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About BodyTalk
While most people would certainly put healthcare in the category of “giving” professions, BodyTalk practitioners are
more likely to talk about what they receive.

Often, many will tell you, the greatest reward comes when they find they’ve provided help to someone who had given up
hope of ever finding it.

BodyTalk is a revolutionary healthcare system that utilizes state-of-the-art energy medicine to optimize the body’s
internal communications. This, in turn, helps the body to operate more efficiently and effectively respond to injury and
illness. A safe, non-invasive form of care that relies on the body’s own healing capabilities, BodyTalk is an amazing mix of
the old and the new, with proven results and worldwide growth.

BodyTalk practitioners work with patients around the globe, stopping occasionally in their tasks to share case studies and
experiences through their trade association, the International BodyTalk Association (IBA). The stories they relate are
fascinating, and the satisfaction they have received is evident, as they use BodyTalk’s unique attributes to bring about
exceptional results.
There are many more accounts of BodyTalk in action, and the number grows every day. That’s because the BodyTalk
community continues to expand and flourish. The reasons are seen in the results, and the results speak for themselves.

  In an impoverished Mexican village, U.S. volunteers use BodyTalk to help
  children with special needs. Since BodyTalk is based on biofeedback, a
  subtle muscle testing, it represents an instant “common language” that can be
  used to overcome the lack of individual medical histories and the inability of
  many patients to communicate vocally. Using BodyTalk’s simple and gentle
  therapy, these volunteers have seen these children become more alert and
  interactive, gain mobility skills, experience reductions in pain and exhibit
  happiness and affection.

  A 60-year-old woman was diagnosed from birth as having "cerebral palsy of
  the left arm," as well as suffering from multiple food and environmental
  allergies, poor stamina, depression, generalized muscle pain, insomnia and
  nervousness. Unfortunately, her palsy made muscle-testing difficult.
  Fortunately, BodyTalk can be administered through a surrogate. Three days
  after treatment, the patient called the practitioner to say that her depression
  had lifted, she was mentally clear and joyful, she was sleeping short stretches
  and some of her allergies were receding. With continued treatments, she
  reported feeling as though her life had completely turned around.

Want to learn more?

                                                                  Lexi Amatruda BA, CPB
                                                                 (Certified Body Talk Practitioner)
                                                                 586 Eastbridge Blvd Waterloo N2K 4C5
Stress and Our Health                                                            My sessions with Lexi have helped
Every one of us has resigned to stress as our “inevitable, unwelcome             me with various maladies over the
companion”.                                                                      past couple of years. I had been
We accept it as the natural by-product of our daily lives in the modern world.
So what if we overreact and go into panic mode when a deadline is near?          to my general practitioner with
So what if we want to ignore our marriage problems?                              swollen lymph nodes, which he felt
Everybody does it don’t they? Yes.
This is normal isn’t it? No.                                                     could be caused by an infection and
                                                                                 wanted to keep a close watch on.
We have a part in our brain the size of an almond, called the amygdala,
which has been responsible for our fight/flight mechanism since prehistoric      At my next check up he was very
times. In those days our amygdalas were not overworked, fight or flight at       pleased and surprised that they
that time was sometimes not even a daily situation. Even if it was at the end
of the day they had brushed it off and could sit around the campfire and laugh   had disappeared. I am also a
about the experience, because the amygdala had relaxed and reset itself.         Type 11 diabetic and since Body
Nowadays we have many other stresses, and beside fight/flight we can and
                                                                                 Talk have been able to keep this in
often choose a third option, more damaging to our bodies, we freeze, and         control; my sugar levels are much
pretend the problems do not exist.
                                                                                 lower now. I also used to have
To make matters worse, our amygdalas are so bombarded by the stress that         sore jaws and hands from clenching
has gone on all our lives, never giving our bodies a chance to rest or relax;
we are wearing our bodies out, like a car with both the accelerator and the
                                                                                 in my sleep, this too has
brakes down at the same time.                                                    disappeared. Since Body Talk I
The stress is turned inwardly, and it damages us enormously, creating new
                                                                                 have become much more relaxed, I
health issues and worsening the ones we have.                                    have a peaceful feeling inside,
Headaches get stronger and more frequent.
                                                                                                 ` Charles
Backaches get more painful and cripple us for days.

Heartburn happens more often.

In BodyTalk we have a
simple 2 minute technique
we can teach to every
client and when performed
regularly, it relaxes and
resets the amygdala as well
as improving the
communication between the                                                             Client Referral
two hemispheres of the
brain.                                                                                    Special
BodyTalk sessions work to
improve your health and                                                             Refer a new client
quality of life, by asking                                                            and receive a
the body what it needs to
repair itself, and then
                                                                                         ½ price
re-establishing the lines                                                           Body Talk Session.
of communication between
the parts of your body,
worn down by stress and
other factors.