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					584         SAMJ    VOL 72   17 OCT 1987

or diabetes. All ulcers are equal, whereas                                                          Professor Folb summed up the morning's
there are grades and types of hypertension                                                       discussions. He concluded that the con-
and diabetes. In fact, he said, ulcer disease                                                    seIlSuS was that histamine anragonists should
is being treated as it was in the Middle                                                         be used once a day, maintenance therapy
Ages, whereas hypertension and diabetes                                                          might be needed indefmitely, dealing with
are scientifically treated. Then there is also                                                   the acid question is more important in
the question of how long to continue treat-                                                      duodenal ulcer than in gastric ulcer, and
ment, in view of the fact that the relapse                                                       there is a trap in comparative srudies of
rate is much more important than the                                                             cimetidine and ranitidine because of their
healing rate. Maintenance therapy must                                                           unequal potencies. The question of cyto-
evidently remain a question for the indi-                                                        protection worried him because so much of
vidual doctor treating the individual patient.                                                   the background to the concept is based on
                                                                                                 animal experiments. He said that the toxicity
   Lastly, at what point are the surgeon's                                                       of bismuth deserves further srudy, and
services required? Bornman (Cape Town)                                                           that antacids might have a more complicated
said that he is not convinced that anyone                                                        action than acid neutralisation. Misoprostol
had found a drug that changes the natural                                                        has shown impressive results in duodenal
history of ulcer disease, and that there is a     Professor Solly Marks with two of his
                                                  cocktail party guests, Or S. Saunders
                                                                                                 ulcer therapy and might even be better
place for the surgeon, but the question is                                                       than the H 2 antagonists.
                                                  (vice-chancellor and principal of UCT and
when? He made the valid point that surgery        honorary physician in the Faculty of
can be cheaper; in the long term, a vagotomy      Medicine), and Professor A. Simjee                The question of which drug to use for
costs a great deal less than drug treatment       (Gastro-intestinal Unit, O.epartment of         which patient, however, remains
for 10 years.                                     Medicine, University of Natal).                 unanswered.

In Memoriam
William 'Bill' Wilkie                             part-time member of staff until his death        Wilkie played a vital role in the revamped
                                                  on Friday, 31 July 1987.                         Breast Clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital,
M.B. Ch.B.. Ch.M.                                    No greater tribute could have been paid       which is headed jointly by Professor David
                                                  to this modest surgical giant than the           Dent and Dr Anne Hacking. David Dent,
 Professors J. Terblanche and J. H. Louw          enormous rumout of friends from all walks        who is currently on sabatical in the UK,
 of Cape Town write:                              of life who attended his memorial service        has always emphasised the great role that
    William Wilkie was born in Belfast in         at St Thomas' Church, Rondebosch, on             Bill Wilkie played in the Breast Clinic. Bill
 the Transvaal on the ll'October 19J4.            Monday, 3 August 1987. Apart from the            Wilkie was one of the originators of the
 After matriculating at Belfast High School       large medical contingent, there were friends     idea of a breast clinic in the late 1940's and
 in 1931, he went to UCT to srudy medicine        from his university and war-time days and        played an active role since its inception in
 and graduated in 1937. A keen sportsman,         many friends and patients from more recent       1950. He will be remembered particularly
 he played rugby for the under-19A side,          years.                                           for his scientific honesty and integrity, his
 represented the university in the mile and          After his retirement from active private      strong code of medical ethics and his abso-
 half-mile, and was awarded a half-blue for       surgical practice in October 1984, Bill          lute insistence on placing the patient's
 athletics. He also played tennis, a game                                                          welfare above all else.
 that he kept up in later years. His life at                                                          Bill Wilkie was devoted to his wife
 UCT was full and included being Rag                                                               Marjorie and his four daughters. His inter-
 convenor in 1935 and a member of the                                                              estes in later life included his lovely garden
 Smuts Hall (Mens' Residence) House Com-                                                           and his continued pleasure in tennis. Hiking,
 mittee in 1935 and 1936.                                                                          bridge, chess and the theatre were important
   Bill Wilkie was one of the first 19 junior                                                      interests as was the Owl Gub of which he
resident medical officers at Groote Schuur                                                         had been a member since 1969.
 Hospital when it opened in 1938. Subse-                                                              Many will miss Bill Wilkie. All those
quently, after a year as senior medical officer                                                    who had the privilege to work with him
at the Peninsula Maternity Hospital and                                                            will remember many lessons learnt from
City Hospital, he joined the SA Medical                                                            this great man. We will all miss him in the
Corps in 1940. He served in the 17th Field                                                         Department of Surgery, UCT, with which
Ambulance in the 2nd SA Division which                                                             he has been continuously associated for so
joined the 8th British Army in the Western                                                       . many years.
