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					                   NET2000 PTY LTD

                                                                    ADSL CONNECTION
                   ABN 51 073 565 447
                   2/20 Langhorne St.
                   Dandenong Vic. 3175

                   Tel: (03) 9793 7990 Fax: (03) 9793 7989
                   Email Address:
                                                                   APPLICATION                         FORM
                   Web Site:


Business Name: _____________________________________________ ARBN/ABN: _______________________

Name: ___________________________ Surname: _______________________ D.O.B: _____________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Suburb: _________________________________________ State:________________ Postcode:________________

Tel: ____________________________ Mobile: _________________________ Fax: ________________________

ADSL Telephone Number:

ADSL PLAN DETAILS                                            Line Activation Fee & ADSL Modem Router $220
 Dynamic IP Address                                                                         Special Offer 1
 Line Activation fee: $220 with ADSL/Modem Router
 Connection fee: $129 with your own modem
 12 months contract
 Early termination fee is $175 pro rated until the end of the contract.
                                                                                     200mb, 256k/64k
                                                                                     Excess $0.15/mb
    Plan 1: 256k/64k     $49.95/Mth, 3000Mb, $0.15/Mb Excess                         & capped at $40
    Plan 2: 256k/64k     $69.95/Mth, 6000Mb/Mth, $0.15/Mb Excess

    Plan 3: 512k/128k     $59.95/Mth, 3000Mb, $0.15/Mb Excess
                                                                                               Special Offer 2
    Plan 4: 512k/128k    $79.95/Mth, 8000Mb/Mth, $0.15/Mb Excess

    Plan 5: 512k/128k    $89.95/Mth 10000Mb/Mth, $0.15/Mb Excess

    Plan 6: 1500k/256k $79.95/Mth, 3000Mb/Mth $0.15/Mb Excess                         $44.95/mth*
                                                                                      200mb, 512k/128k
    Plan 7: 1500k/256k    $99.95/Mth, 8000Mb, $0.15/Mb Excess                         Excess $0.15/mb &
                                                                                        capped at $50
    Plan 8: 1500k/256k    $149.95/Mth, 20,000Mb, $0.15/Mb Excess

    *Special Offer 1: 256k/64k $29.95/Mth, 200Mb/Mth, $0.15/Mb Excess & Capped $40
                                                                                               Special Offer 3
    *Special Offer 2: 512k/128k $44.95/Mth, 200Mb/Mth, $0.15/Mb Excess & capped $50

    *Special Offer 3: 1.5M/256k $59.95/Mth, 200Mb/Mth, $0.15/Mb Excess & Capped $60

ADDITIONAL SERVICES                                                                       200mb, 1.5M/256k
 Static IP Address $11 per month                                                          Excess $0.15/mb
 Line speed alteration $55                    * Speed reduces to 64k when
                                                                                           & capped at $60
 On site setup $150                           download exceeds 10Gb/mth
 Additional Filters $15 each

USERNAME:                                                           PASSWORD:
Must be between 3-8 characters long, lowercase. Can be alphanumeric. Password must be 4-8 characters.


Payment Type:          CASH/EFTPOS (In person only)                Cheque/Money Order             Credit Card/Bank Card

Complete the details below if you are paying by credit card: AMEX, VISA, DINERS, MASTER CARD, BANK CARD

Name on the Card: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Credit Card No. :                                                                              Expiry Date:

I hereby declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions
set out by NET2000 and as necessary authorize Net2000 to deduct the charges                       OFFICE USE ONLY
from my credit card.                                                                       O       U     P    R           X

SIGNATURE: ___________________________________ DATE: ____/____/____


NET2000 PTY LTD (ABN 51 073 565 447)                                      Your responsibilities
Member Agreement                                                          You must use the Service responsibly and pay all fees
Your use of the Internet Service ("Service") provided by Net2000          and charges incurred for the use of the Service by the
("Provider") is subjected to the terms and conditions of this             due date. The current fees are as shown on Net2000's
agreement. It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms   web pages. We may vary these fees from time to time
and conditions.                                                           on one month's notice to you. You are responsible to
This agreement begins when we accept your applications and can be         monitor your account usage, which is available from
terminated by either party giving at least one month written notice.      our web site.
The terms and conditions will survive any termination of this             You agree that we may charge all fees to the credit
agreement.                                                                card designated by you. In the event that we do not
Our responsibilities                                                      receive payment from the card issuer or its agents for
We must provide you with the Service, notify you by mail or email of      any reason, you must pay all accounts due on
any variation to this agreement or any charges and fees payable by        demand. Failure to pay charges and fees will result
you.                                                                      in the suspension or cancellation of the Service.
We must, to the best of our ability, ensure the continuity of the         You are responsible for all equipment and software
Service. However, neither Net2000 nor it's employees, agents and          necessary to access the Service. You agree not to use
information providers, warrants that the service will be uninterrupted    the Service for activities which breach any state,
and error free.                                                           Commonwealth, or any other applicable laws. You
The Service is distributed on an "AS IS" basis without warranties of      agree not to infringe any third party rights while
any kind. Neither Net2000 nor anyone else involved in creating,           using the Service. You agree not to use the Service to
producing or delivering the Service shall be liable for any direct,       defame, harass or menace any other person.
indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of
the use or inability to use the Service.                                  You agree to indemnify Net2000 including its
We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your access to the Service      employee or agents from and against all actions,
if, in our opinion, you breach the terms and conditions set out on this   claims, suits, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses
agreement.                                                                arising out of your use of the Service.

 Privacy Statement
 Net2000 is bound and abide by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, which outlines a number of guidelines concerning
 the protection of personal information. You can obtain a copy of NET2000’s privacy statement from