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									                                                                                    Module C4.2b
                                                                       The Learning Environment

Lesson Plan for Self-directed Delivery
This lesson plan is based on the aims and objectives of Module C as described in the document C4.0

Recommended resources
                                                                     Delivery                Check
                                                                       model                   
                                                                     directed +
 Internet-connected computers with sound and video
 Data projector
 Facility for capturing discussions and feedback, such
 as mimio™ or similar device, interactive whiteboard or
 conferencing software – flipchart could be used in F2F
 Telephone access for participants to engage in audio
 Printing and/or photocopying capability                                 
 Access to electronic versions of all the files in this
 Printed copies of all the files in this module                          
 Access to Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), intranet
 or shared network folders

Note on timings
The timings are an indication only and can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Much will depend on your
own situation, the resources at your disposal, the ease of access to the equipment you plan to use, your
existing skills and knowledge, the amount of discussion you can engage in and the discussion mechanism

Using the CD-ROM
Please note that Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents accessed directly from the CD-ROM will open
through a specific viewer and not the actual application. If you or your practitioners are working on these files
from the CD-ROM, you will need to save them to a local drive first and then re-open them through the
relevant application to make notes or changes.

Be aware that some hyperlinks to documents on the CD-ROM contained in these files may not work once
files are saved from the CD-ROM to a new location. Use the files directly from the CD-ROM to access these

 FPP: Transforming Teaching and Learning with ILT                                        L2modc.doc page 1
                                                                                                                                                       Module C4.2b
                                                                                                                                          The Learning Environment
Time        Ref:        Title                     Practitioner activity                                                 Resources
      15    C4.0        Overview of Module C       C4.0 'Overview of Module C' (OVmodc.doc) contains a general         OVmodc.doc
            C4.1        Tips for Teaching and       introduction and overview of the module, including aims and         TTmodc.doc
                        Learning for Module C       outcomes.
                                                   C4.1 'Tips for Teaching and Learning for Module C' (TTmodc.doc)
                                                    is aimed at those delivering the module but also contains
                                                    considerable support and guidance on the materials.
                                                   It is recommended that you read both these documents.
      20    C4.3        Where can I use ILT?       View the PowerPoint presentation (PRenvir.ppt) and expand on           PRenvir.ppt
                                                    key points using notes provided.                                       Internet connected machine
                                                   Note any points for action and further research.                       Printed copies of handouts
      30    C4.4a       Selecting Your Learning    Work through scenarios contained on the sheet 'Selecting Your          ACenvir.doc
            C4.4b       Environment                 Learning Environment' and discuss, using whatever discussion           ACenvirf.doc
                                                    mechanism is available.                                                Resources for capturing discussion points, eg
                                                   Complete the form 'Selecting Your Learning Environment –                electronic discussion board, virtual learning
                                                    Feedback', which follows on from the previous activity, using           environment (VLE), intranet
                                                    whatever discussion mechanism is available.
      25    C4.5a       Skills Audit               Work through the 'Personal Skills Audit' either on paper               ACaudper.doc
            C4.5b                                   (ACaudprn.doc) or on line (ACaudper.doc).                              ACacplan.doc
                                                   Keep a copy of your completed audit for future reference.              Access to printer and/or photocopier
                                                   Complete the Action Plan table (ACacplan.doc).
                                                   Keep a copy of your completed action plan for future reference.
                                                   Your Ferl Practitioners' Programme Guide (see Implementation
                                                    Guide for more information) may also request copies of your audit
                                                    and action plan for future reference.
      15                Close                      Revisit aims and objectives.                                           Practitioner Log (AClog.doc) – printed or electronic
                                                   Complete a Practitioner Log for this module.                            version
                                                   Visit the Ferl Practitioners' Programme web site for further           Ferl Practitioners' Programme web site
                                                    advice and support.                                                     http://ferl.becta.org.uk/display.cfm?page=403

     105    Total estimated duration of Module C – Self-directed Delivery
* All timings are approximate – see note above

FPP: Transforming Teaching and Learning with ILT                                                                                                                   L2modc.doc page 2

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