Desert. Like so .many of his compatriots,
he was taken prisoner of war at Tobruk in
1942 and was transported to northern Italy.
Here, after two escapes, he evenrually joined                                                    Dr R. J. M. Retief of Cape Town writes:
the Allied troops a year later and was                                                              Bill Wilkie was born in Belfast, Transvaal,
subsequently repatriated and posted to the                                                       on II October 1914 and died in Rondebosch
Wynberg Military Hospital.           .                                                           on 31 July 1987.
   At this time he commenced his post-                                                              He leaves behind a loving wife, Marjorie
graduate srudies and passed the examination                                                      (nee Davy), four daughters and four grand-
for the Ch.M. degree in 1945, obtaining                                                          children. To them is extended our loving
the degree the following year after com-                                                         sympathy in their loss, but with the sure
pleting his thesis entitled 'The omentum'.                                                       knowledge that for them his memory will
After a period as assistant to Dr Jock Marr                                                      remain sweet and comforting.
in private surgical practice, he joined the                                                         His life and achievements were fully and
hospital staff again as Professor Saint's                                                        faithfully recorded by his friend, Professor
registrar. After 1950 he continued as a                         OrW. Wilkie                      Jannie Louw, in the OctoberlNovember
                                                                                                           SAMT      VOL 72   17 OKT 1987      585

issue of the Cape Western Branch (MASA)               In his calling as a surgeon, his patients     the top of her list of priorities. She ensured
newslerrer. I shall therefore confine what I       became his friends, and this was just as         that each of her children had the oppor-
wish to say to some personal reminiscences.        well, for on some weekends his ward round        tunity to gain the best education and the
   Bill and I met at Mens' Residence, UCT,         could be made in tennis shorts and shoes.        social skills such as tennis and dancing,
in 1932. We were both country boys who             Formality in dress and manner was not for        which she felt she lacked. However, being
quickly grew to love working and living in         him. His colleagues respected him for his        full of fun, she had no lack of skill when it
the shadow of Table Mountain. Although             ruthless honesty. He lived by strict prin-       came to entertainment. Just a short while
eventually separated by the circumstances          ciples from which he did not easily swerve,      ago she was the highlight of a talent-contest
of World War II and working in different           unless shown to be in error.                     evenIng and had the audience with tears
cities, we remained fIrm friends.                     His daily living and character are            rolling down their cheeks from hearty
   When Bill fInally senled in Rondebosch,         exemplified in a powerfully written para-        laughter at her rendition of the Pygmalion
his garden and tennis became his physical          graph arrributed to Stephen Grellet (1773-       songs 'I'm gerring married in the morning'
outlet until he could manage no more.              1835):                                           and 'I could have danced all night'. She
   Whatever Bill did, he did with enthusiasm          'I expect to pass through this World but      loved to sing and it was her talent in this
and abounding cheerfulness. He was a               once: any good thing therefore that I can        area which drew her fIrst to the church
natural choice at UCT in his third year to         do, or any kindness that I can show to any       and through that into a relationship with
be organiser of the hospital Rag. He had           fellow-creature, let me do it now: let me        Jesus.
the charisma to carry people along with            not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass        Her hip operation some years ago gave
him and I never knew him to be depressed.          this way again.'                                 her an opportuniry to spend some time
I can well imagine what a tonic he must                                                             reflecting on the words she sang (fIrst in
have been to his comrades-in-arms when                                                              the Methodist choir and more recently in
he was taken at Tobruk. He escaped from                                                             the Stellenberg chapel choir). Her faith
a camp in the north of Italy when the                                                                was real, and after the Pinelands Mission,
Allies landed in the south and walked the                                                            when she made a rededication to her Lord,
length of the peninsula to join up with            Helen Rosemary Fox                                she became more deeply involved in the
them. Never did he bore his friends with           M.B. B.S., DP.H.                                  life of the church and became a faithful
the rough times he had known, but pre-                                                               and devoted member of a home bible-
ferred rather to tell of the educational classes    Mr Peter Roberts of Pinelands writes:            study group. In this group she grew
the paws organised among themselves and                 Dr Helen Rosemary Fox was a very special     spiritually as she grappled with issues that
how he thus arrained a reasonable know-             person who will be remembered by most            her training as a scientist told her to dissect
ledge of. German. This came in handy                 people as a person who cared; one who was       and question.
