/09      30/12/09
Sat Feb 6       Arsenal                   04/01/10 - 07/01/10      11/01/10
Sat Feb 27      Manchester City           25/01/10 - 28/01/10      01/02/10
Sat Mar 13      West Ham United           08/02/10 - 11/02/10      15/02/10
Sat Mar 27      Aston Villa               22/02/10 – 25/02/10      01/03/10
Sat Apr 10      Bolton Wanderers          08/03/10 - 11/03/10      15/03/10
Sat Apr 24      Stoke City                22/03/10 - 25/03/10      29/03/10
Sun May 9       Wigan Athletic            06/04/10 - 08/04/10      12/04/10
Please note all fixtures are subject to date and time change

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   UAE CSC    Newsletter                                            Issue 11   May 2009

Away Premiership Matches – Gold Members Only

Date               Match                  Order Period          Box date
Tue Aug 18         Sunderland             14/07/09 - 17/07/09   21/07/09
Sun Aug 23         Fulham                 20/07/09 - 23/07/09   27/07/09
Sat Sept 12        Stoke City             10/08/09 - 13/08/09   17/08/09
Sat Sept 26        Wigan Athletic         24/08/09 - 27/08/09   01/09/09
Sat Oct 17         Aston Villa            14/09/09 - 17/09/09   21/09/09
Sat Oct 31         Bolton Wanderers       28/09/09 - 01/10/09   05/10/09
Sun Nov 29         Arsenal                26/10/09 - 29/10/09   02/11/09
Sat Dec 5          Manchester City        02/11/09 - 05/11/09   09/11/09
Sat Dec 19         West Ham United        16/11/09 - 19/11/09   23/11/09
Sat Dec 26         Birmingham City        23/11/09 - 26/11/09   30/11/09
Sat Jan 9          Hull City              07/12/09 - 10/12/09   14/12/09
Sat Jan 30         Burnley                28/12/09 - 31/12/09   04/01/10
Wed Feb 10         Everton                06/01/10 - 11/01/10   13/01/10
Sat Feb 20         Wolves                 18/01/10 - 21/01/10   25/01/10
Sat Mar 6          Portsmouth             01/02/10 - 04/02/10   08/02/10
Sat Mar 20         Blackburn Rovers       15/02/10 - 18/02/10   22/02/10
Sat Apr 3          Manchester United      01/03/10 - 04/03/10   08/03/10
Sat Apr 17         Tottenham Hotspur      15/03/10 - 18/03/10   22/03/10
Sat May 1          Liverpool              29/03/10 - 01/04/10   06/04/10
Please note all fixtures are subject to date and time change

Box office dates for away matches are for Season Ticket Holders Members application falls 1 week

Thanks Lee! - Ed

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   UAE CSC     Newsletter                                                   Issue 11     May 2009

A fine day in May - story of our FA Cup Victory 2009

By Neil Batstone. 24th June 2009 (with apologies from the Ed for not getting this in time for last month’s

I woke up really early on Saturday morning…..couldn’t work out if it was nerves, the time-zone
difference or the (vast quantities of) Stella from the night before. Drew the curtains, bright sunny day (has
to be a good omen). I can’t remember being so excited about a cup final since I was a kid. The journey to
Wembley was uneventful. When I arrived there were lots of blue shirts of Everton (note to self, make sure
the stereo is locked away in the car) but generally a good atmosphere all round. After a few calls to
Reggie and Lee we arranged to meet in a pub just around the corner from the stadium. At the meeting
point the pub was mobbed so we decided to go straight to the stadium and have a few cold beverages
before kick-off.

I have to say the new stadium is really impressive, large wide open spaces and easy access in and out. The
arch is really impressive and I am sure we are grateful to Multiplex for the great job they did in building it
(especially considering it cost them a fortune as they had signed a fixed price contract and took a bath on
the project). Totally different to the old stadium and thankfully the toilets work (for those of you who
remember the rivers of p*ss running down the stairs). Now for the first disappointment of the day. We
ordered some beers and they have this new machine that can pour 4 pints at once. Looked really clever but
the beer was flat and tasted really dodgy (now I know how they sorted the rivers of p*ss out!).

