Tuberous Sclerosis Research Clinic by mikeholy


									   Tuberous Sclerosis Research Clinic
        Washington Metro Area
                       Hello Tuberous Sclerosis Families
                It is time to announce the clinic dates for the year 2010/2011.
     Please remember that we like to see families every two years for a clinical update.
    If it has been that long since your last visit please schedule ahead for this next year.

We always welcome new families as well. If this is your first time to be in contact with the
 clinic please call (571) 226 8343 to obtain an information packet. Please remember to
     make an appointment for the clinics. The appointment line is 571-226-8389.

                            Clinic hours: 9a.m. to 1 p.m.
                                    Clinic Dates:
                                   September 25th
                                   November 20th
                                    January 22nd
                                     March 26th
                                       May 21st
          Additional Clinic days fall on the second Monday of each month.

If you have any suggestions for guest speakers at the clinic we would appreciate hearing
                                       from you.

                                   Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic
                                       Nancy Elling RN
                                     8501 Arlington Blvd.
                                           Suite 200
                                      Fairfax VA 22031

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