when one of his daughters married a                 generous almost to a fault. I was privileged        Those that knew Rosemary knew that
German lad and he took great delight in             to spend 3 months in the Fox home in             her faith was not theatrical but a living one
allowing his eldest grandchild to correct            Long Place where Dr Fox became known            which flowed outwards to those who met
his German syntax.                                   to me as Aunt Rosemary.                         her. She was always doing something for
   On our retirement; we almost simul-                  She was born in the UK. Her father was       someone. She gave unstintingly of herself
taneously joined a walking club on Mondays           a mechanical engineer and an Anglican lay       and her free time to the Alexandra Institute
to coincide with the day the women did               preacher. Her mother was a lady of social       patients as choir mistress. She loved flowers
the weekly washing. The walkers were all             standing, a rebel who rejected the con-         and gave of them freely from her garden
over 70 years old and loved Table                    servative British life-sryle and was known      - always unarranged. She was a car-boot
 Mountain. Bill became enthusiastic about            to go shopping in the town, not with a          seller's delight and would come away laden
the flowers and trees and innumerable                basket, but with a steel bucket. Rosemary       with bargains which would always be given
footpaths. We walked in practically all              in many ways took after her unusual mother,     away.
weathers, suitably clad and shod and met             for example, you will not fInd a tea service        It was a privilege to be her friend and
at each others' homes for a whisky or two            in the Fox home. Tea was served only in          she will be remembered with warnnh and
at the end of the day. Bill especially loved         mugs but food, tea and coffee were always        affection.
 the indigenous flowers of the Peninsula             available in generous portions to guests or
and grew several species in his home garden.         passing visitors.
 Never, however, did he lose his admiration             Aunt Rosemary was known as 'Boojum'
for the Transvaal agapanthus; inapertus, and         (a character in Lewis Carroll's The Baker's     Arthur Henry Baxter
the lovely highveld hare-bells; wahlenbergia         Tale) to her British family and friends, and    M.B. Ch.B. (Lpool)
 androsacea. He was keenly looking forward           'Foxy' to most friends in the RSA. She
 to seeing the painted lady seedlings which          gained her B.Sc. honours in marine zoology      Dr H. A. Kalley of Pietermaritzburg writes:
 he had sown in March of this year in                before obtaining her medical degrees at            Arthur Henry Baxter was born in Pieter-
 bloom. It was not to be.                            Durham Universiry. She served in the            maritzburg in 1910. He went to school at
    In die eerste jaar na ons gekwalifIseer          British Army in India and the UK before         St Charles and was a member of the fIrst
 het, was ons huisdokters van dr. Louis              coming to Mrica. It was in Northern             cricket and rugby teams.
 Leipoldt, desryds 'n dosent in pediatrie by       . Rhodesia that she met and married Percy            Arthur qualified at the medical school in
 die Groote Schuur-hospitaal. Dit was 'n             Francis Fox, a farmer and veterinary health     Liverpool and represented the University
 belewenis om genooi te word vir 'n aandete          inspector who, while on holiday in the          in tennis. There he met and married
 wat hy self voorberei het, en dit was 'n            Eastern Highlands, had rescued her from a       Winifred Mary Petirr who predeceased him
aardigheid on na ete 'n pot brug te speel.           troop of baboons. They started their family     by a few years. Mter serving his internship
 So eksentriek soos sy leefwyse, was ook sy          when she was almost 40. Not long after the      in Liverpool he returned to his home town,
 brugspel.                                           twins Annabelle and Phillipa were born,         worked as a houseman at Grey's Hospital
    Ons het geweet Leipoldt was 'n skrywer           Timothy arrived to complete the family.         for a year and then entered general practice.
en digrer, maar was desryds te onbelese om           Aunt Rosemary was far sighted and 23            He rapidly developed a large practice and
 die man se poesie en veelsydigheid in die           years ago left Rhodesia since she was           was also a part-time railway medical offIcer,
 Mrikaanse lerrerkunde te waardeer. Bill             unhappy when the Ian Smith government           a post he retained for some 40 years.
 het 'n goeie kop vir verse gehad en het             came into power. It was shortly after the          Arthur was a perfect example of that
 onlangs nog siteer:                                 family had made the trek to Pinelands that      almost extinct species, the old-fashioned
    'As ouderdom, wat alles breek, sy volmag          my friendship with Tim, the girls and          family practitioner, and the care of his
    oor my kry,                                       Aunt Rosemary began.                           patients was his primary consideration.
    Dan gaan ek na die Hantam, waar ek                   I always found Aunt Rosemary totally           His last few years were marred by failing
    hoort,                                            frank, but you had to know her not to be       vision, a disability which he bore stoically.
    En dra deemoedig wat 'n mens van                  surprised at her openness.                        To his sons, Donald and Bruce, and his
    ouderdom moet ly,                                    She had a great zest for living. The        daughter, Diane, we offer our sincere
    Voordat hy aanklop by die hemelpoort.'           family, children and grandchildren were at      condolences.

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