We had great seats with a good view of the pitch just near the corner flag. The teams took to the field and
the noise started to build from both the blue and yellow ends of the stadium. The second disappointment
happened next. After 23 seconds the Scousers scored but in spite of offside claims the ref allowed the goal
(TV replays later would confirm that he was offside…..but hey after this season we know we cannot rely
on the ref). Went very quiet down our end as we realized we had a mountain to climb to get back in the
game. Luckily it was also a wake-up call for the team as they started to get into gear and dominate the
possession. The only Everton player I really noticed during the match was Fellaini (he does look like Leo
Sayer, doesn’t he).

Then up pops Drogs from a great cross (from Malouda, note Lee! – Ed) and it’s one all….phew! The rest
of the half seemed to pass very quickly and as the teams went to the dressing room for half time it was all
open for the remainder of the game. We really started to take control of the game during the second half
and all the action seemed to be happening in the Everton half. Malouda took a blistering shot that bounced
off the bar and crossed the line (unsurprisingly the ref didn’t allow it but where was the linesman if he
didn’t see it?).

Then Frank gets the ball about 20 yards out and launches a shot that gave the keeper no chance (with a
slight deflection on the way through). We are in front and the atmosphere starts to build up in the yellow
end of the ground (who said a team in yellow couldn’t win at Wembley?). The rest of the game is pretty
uneventful with Chelsea dominating possession in all areas. Woo-hoo….we won and pretty convincingly.
What a result!! Given the changes this season and the disappointment of the Champions League exit I am
well pleased.

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   UAE CSC     Newsletter                                                  Issue 11    May 2009

The teams head up to pick up the Cup… it me or does it seems a lot higher to collect the trophy than in
the old stadium? (used to be 39 steps – Ed). The Chelsea team came down to display the Cup and it’s
party time all round. Guus gets a great reception and it’s all smiles as he gets the trophy and shows it off
to the crowd (the minimum his short time at Chelsea deserved). Even Joey Cole comes out to join in the
fun (mind you I am not sure why he was dressed in his Chelsea kit if he is unfit). The celebrations seemed
to go on for a long time and we left the stadium all in great spirits.

We won the FA Cup for the 5th time…..second time at the new stadium and well deserved by the mighty
Blues. As I head to the airport to catch the night flight back to Dubai I cannot control my delight at the
victory (grinning all the way to the terminal, apologies if I scared any of the Heathrow security staff at
terminal 5). Lots of blue flags and scarves heading out west as the fans head home. Overall I really
enjoyed the trip and look forward to our success next season. Great weather, fantastic trip and a friendly
atmosphere at Wembley……now if they can only get the beer sorted for next year 

Do we know Yuri Zhirkov ??????

Compiled by Victor Soni

Yuri Valentinovich Zhirkov, a £19 million kid signed by Chelsea to join the Blues this
summer brings with him a great left foot, fast feet and good dribbling ability.
“Russian Ronaldhino” as he is called is not only a left winger but an effective wing
back too.

Voted as the Russian Premier League Player of the year in 2008, the 26 year old
currently plays for CSKA Moscow and has scored 15 goals in his 139 appearances
for the club including his star performance in UEFA Cup finals in 2004-05. With two
Russian League titles, three Russian Cups and one UEFA Cup victories; Zhirkov has
made 30 appearances for Russia since his debut on 9 February 2005 against Italy,
and was part of the side that finished third in Euro 2008.

Born in Tambov (same as my Grand Father! – Ed), south-east of Moscow on 20
August 1983, he grew up in a poor family of six who lived in a one bedroom flat. He
would often play football in the yard between blocks of flat until late to avoid getting
in the way, only coming in when the family were already asleep. Let us see if this
Russian Football „Saladki‟ can bring the glory back to the Blues.

