Are Bread Machines Worth the Cost- by aihaozhe2


									If you and your family love the taste of homemade bread, but you just don't have the
time to do all that mixing and stirring and kneading, then maybe you should consider
purchasing a handy little kitchen appliance called a bread machine. This machine will
make baking home made bread so much easier, and so convenient you'll bake bread
for your family more often. Your bread machine will do most of the work for you. A
basic machine mixes, kneads and handles the rising process, as well as bakes and
shapes your bread. The hardest part for you is pouring in the ingredients, and pushing
buttons. If you can work a microwave, you can work a bread machine.

When you decide you would like to have a bread machine in your kitchen, be sure
you shop around for the one that's right for you. Have an idea of how much you are
looking to spend, these machines can run anywhere from below $60 to over $180,
according to what brand, and what features you are looking for. Some have timers and
delay buttons, while some don't, there is also the option of a crust setting which
enables you to have light, medium, or dark crust on your bread loaf. You also need to
know what type of breads you will be baking in your machine. If your family prefers
wheat bread, be sure the machine you are purchasing has a cycle for this. Some bread
machines have an extra special cycle for baking cakes and jams. So be sure to
consider the cycles you want to have on your bread machine, before purchasing it. It'
also a good idea to check for a cool down cycle, to prevent your bread loaf from
becoming soggy, if you can't be there to remove it after the baking process is over.
Most machines have a keep warm cycle to prevent sogginess, but some have a
tendency to dry up the bread.

There are some downsides to bread machines, some have special compartments for
nuts and fruits, while although a great idea, may sometimes cause clogging, so it
would be wise to watch for this and keep compartments clean. You can purchase
bread machines that will produce different sizes and shapes of loaves, square, round
and the traditional rectangle. Another important feature to look for is a removable
bread pan or slide out tray for easy cleanup. Like your toaster, crumbs can gather and
build up, so they need to be cleaned often. I would suggest after every use, so as not
to let the crumbs accumulate.

Like any appliance you plan to purchase for your kitchen, you should consider the
size. You want to get a bread machine that is appropriate for your kitchen, not one that
takes up all your extra counter space and be sure to check all the features and see if
they fit your needs. Make sure your machine comes with a manual giving you
instructions for operating your bread machine, because there are some models on the
market that don't. You can choose to go for the cheaper model or the more expensive,
the choice is up to you, but just remember, you get what you pay for.

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