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   UAE CSC     Newsletter                                                 Issue 11     May 2009


Hi all

Good turn out for the AGM….will we publish the minutes so Greg can include in the next newsletter (so
where are they? – Ed). For my side please see below the current update on social events and ideas that
were tabled at the AGM:

Planned or proposed events:
   1) Dubai Metro Pub Crawl - probably best to schedule post Ramadan (finish 17th September? – Ed)
       and of course subject to Metro opening as planned (9th of the 9th, 09? – Ed). Think we can come up
       with a few good pubs along the route (suggestions welcomed).
   2) Christmas bash - General agreement on DOSC and proposed early December. Lee, please let me
       have the guys’ contact details and we can start planning. It was also agree to have the club co-fund
       fully paid-up members costs for the evening.
   3) UAE CSC family picnic - better to wait for cooler weather before we do this. November maybe?
   4) Al Nasr Football match - Reggie agreed to get a fixture list so we can attend as the supporter’s
       club. Maybe we could get on the pitch at half time to award a pennant from UAE CSC? Then we
       would need contacts at the Al Nasr club (anyone? – Ed).
   5) World Club championships - not sure of dates here? Think they are in Abu Dhabi (I think 12th
       December – Ed)
   6) Poker Night - one for the summer maybe. Could we encourage Paul W or Manu to organise?
       Would need to host it somewhere private
   7) Race Nigh - always good fun. Can you rent the films? Would Fibbers host this or World Trade
   8) F1 Abu Dhabi - not sure if sold out……but some members will attend. I would imagine it is
       difficult to schedule a group trip.
   9) Bowling - again a summer event. Dubai Bowling centre in Al Quoz is bookable.
   10) Par 3 - I am not a golfer but happy to help out. Suggestions were the Arabian Ranches as they have
       a par 3 course (so does The Creek, and it is floodlit – Ed).
   11) Go Karting - again too hot right now but one for later in the year.
   12) Creek Dinner Boat - not done this myself but they are supposed to be fun.
   13) Fishing trip - Paul W sent a note about a sea fishing trip. Not sure how many takers he got. (I
       didn’t get an email! – Ed).
   14) FA Cup - the rerun. I know Nik has DVD of FA Cup final. Maybe we would get together over the
       summer and watch this at Fibbers?

(Neil has asked for votes and we can work on the most popular events – Ed).
Dear Committee. I think it would be nice to have at least 4 or 5 events over the season next year. So my
list would be:
     ·    FA Cup rerun
     ·    Dubai Metro Pub Crawl
     ·    Christmas Bash
     ·    Al Nasr match
     ·    Go Karting
Let me know if you have any other preferences.
Neil Batstone.

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   UAE CSC   Newsletter                                      Issue 11   May 2009

Should be up and running by 1st August 2009 (Insha’Allah!)

Nik Harvey (Blueboyuae)
Website Administrator.
Keeping it Blue and Online.

Spotlight on………….(your name should be here. Yes you, reading this!
Please copy and paste this section, fill in the blanks, and send it to me now
all those not yet featured – thanks, Ed)

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
How long have you been a member of the UAE CSC:
How did you hear about the UAE CSC?:
Favourite CURRENT Cheksea Player:
Favourite ALL TIME Chelsea Player:
Favourite current NON Chelsea Player:
How long have you been CHELSEA supporter?:
How did you become a CHELSEA Supporter?:
Ever seen Chelsea at STAMFORD BRIDGE?:
Ever seen Chelsea play OTHER than at Stamford Bridge?:
Best Chelsea MOMENT:
Best Chelsea GOAL:
WORST Chelsea Memory:
How will we do this/next SEASON?:
Any other comments you would like to add?:

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 UAE CSC   Newsletter                  Issue 11   May 2009

Some Great Holes:

Number 1

Number 2

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 UAE CSC   Newsletter                  Issue 11   May 2009

Number 3

Number 4

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   UAE CSC    Newsletter                                                 Issue 11    May 2009

Number 5……….

And finally………………

They say football is a game of two halves. Not for me it isn't. I regularly down eight or nine pints
whilst watching a live game on TV in Fibbers. Ed.

To all of you others that have ‘promised’ to email me with articles
(you know who you are, and I know where you live – LOL!) please
send me something. And those that sent stuff in the past, please
send more (every month!). I know all of you ‘love’ what I write, but
join in – you will probably do better than me………………

        If you have any comments regarding this fanzine please email the Editor:; or if you wish to contact the club please email the Secretary:
      or visit our website

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